Human Beasts – Massacre in a Russian Forest

The video has been removed. Try here instead. Repost from the old site. I am looking for translators to translate this post into German, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Serbo-Croatian, Czech, Bulgarian, Turkish and Indonesian. Email me if you are interested. This post has been translated into other languages. In Italian, it goes under the name Video Shock: Pariolini Russi Massacrano Un Barbone. Italian translation here. The French translation, Massacre Dans Une Forêt Russe, is here. Spanish translation, Bestias Humanas – Masacre en un Bosque Ruso, here. Polish translation, Ludzkie Bestie – Masakra w Rosyjskim Lesie. Hungarian translation, Vadállati Ember Mészárlás Egy Orosz Erdőben, here. This is an incredibly evil video, one of the worst ever put up on the Internet. Though our title is Human Beasts – Massacre in a Russian Forest, this diabolical video also goes by many other names and variations. Some of those names are 4 Men 1 Hammer, Four Men One Hammer, 4 Guys 1 Hammer, 3 Guys 1 Hammer, 3 Guys 1 Hammer 1 Screwdriver, 3 Guys and 1 Hammer, 3 Guys and One Hammer, 3 Guys One Hammer, 3 Guys and a Hammer, Three Guys One Hammer, 3 Men 1 Hammer, 3 Men 1 Hammer 1 Screwdriver, 3 Men One Hammer, 3 Men and One Hammer , 3 Men and a Hammer, Three Men 1 Hammer, Three Men One Hammer, Three Men and a Hammer, Three Men and One Hammer, 1 Hammer 3 Guys, Three Russians and a Hammer, Three Russians and the Hammer, 2 Guys 1 Hammer, 2 Guys One Hammer, Two Guys One Hammer, Two Men One Hammer, 2 Men 1 Hammer, 1 Hammer 3 Men, Russian Murder Video, Russian Hammer, Russian Hammer Video, Russian Massacre, Russian Forest Massacre, Murder in the Woods, Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs, Murdered in the Woods and Hammertime . The title Hammertime is because a hammer is used in the taped homicide. This is the latest sicko reality video that is making the rounds of the Intertubes. Unlike previous homicide videos released on the Net which were war crimes committed during recent wars, this video instead is a depiction of a purely criminal homicide during peacetime. The video surfaced briefly on December 3, 2008 for the first time, apparently leaked onto the Net, but it was quickly taken down. The next day, it was back up again. Most of the information about this case on the Net is in Russian, but there is a bit in English. Three young Ukrainian men from Dnepropetrovskwent, Ukraine, all age 19, went on a thrill-killing month-long murder spree in Summer 2007. The three, Igor Suprunyuck, Viktor Sayenko and Alexander Hanzha, are known as the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs. They started out killing cats and dogs for practice, as these psychos often do, then of course they moved on to humans. They killed kittens by nailing them to crosses like they were crucifying them, and then shooting them with B-B guns. They taped the kittens’ mouths shut to cover up their screaming. One of the killers, Suprunyuck, was apparently a neo-Nazi. He had neo-Nazi paraphernalia in his room and on his cellphone. Over a one-month period, they killed 21 people, young and old, male and female, adults and children. They tailed the victims, followed them, or offered them rides in their car as the victims were walking down the street. They did not pick on anyone in particular, but instead just chose people who looked like they would not fight back. All came from well to do families. They killed a pregnant woman, cut out her now-dead fetus, and left it at the home of the dead woman’s mother. They killed a 14 year old boy who went fishing with a friend (the friend somehow escaped). At some point, these two idiots made a movie out the brutal murder of a man. He was a 48 year old man who had just gotten over throat cancer and was learning to talk again, a father and a grandfather, a husband with two kids and a grandkid, who was taking care of his ill mother and helping people in his village – a good man. He lived in a village called Taromskoye. He was bored with not being able to work so he spent his time doing favors and odd jobs around the village. He did small construction projects, took on odd jobs, fixed cars, weaved baskets and cooked for his family. On the day of his murder, July 12, 2007, he took off on a motorbike to visit his grandson, but he never got there. I will not divulge his name here out of respect, but you can find it if you search around. He is killed via hammer and screwdriver, tortured for a long time, and finally dispatched. He lingers for some time while they slowly kill him. He doesn’t make much noise while they are killing him, possibly because he can’t speak well due to his throat cancer. They are laughing and carrying on while they are doing it, having a grand old time. One of the murder team,  Sayenko, holds the video camera and tapes the whole sordid affair, while Suprunyuck actually commits the homicide. After it’s over, they wash the blood off their hands with water in the gutter. His body was found four days later. They filmed two of the homicides so they could have something to remember the killings with in old age. Although this video was somehow leaked to the Internet, another video was presented at trial also, also shot by the killers. This one shows them gutting the pregnant woman. Thank the Lord that one was not leaked to the Net too. A 40-minute video also exists, but it has not been released afterward. It is not known what it contains. The third member of the 3-man team, Hanzha, only participated in some armed robberies at the beginning and refused to take part in the animal killings due to a fear of blood, so got cold feet and dropped out of the group. Sayenko and Suprunyuck then go on their murder spree. They also attended the funerals of the victims and took photos. Detectives should go to homicide victim’s funerals and take photos more often. You could catch quite a few killers that way. At some point, they got arrested. The tape was confiscated and used in the trial to convict the three young fiends. All three pled guilty. On February 11, 2009, Hanzha received nine years, and Sayenko and Suprunyuck both got life. A recent photo from jail shows all three men, and one looks out and out like a ghoul. What a scary guy. Watch a video of the trial here. It’s a video from their trial shown on Ukrainian TV. You can see photos of the three killers in court along with some terrible photos they shot and collected along the way. There are photos of dogs they killed, including one that is strung up in a tree. There are photos of them at the funerals and beside the grave sites of their victims. They often giving the finger to the victims. They sneak into a room where a victim’s body is lying in wait to be buried and give the dead body the finger. They give the finger to one of the headstone graves of a victim, scattered with flowers. The take a photo of a body being lowered into the grave in its casket, and give the casket the finger too. Good God, these guys are depraved. These morons were so stupid that they didn’t even cover their faces in the video where they are killing the guy. How dumb can you get? Despite the documentary evidence of their guilt, the parents of the accused still refuse to believe that their kids are killers and say the confessions were coerced. Here is a translation of the Ukrainian dialogue in the video:

