"You Can't Have All of Him," by Alpha Unit

Yet another fantastic post by guest poster Alpha Unit. Alpha Unit is a woman.
Yet again in America we are subject to the “confessions” of an adulterous husband, this time the governor of South Carolina. Not long ago it was a Senator from Nevada. And who was it before that? The governor of New York?
It isn’t important.
If anything is assured, it is that some prominent man is going to be exposed as an adulterer or philanderer–something other than the loyal and loving husband he held himself out to be.
Why can’t a man be true, for heaven’s sake? Where does it begin–with the eyes? If he really loved his wife, his eyes would be for her alone. He wouldn’t pay the slightest attention to that woman over there, no matter how much she jiggles ever so slightly as she walks. Once he has seen his wife’s bosom, he is stricken blind to the charms of anyone else’s.
Because love does that to a man.
If he even notices another woman’s cleavage, no matter how much it is sitting up and begging for attention, it means his devotion to his wife is suspect.
Everybody knows this.
His gaze would never, ever again be cast upon images of lovely women, particularly lovely women in varying states of undress.
Because love does that to a man.
Once he’s all yours, he couldn’t care less what any other woman looks like without her clothes on. Your exquisite gorgeousness is all that could ever satisfy him now.
And if he is ever caught looking at such images, a display of horror and outrage on your part should be sufficient to ensure that it never happens again. Female horror and outrage have always kept men in line. (As a last resort, female tears have proven to be effective.)
And a devoted husband never has the slightest inclination, ever, to have sex with another woman. That’s because no other woman can compare to you. He married you, didn’t he? He wouldn’t have done that if he were still capable of finding other women desirable. Once he set eyes, and hands, on you, you rendered him incapable of acting upon the same impulse he acted upon when he saw you.
Because that’s what love does to a man.
On the other hand, there is occasionally the woman who recognizes her husband’s devotion in his truthfulness, his insistence on keeping his word, his exercise of discipline in his actions, his unwillingness to do anything that he knows will cause her harm. I’ve heard that such a woman can actually be quite happy, and could care less if her husband’s eyes linger a little bit over the physique of some other woman.
Perhaps she figures that if she has his loyalty, she’s gotten one of the best things he could ever have given her.
The body can be devout. But the eyes? Unlikely. And the imagination? Never.

Middle Aged White Woman On Why She Only Dates Black Men

Great article. Frankly, these Black guys can have these bitches. We don’t want em! Take them and keep them, please. Better yet, move them out of our neighborhoods so we don’t have to deal with them anymore.
The article sums up exactly what I have been saying on this blog. In a multicultural America, White women will increasingly turn down White men. And Asian women will increasingly turn down Asian men.
Why? In Asia, Asian men are plenty masculine. But in the multicultural US, compared to White guys, they are going to come up short. Asian women in the US complain that Asian guys look like women, seem unmasculine and don’t treat them right. That’s only because these Asian women are comparing them to White guys.
Over in Asia, these guys would seem just fine. And in Asia, as far as not treating them well, the women don’t have much choice, do they? An Asian man or none.
In an all-White society, White males are plenty masculine. I grew up with masculine White guys in a mostly-White society. But in a multicultural US, White women are going to compare us to Black guys, and as the White woman in the article does, we are going to come up short, seem wimpy, lame, depressed, awkward and unmasculine. No way can we White guys compete with Black guys in the masculinity department. Forget it, don’t even try.
This will particularly be the case if we are talking about middle-aged White guys. We middle-aged White guys definitely wimp out hard. I see them all the time. We look depressed, defeated, out of shape, and miserable. Our self-esteem is shot. Young White men do all right, but I don’t know what happens to us White guys as we age. We just seem to lose it hard.
Correspondingly or perhaps in reaction, White women get more masculine, and are often seen carping at their cowering middle aged White partners.
White nationalists scream and yell about miscegenation, but then they turn around and say it barely exists. Doesn’t make much sense. 40% of Americans have dated outside their race.
I run a Yahoo group that is full of middle-aged White women. The % of these women dating Black men is incredibly large. Many seem to mostly or exclusively date Black men. These same women seem to be furious at White men. At the same time, they seem to think we are a bunch of wimps.
These women often love to partake in “ball-busting” where they attack proud, masculine White men and try to emasculate them as best they can. I’ve seen this sorry spectacle quite a few times. They seem to hate masculine and defiant (Who won’t take any crap from women) White men most of all. They’re nearly homicidal towards these guys.
They claim they love soft, almost wimpy guys (though they don’t describe them that way – they call them sensitive) but as soon as they get a hold of one, they make mincemeat out of his balls.
Why are these women dating Blacks? I’m not sure, but let’s look at the article:

A white woman past forty is often passed over by her white-male contemporaries. She goes younger or ethnic or foreign-born or down the socioeconomic scale or darker or she spends lonely nights at home with her cats. Black men are happy to get the babe they couldn’t have when she was twentysomething and fertile.

