Jews Who Pretend To Be Nazis

Repost from the old site. This post has been accused of anti-Semitism, but I disagree. I agree that anti-Semitism exists, and should be opposed, my definition being an irrational fear or hatred of Jews. Perhaps we have some warring definitions going on here. My site also has a no anti-Semitism policy and two posters have been banned for incessant anti-Semitism.
A Jewish fellow just came by this blog and left me this Nazi-like message, urging the killing of all Jews, implying that I support such insanity, and trying to claim that my blog promotes the notion of the extermination of the Jews. This fellow is well known and either acts alone or as part of a group.
He used to live in Chicago but recently has relocated to New York. He or his group now operates out of Jamaica, New York and a university in New York. He or his group usually writes comments and emails under the names Tom Phillips or Sam Jones. He is also a strong supporter of Israel (Zionist) and has strong feelings against the Palestinians.
Hence, he typically writes about how the Palestinians are Nazis and are trying to carry out Hitler’s Final Solution and how the Palestinians’ supporters need to cheer them on in this endeavor. Here is what he wrote in my comments:

[name withheld] wrote the following:
Robert, thanks once again for helping to convey the message of white patriots like myself. The subhuman degenerate Jews are indeed a hideous cancer in our midst -and it is excellent to see the awakening of people like you and your readers on this issue.
Hopefully, this will lead to enough people taking the necessary (or should I say “final”?) actions to see that this situation is PERMANENTLY reversed. If ever a race of so-called people DESERVE to be “gassed to death in ovens”, it’s the Jews! If this ever comes to pass, we will have blogs like yours to thank.

Note the Nazi-style nature of the anti-Semitism that he is writing here. He’s obviously a smart fellow and he has tailed his fake anti-Semitism to mirror well the particular anti-Semitism of the Nazis, their allies and their modern-day supporters.
His objectives are various:

  • To tag me as a Nazi-style anti-Semite bent on the extermination of Jews.
  • To promote Nazi-style exterminationist anti-Semitism amongst me and people like me – supporters of the Palestinians, critics of Israel and critics of the Jews. As persons in these groups move towards Nazism, it will be easier to destroy them through the classic Jewish technique of character assassination (no one does it better). In this, he is serving as the Jewish version of an agent provocateur – the equivalent of the guy who shows up at the Communist Party meeting saying, “Hey let’s go set off a bomb!”
  • To associate me and my blog, which merely criticizes Israel and Jews in a most mild manner (in addition to critiquing just about everything else on Earth) with Nazi-style exterminationist anti-Semitism.