“Hold on, hold on. Be neater, fuck!” Likely meaning to be careful of all the blood. *Laughing*

“Hold on, hold on, hold on, don’t hit him, don’t hit him. Watch him…” The rest of the sentence is indistinct, but he’s likely telling the guy to watch for the blood as he’s zooming in to capture the close-up. The following audio is unclear. [After the screwdriver stabbing] “What? With what?” the cameraman responds to the boy who stabs the victim. “What, he’s still alive?” asks the guy stabbing the victim. “He’s still moving his arms after I ripped up his intestines…” The cameraman then muffles indistinctly. “He’s having a fucked up day,” says the stabbing guy after he steps on his stomach. *More muffled talk as he proceeds to stab him in the eyes with the screwdriver* “Get over here fast. Kill him already.” “What?” asks the stabber. “Kill him already.” “I already put the hammer back. He’s already dead.” “I poked out his eyes and he’s still not dead,” says the cameraman. “Get the knife,” the cameraman continues. *Proceeds to bludgeon him, then interrupts by saying something indistinct.* “More, more.” The cameraman is telling the other guy to keep bludgeoning him to make sure he’s dead. “Hold on, hold on.” *They start walking back to the car.* More muffled talk from the blond killer. “Wash your hands,” the cameraman says and tells the other guy to spray cleaning chemical on the hammer. “I’ll hold it.” *Muffled talk from the guy washing the hammer.* *More muffled talk from the guy washing his face and walking back from his car.* “I stuck the screwdriver in his brain,” says the cameraman. *Muffled talk from the guy washing his hands* “I got him in the nose from his eye,” or something along those lines. “I don’t understand how he was alive? I felt his brain,” says the cameraman. “I was holding the screwdriver like this…” *muffled/don’t understand the rest.* Before the video ends the blond guy says, “Alright, let’s get a picture.” There was a similar case recently in Italy. Four young men attacked a homeless man, Andrea Severi, age 44, by burning him. He received burns over 5 They were Italian Mussolini-type fascists from good families, aged 18. Just four bored rich kids with nothing better to do than to burn a poor homeless guy for fun. They got convicted in early December 2007, and the story was all over the Italian media. Left wing antifascist site about the killings, but it’s all in Italian. This type of fascism is still quite popular in Italy – the neo-Nazi kind not nearly so much. There is a misconception about Mussolinism in that it is not supposed to be racist or anti-Semitic, but my Italian friends tell me that fascists are fascists. They also say that Mussolini was a racist, an anti-Semite and an anti-Slav. He also persecuted all speakers of anything other than Standard Italian. This “He made the trains run on time,” stuff really needs to be challenged. In Northern Italy, the fascists are quite popular, but the anti-Semitism seems to have died down. 2008 is not the 1930’s. Up there, they are mostly anti-Slavic. The important thing to note is the hate, the fascist hate. All fascists have this inside of them. Fascist fathers teach this hate to their sons, plant it in them and water it like sapling trees. Italian fascism started out as social nationalism, but now it’s quite common among the rich. The Italian middle class traditionally tended to be more Centrist and oriented to varieties of political Catholicism (Christian democracy). But now many are voting for quasi-fascist Berlusconi. It’s important to note that in Italy, there are racists who are not fascists. The Lega Nord, the northern autonomists, are racist against southern Italians, but they are not fascists. Fascists are Italian ultranationalists. They believe in the centrality of the Italian state. There are neo-Nazis in Italy, but they are not nearly as numerous as Mussolini fascists. There are many in Central Italy in the Lazio Region (where Rome and the Vatican are located). They are quite a few of them in Verona, Vicenza and Padova in the northeast Veneto Region. There are also some in Trieste. There are no Nazis to speak of in Southern Italy. The famous Compulsion was based on a novel by Meyer Levin in 1956. Meyer Levin later became famous for being one of the first authors to realize the potential of the tragic diaries of Anne Frank. He was convinced that he had a personal interest in the rights to the diary, and ended up in a 30-year legal battle over those who performed the hit play based on the diaries, while Levin’s play was rejected. This book, said to be the first non-fiction novel, set the standard for a style later famously popularized by Truman Capote in In Cold Blood. I’ve never read the Capote novel, but it is supposed to be one of the greats. Hitchcock also made a movie, Bobby Franks, was also Jewish. I really do recommend that my regular readers do not watch this video under any circumstances unless you are into stuff like this. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

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278 thoughts on “Human Beasts – Massacre in a Russian Forest”


    1. your seem like a really nice person berdi pity them when they go to hades/hell they will know the meaning of purgatory.