So this provides a clue as to why these women in my group are dating Black. They say that White guys don’t want them.
However, some of them could clearly get a White guy – they just don’t want one. Some were extremely attractive for their ages – 50-62.
I think they are going Black because they think we middle aged White guys are a bunch of wussies. I also think they are furious at White men. One of the ways that liberal White women, especially older ones, retaliate against all the White men who wronged them in life is to date Black. It’s the ultimate f-you to the White man. “I’m dating a nigger*! What are you going to do about it, pussy!?”
I recall 25 years ago when I was embroiled in a passionate affair with an older White woman. We were screwing so much we barely had time to eat, drink or go to the bathroom. Nevertheless, she still thought I was a wuss. You can’t fuck your way to manhood. How do I know she felt this way? She more or less out and out told me. It’s true, I have the mild-mannered professor demeanor of a Noam Chomsky – I don’t seem macho at all.
One time it was Saturday morning and we were recovering as usual from our nightly Sexual Olympics. She announced she was leaving for the weekend. We had an open relationship, I was a broke student, she had lots of money and paid for everything, so I didn’t care. But she was trying to get my goat. Worse than that. She was trying to get beat up. No, she was trying to get murdered.
I yawned. “Yeah? Ok, no problem.”
She jumped up and was dancing around in front of me like a boxer in the ring.
“I have a date!”
I raised my eyebrows a bit. You can’t faze me. I was getting tons of sex anyway, what did I care? I shrugged.
She was trying to piss me off and it wasn’t working. “It’s with a Black guy!” She was practically shouting and had a look on her face like she was defying me to punch her. “And I’m going to be gone all weekend!” Her voice was getting shriller and shriller.
I still didn’t care, but I don’t know why. Actually, I should have said, “Take lots of pics and show them to me,” but I didn’t. In olden days, a woman saying such a thing would get hit, or possibly even murdered. It’s one thing to make your man a cuckold, but it’s quite another to delightfully do it in front of his face, cackling diabolically the whole time. Overcivilized, we’ve quit justifiably murdering our women for this crap, and now look at ’em, dammit.
Think about that while you read that article.
As far as me, I’ve had enough bitches for fifty lifetimes. Who needs this? Life’s tough enough without some dominatrix trying to kick me in the balls.
White women over 40 are losing their looks, so they need to be nice to have at least one redeeming feature. Guess not. In that case, I’m looking hard at Latinas and Asian women.
*Used sardonically.
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Groups Fight To Preserve Palouse Earthworm

It’s three feet long, it’s white, it smells like lilies, it spits when you pick it up, and it’s almost extinct.
What is it?
It’s the Giant Palouse Earthworm!
Five groups, the Center for Biological Diversity, the
Friends of the Clearwater, the Palouse Audubon Society, the Palouse Prairie Foundation and the Palouse Group of the Sierra Club, all filed a petition with the US U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to list the Giant Palouse Earthworm (Driloleirus americanus) as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act. Here is an old listing petition for the Giant Palouse Earthworm. The new one is probably similar.
It’s only been seen on six occasions in the past 110 years. In 1897, it was described a “very abundant.” Multiple searches for it in the past two decades have come up blank, but it was recent found by a graduate student in 2005, so it’s apparently still around, though it is probably not abundant as it was in 1897. Considering all of the searches that have come up blank, it’s probably very rare instead.
99.99% of the Palouse Prairie, a region 2 million acres of rolling wheat fields in northeastern Washington State far northern Idaho has has been converted to (98%) or disturbed by agriculture. Many animals dependent on the prairie have experienced dramatic declines, and many plants are thought to have disappeared completely.
The sharp-tailed grouse (Tympanchus phasianellus), white-tailed jack rabbit (Lepus townsendii), ferrunginous hawk (Buteo regalis), and spotted frog (Rana pretiosa) populations are seriously threatened. Two butterflies are rare – Johnson’s hairstreak (Callophrys johnsoni) is a species of concern and Shepard’s Parnassian (Parnassius clodius shepardii) is listed as a candidate species for State of Washington Species of Concern. Of these, I will say that the Colombia spotted frog definitely needs to be listed as an endangered species.
Four plants, transparent milkvetch (Astragalus diaphanous), long-tubed evening primrose (Oenothera flava), liverwort monkey-flower (Mimulus jungermannioides) and kidney-leaved violet (Viola renifolia), have disappeared entirely.
Other plants are considered rare, threatened or endangered, including Jessica’s aster (Aster jessicae), yellow lady’s-slipper (Cypripedium parviflorum), Wanapum locoweed (Oxytropis campestris var. wanapum), broadfruit mariposa (Calochortus nitidus), Palouse thistle (Cirsium brevifolium), Palouse goldenweed (Haplopappus liatriformis) and Thompson’s clover (Trifolium thompsonii).
Palouse goldenweed and Jessica’s aster probably need to be listed as threatened species by the USFWS.
It’s said to be three feet long, but that’s actually as big as it can grow to. Any individual worm you find may be quite a bit shorter.
An earlier petition was turned down in 2006 by Bush’s USFWS on the grounds that there was not enough information about the worm to warrant listing. In other words, the thing is so rare that there’s no way to tell if it’s endangered or not because hardly anyone ever finds one. In other words, if you can’t even count them, who knows how many there are? This is one of the binds that extremely rare or hard to find species fall into, and honestly, it’s just a trap used by FWS to deny listings.
FWS, in denying the listing, suggested that just because 98% of the land had been converted to ag did not mean that the worm was going extinct. The implication was that the worm could be living quite well in ag lands, but I’m not sure if that is true. It’s quite clear to me that this worm was very abundant in 1897 and now it’s hardly ever found. That means it’s endangered.
It does smell like lilies, and it is white. There are quite a few native earthworms in the US, but most of the worms that are used in bait are not native to the US.
We used to dig for worms as kids at Talbert Lake in Huntington Beach back in the 1970’s, and there was a native worm that lived there that was white-colored. That worm was really killer on the local fish; it worked better than the worms you bought, probably because it was native to the area and the fish were used to eating them.
The ground around that lake was pure peat former lakeshore and it was very easy to dig for worms, plus worms were very abundant in that extremely rich peat. I assume if you farmed that peat, you could grow some great crops; that soil was rich as Hell. In addition, that soil had a very strong and funky smell to it. Not so much that it smelled bad, more that it smelled like pure fertilizer.
This link is a great backgrounder on the worm.

No Need For Dead Michael Jackson Jokes

As in the previous post.
The truth is sad or funny enough, depending on your tastes. The worst dead Michael Jackson joke of all is how the poor guy died.
According to reports, when Jacko died, he was emaciated (he weighed only 112 pounds), he was bald, he had needle track marks all over his body, was covered with surgery scars and had a stomach full of pills.

