"Thanks for Caring," by Alpha Unit

Another guest post by Alpha Unit, a black female guest poster. I think she is onto something here. No way do the vast majority of these White nationalists really care about what’s best for Blacks. Almost all of them don’t even like Blacks. That’s what their whole movement is all about.
It’s the whole, sick, parental thing where the parent’s cruelty towards the child is masked with love. The parent beating the child mercilessly, all the while self-righteously proclaiming, “This is hurting me more than it’s hurting you!”

Thanks for Caring

by Alpha Unit

Could it be that some White nationalists don’t actually hate Black people after all? A lot of them do say some awful things about Black people.
But I’m starting to notice a pattern in a lot of the things they say about us. I keep noticing how concerned they seem to be about the well-being of Black people.
I have seen people suggesting that Black people would be happier, or used to be happier, living in certain conditions. I have seen suggestions that being back in Africa would be in the best interest of Black people. I have seen suggestions that keeping us with our own would make us happier.
The “happiness” of Black people seems to be of some importance to those who say such things. Only it isn’t. What these people mean is that getting rid of Blacks would make them happier. It would be in their best interest. What they mean is that Whites were happier in the old days when Blacks were content out in the sticks somewhere.
More of the same projecting on the part of Whites. When are White people ever going to start carrying their own psychic baggage? When are they ever going to stop attributing to “Racial Others” that which exists within themselves?
Why don’t you just state that the happiness of White people is the only thing that matters on earth? That’s honest, at least. Everyone else is supposed to contribute to that happiness, right? Any group that thwarts White happiness deserves White wrath. And just like White happiness, White wrath must not be ignored. Black wrath is pathological. White wrath is justifiable.
Well, guess what? Your justifiable wrath needs to be aimed right where it belongs: at yourselves. You’re always railing against Black irresponsibility. Why don’t you take responsibility for the predicament you find yourselves in?
You wanted what you thought you could get out of Black people, and you got it. What – you thought you could have it for free? Didn’t anybody ever tell you that there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Well, your ancestors ate rotten stew. And you got stuck with the bellyache. That’s too bad. In the meantime, do me a favor and leave my “happiness” out of it. You don’t give a rat’s ass about that.

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24 thoughts on “"Thanks for Caring," by Alpha Unit”

  1. Ah, so now leaving Blacks alone to live how they please is a form of racism? That’s news to me. Let me get this straight: it’s now considered racist if we just leave Blacks alone, but of course it’s also racist to be too involved in their affairs. So either way mean ol’ Whitey ends up as a horrible racist: damned if we do, damned if we don’t.
    “What they mean is that Whites were happier in the old days when Blacks were content out in the sticks somewhere.”
    That’s a fallacious argument because back in the old days nearly everyone (90%+) lived out in the sticks because cities didn’t start to develop in a major way in the USA until the late 1800s-early 1900s. Even in to the 1930s-40s-50s the American South (where most of America’s Blacks lived) was still overwhelmingly rural with very few large cities.
    Blacks are fundamentally a rural people and clearly thrive best in rural areas (easily proven by the fact that they have often floundered so miserably in urban environments). Research, history, and common sense verifies this.

    1. And you are an expert on black people, of course. You know us better than we know ourselves.
      Everybody lived in the sticks, but it’s only blacks that BELONG there.

    2. I’m more of an expert than you, probably. The state I live in (which is located in the American South) is at least 1/3 Black – the White ancestors on my mother’s side have also lived in this same heavily Black region of the USA for over two centuries. I went to public school with Blacks all of my life, hung out with some of them (mostly mulattoes/quadroons/octoroons), played sports with them, worked with them in a 2-3 jobs I’ve had, and even once dated a girl who was partially Black in my late-teens (this was all before I became more racially aware). In college I also took some classes in African-American culture and literature (the university I went to had a large Black population, and I befriended quite a few Blacks there too), and I have independently studied issues related to Africa and the Sub-Saharan Black diaspora in general for the past few years. For a little while I even entertained the idea of going to graduate school and getting a degree in ‘African Studies,’ i.e. I had some ambitions of becoming an academic ‘Africanist.’ And I swear to you that I was actually a member of the NAACP for years until I found out that it was/is a front organization for radical White-hating Ashkenazi Jews seeking to sow continual discord between American Blacks and Whites. Needless to say all of that misplaced idealism and concern for Black issues went mostly out the window once I discovered race-realism/racialism and pro-White activism a couple of years ago – I’m still very interested in Blacks and their plight, and I DEFINITELY want to see them do better…however, as a White American my attention is now of course focused much more on the prosperity and permanent survival of my own race as opposed to those not of my own kind.
      If you don’t believe my assertion that Blacks are better off in rural areas than urban ones, don’t take my word for it…how about William Wells Brown, a half Black/half White writer/abolitionist who was born a slave on a plantation in Kentucky in 1814 – he was a brilliant and prolific writer/intellectual who has been largely forgotten today (he also wrote what is generally considered the first African American novel [entitled CLOTEL], in addition to the first play written by an African American called “The Escape; or, A Leap for Freedom” [1858]). In his book MY SOUTHERN HOME (1880), he recommends: “Whether the blacks emigrate or not, I say to them, keep away from the cities and towns. Go in to the country. Go to work on farms.” (from Chapter XXVIII: “Self-Elevation and Independence”)
      In that book as well as in his other non-fiction works he recommended Black solidarity and separation of the races (he encouraged Black immigration away from the USA and to Haiti), avoidance of alcohol, women’s rights, Black economic independence, Black literacy, the founding of Black cultural clubs/societies, and the growing of the Black professional (as opposed to laborer) class. He also encouraged wholesale Black immigration away from The South if Blacks could not secure a decent life therein.
      I agree with most of what Brown wrote during his time, and I’d encourage American Blacks to rediscover his work and follow his sage advice.