  2. Damn that’s…i can’t say anything, make me sick, speechless.
    Ok i’ll try say something.
    Some user commented this video, i’m not sure which website that was but anyway “you got to have balls to do something like that” i think in this case no you don’t.
    If these guys had “balls” they know what they are “doing” cause when they made this video they are just animals.
    For example:
    predators like lions, cheetahs etc. these animals choosing their “victim” like these guys, the weakest individual from the crowd.
    “people who looked like they would not fight back”
    I wonder why they didn’t cover their faces? maybe cause they didn’t have to.
    If you watch this video from start to finish you’ll hear how they laughing and talking normally and for example at the beginning one of these killers hit that guy with a hammer straight in the face several times like it was nothing, i mean these guys has been doing this shit so many times that they simply i don’t know…forgot to cover their faces or didn’t care anymore, i mean why should they need to care about anything at that point cause that point the killing is normal everyday action to these guys, they can just spread their hands and say “what? what is wrong with this” and then laugh.
    To me everything what i see on that video is WRONG, i don’t want that anybody get the feeling that i try to defend those “animals” in any way, that’s not my purpose.
    “If human doing something for long time and many times what you get?! a habit”
    Many peoples comment something like “if i get my hands on these guys i’ll do the samething to them” ok but how’s that make things any better?
    these “guys” created their own little world without rules, without remorse, without laws without right or wrong.
    If i have to decide what to do those “animals” i would sentence them to killed by hanging so they never ever gonna get the change to do this kind of shit again.

  3. protect your brain.
    it is important NOT to be completely ignorant of the fact that things like this happen on our plane of existence. on our planet. in our world.
    but the less violent images you subject yourself to, and the less ‘evil’ (NO religious connotation) you associate yourself with, the better the chance that your thoughts will not be clouded with negativity.
    we are no more civilized than any ‘animal’, and a traumatizing childhood could be all it takes to desensitize someone to violence of such a severe extent, rendering them incapable of perceiving the severity of their own actions. they may interpret violence as ‘normal’. bringing us to the endless debate as to what normal actually is.
    i digress, less violence means less fear means less control means more opportunity for love. a natural, mental, spiritual stimulant. until we evolve past our current state and recognize our flaws as humans in the year 2010, we’ll still find ways to justify or rationalize what we collectively do as a species.

  4. Omfg that video is sick the bastards should be left and tortured to the familys the fuckin selfish discusting animals….come to england and ur get tortured like fuck u discutings pricks

  5. I beileve that they Definatley should have the same thing done to them! That was terrible! maybe they should even cut off each limb with a saw before they start doing what they did to them

    1. well….where to begin? I haven’t watched this video – I refuse to – I can do without things like that in my head forever,but I have read a lot about it and know what occurs in it,which is more than enough.I admit to my morbid curiosity – it exists in many and shows the atavistic fascination with horror and violence that underpins the human psyche,highlighted by the unashamed thirst for revenge displayed in the MAJORITY of other comments on here.I am shocked by the overall lack of intelligence possessed by most of the commenteurs on here,particularly in the cases of perricone and bigboss,among others,but that’s what centuries of inbreeding does – go and win yourselves some darwin awards guys – you richly deserve them and we have no need or space for your kind.
      Most people on here have the right idea,in a round about kind of way,but remember people – violence usually just creates more violence – your reactions are a testament to this.People like that should be made to suffer at the hands of their own kind,then all of them should simply be removed from the gene pool with no fuss and no emotion – like a surgically removed tumour.
      As for all the animal comparisons,I feel they are unfair.The ‘3 Guys’ can surely,somehow, choose not to be predatory psychopaths (most people can,let’s face it…) and their preying on the weak and vulnerable was purely cowardly whereas,with animals,it is to avoid an injury that could totally compromise their ability to survive in the wild (a world far harsher and more ruthless than our own.) They were doing that for fun and entertainment – a motivation very rarely found in the animal world and,even then,usually only amongst animals that have had prolonged exposure to human society,which is very telling.
      Overall.the existence and wide availability of this kind of material is a mixed blessing – it helps to combat complacency in our sanitised society,albeit in an excessively brutal manner,but also provides entertainment and encouragement to the minority of people out there who enjoy this kind of thing but also promotes a kind of subconcious paranoia amongst normal people who suddenly realise anyone they see could be a blood-thirsty murderer – not necessarily a bad thing because they just might be.
      I could go on all night about the various aspects of this mess but tbh I don’t want to – the whole thing has such a grim,vile atmosphere to it,it makes me crave sunshine and laughter and happiness so I close by paying my respects to the victim and his poor family and suggesting that this video be seen as a motivation to try to better ourselves and live in a greater harmony with the world around us – only then can we begin to chase away the darkness that exists within our souls.