Dead Michael Jackson Jokes

In honor of Micheal Jackson’s tragic passing, I am making a post full of very rude and offensive Micheal Jackson jokes. Enjoy.
Why can’t Michael Jackson play chess? Because he doesn’t know if he is black or white.
Michael Jackson’s last request before his death was for his body to be melted down and made into plastic bags so he will still be a hazard to children.
Apparently Michael Jackson died of food poisoning; they found ten year old nuts in his mouth.
Ebay just had its first million dollar bid – Gary Glitter has put in a bid for Michael Jackson’s computer & address book.
I just heard that a private autopsy showed Michael Jackson died from food poisoning. Apparently he had an 8 year weiner earlier in the day.
When Farrah died they dimmed the lights on Broadway. When Michael Jackson died they dimmed the lights at “Toys R Us”.
Give Michael Jackson a break, we all feel the need to dangle our children over a balcony every now and then…don’t we?
Did you hear the thunder after Michael Jackson died? That was Elvis Presley kicking his ass for marrying Elvis’ daughter!
You can criticize Micheal Jackson for a lot of things, but he always made sure his chauffeur drove slowly past schools.
McDonald’s has put out a new burger in Jacko’s honor it features 50 year old meat between 4 year old buns its called the McJackson.
Jackson Five tickets are on sale, 20% off.
Attention. Reports of Michael Jackson having a heart attack are false. He was found in the children’s ward having a stroke.
Michael Jackson. Neverland ranch $20,000,000. Personal doctor $2000 a day. Studio recordings $50,000. Sleeping in bed with little boys (priceless).
Elton John will be singing, “Don’t let your son go down on me” at Michael Jackson’s funeral.
Jackson’s body to be on public view starting Friday. Priority is being given to victims so they can sit on his lap one last time.
Michael Jackson knocks on the door to heaven. God comes to the door and says, “You’re bad, beat it!”
Whats the sad part about Michael Jackson’s death? We lost the biggest joke of the last fifteen years.
Farrah dies and goes to Heaven. She meets God at the pearly gates and God says, “Farrah, you have been a gracious person in your lifetime. I will allow you passage into Heaven and will also grant you one wish.” Farrah replies, “Thank you, Lord. I can only wish that all of the children in the world will be safe forever.” God answers, “It shall be done.” 2 hours later, Michael Jackson dies.
When Michael Jackson died he wanted his ashes spread is a kid’s sand box so the children could still play with him.
The Jockey Club ordered that all jockeys wear a black arm band, at next Saturday’s race meetings out of respect for the death of Michael Jackson. This is because he has ridden the most 3 year olds in the business.
Apparently, Michael Jackson suffered a heart attack after discovering that Boyz II Men was a pop group and not a delivery service.
What time is it at Michael Jackson’s house when the little hand meet the big hand? Bed time.
Q.How do you know Michael Jackson is really dead? A.Your 12 year old comes into your room at night and tells you he has been touched by an angel.
In honor of Michael Jackson, JC Penny is having a sale. Kids pants half off!
Shame Michael Jackson died. He was only 2 molestations away from becoming the Pope.
The good news is that Michael Jackson is dead the bad news is that he will take more than 50 years to biodegrade.
Michael Jackson woke up in hospital and said to the doctor “Am I in heaven?”. The doctor said, “No, I’m just wheeling you through the children’s ward!”
Michael Jackson dead? Poor guy hasn’t been that stiff since Macaulay Culkin came to the Neverland Ranch.
What was Michael Jackson’s last hit? The floor!
This is a true story! The paramedics said Michael Jackson’s last words were, “Can you take me to Children’s Hospital?”
Did you hear Michael Jackson’s upcoming dates were canceled? Henry (age 9) and Paul (age 7).
Q: Why does Michael Jackson like twenty eight year olds? A: Because there are twenty of them.
Whats the difference between Jacko and Gary Glitter? Nothing.
I hear the Jackson 4 are auditioning.
So the paramedics arrived at Michael Jackson’s house and they asked what was wrong. Michael said, “Just beat it”. The paramedics thought he was referring to his penis, so they did! Little did they know Michael was referring to his heart! Tragically, he died soon after.
McDonald’s just released the new “McJackson” Commemorative Happy Meal. Several children have already choked on the plastic toy.
Micheal Jackson was teaching his son to jack off. His son says, “Wow! This is really fun, dad!” Micheal Jackson says, “Yeah, and when you’re 13, you can even use your own cock!”
Michael Jackson finally got an arrest he couldn’t buy his way out of, a cardiac arrest!
how many Michael Jacksons does it take to screw in a light bulb? None, he only screws in little kids!
Over his lifetime Michael Jackson visited many countries and touched many people; it’s just a shame that 80% of them were under 7 years old.
Whats black and white and dead all over? Michael Jackson.
President Obama has just ordered all little boys to fly their pants at half-mast in honor of .
Michael Jackson had just a few weeks back checked himself into the Betty Ford clinic. He was trying to kick a 7 year old habit.
What is the difference between Ed McMahon and Michael Jackson? Ed made a living shouting “Heeeere’s Johnny!”, while Michael was shouting “Where’s Johnny?”
*NEWSFLASH FROM HEAVEN* Casper the Friendly Ghost has been molested!
They don’t know what to do with Micheal Jackson’s body – cremate him, bury him or recycle him.
Q: What is the difference between a farewell concert and a 12 yr old boy? A: Michael Jackson never managed to pull off a farewell concert.
The Newspaper Headlines should have read “Wacko Jacko Dead From Heart Attacko.”
Whats the one downside to Jacksons Death? There is no place for Casper to hide now.
I just bought a new car stereo. When you shout out “Soul”, it plays soul music. When you shout out “Rock”, it plays rock music. Some kids ran in front of my car, and I shouted “Fucking kids!”, and it played Michael Jackson.
What’s the difference between Michael Jackson and Casper the friendly ghost? One is white and scares children, the other one is a ghost.
How did Michael Jackson pick his nose? From a catalog.
Michael Jackson’s girlfriend is said to be devastated. First her parents leave her in Portugal and now this.
What would you call Michael Jackson if he had molested 20 or 30 more young boys? Monsignor.
Q. What is black and has 8 legs? A. The Jackson 4.
How could they tell Michael Jackson was dead? They waved a cub scout under his nose and couldn’t revive him.
At the autopsy they found children’s underwear strapped to Michael Jackson’s upper arm. According to his doctors it is just a patch, he’s been trying to quit.
Don’t worry, Michael Jackson will be back! His plastic surgeon has enough parts left over to make another one.
Michael Jackson’s official autopsy determined that he didn’t die from a heart attack, he choked on a small bone.
1. What’s the difference between Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett? 3 hours.
An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scottish man walk into a bar. The English man turns to the Scot and says, “Do you think the person reading this will really think this jokes not going to be about Michael Jackson?”
The unemployment rate just jumped. Amber Alert felt it was safe to lay off half its operators after Micheal Jackson was pronounced dead.
They have to wait to have his funeral cause you can’t bury that much plastic in one spot with out qualifying as a land fill.
50,000 Catholic priests are now happy; they no longer have to share the altar boys with Micheal Jackson.
What is the difference between the measles vaccine and Michael Jackson’s penis? One gets injected in little kids and makes them cry, and the other is a vaccine.
Two years after Michael Jackson’s death, a mysterious autobiography about the star will be released entitled, “If I Beat It”.
Did Michael Jackson ever pay child support for his kids? Or is he just a dead beat it dad?
Police wanted to talk with the doctor at Michael Jackson’s bedside but by the time the Police showed up, the doctor’s mother had come to pick him up and take him home.
Q: What did a woman say to Michael Jackson at the beach? A: Could you move please? You’re in my son!
Welcome to Neverland Ranch. You must be at least 4’11 to ride Michael.
sources close to the family say Michael Jackson died with his pants around his ankles watching Sesame Street.
Well it’s not all bad news; Gary Glitter said he’ll look after the kids.
everyone is really upset that Michael Jackson died but the good news is that they found Madeline McCann in his closet.
At least Michael Jackson didn’t die alone; paramedics found him sharing a sack of nuts with an 8 year old.
The FBI raided the never Neverland Ranch last night they discovered Class A drugs in one room, Class B drugs in another room and the 3rd grade class in the last room.
What’s 50 + 8 + 5? Micheal Jackson’s perfect threesome.
Like Michael Jackson always said, “Live fast, die young, leave a vaguely Vietnamese looking woman’s corpse.”
There are unconfirmed reports of people hearing Thriller playing backwards from the morgue – Apparently he’s de-composing.
Michael Jackson died? Oh suuure. Rich white lady dies of a heart attack and the media is all over it. What if this was a black man?
RIP Micheal Jackson, you touched so many (allegedly).
Michael Jackson was going to donate his body parts to science, but the owners called and wanted them back.
When Micheal Jackson was being taken out of his mansion, camera men caught a couple of children sitting on ice blocks. I guess Micheal Jackson likes to have a couple of cold ones at the end of the day.
Michael Jackson was flying back to Neverland with a group of Asian boys in a small jet when the pilot put the plane on autopilot and called Michael aside; “Pssst. We’re going down! We’ve got to jump and there are only 2 parachutes.” he feverishly whispered. “But what about the children?” Michael whimpered. “FUCK the children.” hissed the terrified pilot. “Is there time?” Michael pondered.
*Knock knock*
Who’s there?
Little Boy Blue.
Little Boy Blue who?
Michael Jackson!
So it turns out that Michael Jackson was actually in a hospital donating blood when he had his heart attack. It turns out that he got a little too excited when he heard the nurse say, “Ok, you’re just going to feel a little prick”.
Just before he died Michael Jackson was trying to quit the Cub Scouts. He was down to one pack a day.
Michael Jackson had so much plastic surgery they decided to recycle him. Now, when you check out at the grocery store they ask, “Paper or predator?”
Q: What’s the difference between Michael Jackson and a grocery bag? A: One is white, made out of plastic, and dangerous for kids to play with and the other you carry your groceries in.
Latest song by Micheal Jackson (based on Bad):
Because I’m dead, I’m dead-come on
(dead dead-really, really dead)
You know I’m dead, I’m dead-you know it
(dead dead-really, really dead)
You know I’m dead, I’m dead-come on, you know
(dead dead-really, really dead)
And the whole world has to answer right now
Just to tell you once again,
Who’s dead …
Q. What’s the difference between Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson? A. One had a disease that attacks the anus, the other was a Charlie’s Angel.
A number of the jokes are racist and in poor taste and I won’t print them. This one was racist, but it’s still funny: How did Micheal Jackson die? His heart found out it was Black, so it quit working.