    3. Yes. I’ve read your credentials for being an expert on black people. They are remarkably similar to my own credentials.
      I also grew up in a Southern state with a substantial black population. I, too, went to public schools with blacks all my life–in fact, when I started school, the schools were still segregated. I’ve also taken some classes in African-American culture and literature, what do you know? I’ve independently studied some of the same issues you have–I even have books in my house RIGHT NOW about Africa and the diaspora.
      Like you, I’ve hung out with some black people. I even grew up with some, especially the ones in my black family. I’ve even been black myself for nearly 50 years.
      Listen. I understand very well what life is like for blacks in urban areas. I don’t have any illusions about black people. I know them quite well, if you can believe that. But the idea that black people are “fundamentally rural” sounds like nonsense to me. What do you mean by this? That black people are genetically wired in such a way that they somehow feel more comfortable living out in the country? That they’re not intelligent enough to handle the social requirements of urban living?
      That’s it, isn’t it? If you think blacks are better off living in rural areas because it’s less intellectually demanding, then put it that way. Don’t tell me who I fundamentally am or where I belong or what makes me happy.
      These things are not for you to decide.

  2. Good post, but really, why bother with people who say something as 19th-century-primitive as this?
    Blacks are fundamentally a rural people and clearly thrive best in rural areas . . .
    That’s so ridiculous and passive/aggressive racist that it doesn’t seem worthy of response. White supremacists/”nationalists” have a fundamental belief that whites and blacks are inherently different from each other.
    They know that it discredits them in the eyes of others (and especially in the eyes of potential recruits) to say that they also think that whites are “of course” fundamentally superior to blacks, so they continually claim instead that all they want is to be left in peace while they segregate separate themselves from blacks.
    They’re dinosaurs, who think, talk, and act like they have the walnut-sized brains of dinosaurs. There’s no reasoning with them, especially if you’re black; why even try?

    1. Good post, Sallie. You make some excellent points here.
      But I really do think that these people need to be engaged. Blacks do not even talk about these characters. What do Blacks talk about instead? Whether or not Joe Biden deviously insulted Black folks by complimenting one of them! Black anti-racists are total idiots. They waste all their energy on innocent people saying innocent things and they leave the true enemies of the Blacks, like these folks, alone and ignored. Ridiculous. PS Alpha Unit agrees with me.

    2. Robert, I don’t know what “Blacks” you’re talking about with such a gross overgeneralization, but a lot of black Americans talk about a lot of different kinds of racism that has nothing to do with relatively marginal hate groups. They talk about racism in the justice system, for instance, or among the police, who harass and abuse black people at incredible and deadly rates compared to whites. They talk about the racism of white liberals who they have to put up with at work–the kind who will not, for instance, call in someone for a job interview just because that person has a black-sounding name. They talk about the life-limiting condescension of well-meaning white people who compliment black people for being “articulate” (as if that’s a big surprise), rather than listening to what they have to say. All sorts of white racism that is right in black people’s lives gets “talked about” by all sorts of black people.
      Yes, white supremacists/nationalists are virulent, armed and dangerous, but they’re just not as much of a daily presence for most black people as other forms of racism, which are perpetrated by other white people, no matter how “innocent” those white people may like to think they are.

    3. You know, I was quite disgusted when I wrote this, after reading some comments about how easy it is to actually expel people when you want to get rid of them.
      These are supposedly civilized, enlightened people, better than everyone else, speaking about other human beings with the most cavalier disregard.
      Speaking for people they know nothing about, talking about what would make them happy, even.
      Is there any reasoning with them? With people who are thoroughly convinced that they “know” you?
      Probably not.

