Human Beasts – Massacre in a Russian Forest

The video has been removed. Try here instead.
Repost from the old site. I am looking for translators to translate this post into German, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Serbo-Croatian, Czech, Bulgarian, Turkish and Indonesian. Email me if you are interested.
This post has been translated into other languages. In Italian, it goes under the name Video Shock: Pariolini Russi Massacrano Un Barbone. Italian translation here. The French translation, Massacre Dans Une Forêt Russe, is here. Spanish translation, Bestias Humanas – Masacre en un Bosque Ruso, here. Polish translation, Ludzkie Bestie – Masakra w Rosyjskim Lesie. Hungarian translation, Vadállati Ember Mészárlás Egy Orosz Erdőben, here.
This is an incredibly evil video, one of the worst ever put up on the Internet.
Though our title is Human Beasts – Massacre in a Russian Forest, this diabolical video also goes by many other names and variations.
Some of those names are 4 Men 1 Hammer, Four Men One Hammer, 4 Guys 1 Hammer, 3 Guys 1 Hammer, 3 Guys 1 Hammer 1 Screwdriver, 3 Guys and 1 Hammer, 3 Guys and One Hammer, 3 Guys One Hammer, 3 Guys and a Hammer, Three Guys One Hammer, 3 Men 1 Hammer, 3 Men 1 Hammer 1 Screwdriver, 3 Men One Hammer, 3 Men and One Hammer , 3 Men and a Hammer, Three Men 1 Hammer, Three Men One Hammer, Three Men and a Hammer, Three Men and One Hammer, 1 Hammer 3 Guys, Three Russians and a Hammer, Three Russians and the Hammer, 2 Guys 1 Hammer, 2 Guys One Hammer, Two Guys One Hammer, Two Men One Hammer, 2 Men 1 Hammer, 1 Hammer 3 Men, Russian Murder Video, Russian Hammer, Russian Hammer Video, Russian Massacre, Russian Forest Massacre, Murder in the Woods, Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs, Murdered in the Woods and Hammertime .
The title Hammertime is because a hammer is used in the taped homicide.
This is the latest sicko reality video that is making the rounds of the Intertubes.
Unlike previous homicide videos released on the Net which were war crimes committed during recent wars, this video instead is a depiction of a purely criminal homicide during peacetime.
The video surfaced briefly on December 3, 2008 for the first time, apparently leaked onto the Net, but it was quickly taken down. The next day, it was back up again.
Most of the information about this case on the Net is in Russian, but there is a bit in English. Three young Ukrainian men from Dnepropetrovskwent, Ukraine, all age 19, went on a thrill-killing month-long murder spree in Summer 2007.
The three, Igor Suprunyuck, Viktor Sayenko and Alexander Hanzha, are known as the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs. They started out killing cats and dogs for practice, as these psychos often do, then of course they moved on to humans.
They killed kittens by nailing them to crosses like they were crucifying them, and then shooting them with B-B guns. They taped the kittens’ mouths shut to cover up their screaming. One of the killers, Suprunyuck, was apparently a neo-Nazi. He had neo-Nazi paraphernalia in his room and on his cellphone.
Over a one-month period, they killed 21 people, young and old, male and female, adults and children. They tailed the victims, followed them, or offered them rides in their car as the victims were walking down the street. They did not pick on anyone in particular, but instead just chose people who looked like they would not fight back. All came from well to do families.
They killed a pregnant woman, cut out her now-dead fetus, and left it at the home of the dead woman’s mother. They killed a 14 year old boy who went fishing with a friend (the friend somehow escaped).
At some point, these two idiots made a movie out the brutal murder of a man. He was a 48 year old man who had just gotten over throat cancer and was learning to talk again, a father and a grandfather, a husband with two kids and a grandkid, who was taking care of his ill mother and helping people in his village – a good man.
He lived in a village called Taromskoye. He was bored with not being able to work so he spent his time doing favors and odd jobs around the village. He did small construction projects, took on odd jobs, fixed cars, weaved baskets and cooked for his family.
On the day of his murder, July 12, 2007, he took off on a motorbike to visit his grandson, but he never got there. I will not divulge his name here out of respect, but you can find it if you search around.
He is killed via hammer and screwdriver, tortured for a long time, and finally dispatched. He lingers for some time while they slowly kill him. He doesn’t make much noise while they are killing him, possibly because he can’t speak well due to his throat cancer.
They are laughing and carrying on while they are doing it, having a grand old time. One of the murder team,  Sayenko, holds the video camera and tapes the whole sordid affair, while Suprunyuck actually commits the homicide.
After it’s over, they wash the blood off their hands with water in the gutter. His body was found four days later.
They filmed two of the homicides so they could have something to remember the killings with in old age.
Although this video was somehow leaked to the Internet, another video was presented at trial also, also shot by the killers. This one shows them gutting the pregnant woman. Thank the Lord that one was not leaked to the Net too. A 40-minute video also exists, but it has not been released afterward. It is not known what it contains.
The third member of the 3-man team, Hanzha, only participated in some armed robberies at the beginning and refused to take part in the animal killings due to a fear of blood, so got cold feet and dropped out of the group. Sayenko and Suprunyuck then go on their murder spree. They also attended the funerals of the victims and took photos.
Detectives should go to homicide victim’s funerals and take photos more often. You could catch quite a few killers that way.
At some point, they got arrested. The tape was confiscated and used in the trial to convict the three young fiends. All three pled guilty. On February 11, 2009, Hanzha received nine years, and Sayenko and Suprunyuck both got life. A recent photo from jail shows all three men, and one looks out and out like a ghoul. What a scary guy.
Watch a video of the trial here.
It’s a video from their trial shown on Ukrainian TV. You can see photos of the three killers in court along with some terrible photos they shot and collected along the way.
There are photos of dogs they killed, including one that is strung up in a tree. There are photos of them at the funerals and beside the grave sites of their victims.
They often giving the finger to the victims. They sneak into a room where a victim’s body is lying in wait to be buried and give the dead body the finger. They give the finger to one of the headstone graves of a victim, scattered with flowers. The take a photo of a body being lowered into the grave in its casket, and give the casket the finger too.
Good God, these guys are depraved.
These morons were so stupid that they didn’t even cover their faces in the video where they are killing the guy. How dumb can you get? Despite the documentary evidence of their guilt, the parents of the accused still refuse to believe that their kids are killers and say the confessions were coerced.
Here is a translation of the Ukrainian dialogue in the video:

“Hold on, hold on. Be neater, fuck!” Likely meaning to be careful of all the blood. *Laughing*

“Hold on, hold on, hold on, don’t hit him, don’t hit him. Watch him…” The rest of the sentence is indistinct, but he’s likely telling the guy to watch for the blood as he’s zooming in to capture the close-up.
The following audio is unclear.
[After the screwdriver stabbing]
“What? With what?” the cameraman responds to the boy who stabs the victim.
“What, he’s still alive?” asks the guy stabbing the victim.
“He’s still moving his arms after I ripped up his intestines…” The cameraman then muffles indistinctly.
“He’s having a fucked up day,” says the stabbing guy after he steps on his stomach.
*More muffled talk as he proceeds to stab him in the eyes with the screwdriver*
“Get over here fast. Kill him already.”
“What?” asks the stabber.
“Kill him already.”
“I already put the hammer back. He’s already dead.”
“I poked out his eyes and he’s still not dead,” says the cameraman.
“Get the knife,” the cameraman continues.
*Proceeds to bludgeon him, then interrupts by saying something indistinct.*
“More, more.” The cameraman is telling the other guy to keep bludgeoning him to make sure he’s dead.
“Hold on, hold on.”
*They start walking back to the car.*
More muffled talk from the blond killer.
“Wash your hands,” the cameraman says and tells the other guy to spray cleaning chemical on the hammer.
“I’ll hold it.”
*Muffled talk from the guy washing the hammer.*
*More muffled talk from the guy washing his face and walking back from his car.*
“I stuck the screwdriver in his brain,” says the cameraman.
*Muffled talk from the guy washing his hands*
“I got him in the nose from his eye,” or something along those lines.
“I don’t understand how he was alive? I felt his brain,” says the cameraman.
“I was holding the screwdriver like this…” *muffled/don’t understand the rest.*
Before the video ends the blond guy says, “Alright, let’s get a picture.”
There was a similar case recently in Italy. Four young men attacked a homeless man, Andrea Severi, age 44, by burning him. He received burns over 50% of his body, but he survived. He is presently in serious conditions in the hospital in Padova.
They were Italian Mussolini-type fascists from good families, aged 18. Just four bored rich kids with nothing better to do than to burn a poor homeless guy for fun.
They got convicted in early December 2007, and the story was all over the Italian media. Left wing antifascist site about the killings, but it’s all in Italian.
This type of fascism is still quite popular in Italy – the neo-Nazi kind not nearly so much.
There is a misconception about Mussolinism in that it is not supposed to be racist or anti-Semitic, but my Italian friends tell me that fascists are fascists. They also say that Mussolini was a racist, an anti-Semite and an anti-Slav. He also persecuted all speakers of anything other than Standard Italian. This “He made the trains run on time,” stuff really needs to be challenged.
In Northern Italy, the fascists are quite popular, but the anti-Semitism seems to have died down. 2008 is not the 1930’s. Up there, they are mostly anti-Slavic. The important thing to note is the hate, the fascist hate. All fascists have this inside of them. Fascist fathers teach this hate to their sons, plant it in them and water it like sapling trees.
Italian fascism started out as social nationalism, but now it’s quite common among the rich. The Italian middle class traditionally tended to be more Centrist and oriented to varieties of political Catholicism (Christian democracy). But now many are voting for quasi-fascist Berlusconi.
It’s important to note that in Italy, there are racists who are not fascists. The Lega Nord, the northern autonomists, are racist against southern Italians, but they are not fascists. Fascists are Italian ultranationalists. They believe in the centrality of the Italian state.
There are neo-Nazis in Italy, but they are not nearly as numerous as Mussolini fascists. There are many in Central Italy in the Lazio Region (where Rome and the Vatican are located). They are quite a few of them in Verona, Vicenza and Padova in the northeast Veneto Region. There are also some in Trieste. There are no Nazis to speak of in Southern Italy.
The famous Leopold and Loeb case in Chicago in 1924, and the famous film, Compulsion (1959), starring Orson Welles and Dean Stockwell (Excellent movie!), that followed, was a noteworthy and very famous similar case in the US.
Compulsion was based on a novel by Meyer Levin in 1956. Meyer Levin later became famous for being one of the first authors to realize the potential of the tragic diaries of Anne Frank. He was convinced that he had a personal interest in the rights to the diary, and ended up in a 30-year legal battle over those who performed the hit play based on the diaries, while Levin’s play was rejected.
This book, said to be the first non-fiction novel, set the standard for a style later famously popularized by Truman Capote in In Cold Blood. I’ve never read the Capote novel, but it is supposed to be one of the greats.
Hitchcock also made a movie, Rope (1948), based on the case, but I’ve never seen that one.
Anti-Semites will be very excited to learn that both Leopold and Loeb were Jewish. Leopold and Loeb’s victim, 14 year old Bobby Franks, was also Jewish.
I really do recommend that my regular readers do not watch this video under any circumstances unless you are into stuff like this.
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  2. i’m simply speachless.
    and i’m not speachless very often.
    i’ve just read that text, i refuse to watch the video. i could cry. why the hell are there such people out there?! how can ANY human being do such things to another? i don’t get it.
    in that case it would be the best to electrocute that 3 (or at least 2) guys without that FUCKING sponge as you can see in the green mile. and replay the audio of their video with all their fucking laughing so they can hear what that poor man felt like.
    fuck this, man. fuck this.
    i still don’t realize that story.