  6. un fucking real i can not believe that a person could do that to a sleeping man the shit is just horrible, i have neber had a “weak” stomach but this was the first video i have ever seen that made my body want to look away. It wasnt so much the stabbing or the shots to the face with the hammer but only the sound of that poor man drowning on his own blood. I hope those motherfuckers get raped so bad in a russian prison beat and toutred to the point of death then revived so in another month it can happen again. no man women or child should ever!!!! EVER go through anything like this if i recall one son of a bitch did something like this in the 1930 s 1940s Adolf Hitler and we killed that sob and they should kill these fucks too. there is nothing i can say to anyone other than it is twisted and wrong and for there parents IT IS YOUR CHILD WHAT YOU DIDNT SEE YOUR BOY SMASH HIS FACE WITH A HAMMER OR STAB A MAN IN THE EYE BALLS WITH SMILES ON THEIR FACES OR THE PICS OFF THE COMPUTER OR THE OTHER VIDEOS YOUR FUCKING IDIOTS AND NEED TO BE PUT TO DEATH AS WELL FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKERS COME TO AMERICA AND WE WILL TREAT YOU LIKE WHAT YOU ARE LOW DOWN FILTHY ROTTEN SICK FUCKING NI**ERS YOU ARE OR IF I HAD A CHANCE TO GET AHOLD OF YOU I WOULDNT BEAT YOUR SKULL IN YOU WOULD RELIVE THESE VIDEOS EVERY DAY OF YOUR SHITTY FUCKING LIFE AND CRUSH THE HAND WITH A HAMMER THAT YOU STRUCK HIM WITH YOU DONT DESEVRE DEATH YOU DESERVE LIFE A LONG HORRIBLE MISERABLE LIFE.. FUCK YOU FUCKING FAGGOTS YOU ARE HATED AND WILL BURN THE THE HOTTEST AND DEEPEST PIT IN HELL WHILE SATAN HIMSELF MAKES YOU PAY FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sincerly 517

    1. yeah i know what you mean the gurgling/drowning on his own blood got me the most to the sounds was unreal and horrific and wont go away.

    2. God help those Ukrainian PIG spoiled brats (they were selling those films to black market, not just for fun by the way, that was to cover for the snuff film buyers) if it was legal for vigilante justice and there was a place where people might find them in public. I don’t want to say too much more. I’m infiuriated. I get sad for the victim, but more infuriated, these things absolutely make me a believer in capital punishment, I wasn’t a believer until I got on the net and saw this stuff. I hope the Ukrainian brutality passes on to them, and I guarantee you those boys are being passed around in the prisons already having been tattooed as ‘bitches’ to be used in any way by the higher ranks there. I don’t even want to know if they are doing easy time….

  7. Maynn fuck you Russian mutha Fuckers wanna be Killing peopple for Fun’Id Kill your bitch Ass if you would try and do something like that too me all you bitch’s are going too HELLwere you belong’Andd how dare they kill a pregnat lady and do thatt too her FUCK YALL CRAZY ASS BITCH’S IMA STAY IN San Antonio were i Belong

  8. i enjoyed watching those guys beat the shit out of that 48 year old pussy he was prob really weak to be overpowered by a bunch of kids its called natural selection people survival of the fittest

    1. SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU FUCKING MORON RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      YOU ARE PROBABLY SICK TOO!!!!!!!!!!!
      I will never watch or want to watch that video. People who laugh with it are demonic devils! I got a trauma from just reading this!
      I hope the flood comes soon to wipe out this wickedness!

    2. there was nothing natural about there selection, they were sociopaths, the feel nothing kill for the simple fact that they can, vary few people would dare call this natural selection. it was 3 on 1 and they were armed the man didn’t have a fighting chance.

    3. you are obviously a brain dead mutated excuse for a human being marshall
      why else would you talk like a complete arsehole.
      i bet if it was your own dad or brother you woudnt think he was a ‘pussy’ …moronic term for a coward ,this man was a victim of fiends…. your probably a yank. your slang is shit you are full of shit!

    4. marshall i hope you are just a sad fool trying to shock ?because if you really like this video and enjoyed it you are scum and we got enough scum corrupting this planet we need to cleanse it of you genetic fuck ups!

  9. Honestly, I have no intention of watching the video. Just reading about it is enough- I don´t want to see an innocent man who was a cancer survivor be killed just after gaining hope.
    Hope they rot in hell.

  10. …and now this video remains on the internet so that it may fuel the desire in other children from around the globe and from “well to do families” to go out one day and kill someone to death.