Repost from the old site. This article is 4 years old, but humanzees are back in the news these days, so I figured it’s time for a reprint.
Medical ethicist Jeremy Rifkin notes that scientists are pushing ethical frontiers again, in shades of the cloning debate. In this case, some crazy scientist injected human brain cells into mice fetuses. When the mice were born, the Supermice had a certain percentage of human brain cells. Weird, huh?
In the next phase of the mad scientist experiment, this same scientific k00k is going to try to create a mouse with 100% human brain cells!
The mad scientist, a guy named Irving Eichmann, I mean Irving Weissman, works at Stanford University, the top-notch US private school south of San Francisco in California. Disturbing questions arise. What if some of these Mousepeople take a clue from science fiction movies and escape the lab?
No worries, says mad scientist Weissman, if the Mousepeople show any signs of “humanness”, whatever that means, he will just kill them! Well, hey, that’s comforting! Not.
Weissman and other mad scientists involved in this sci-fi nonsense call their “field” Chimeric Experimentation (CE), after the part lion, part goat and part snake critter from Greek mythology. The CE folks are looking to combine all sorts of creatures in the lab for God knows what nutso reasons.
“Futurist” Pollyanna idiots are arguing that these freaks of nature will usher in a new “Golden Age of Medicine”. That’s because Mad Science wants to use these freaks in lab experiments, instead of the usual, normal-type animals.
Since these really wild humanimals will actually be part human, the results will be invaluable for us superior human critters. Hmm, wasn’t a fellow named Mengele working towards this same “noble” proposition?
The latest craze from the wild-eyed lab coat loonies in CE is called a “humanzee“. Yes, I am serious, you can stop laughing now. And no, there have not been any humanzees created yet, since George Bush does not count.
Bush just looks and acts like a chimp, he isn’t actually part-chimpanzee. Supposedly. Apparently. So they say. So they claim. Well, actually, it’s controversial. This humanzee thingie would be so human that it would throw our whole conception of our species into disarray.
Kinda like Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp, but way worse. Why do they want to make Chimpman? To play checkers, wear tophats, wear wire-rims, wear pince-nez, hold court, join Al Qaeda, walk a beat, wear fancy earrings, make bombs, or invent stuff?
Nope! So the mad scientists can experiment on them! You bastards! Shades of Mengele. Shiver. These SuperFreak Apemen would be so close to humans that any experimentation on them would involve serious ethical issues. Enough already!

Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Frank Ricci and New Haven Firefighters

Via Guy White, reports are coming in (several hours ago) that the Supreme Court just ruled in favor of firefighter Frank Ricci in the New Haven firefighters case. Details in my previous post.
GW is arguing that this is one reason that all Whites need to vote Republican, but I don’t think anything would make me vote Republican, not even the craziest PC nuts on the Left. Some things are just non-negotiable, and for me, I never vote Republican. The vote was 4-4, with Justice Kennedy casting the deciding vote.
Kennedy is not so conservative as everyone says he is. He was appointed as a hard rightist, but he has drifted left with the years. He is actually a pretty reasonable justice, and I have a lot of respect for him. He ruled properly in this case.
In recent years, Kennedy has been spending a lot of time in Europe, where he has been studying trends in European law. Kennedy is hitching aboard a very liberal train of US legal thought that seeks advice for US legal decisions in decisions overseas. Of course, this drives the rightwingers stark raving bats as it conjures up images of loss of sovereignty and One World Government and all that. But as a Leftist, of course I support international bodies, provided they are progressive of course.
GW goes on to describe Obama’s presidency as a nightmare and hopes it will end by 2012. Not so fast there, buddy. Truth is that this last election was a sea change.
The Right is on its way out. The Republicans are going to lose hard again in 2012. The only way they can avoid it is by moving significantly to the Left, and they are too stubborn and ideological these days to do that. All of the liberal Republicans and other sane people have been leaving the party in droves. There are only a few left up in the northeast.
This is now the party that cheers on murderers of abortionists, peddles insane conspiracy theories, feeds the lunatic, racist and anti-Semitic Right, and generally is moving full-blast to the utterly deranged ultra-Right. Sure, that will get some abortionists gunned down and some Holocaust Museums shot up, but it won’t win an election.
These guys just don’t get it. At the very moment they need to move Left, they’re going so far Right, they’re heading off the cliff. The Democrats are a much more flexible party and have moved hard to the Right for almost 20 years now, but the Republicans are too ideological to do that, anyway, the trajectory is all in the wrong direction.
Anyway, this was a good decision. In a way, seeing affirmative action go down saddens me, because it will increase problems for US Blacks. The upshot will probably be Blacks falling further behind in many ways. That will just make them even more mad, and it won’t be good for social peace. But this case was outrageous, and it really made me angry.
I wish we liberals would quit pushing this affirmative action nonsense. We don’t have the public with us on this, and the Right is just using it as a club to pummel us over the head. Indeed, 65% of the American public sided with the tragic White firefighters in this case. It’s like gay marriage. In other words, loser.
The Republicans love to push loser issues, lately to their detriment. Let them continue that stupidity. But we can’t get away with it so easily. Let it rest. Drop the affirmative action crap. We don’t have the numbers, the public hates it, and it’s morally questionable anyway.

