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Under Race – Blacks – I have a new category called “Back to Africa Candidates.” I know that’s horrible and racist and this is an anti-racist blog. There is only one article in the category so far, and that is the article about the human rabbit, a Black “man” named Desmond Hatchett, who, at age 29, already has had 22 kids by at least 11 different women and is not able to support any of them. The category is pretty much of a joke, and I am open to criticism about it. Let me explain: Few things make me so angry as the oft-heard suggestion by White nationalists that we send all of the Blacks in the US back to Africa. Most Blacks have deeper roots in this place than we Whites, and in California, they were some of the very first citizens – the first settlers to Los Angeles were almost all non-Whites – mestizos, Indians, Blacks, Zambos (Black-Indian mixes), mulattos and Black/White/Indian mixes, whatever the heck that is called. The Indian mixes were generally from Mexican Indian stock. So clearly, mestizos, mulattos, Blacks, Mexican Indians, Zambos and Black/White/Indian mixes are part of the founding stock of this state, and assuming they are here legally or citizens, they surely belong here as native Californians or justified immigrants and are not out of place. It is quite common even on moderate White nationalist boards to hear calls to throw all of the US Blacks back to Africa, along with calls to evict all non-Whites from the US. Although a few have said it’s not feasible so quit talking about it, I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard one say that it’s ipso facto immoral, which it is. So anyway, “Back to Africa!” is not some fringe view. There are a fair number of Whites who feel this way. It’s a wicked point of view, and it pisses me off. Nevertheless, I argue half-jokingly that we make an exception for Mr. Hatchett. It would be wrong to send our worst Black criminals, or any of our Black criminals, back to Africa. The place has enough problems as it is, and they don’t want our crooks anyway. But Hatchett, even though he is headed to jail, isn’t really a criminal anymore than a dope smoker is. He’s just a rabbit inhabiting the form a human. And most African nations would be pleased as punch to have this guy, since his behavior is widely practiced by males over there, especially if they have some money. I recall a recent article about a Nigerian man who has fathered 150 kids and is not supporting any of them. I wonder how that’s even possible. You think at some point your dick would just drop dead from overwork. What was almost as disturbing as Hatchett’s one-man baby factory were the frequent comments after the article, apparently from local Black females, who saw little or nothing wrong in what he did. To them, this was just acting normal. They don’t call thinking like that ghetto for nothing. It’s a fact that many Japanese, in this country and in Japan, dislike Blacks very strongly. This may be changing as the fetish Japanese porn series (Adults Only! And I mean it, dammit!) involving petite Japanese women masochistically submitting themselves to being gangbanged by groups of large (in more ways than one) Black men takes the nation by storm, but the cultural bias is still pretty profound. A lot of has to do with behavior like Mr. Hatchett’s. Japanese men may be perverts, but the society is very orderly and civilized. They see behavior like Hatchett’s, which, on a lesser scale, is quite widespread among US Blacks, and the Japanese, probably especially Japanese men, feel overwhelming disgust. To them, making eight babies by eight females and then not supporting any of them is not what male humans do. This is what male dogs do. When Black guys act like that, to the Japanese, that’s just acting like a dog, and to them, dogs are pretty low animals. In the future, if I can find similar non-criminal US Blacks who are also stranded on the wrong continent, I may add them to his playful category.

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8 thoughts on “New Category on Robert Lindsay”

  1. Dear Robert
    I totally agree with you about the profound immorality of ethnically cleansing (the right term) blacks from white-majority countries. 99% of blacks in the Western Hemishere are here only and only because their ancestors were brought here by whites as slaves. Most of the other 1% are here as legal immigrants or descendants thereof. Whatever one may say about blacks, people in sub-Saharan Africa have never bothered anyone in other parts of the world. It is Europeans that refused to leave them alone and decided to take over nearly all of Africa and to take millions of Africans out of Africa. Southerners who don’t like living among blacks can blame it on their plantation owners.
    As you know by now, I’m not a believer in diversity, but diversity is a problem to be solved without resorting to unethical solutions such as ethnic cleansing, repression, discrimination, forced conversion or assimilation, or extermination. One Russian anti-Semite once stated that the Jewish problem should be solved in the following way: 1/3 is to be converted, 1/3 is to be killed and 1/3 is to expelled. That’s 3 wrong solutions.
    Also, if you expel people, somebody else has to take them in. By what principle should they have to take them in. This is true even if there is similarity between the expellees and the people of the country to whom they are expelled. Suppose that the Walloons in Belgium decided to expel all the Flemish to the NL in order to make Belgium as French as France. Sure, the Flemish and the Dutch are similar, but should the Dutch, who are already 16 million, be happy with the arrival of 6 million Flemish? Would the French be happy if Canada expelled its 6 million Quebeckers to France? Would Jordanians be cheering if Israel expelled all its Arab to Jordan?
    Just leave people where they are. James

    1. I’m not seriously talking about deporting this guy, though it’s an interesting idea. I’m pretty much kidding in this post, but I don’t think any African country would mind taking this guy if we offered him up.