    1. no, it wont fuel anything the people that do this kind of thing they dont feel the dont need the video or even the story to fuel there need some people kill because they can no fuel no abuse the simple erge to take control of some ones life

    2. ur so dumb buddy if someone was gunna do something like that they would do it cause a vid they saw and if they did there fucked just like the way ur brain think
      ps ur retard

  11. these stupid people need to get a life wat did they get doing this taking a hammer and hitting people. we should hammer there hands off so they dont do it again . weard ows little idiots

  12. i was told to watch this by some one but these guys need to suffer for twice as long like take two 9 inch nails in there pointer finger an hooked up to a car battery every time they pass out from the pain im just sayin people like this should die a very slow death but if u dont like wat i say idc cuz this is is way out of line

    1. i dont feel the killers deserve the pain they caused there victims it would solve anything they wont learn if they pull this off they wouldnt learn nor care what we did to them they would be happy that they got to us forced us to think about it watch it. torchering them wouldnt bring the dead back, it would put us at there level we dont want to be there, i say we put a bullet in each of their heads and call it good.

  13. Hello, im a 13 year old and no, although my name is jewish, i am not but i do
    have jewish relatives like my great grndfather who was a spy in Japan in WW2 , I’m very proud of him and hope to be like him some day… I’m not saying that they deserve to die, be in prison or to be tortured, no, im not like that. Even if it is fucked up, no matter how sick or morally wrong to kill a man or animal, you are all in no place to judge on whats right or wrong, no one is and secondly… and this is were people do shout at me and call me stupid, what makes a humans life more important than a cat or dog.. its still life which by rights, means that it should be given the same amount of respect you would give your own mother or father… Now, if your gonna me stupid, that i am too young to know what im talking about or a stupid fuck who should rot in hell for proving a point, go agead, it is your time to waste so im not gonna tell you how to waste it… email me @ my email account – – – i hope you aggree and thank you for letting me speak Robert Lindsay one more thing, if no man, woman or anyone deserves this then how can you curse them and still hold that point of veiw… you are saying that killing is wrong but you say that to kill them is good… like i said email me @ – – – i will be glad to hear from you to say im a shit head or just to say i have a good point of veiw.

    1. I f you really are 13 what you doing watching stuff like that in the first place? oh and dont give your email out like that kid seriously!

  14. you hear of murders that happen all the time there has obv been far worse than this and watching it makes me think wtf

  15. I’m from Russia( and I don’t know very good english,but still you need to know the truth). And I’m telling you, this is a real video. The cunts make videos of all the brutal stuff they made, including of brutal killing dogs and cats( they started first with animals and show pictures and videos in the net). They where a criminals who robed the victims(they acted like taxi drivers) but also make the videos for selling them in the net, some buyer of snuff movies like to buy from them 40 movies (this was the plan, he didn’t want less but they did 21 movies), for a big amount of money. But the authorities didn’t find him(interesting!). They captured only the two piece of shits and lock them for life and the other gay who gave them his car and sell the robed things from the victims (they gave him 7 years in prison). Now you can ban me ( in the future try to find more information when you make something like this).
    R.I.P. for all the victims!!! 🙁

    1. This is how angry I am and wrote on the site with the horrible video! I knew it was probably black market.
      Вы монстры будут гнить выступающей сатаны, замученные собаки, чтобы изнасиловать. Да благословит Господь бедных слоев населения, страдающего человека в видео вечный мир. Великие страдания может быть вечной частью вас и вашей семьи, мусор!

  16. Couldn’t get through it…..totally made me cringe and want to cry. Unbelievable how sick and depraved these boys are. Unreal.

  17. This whole thing is sickening and isn’t something that should be shown in my opinion, as its from seeing things like this that sickos are inspired..these lil (swearwords) did this for their own entertainment. I still can’t get my head around how these boys could do this…life imprisonment is not enough, they need to be in a dark isolated room for life.

    1. no listen this is what they need a room with only a light bulb a hard bed covered in nails…..medi evil style
      A prison guard who loves sadism and inflicting pain….a screwdriver up the arse jabbed repeatedly. then in there guts.
      loud rammstein song du hast played every 30 mins.
      chunks meat attached to there legs and a hungry bull mastiff let in oh i could go on and on sadly it wont happen………shame!

  18. people say that there should be more videos like this on the internet to show how harsh/sick/cruel/disgusting it is in real life. And yes. This video definitely does that… but if there were more of them people would just become more and more desensitized by it. It would probably even give people ideas. Cause even though these three mongrels are locked away, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t thousands of other people in the world who are doing the same thing right now. Some people get off to this sort of thing.

  19. I wish they’d come to Turkey, watch how we chop their teenager bodies into pieces, three little sh..ts doing this, Who support those murders or thinks it is normal, come on here bring what you got, because you will be sorry to were born

    1. yes i bet in turkey they would get whhat they deserve .russia needs to put these devils in the gulags in siberia not a cosy jail.

  20. Western people always have trouble with Russia. Why so much concern about what’s happening there? You’re talking about a vid of some teenage thugs killing someone on the streets–may be you should rather post some vids from Wikileaks instead, showing bombings and killing of civilians? How about you shut up about Russia and others shut up about the US? Be concerned with own business, not other countries business, don’t be like an big mouthed old lady sitting on a porch.