All Right, That Does It

It really is time to get rid of affirmative action, unless we can figure out some way to reform it.
According to this article, the New Haven firefighters case which has me hopping mad is basically a result of affirmative action. Sonia Sotomayer, up for Supreme Court appointment, ruled against the White firefighters in the case. This ruling may well be her downfall, and it would not bother me one bit. Just because the Right is bad news doesn’t mean we should support the PC nutballs on the Left, of which Sotomayer is clearly one.
The New Haven case, in a nutshell.
The New Haven, Connecticut Fire Department told firefighters that they were going to be tested for promotion to fire captain status. This is a highly desired position. The firefighters had the study materials for the test and many of the White firefighters studied very hard.
One Italian firefighter, a particularly tragic case, studied up to 13 hours a day for the test. He has dyslexia, so he had to have a reader read the material to him and test him on it.
After studying for a long time, the firefighters took the test. All of the firefighters who passed the test were White. None of the Black firefighters passed the test. The city of New Haven decided to throw out the test, since because none of the Blacks could pass the test, obviously the test was biased against Blacks. To make a cruel joke, I will say that the test was biased all right. It was biased against dumb people.
The White firefighters sued. It went to Sotomayer’s court and she upheld the city’s decision, apparently on some sort of affirmative action grounds. The case is now going to to the US Supreme Court, and the Supremes have agreed to hear the case.
I have talked to this case with ordinary liberal Whites, one of whom even supports amnesty for illegals. All of them support the White firefighters in this case. I have a Black friend who is outraged about this case too.
This is not the only such case. Blacks are 12% of the US population but only 8% of the firefighters.
In Philadelphia, Blacks are 50% of the city but only 1/3 of the firefighters. As a result, Philadelphia has been rigging the scores of its tests (race-norming) to favor Blacks. Five White firefighters sued recently and won an undisclosed award. Black firefighters in Houston sued the city because not enough Black firefighters were passing the test. Their attorney said that the test was deliberately rigged to favor White firefighters.
To be fair, there were serious problems with the New Haven test. City officials did not review the test beforehand, and there were questions were the correct answer was actually the wrong answer in terms of city procedures.
Firefighters sometimes study for years for these tests only to find that they passed, but the test gets thrown out because too many Whites passed the test and not enough Blacks did.
I’ve been wondering what the principle was in this case. According to law professor Michael Dorf at Cornell Law School in Ithaca, New York, the principle Sotomayer ruled on was one of racial preferences and affirmative action.
I’ve always supported affirmative action, mostly because it’s never harmed me. I’ve taught school in Black school districts, and they were overjoyed to have me there.
If this race-norming nonsense is the upshot of what affirmative action is really all about, then let’s just get of it. Blacks and Hispanics will get hurt, but oh well. Affirmative action is on its way out anyway. Many states have passed initiatives banning it for government use.
The probable reason why the Blacks are failing and the Whites are passing is discrepancies in IQ. Without implying that one race is genetically superior and the other inferior, the bottom line is that the currently available tests show that US Blacks at the moment are less intelligent than US Whites. Now that may change in the future, but that’s how things stand right now.
US Blacks are also vastly more intelligent than African Blacks, and they have the same genes. I’m not going to take a position on whether the difference is due to genes or environment, although it may well be both.
Blacks are never going to accept the results of those tests, and if I were Black, I would not either. It’s understandable. But if they really are failing through no fault of their own, then I argue that Whites are succeeding through no fault of their own either. As a statist, this implies to me that some Black failures are not their fault, and if so, Blacks need help to even the score, probably from the state. Black probably find that pitying mindset insulting, but it’s better than lying and rigging tests.

Against Ultra-nationalist Revanchism and Irredentism

In the comments section, Lafayette Sennacherib unfortunately displays some unorthodox revisionist opinions about the start of World War 2.

Why is it always taken for granted that invading Poland and the Sudetenland were monstrous deeds? Until Britain declared war, Germany had done no more than reclaim parts of its country that had been given, with their German populations to the rule of foreigners.

It’s not hard to see why leftists have a problem with Hitler, but why are they so outraged by the idea of self-determination for the Germanic peoples, especially when it opposed the oppressor British Empire?

Revanchism and irredentism are flat out bad news. All ultra-nationalists do this. All ultra-nationalists either wage, or threaten to wage, revanchist and irredentist wars to “reclaim the stolen land for Greater Whatever.”
It’s a solid principle on the Left to oppose this ultranationalist poison everywhere on Earth it starts stinking up the neighborhood. Borders are borders.
Yeah, the Germans lost land. So did Italy. Practically everyone lost land after WW1. Even French Alsace Lorraine kept going back and forth. So what. The Germans lost land after WW2 too. They have a right to fight and get it back?
All the borders on Earth are pretty much the markers of a crime, of invasion, conquered land, ethnic cleansing. We can’t open the genie box and let the ultranationalists start redrawing borders again and reconquering all the lost ancient homelands. That’s a war that will never end.

Support For Nazism Digs The White Nationalists' Grave

I have spoken to Americans who were alive during WW2. Knowing that most US Whites were racists back then, I expected that many of these racist Whites supported the Nazis. Whites who were alive in that era frowned and told me that I was dead wrong.
Overwhelmingly, White America was almost 100% anti-Nazi. This included even racist Whites. Most Whites were at least somewhat racist back in those days. Many were really racist. But nevertheless, they almost all of them hated the Nazi Darth Vaders. Even down South, those racist crackers almost punched each other out to get in line to kill the Nazi monster.
Many racist Southerners proudly served on the European Front, and many were wounded and died. Those who came back got heroes’ welcomes. Later on, those who lamented that they had fought on the wrong side were few and far between.
Why were the Nazis so hated? In part because they had declared war on and attacked almost all of White Europe. Many Americans had British ancestry and they were particularly infuriated, and even sickened, by the Nazi assault on the UK.
Others had French, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Greek, Yugoslav, Czech, Ukrainian, Belgian, Dutch or Danish ancestry. The Nazi criminals overran all of these great White countries for no reason, massacring any White man, woman or child who stood in their path.
Further, though Americans were anti-Semitic, they were sickened by the rumors of what the malign Nazis were doing to the Jews. We were not that nice to Jews, and there was discrimination, but we never mass murdered them for Chrissake. Most Americans simply thought that Nazis were sick freaks.
One more thing. Nazi beasts were totalitarian, and Americans loved democracy. In addition, Americans had heard of Nazi monsters murdering the physically and mentally disabled, and this sickened them to the core. We may have sterilized a few such folks, but we never mass-murdered them.
On top of everything else, the Nazi Orcs declared war on our proud nation only four days after Pearl Harbor. They declared war on us before we could declare war on them.
Most Americans did not see Nazis as “pro-White.” Why should they? They lived in an America that was already as pro-White as you can get.
If White nationalists have fucked up in one way more than any other all across the globe, it’s in their embrace of the Nazi enemy. Even their Holocaust Denial makes most Americans want to puke their guts up. Especially here in the US, none of that’s ever going to go down well. Neither will it go down in Yugoslavia, Denmark, Norway, the UK, Greece, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ukraine, Australia, Canada or New Zealand.

Great Post By Guy White

Is Pro-White Activism Harmed By Radicalism?
He starts off with a comment on his site by me.