  3. I cant evan begin to tell you how sick and wrong that video is, it just shows you, some people are just monsters. (The two killers are now jailed for life and the camera man was jailed for 15 years)
    i would say they should get the death penalty, but i hope the spend the rest of their lives in pain.

    1. word. death penalty would even be the BEST they could get. i hope they suffer their whole life in pain, fucking bastards.

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  10. who ever thinks of this as a learning experiance is fucked up in the head ive seen some bad shit in my life but this is over the top so yea i do think everyone who likes or thinks of it as a learning experiance they are bad people and also you need to be shot you dirty cunts the people that done it need to be killed you are all dirty skummy cunts and clealy have no respect for that poor victim who ever is with me on that then good on ya .

    1. as you state it is sickening and it was brutal and how much respect should be given, hide it so no one sees this every we all live in a perfect society and when someone kills another in a twisted way as such dispose of the body and forget it happened hide the evidence and move on? might i ask is this what you think should happen, it shouldn’t be forced upon people but it shouldn’t be hidden,

  11. basikly that video is sick ! and they idiots are selfish evil bastards. They had no reason to attack the people they did and the absolute idots that they are actually took a video. Tbh i hope they rott in hell and the sentence they got isnt good enough. They deserve to suffer just as bad as they did. my heart goes out to there families and i hope they evil sons of bitches get whats coming to them

  12. This video is totally sick i really hope that those cruel bastards die a long slow and suffering death! There is absolutely no excuse for such extreme cruelty absolute cowards, a real man would do it alone and without the use of a hammer!!!! Let the bastards have their balls cut off n bleed to death!!

  13. im dead to and i understand how this russian man feels because i also was murdered.
    i will make russian man feel good in heavan dont worry im here with u and these 2 men will be in hell dont worry jesus will prevail.

  14. I went on my 13 year olds computer and noticed he had been looking up 3 men and a hammer, so I looked it up and found the worst thing I have ever seen
    Anybody that laugh or joke about that are sick and need help. My son has had his laptop took off him.till after christmas and won’t get it back till I have parent software on it. He told me that everyone at his school are talking about it (so parents be warned and check your childs pc) its been two days since I saw it and I can’t get
    The mans face out of my head.

    1. Please put parent SW on all kids’ PC’s.
      There is no 3 Men 1 Hammer on this site.
      I don’t think minors should be looking at that video. They’re not old enough to develop a sensible reaction about it.