  21. Capitalism had already had turned Russian youth into animals almost… this is the works of Capitalism in action. (promotion of violence–BY PEOPLE OF *CERTAIN* NATIONALITY RESIDING…..OMG, IN HOLLYWOOD!)

  22. Also, this video illustrates well my point about Males being worse than animal in general, diabolic creatures. Truly, males aren’t human. They are responsible for all wars and violence in the world. Hopefully the disappearance of genes from Y chromosome continues and this breed will be eliminated off the face of earth (males). They’re obsolete biologically now, I mean. No wonder all the misogyny and violence–mother Nature will dispose of them in proper ways, as nature always does, in the course of evolution–we can not see all the ways of nature and things that it can come up with to rectify the disease that plagues the Earth (humans, with diabolic technological progress mostly led and initiated by males)

    1. Point taken about males. However female complicity in all or most allegedly all-male bad behavior never gets addressed. Some females are some of the worst war-mongers of all, and expect guess who (not them) to do all of the fighting for them…to protect them…on their behalf.
      And what is the reward that awaits the male soldier upon returning from battle? A house, money, and a woman. This shit is as old as time itself.
      Young men go out and fight and kill each other for the benefit of old people and women- those who can’t and won’t fight.
      Women are very much to blame- they are far more mindless and conformist than males in general, will submit to almost anything to preserve themselves and only care about themselves, their kids and their meal ticket.
      The diabolical tecnology invented by males is also what makes life not suck as much as it used to. Mr./Ms. Male Hater needs to “bone up”
      on facts and history.

      1. Hi, Mott 69. Your take on men, women, and war is interesting. I think it’s hard to say who suffers more from war, men or women. But the subject of female complicity in male bad behavior isn’t explored much, I would agree.

        1. Thanks, Alpha. I have to admit that the notion of female complicity never occurred- even to me- until a several years ago. I would also say that I have never heard anyone, anywhere ever address this subject. Except myself! That is pretty strange!
          Hate to go to Hitler (default reference)- but he is a prime example. He was very popular with the women of Germany- especially the older ones, widows from the war (WW I). He never married and kept Eva hidden from public knowledge in order to propogate his eligible, 40-ish bachelor schtick that helped him get elected and stay in power.
          Women have historically “stood by their men” in warfare and persecution of other groups. If women of any country or countries had ever put down the law and said “no p*ssy unless you stop fighting”- they (women ) could single-handedly have ended all wars. (There is a famous Greek legend to this effect) But they don’t- and they won’t. They benefit from “the troops” and the military war machine, too.
          Do they suffer as much? Yes and no- depends on the war and the era. Widows and children of the dead males suffer- but did they suffer worse than the males? Young males fight to “protect” their women children and their societies (old people with money).

          1. Women do typically suffer during wars as refugees, rape victims, and “collateral damage.” And they have to deal with the aftermath of war. Do you see this as women having to hold up their end of the bargain, sort of?

        2. Alpha- I was going to mention how women suffer in war as you mentioned.
          However, there are two things going on- 1) women suffering just like other non-combants in every war- men, children, old, etc. In that way, they are not suffering any more as civilians than everyone else.
          But, then there is 2) the fact that in SOME wars, women are singled out and targeted for rape, specifically (Berlin- 1945 100,00 German women raped by Russsian soldiers). Bosnia- the women were all raped- the men were all killed- who suffered more? That’s probably more of an equal situation- but the women did survive in most cases.
          Or even worse (if that’s possible)- like in The Congo- where hundreds of thousands (millions?) have been raped, tortured, and killed. That would be a case of women suffering even more than everyone else.
          I don’t think the suffering of women amounts to “holding up their end” of any deal. Civilized people all would say that women and children are off limits in warfare- and women don’t voluntarily put themselves in harm’s way.
          Some cynics might say that some women (the Germans, say) even “got what they deserved” because they supported an evil regime. (I do not agree with this at all, tho!) Check history- in war, the victors kill or enslave all the males and rape all the females. Why? Best way to wipe out an entire society- forcing the women to bear children whose genes are half the enemy’s- their very ethnic identity has then been annihilated.

          1. I liked reading your views on this. The way men and women influence each other is always interesting to me.

        3. I would love to see a lot more self-examination among feminists and women in general- to take a fair share of responsibility for the “bad stuff” that humans have been perpetrating upon each other all this time.
          Instead of taking the easy route of just blaming males for everything- it would be really bold to examine females aiding, abbetting, enabling and rewarding bad behavior- all while showing a remarkable lack of…um, guts, shall we say? And pleading helplessness all along? For a few thousand years?
          Even with its negative effects, at least modern feminism has resulted, finally in women collectively rising up, “growing a pair” and….uh…demanding money? Oh, yeah, that and equal rights.
          Fine, though, if its equality at stake, let women fight on the front lines in combat, let them perform all the dangerous, backbreaking and disgusting jobs reserved for men. Let them drop their stipulation that the man must make the money and be the breadwinner. Let them drop the traditional exceptions that are made for them- and be treated just as harshly as men are. All on board? Didn’t think so.
          Someone said it best who said that women want all the benefits of being men with none of the drawbacks and penalties. Not fair?
          BTW, I’m pro-feminist, until goes into male-bashing!