I think you and the like are blazing an interesting path on the outskirts of a pro-White consciousness that avoids the extremes of White nationalism and the like. The POV that you and your ilk are propounding here could quite possibly go over in a big way with a huge % of US Whites. Whereas White nationalism is essentially an extremist, fanatical and racist dead-end.
I have the feeling that most US Whites are not racist, but they are still proud to be White, don’t want to see White culture die, and are distressed by hate crimes, discrimination and hate propaganda directed at them. Someone needs to speak for these people.

He then goes on to elaborate a line that is similar to mine in Who Will Speak For Them? In particular, he discusses his disdain for the rampant Nazism, pro-Nazism and anti-Semitism in the pro-White movement. He suggests that poison does not resonate with most US Whites, thank God. I agree with him.
Anti-racism in a pro-White movement ought to be a no-brainer. One of the things that pro-Whites are always complaining about is discrimination, hate crimes and hate propaganda against Whites. In other words, racism against Whites.
Well, if we oppose racism against us, we can’t very well support it against others, now can we? The reason we hate it is because racism feels bad. Anti-White racism feels bad to White people. It hurts us and makes us angry.
Well, guess what? Guess how anti-Black and anti-Hispanic racism feels to Blacks and Hispanics? Same way anti-White racism feels to us. It hurts them and makes them feel angry. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If anti-White racism is wrong (And we say it is.) than all, or most all, other forms of racism are too. You know, a 5th grader could easily figure that, but it seems to escape most pro-Whites.
Now, that doesn’t mean we have to buy into the PC insane version of anti-racism floating around. It isn’t so much anti-racism as it’s just anti-White hate propaganda. We can set up our own definitions of racism, and I think we should.
We can say, first of all, that race realism is not necessarily racist. Nor is wanting to have control over our borders, for Chrissake. Nor is wanting to toss out however many million illegal immigrants on their asses. Nor is setting up our immigration policy any damn way we see fit. Nor is choosing to or not to date, sleep with and marry any ethnicity we choose. If we have any right to ethnic selectivity, it is over the most private of our behaviors.
Along the same lines, we have a right to find attractive or nonattractive any ethnicities or phenotypes. We have a right to feel proud of our ethnicity and our culture. We have a right to fight back against the discrimination, hate crimes and hate propaganda that harms us.
We have a right to open up a debate about whether “diversity is our strength” is a truth or a lie. We have a right to demand a slowdown in immigration, at least until we can assimilate the gazillions of non-assimilating immigrants already here.
And we have an absolute right, like all sane countries do, to demand that the immigrants already here assimilate as quickly as possible. I will even say, outrageously, that we have a right to engage in White Flight and put our kids in private schools if need be. Sane people flee crappy neighborhoods and schools. It’s outrageous to call this straight-up sane behavior racism.
And we can stand up and shout loudly that none of this is racism. And we can be clear in our conscience when we say that.
What we ought to oppose is Whites treating most any group of non-Whites, or especially individual non-Whites, in a harmful or discriminatory fashion. There are plenty of great folks out there of all races, and as long as they behave as well as we expect our White friends to behave, we have no right whatsoever to hate them, or really even to treat them even 1% less well, due to their mere genetics.
I don’t know Guy White’s stance very well, but I like what I see so far.

Great Maps of Israeli Settlements and Israel/Lebanon Border

Going along with previous posts in which I link to many great maps of Afghan provinces and districts on this site, this post will link to some really great maps of Israel and Palestine. One is even a great map of South Lebanon. Good maps of Israel and Palestine are pretty hard to find online. Most of the good ones are hard copies and they want you to shell out cash to buy them.
To be honest, these are not really maps of Israel proper. The focus here is on maps of the settlements in the West Bank. There is one map of Jerusalem that shows the walls walling off many of the Palestinian communities there. The map of North Israel/South Lebanon does have some detail of North Israel.
But this is an anti-Zionist blog, so it’s appropriate that most of the maps are of the settlements. Truth be told, good maps of the settlements are not even that easy to find, and good maps of South Lebanon are scarce indeed.
Map of the Lebanon/Israel border with detail in locations in South Lebanon and North Israel.
Map of Jerusalem are with focus on walls walling off Palestinian communities from each other.
Very basic map of Israeli settlements in the West Bank.
Map of the Occupied Territories with focus on areas of Israeli control and areas of PA control. Shows the Apartheid Wall and how much Palestinian land has been lost by it.

Extremely detailed map of Israeli settlements in the West Bank from B’tselem
PDF file showing detail of every single settlement in the West Bank and the Golan. This superb map is the best one of all.

Who Will Speak For Them?

This is an email that has been making the rounds for sometime now. It starts out saying that this was Micheal Richards’ defense in court on charges that he engaged in a racist tirade during his comedy act. I’m not sure if that is true.
I originally got this from a Texan guy, now tragically deceased, who was not a White nationalist by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t even think he was all that racist. He was just a typical White man from Texas. This last time I got it from a friend of mine, a Southerner originally from Arkansas. She’s anything but a White nationalist, and she’s actually about 1/4 Cherokee like so many White Southerners. She’s not a racist at all in my book.
Surely White nationalists and other such types rejoice over an email like this, but it’s clearly speaking to quite a few angry Whites in America. It is a WN screed? Not really. What is it arguing for? Equal rights. And that the Identity Politics so embraced by non-Whites be granted to Whites. It also takes a few swings at often-hypocritical Black rage against Whites.
White ethnocentrism is kind of a hidden beast. Most Whites don’t really have the hatred or indifference towards themselves that PC brainrot demands. White ethnocentrism is just sort of this suppressed thing that can sometimes simmer up towards the surface.
There’s a reason we don’t have United White College Fund, White holidays and White Entertainment Television. All of these things would be immediately swarmed on and overrun by the White nationalists and neo-Nazis. David Duke would be the lead emcee on WET. Don Black would ecstatically head up UWCF. White holidays would be full of marches with skinhead assholes, and shitheads with runes, Celtic crosses and worse.
Sooner or later, WET would be taken off the air. UWCF would probably be put under federal investigation, and most sane cities would ban White holidays outright as a threat to the peace.
And yet.
And yet.
There is still this vast reservoir of White ethnocentrism and anger out there, simmering right below the surface. These Whites are mostly not racist at all (not in my book anyway), anymore than anyone else who wants equal rights. 73% of US Whites say they are proud to be White, and that White civilization is worth saving. The overwhelming majority of these folks recoil in horror at the White nationalists and worse.
Who will speak for them? Who will speak for the normal, non-racist Whites angry enough to pass this email along? The White nationalists are crazies, dripping with furious hatred and racism, so they can never speak to normal White people.
Who will then?
Who will speak for them?