    4. AU: “speaking for people they know nothing about”
      I clearly refuted this false assertion in the above post.

  3. I’m convinced that these people are important.
    To me, the anti-racist movement and Blacks in general waste a lot of breath on a bunch of nonsense.
    The reason Biden complimented Obama for being articulate is that unfortunately, way too many Blacks are NOT articulate. That’s how the stereotype got started. If your average Black talked like your average Jew, that stereotype never would have gotten started. Too many Blacks are ill-educated and to some extent it’s their own damn fault.
    You’ve got to be kidding if you think that Blacks really get their feelings hurt by things like that. If they do, they need to toughen up. With all they’ve been through…and now they’re bitching and whining because someone says a Black man is articulate? Jesus Christ man.
    Blacks should focus on REAL problems, real issues, not silly little comments and whatnot.
    There may or may not be racism in the justice system. I’m still wondering about that one. But the facts are that Black crime is simply out of this world. Young Black males commit an unbelievable amount of crime. They commit fully 7 times more violent crime than Whites, and an incredible 31 times more crime than Asians. That’s stupendous. Young Black men get arrested a lot because they commit lots of crimes. Period.
    Now, about harassment. I don’t know. In my town, the Blacks are not harassed at all. Nevertheless, they do get arrested a lot. I know the ones who are getting arrested. They’re getting busted because they’re committing lots of crime. Period!
    Now, if you want to talk about certain mostly White towns that are still effectively sundown towns for Blacks because any Black in town gets pulled over after dark, such that Blacks are scared to go there, you have my ear.
    About job discrimination, you also have my ear. However, note that Blacks have a reputation for being poor employees. That’s a stereotype. The stereotype is they show up late or never come in and leave early, for starters. Now, these people not wanting to call a Black prospective employee, do they do that because they are just mean and racist, or because they figure this Black employee is not going to be a good worker? That’s an interesting question.

    1. RL: “The reason Biden complimented Obama for being articulate is that unfortunately, way too many Blacks are NOT articulate. That’s how the stereotype got started.”
      The reason Blacks in general are not very articulate is that Blacks are MUCH more non-verbally communicative than all other ethnic/racial groups on Earth – Blacks communicate strongly using non-verbal methods and cues (body language, etc), hence the supreme non-verbal/bodily talent of Black athletes, dancers, etc. In this respect they are the polar opposite of Ashkenazi Jews, who are certainly one of the most verbally intelligent ethnic groups on Earth yet are severely lacking in terms of non-verbal forms of physical intelligence (except in very rare cases, Jews are on the whole terrible at athletics, dancing, etc).
      Similarly, Blacks who are extremely articulate are often considered very charismatic and inspirational by many and thus frequently rise to become leaders (e.g., Obama, MLK, Malcolm X, Frederick Douglass, etc) – this is because they combine strong verbal skills (remember, which are quite rare amongst Blacks) with the naturally strong Black physical intelligence/presence. On the other hand, Jews lack charisma (and leadership abilities) entirely because they are almost completely devoid of physical/bodily intelligence/presence and clearly cannot inspire or lead people with their dry Talmudic sophistry alone. Jews have also proven themselves to be compulsive liars/schemers and inveterate verbal manipulators (thus wasting their prodigious verbal talents), and this has further diminished their ability to honestly and idealistically lead and inspire people. Virtually all top Jewish leaders in the recent past have turned out to be major subversives, terrorists, sowers of extreme discord and hardship, and mass-murderers or promoters of war/murder of one kind or another (Bela Kun, Trotsky, Kaganovich, Ben-Gurion, Jabotinsky, Kissinger, the Neocons which wrecked Iraq/Afghanistan, etc) – yet another reason to keep a close eye on Axelrod, Emanuel, and all of the other Jews which manufactured Obama: http://zsidozas.wordpress.com/2009/01/20/obamas-jewschange-we-cant-believe-in/

  4. Okay, I’m done. You’ve got blinders on too, I see.
    I imagine someone as energetic as you has seen the studies-after-studies that demonstrate the stronger correlation of crime with poverty rather than race, and the ongoing racism (including its internalized forms) that keeps higher proportions of blacks mired in poverty, and the studies showing that another factor artificially inflating rates of black vs. white crime is the racist intensity of police and judicial focus on black vs. white crime. And on and on.
    But you ignore all that, or forget it when you see it. Okay, fine, stay ignorant, and remain a veiled racist. It’s a free country, especially for you, since you’re categorized as white. (As am I, by the way–clearly, though, I’m much more willing than you to consider that in itself an injustice.)
    Just one more question — are you awake to your own unwarranted racism yet? Are you aware of how much it’s holding you back from fuller development as a real, truly communal and conscious human being?