        4. ” If women of any country or countries had ever put down the law and said “no p*ssy unless you stop fighting”- they (women ) could single-handedly have ended all wars. (There is a famous Greek legend to this effect)”
          I don’t buy the Lysistrata type solution. The reason being is that women not only benefit as you say from male combat, but they are also attracted to it. This can be seen everyday anywhere where two men fight over a women and the woman watches. Do you really think she’d like to be with the one who backs down? Of course not, and neither would anyone else who knows him. Women wet themselves over fighters, especially winners, and most men know this. The only guys who ever got pussy for not fighting were the hippies during the Vietnam War Era, and they had LSD and tons of pot to help them. All we have today is Natural Light.
          These men respond correctly to female bullshit:

        5. @ Wade- The Lysistrata thing is simplistic and unrealistic- it’s an exaggeration to prove a point- men would rather fuck than fight- and if women ever really did threaten to “cut off” men- leave their husbands, boyfriends, unless they ceased fighting- it probably would work. But it’s not a real possibility.
          The actual dynamics are way more complex. Men fight in large part not for themselves but on behalf of others- to preserve their females/children.
          No different than what animals do. It’s evolutionary. Human males just don’t even realize what they are doing! They think they are fighting for principles, God, country- not!
          Name a man who wouldn’t take a bullet for their mother, sister, or wife (provided they’re on speaking terms with them!) And their kids, of course.
          Famous thought experiment: A lone man (there are no other people) can save only one person: his young son/daughter- or his (still fertile) mate. Who should he save? Answer: the one who will propogate the species. 9No incest comments, please!)

        6. “The Lysistrata thing is simplistic and unrealistic- it’s an exaggeration to prove a point- men would rather fuck than fight- and if women ever really did threaten to “cut off” men- leave their husbands, boyfriends, unless they ceased fighting- it probably would work. But it’s not a real possibility.”
          I think you miss my point. I’m saying that Lysistra won’t work because of womens wants and desires, not mens. A woman wants a man who is a champion, not a man who is a coward. Some women will even go for guys who commit random acts of violence because they are sexually aroused by them. This is what some white women who date blacks talk about. They like the physically-imposing, aggresive, fighting black male over the feminized, flacid suburban white male. The reality is that women would not “cut it off” for men at war. The opposite is true, women would more likely put out for the man at war than the stragler or “draft dodger” type. They like the violence of the man (especially if he is victorious) because they find it arousing. Men realize this and are often pushed into fights and the like becuase their women want it and because they have to project an image to other males, but especially other females. The video clip I showed was partially meant to be an example of what I am talking about. The guy in the video is dragged into a needless fight because his big mouth girlfriend is there egging him on and causing problems that he will have to “fix” for her. If he doesn’t, his pacificism will cause him to lose pussy access.
          Lysistrata would never work because men not only fight to protect women, but, more often, they fight to attract women, who are sexually aroused by their prowess in battle. Women are the main driver of human violence through their domination of males via that venus fly trap they call a pussy.

        7. @Wade- I don’t disagree with your points – I just didn’t have the time and space to get into the other reasons why women egg on or cause, directly or indirectly, males to be violent. That’s a whole other discussion. I was just addressing war first.
          I only disagree with one of your assertions- that women are the cause of ALL male violence. Nah- men would be violent if women didn’t exist, if sexual access to them wasn’t an issue, and even if they never egged it on and encouraged it as you point out. Males are naturally violent, aggressive, seeking thrills, danger, risky adventure. Also greedy and ambitious. We wanna rule the world!
          But- I think that a huge amount of male violence, as well as physical and psychological dysfunction, is caused, intentionally or not, by female behavior and attitudes. Just as you say. They want the Winner, the Champion, the Bully, the Alpha Asshole. They can’t get enough of violent, powerful jerks.
          Lack of healthy sexual outlets and sexual frustration in general is probably the No. 1 cause of male anti-social and dysfunctional behavior, along with economic frustration of young males in particular (which leads to sexual frustration again).
          Again, observe gorillas, baboons, herd animals, etc. The ultra violent, powerful Alpha Male gets all the p**sy, the Beta males are frustrated, and the females willingly go along with system. Human females are the same as these animals. It is disgusting, but it is “natural”. Fuck nature!

    2. You have a very good point most men are basically porn obsessed war mongering little meddling dipshits!

      1. well its true what mott 69 said i do like men to fight over me and my x was always doing it ! [lol]has a result it was a complete turn on and i did get off on his macho stance and alpha male antics.
        on the other hand i know woman who hate angry possesive males i think its my upbringing my dad was a brawler and always in scraps.

  23. PS: It’s funny how Western website tries to demonize isolated incident with Ukrainian kids WHILE YOUR SOCIETY GLORIFIES VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN EVERY DAY, IN MOVIES AND RAISES SERIAL KILLERS ON A PEDESTAL. I say, since you people glorify those like Ted Bundy and publish teary books about him–I’ll glorify these guys in return. Much CANADO-AMERICAN HYPOCRISY?