There are quite a few Jews who engage in this sort of profoundly perverse behavior, and they have been doing so for at least 100 years. Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism, reportedly encouraged Cossack gangs to destroy Jewish property in Russia in order to fan anti-Semitism and encourage Jews to support Zionism.
Israeli agents attacked Jewish targets in Iraq to encourage Jews to flee to Israel. Israel bombed a synagogue in Beirut during the Civil War, probably on purpose, probably for the same reason – to encourage Jews to flee. The former head of the World Zionist Organization famously remarked around 1960 that any serious decline in anti-Semitism would seriously endanger Israel.
The implication was that anti-Semitism in the Diaspora was good for Israel. The more anti-Semitism in the Diaspora, the more Diaspora Jews will want to come to the Jewish state to escape anti-Semitism. Jews (particularly young Jewish males) are often arrested for writing gross anti-Semitic graffiti – KILL THE JEWS!, vandalizing Jewish cemeteries and even faking anti-Semitic assaults.
Is there any other ethnic group on Earth that fakes attacks on itself? Do Hispanics write graffiti saying, “Kill the Spics!”? Granted, there have a few scattered cases of Blacks faking racist attacks on themselves. Do Asians write “Kill the Gooks!” all over their own neighborhoods? Do Arabs write emails saying, “Kill all Arabs now!”?
Can anyone find any other ethnic group, anywhere on Earth, that engages in such perverse behavior to any significant degree?
I wonder what your ordinary, fairly sane Jewish person thinks of Jews who do this? Do they think they are good for the Jews? Do they think it’s understandable? Do they deny that it exists? Do they lash out and attack anyone who brings it up as an anti-Semite? Just wondering…
Seeking out answers, the $64,000 question is, how did the Jews survive in the Diaspora for 2000 years? It’s the racism, stupid. They did it by cultivating racist attitudes towards the surrounding non-Jewish communities. This was particularly true in Europe, where the Ashkenazim were under a virtual dictatorship of the rabbis for 1000 years (This was the so-called Golden Age of Orthodox Judaism.).
Elaborate strictures were put into place to keep Jews from mingling with Gentiles. Not that such mingling was bad per se, but if left unmolested, it could lead Jews marrying non-Jews, and at some point, the Jews would simply breed themselves out of existence. The only way to survive was to keep Jews breeding amongst themselves.
In Medieval Spain, the penalty for a Jewish woman who had sex with a Gentile was to have her nose cut off. Many of the infamous Jewish ghettos were actually built by Jews themselves to keep themselves from mingling much with Gentiles. Until the early 1800’s, no religious European Jew would think of eating with a non-Jew, nor would he even have tea with a Gentile.
While Christian hatred of Jews in Europe was substantial and sometimes deadly, on the other hand, Jewish rabbis, for their part, preached hatred of Christians and Christianity in Europe for many centuries. It’s quite probable that the desire of this group to remain apart from others did quite a bit to stimulate distrust and anti-Semitism amongst the Gentiles.
From AD 200 to the early 1800’s, a religious European Jew was required to spit in the direction of any church he walked past. On Christian holidays in Europe, a Jew was required to pray for Jesus to suffer in Hell. Even recently, the ceremony to convert to Judaism in Israel, given over to the ultra-Orthodox of Kibbutz Sa’ad and financed by the Israeli government, required spitting on the cross.
In the 1950’s. there was a major furor in Israel when an Israeli postage stamp had a drawing of Bethlehem with a church and a tiny cross visible on top. The government eventually had to redo the stamp to wipe out the cross.
A similar crisis occurred when it was revealed that Jewish children were forced to write a cross when they wrote a plus sign in math class. In the early 1970’s, the government then decided that, in all secular schools, in most Hebrew elementary and some Hebrew high schools, Jewish Israeli children, alone on Earth, write an upside down “t instead of a cross for the plus sign.
In order to keep the Jews from outbreeding, it was also important to remind the Jews that all Gentiles harbored permanent metaphysical hatred of Jews inside themselves. In those Gentiles who seemed friendly, this hatred had merely not been revealed yet. Thus a Jewish culture of paranoia and masochism, a culture that needed and cultivated enemies for its own survival, was created and nourished.
Hence, large number of Jews are afflicted with what Jewish psychologist Stanley Rothman calls a paranoid-masochistic character. Here is Rothman and Jewish co-author S. Robert Lichter, quoting Jewish psychoanalysts Jules Nydes and Theodor Reik on this character:

[Jewish psychologist Jules] Nydes argues that such individuals [representing the “paranoid masochistic character”] tend to see themselves and groups within which they identify as victims who are being persecuted. This sense of persecution derives partly from unconscious feelings of guilt.
The paranoid masochistic person engages in aggression against others because he or she expects to be attacked.
His aggression, which is accompanied by feelings of self-righteousness, is rarely satisfying. Indeed, he can often achieve gratification only when he is punished, and the punishment is interpreted as confirming his preconceived sense of persecution…The typology is suggestive.
[Jewish psychoanalyst] Theodore Reik, who was Nyde’s teacher, suggested that a ‘paranoid masochistic’ personality structure is modal among Jews.

Rothman on the Jewish need for anti-Semitism:

For some Jews and perhaps some of the Jewish leadership, the fear is that if anti-Semitism completely disappears then the Jewish community might erode or dissolve.

Rothman is presently Director of the Center for the Study of Social and Political Change at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.
With those two fine Rothman quotes, we leave you to intertwine them with the mysteries of so many things: the behavior of the Jewish state and its Israeli Lobby in the US, the baffling behavior of many Jews towards the often largely hallucinated phenomenon of anti-Semitism, and the behavior of young Jewish men, who, in ultimate perversity, mimic Nazis.