    1. I’m actually interested in Whiteness Studies and all that, and I do believe in confronting my own racism, but I don’t consider the stuff you just brought up racism.
      I’m not aware of those studies. I doubt if money has much to do with it. I’ve lived in poor White towns and poor Hispanic towns and poor White towns are way safer. I don’t even want to think about poor Black areas.
      I think that most Black problems these days are just self-inflicted. That’s all. The poverty is largely their own fault too.
      That’s all I have to say.

    2. “Just one more question — are you awake to your own unwarranted racism yet? Are you aware of how much it’s holding you back from fuller development as a real, truly communal and conscious human being?”
      Arrogant self-righteous geek!

  5. “The “happiness” of Black people seems to be of some importance to those who say such things. ”
    What you are witnessing is one part of “Two Models of White Racialism”, the touchy-feely ‘Ethno-pluralism’ part that was first developed by French New Rightist Alain de Benoist
    “You wanted what you thought you could get out of Black people, and you got it”
    What the heck are you talking about???
    I am German/ Norwegian and people of that Heritage barely had any colonies in Africa or ever owned any slaves. The few German Colonies that did exist were taken away after the Versailles Treaty and Norway at the time was a poor backwater!!!!
    I have gotten zilch from Negroes!
    Anyhow it may be difficult for one to believe but there are Racialists out there who are more concerned about other issues besides Blacks, the Jewish Question comes immediately to mind…

    1. If you come from a culture that didn’t get zilch from Negroes, then I’m not talking to you, am I?
      I’m talking to all of these people who love to talk about what’s best for black people and what would make them happy. How many of these people ever ask black people what would make them happy?
      How many of them actually care?

  6. Didn’t anybody ever tell you that there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

    There are far too many blacks living off of white taxpayer money for public assistance (the PC term for welfare). Perhaps you should preach your gospel to them.

    1. It contributes a good deal. If we accept that socialism redistributes wealth from the top to the bottom, then it is expected that Jews (who are overrepresented at the top of the income distribution) would contribute a significant portion of socialist benefits to Negroes and browns. But we do not hear Jews openly making a case against it. We can infer from this that either (1) they are willing to help those at the bottom (unlikely) or (2) that they have lobbied successfully (and quietly) to be excluded. So if the majority of funds are not coming from Jews, then it is reasonable to conclude that it is being taken from some other group.

    2. What is it with you guys and the Jews? You don’t like blacks and browns, but you are terrified of Jews.

    3. What is it with you guys and the Jews? You don’t like blacks and browns, but you are terrified of Jews.

      Who is “you guys” and who said anyone was terrified of them?

  7. I went to a white school from kindergarten to sixth grade. Then I went to what they called than a junior high school that was about 70% black. Oh boy! All I wanted to do was get from class to class without being slapped around or robbed in the hallways and then home after school without a fight. This was before diversity training, mind you. We just went to the district schools we were told to and mine was a monkey house. I made no black friends. None. I still don’t have any black friends and my life is almost 3/4th over. The thing that I liked least about blacks back then is the same thing that I don’t like about them now. They’re litterbugs.

  8. I think an argument that Blacks have not culturally evolved the skills to live in cities is more appealing to me than to say that they are rural by their nature or that cities are too cognitively demanding for them.
    It makes sense in Africa. In Africa, Blacks have always lived in villages. In many of these villages, Blacks evolved a culture that actually was quite stable and had very little crime. It involved massive shaming for crimes and infractions and with continued infractions banishments from the village or in more recent years severe or capital punishments. I am thinking of rural Nigeria here.
    In the last 50 years, rural Blacks who had lived in villages probably for 180,000 years were thrust into cities for the first time, and the result has been a total catastrophe. Whites, NE Asians, Arabs and even some Amerindians have been living for quite some time and had mostly evolved cultures that made living in a city work.
    I don’t think it could be due to lack of brains. US Blacks have IQ’s about as high as Arabs, and Arab cities actually function pretty well, are stable and non-chaotic and have little crime.
    The argument may make sense in Africa. African Black IQ’s are frighteningly low. Perhaps they can’t handle the cognitive demands of living in a city. But it makes no sense for US Blacks, who have IQ’s that are dramatically higher than their African brethren for some odd reason.
    I do think it’s clear that Blacks and cities don’t seem to go together well. How about small towns? I know a woman who lives in a small Black town in South Carolina and I am surprised at how well behaved the people there seem to be. The whole ghetto mindset seems to be absent.

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