  2. I’m against it. But I support the Chinese Communist Party’s 1-child policy. This policy levies huge fines on those who violate it. China doesn’t have any problems that eugenics needs to address anyway. Regardless of how much sense eugenics makes, it’s opposed by the overwhelming majority of humans everywhere in Earth.
    We already have legal private eugenics. The rich choose their eggs and sperm. And there is no evidence anywhere on Earth of genetically driven dysgenic decline in the fitness of any population. If anything, the worldwide trend is towards increasingly fit populations. In Africa, AIDS is probably resulting in increased fitness in at least one respect anyway. Periodic famine results in survival of those who can withstand it best.
    Did you read my article on how modern Blacks have been practicing eugenics for over 100 years now? Read it. People are not stupid. Humans are eugenically inclined by evolution and they will continue to select based on fitness. There is no cause for alarm. On the day when dysgenics begins to be a serious problem in our societies, we can sensibly discuss Eugenics. Until then, it’s just looney talk.
    I have brought up Eugenics to some smart Whites and they all act like it’s crazy talk. They do not think there is any dysgenic crisis that needs to be addressed. You guys are just fringe cases shouting in the wilderness and no one wants to listen.

  3. ” I recall a recent article about a Nigerian man who has fathered 150 kids and is not supporting any of them. I wonder how that’s even possible. You think at some point your dick would just drop dead from overwork.”
    I noticed that this is a myth which many believe. Most highly promiscuous males are not necessarily getting more action than the monogamous male, who may be getting some every night. Promiscuous ones oftentimes go days without getting any, but when they do, it is with a different partner.

  4. Sending them back to Africa would probably be best for them. Right now mexican gangs are killing alot of Blacks and there is a real possibility that they could get ethnically cleansed – by Browns! ( )
    It is in fact possible to move large amounts of people over a short period of time.
    Slavs moved millions of Germans from East Germany (what some people call ‘Poland’ although I do not recognize it as such) after World War 2.
    Jews moved millions of Palestinians from Palestine in the late 1940s.
    It is possible.

  5. “The Negro Problem cannot be solved except by separating the races.” – Black separatist Marcus Garvey:

    Regarding the topic of this post, the Black human rabbit: “From the first glance we see that, in the negro, we are in the presence of a being differing profoundly not merely from the white man but also from those human types which we discovered in our surveys of the brown and yellow worlds. The black man is, indeed, sharply differentiated from the other branches of mankind. His outstanding quality is superabundant animal vitality. In this he easily surpasses all other races. To it he owes his intense emotionalism. To it, again, is due his extreme fecundity, the negro being the quickest of breeders. This abounding vitality shows in many other ways, such as the negro’s ability to survive harsh conditions of slavery under which other races have soon succumbed. Lastly, in ethnic crossings, the negro strikingly displays his prepotency, for black blood, once entering a human stock, seems never really bred out again.
    Negro fecundity is a prime factor in Africa’s future. In the savage state which until recently prevailed, black multiplication was kept down by a wide variety of checks. Both natural and social causes combined to maintain an extremely high death-rate. The negro’s political ineptitude, never rising above the tribal concept, kept black Africa a mosaic of peoples, warring savagely among themselves and widely addicted to cannibalism. Then, too, the native religions were usually sanguinary, demanding a prodigality of human sacrifices. The killings ordained by negro wizards and witch-doctors sometimes attained unbelievable proportions. The combined result of all this was a wastage of life which in other races would have spelled a declining population. Since the establishment of white political control, however, these checks on black fecundity are no longer operative. The white rulers fight filth and disease, stop tribal wars, and stamp out superstitious abominations. In consequence, population increases by leaps and bounds, the latent possibilities being shown in the native reservations in South Africa, where tribes have increased as much as tenfold in fifty or sixty years. It is therefore practically certain that the African negroes will multiply prodigiously in the next few decades.”
    – from Lothrop Stoddard’s book THE RISING TIDE OF COLOR:

  6. A rabbit…a dog…or maybe…an eel?
    Again, Stoddard: “Man’s potential reproductive capacity, like that of all other species, is very great. In fact, the whole course of biological progress has been marked by a steady checking of that reproductive exuberance which ran riot at the beginning of life on earth. As Haveloek Ellis well says: ‘Of one minute organism it is estimated that, if its reproduction were not checked by death or destruction, in thirty days it would form a mass a million times larger than the sun. The conger-eel lays 15,000,000 eggs, and if they all grew up, and reproduced themselves on the same scale, in two years the whole sea would become a wriggling mass of fish. As we approach the higher forms of life reproduction gradually dies down. The animals nearest to man produce few offspring, but they surround them with parental care, until they are able to lead independent lives with a fair chance of surviving. The whole process may be regarded as a mechanism for slowly subordinating quantity to quality, and so promoting the evolution of life to ever higher stages.” While man’s reproductive power is slight from the standpoint of bacteria and conger-eels, it is yet far from negligible, as is shown by the birth-rate of the less-advanced human types at all times, and by the birth-rate of the higher types under exceptionally favorable circumstances.” –,M1

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