  15. lol those guys are gunna be tortured in hell way more than the guy they killed so the guy who died r.i.p but the guys who killed him (r.i.s) REST IN SHIT

  16. I’ve stumbled here ’cause my mate rang me and told me NOT to watch a video called three men and a hammer, wouldn’t even tell me what it was about… and now I’m here.
    After reading all these posts the curiosity has definately died. Why would anyone WANT to see it??
    Didn’t people used to go and watch public hangings in England? I think people are still stoned to death in some parts of the world too. I mean, people are murdered all over the world every day for fun right? how come we’re so shocked this could happen?
    I know it is wrong and sick and cruel and twisted, just seems to me that humans have been doing it since the beginning and will carry on doing it. I think we’re just humans conditioned to live in society, and humans are mammals just like lions.
    If we’d grown up in some remote tribe in a far corner of the world more people would be murdered right? I think most people only do the right thing cause people are watching, or they could go to jail, or people would point and judge them. Take away consequence and a lot more people would be violent, it’s in our nature. I think. Maybe.
    The guys that done this are a danger to society, death is too good for them. You only get one life after all, and these guys should spend they’re lives in a cage; no human contact, diet of bread and water, no loo roll, a view of brick walls on all sides.
    Also, why would you film this unless you WANTED people to know what you’ve done?? The best reaction the world could give them is no reaction. Just trial them, jail them, and forget about them, like they had never even existed. People watching the video and publicising it just give these idiots what they wanted. I imagine they’d feel a lot worse rotting in prison if they knew that, to the rest of the world, it’s as if they’d never even been born. Instead they’re sitting in prison doing they’re time knowing that the worlds horrified by what they’ve done, but they’re talking about them.
    I didn’t even want to think that deeply on the matter, just read the posts and wanted to put my 2 cents in. Shouldn’t even be here. Only here cause a friend rang me and told me NOT to watch a video called three men and a hammer, googled it, and I stumbled onto this site, wouldn’t even tell me what it was about…

  17. Ok I watched this video for my first time and the one thing I need to say is why did the guy holding the camra stab him in the belly buttin…You know I hope they all die and the guy who suffered R.I.P

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  21. This is the sickest thing i have ever seen.
    I have been procrastinating in getting my concealed carrier’s permit so i can pack my piece everywhere i go. Not anymore.
    Anyone who argues for gun laws should be shown this video. This is exactly why i advocate people train themselves and their families in safe gun ownership and use. A well armed society is a polite one, and you can be damned sure that someone would have capped these punks long before they ever got to their 21st murder.
    Lesson to take: no one, not even the almighty government, can protect you. you must learn to protect yourself, and modern technology can massively help you in that respect. Let the good and decent people arm themselves against hardcore violent criminals, so crap like this is brought down to a minimum, and so any other punks who want to get their “thrills” will think twice.

  22. I can’t understand why you would want to do that some one. That’s beyond messed up. This is really sick. Videos like this shouldn’t be on the internet, but at least they do show what it’s like in other parts of the world. The part that I mostly found hard to understand when I read the translated conversation, was how they all found it so funny. There’s actually no words to describe how disturbed these people are. I think they should have everything that was done to him, done back to them as punishment, though it would never be enough.

  23. if i ever met those people i would hit them it the face with a hammer and stab them thos sick mother fuckers :@

  24. This is revolting people who think this is good need to be shot !! these men dont need to die they need to be punished for the rest of there lives dirty basterd’s !!! these men need to get tied to a tree and smash hammers on there temple and have a slow paaaaainfuul deathh i am discousted with this people i warn you to not watch this please its soo sad annd will make you sooooo amd !!!!!!!

  25. Guys, they were sociopaths. They simply don’t feel empathy at all…
    Imagine if you could feel absolutely no love, no compassion, no empathy for anyone. That is the kind of person that commits these crimes.
    To them, brutally killing someone brings the same amusement and excitement as a five-year-old feels when pulling the legs off of spiders and watching them struggle. They feel the same level of concern for that poor man as you would stepping on an ant.
    They just aren’t right, and there is no reason to analyze this any more deeply than that, because normal, well-adjusted people simply won’t understand, and will disturb themselves by trying.

  26. one thing i dont understand is when good people die all the time as u saw in the vid, but why didnt one fucking person in that court room do a fucking thing about it, if i were there believe me those guys would not be leaving alive, even if it ment i got life in prison i stronglt believe in doing the fucking right thing no matter what the consquence is. and think about that pregnat girl and that poor guy, that alone is enough for me to put and american bullet through there dirty fucking russians skulls. i would do t for all those victims, just think how much it angers you knowng that those guys are still alive and that girl and guy are dead now and killed in unimaginable ways, i say fuck anyone who thinks diffrently .

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