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11 thoughts on “Jews Who Pretend To Be Nazis”

  1. Is there any other ethnic group on Earth that fakes attacks on itself?
    Umm… yes. The burning of the Reichstag comes to mind and alleged attacks on Germans by Poles (which were actually Germans..) before the invasion of Poland by the Nazis. “Remember the Maine” the casus belli for the Spanish-American war almost assuredly was not caused by the Spaniards. There are multiple examples of every racial group (including gentile whites..) declaring that they have been attacked by some other group. (Tawana Bradley, Scottsboro boys.. etc..) Dubious ethnic attacks are quite common on college campuses these days. Sometimes they are determined to be frauds.
    Can anyone find any other ethnic group, anywhere on Earth, that engages in such perverse behavior to any significant degree?
    Well I would like to see your documentation about the the attacks in Iraq and Lebanon. As for who and what degree. I would guess it’s almost impossible to quantify how many of which group perpetuates fake attacks.

    1. ” alleged attacks on Germans by Poles (which were actually Germans..) ” – this is how you recognize a hater (an anti-white hater in this case) – they contradict themselves because they write out of hatred and lose focus.
      Which is it Hater? Are the attackes “alleged”, or are they real but “the germans were actually behind them” ?!?
      The poles killed german ethnics for years until Hitler finally made justice. For his patience in this issue, Hitler was TWICE nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
      Please stop LYING !

  2. Yes one Frank Collins comes to mind (a Jew who pretended to be a National Socialist)
    Alot of this has to do with Self-fulfilling prophecy and also just plain psychological issues that Jews have from CENTURIES OF INBREEDING.
    Jews are a very unhealthy Race and this is why they still only number like 12 million in the World. Parasitism is a horrible group evolutionary strategy.

  3. Yes one Frank Collins comes to mind (a Jew who pretended to be a National Socialist)
    He didn’t pretend to be a Nazi, he was a Nazi. There’s a big difference between a believer and an agent provocateur or falsely reporting an attack based upon ethnicity. Self hating is fairly common among gentile whites and Jews.

    1. I would agree with the White nationalists that White self-hatred is now the de facto way that either Whites are or ought to be. It’s “modal” as they say in psychology. Modal = typical, common, the norm, the most common type.

  4. “Kristallnacht” is a jewish fraud. Jews did the hoax “Kristallnacht”. lt was jews who torched the synagogoues in Germany. Jews attacked jews. Jews killed jews in lraq. Jews killed jews in Hotel King David. Jews killed jews on two ship after ww2. Patra l think the name was. 100s jews was killed by jews.

  5. “Kristallnacht” is a jewish fraud. Jews did the hoax “Kristallnacht”. lt was jews who torched the synagogues in Germany. Jews attacked jews.
    Oh heg, you’re so funny.

  6. Ugh. I think less of humanity after reading this blog and the comments. Faith is probably a good thing. I am not so sure about religion.

  7. I stumbled across this while searching for an old friend who is Jewish. It brought me to and ultimately this one.
    I guess I’m just curious as to what drives you Mr. Lindsey to put up a site like this which has a look down the nose at lowlife antisemites perspective and yet use it as a platform to proliferate negative Jewish stereotypes. Is it educational? Are you trying to teach us at how the Jews are so bad and manipulative? I’m not a psychotherapist, but I have lived a long and very life, I’ve been to war, and I’ve spent my career helping other people. What I read from all this is that you were just frayed of them. You must have some scary dreams.
    My take on jewish people is that they tend to take things to extremes. Whether it be for good or for bad. One cannot deny the fact that 21% about Nobel prizes have a gun to Jewish people while someone like Bernie made off, the greatest thief in history is Jewish. 30% of the biggest philanthropist of the top 100 in the United States are Jewish on the other hand are two most famous prostitutes are also Jewish, Heidi Fleiss and Ms Hollander-The happy Hooker. Whatever they do they seem to be extreme at it.
    Personally I think it’s an interesting quality for an ethnic group to have. Interestingly, my sense is that you agree with me that this is a group worth preserving and keeping around because they are so much different. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. I do not care if the Jews want to stick around or not. I assume they do and they will, but assimilation is a funny thing.
      Judeophilia is as idiotic as anti-Semitism. Really they are the same thing. They both elevate this drama queen race to the pinnacle of the universe which is where they think they belong, when really they are just some pissant little tribe of humans from the desert, not very different from any other pissant little tribe. Judeophiles think Jews are the center of the universe. Jews and anti-Semites agree. Insult the Jew in the most devastating way possible, a brutal blow from which he will never recover and be in PTSD for life: IGNORE HIM.

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