    1. Gee, I guess you are a Russian female. Canado-American (???) culture actually doesn’t glorify this kind of sick shit. (The Canadians would take terrible offense at being lumped with Americans!)
      Are you referring to movies? Yeah, Hollywood glorifies sick violence. But that’s not the same as culture in general. You obviously have never visted the U.S. or Canada.
      Many cultures glorify violence- and violence against women. Mexico and other Latin American countries are prime offenders. Muslims, Arabs, Asians, Africans- all are way more chauvanistic than Westerners.
      I’ve read a lot of Russian history, and it makes me want to throw up. Russians are sick people. If you’re not a Ruskie- good for you!

  24. Videos like this are a prime example of why we in North America should use our power and influence to prevent and stop genocide and murder of this calibre in other less civilized and democratized countries. Essentially, we should attempt to police other nations with our military power into conformity to reflect our civil law abiding society.
    This being said, we could also keep in mind that these third world uncivilized societies may never be helped and we would be wasting our precious military recourses attempting to civilize them. Instead what could be done is to use our military power to protect our own borders from these hooligans and ensure that our immigrations policies reflect an aspect of protection as well.

    1. “Videos like this are a prime example of why we in North America should use our power and influence to prevent and stop genocide and murder of this calibre in other less civilized and democratized countries.”
      Well, your post almost seems trollish, but I’ll still respond.
      This guy was killed as part of a serial murder spree. This is no more genocide than a gang shooting. I don’t believe there was any sectarian motive behind this killing.

  25. I have seen a lot of horrors online but this is beyond evil i just wish i hadnt watched it. the curiosity in me just had to although my friend warned me.
    know i keep thinking of that gurgling on his own blood sound the victim made and the fiend stabbing the screw driver into his stomach.poor man so sorry for him and the other victims know hes at peace carnt hurt him no more. but they wont get what they dserve those sadists.
    yes psychopaths usually start of by killing animals and graduate to people.
    i would tell any one with compassion or a caring heart not to look at this.

    1. I feel same wish i hadnt watched it has its replaying in my mind like a horror movie ,dont know what compelled me to look at it.
      i also seen these same russians beating up tramps in they batter a woman with wood planks but she survived. this is far worst than that.

  26. they should chop their penis of their head and nail it on their noses, fucking bastards killing those helpless people, fuck those bitches, let them die in jail

    1. No, worse, but that’s a start. Die in jail, die the same death as their victims, slowly, from what they did to man and little animals. I am so enraged by what they did. It’s all over the world, sadly, we don’t know about further cases yet that will show up on these forums.

  27. yes these freaks batter home less peole in woods in a video on they kill the males and badly injure the woman.

  28. This is got to be the most disrespectful thing I ever saw, Them kids need to be hung out rot, that there makes me mad, How could anyone even do this crap. I couldn’t even watch in all the way thew.

  29. i worry about all the decent people who sit around thinking this is “reality” while wearing black eyeliner and self harming. This is not “Reality”. Go listen to some Trance music and pray in whatever way you can for everybodys mercy. These Muppets don’t deserve the time they’re being given. RIP Sergei Yatzenko and all those whos videos that were not leaked…………

  30. I haven’t looked at their sentencing, but I hope they get the Ukrainian justice in the worst of the jails there, young guys like that, you can only imagine. I have to see if they will be put to death, they don’t get a lot of appeals like they do here. I saw the video, and heard the victim’s background as a gentle man recovering from throat cancer. Boy, a lot of people don’t believe in Satan or evil, I bet this could convince them! God Bless this Man in his Suffering and Grant him Peace Eternally! There is a special place in Hell for you boys, I guarantee it!

  31. i didn’t even have to watch the video. I just read the translation part of the video and started to cry.

  32. “…A recent photo from jail shows all three men, and one looks out and out like a ghoul. What a scary guy…”
    I assume you’re referring to Igor Suprunyuck, he sure does look like a demon doesn’t he?

  33. What are you for nasty filthy bastards! (The murderers and yours)
    It was said, the man who got killed in this VID, was recovering from cancer.
    He, and the other victims. Yours don’t deserve it.Rest in Peace. If the victims were child molesters or jihadis it had been OK. But seriously I doubt it.
    I hope the ukrainian supreme court considers to dump those
    three killers into organic waste. In its war right, please dispose the. Otherwise sell them for charity to kill they in the same way, but public! Or that they croak on the baddest epidemic.
    They aren’t like Bonnie and Clyde, suckers!

  34. Though I have seen a few shock vids none affected me this much. To see the man writhing in pain due to continuous torture meted by those two psychopaths is simply unbearable. Poor man was a cancer survivor it seems. My question is why in the blue hell Ukraine authorities are keeping these maniacs alive. If this gruesome act doesn’t warrant death sentence what will. I do believe these beasts deserve more than easy death for what they unleashed.

  35. Goddamn my wife will not be the same I should not of watch that video what the Hells wrong with those people I hope there’s a hell that they go to dance not good enough for them they need to be tortured slowly to their going to get theirs someone’s going to do the same thing to them that’s a guaranteed fact don’t watch it’s my advice

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