There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, etc.
And then there are just Americans. You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You call me ‘White boy,’ ‘Cracker,’ ‘Honky,’ ‘Whitey,’ ‘Caveman’… and that’s OK..
But when I call you, Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink .. You call me a racist.
You say that Whites commit a lot of violence against you… so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live?
You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day.
You have Black History Month. You have Cesar Chavez Day.
You have Yom Hashoah. You have Ma’uled Al-Nabi.
You have the NAACP. You have BET…If we had WET (White Entertainment Television), we’d be racists. If we had a White Pride Day, you would call us racists.
If we had White History Month, we’d be racists.
If we had any organization for only Whites to ‘advance’ OUR lives, we’d be racists.
We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a Black Chamber of Commerce, and then we just have the plain Chamber of Commerce. Wonder who pays for that??
A White woman could not be in the Miss Black American pageant, but any color can be in the Miss America pageant.
If we had a college fund that only gave White students scholarships…You know we’d be racists.
There are over 60 openly proclaimed Black Colleges in the US …Yet if there were ‘White colleges’, that would be a racist college.
In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your race and rights. If we marched for our race and rights, you would call us racists.
You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange, and you’re not afraid to announce it. But when we announce our White pride, you call us racists.
You rob us, carjack us, and shoot at us. But, when a white police officer shoots a black gang member or beats up a black drug dealer running from the law and posing a threat to society, you call him a racist.
I am proud… But you call me a racist.
Why is it that only Whites can be racists??
That’s why we have LOST most of OUR RIGHTS in this country. We won’t stand up for ourselves!
It’s not a crime YET…but getting very close!

Leftist Honduran President Ousted in a Military Coup

Three hours ago, at around 8 AM PST, the Leftist President of Honduras, Mel Zelaya, was ousted in a military coup, and the ambassadors of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua were apparently kidnapped.They’ll be lucky if they end up alive. Venezuela is threatening military action, but nothing will come of that. The Venezuelan ambassador was reportedly beaten and left by a roadside.
Cell phones are not working all through Honduras, and the government has taken over all TV and radio stations. Power has been cut to independent media stations. Sort of like in Iran, you know! Obviously not one word of this from the scum US media. But we can wall to wall headlines about the same shit in Iran. Why? Honduras is not a threat to Israel.
Officers involved in the coup, of course, were trained at the School Of Coups and Death Squads, the US military’s School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia.
I never even knew that Honduras had elected a Leftist, news to me. That’s always been one of the most backwards and wrecked countries in the whole region, but the inherent conservatism of the people has always prevented the proper armed revolutionary that the system necessitated.
There was a revolutionary band organized in 1983 by an expat US Irish Catholic priest, but it never got much done, and was quickly annihilated by the US and the Honduras government. Death squads roamed the place during the 1980’s and maybe 300-400 people were murdered. The US military set up a bunch of huge bases there, the place was overrun by actual and de facto CIA agents.
Honduras was just as much of a stinking sewer as ever, but at least it had the full guns of the US military to enforce the armed project of turning a fertile tropical land into a stinking imperialist-wrecked toilet of a country.
There were supposedly some leftwing bands running around later in the 1980’s and early 1990’s but no one knew if they were real or not. Some said they were just false flag fronts run by the Honduran military. The FMLN in El Salvador (I used to buy guns for them) used to run some guns through Honduras via Morazon Province, where one of their big strongholds was.
The military and the rich have always run the show here. It’s no surprise that the democratically elected Leftist President was tossed out in a military coup. That’s always been the way it works down there, and it’s why people like me reject the “democratic elections” way to power. It’s useless. You’re only going to get ousted by a coup.
The only way is armed revolution that defeats the army of the ruling class and transforms it into a people’s army. Even then you have to deal with the inevitable contras. It’s a conundrum all right, but maybe Sendero Luminoso is only something. Maybe parliamentary cretinism is just that.
Of course, the scum US media, including my vile “Leftist” radio station, never told me anything about this. All they told me that was that the evil “Leftist” President was trying to set up a “rogue referendum”. Turns out that is some referendum to amend the constitution to allow him to run again.
Zelaya had proposed to turn the wicked US Santo Cano military base  in Honduras over to peaceful purposes, thereby evicting the US military. It was from this base that Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala was overthrown in 1954. It was from here that the Contra War and support for the Salvadoran and Guatemalan counterinsurgencies was run during the 1980’s and early 1990’s. That US military base is pretty much just a gigantic blots of Evil on the neotropical landscape.
While he is at it, Zelaya should have evicted the US Embassy. I’ve heard about that Embassy from people with good knowledge of the place. Just about every human in US Embassy in Tegucigalpa is working for the CIA or US military intelligence.
It’s hard to believe that the US government did not have something to do with this coup.
The rest of the government opposed the referendum, and I guess they feared the power of the people. The Supreme Court had apparently said that the referendum was illegal. The conflict is because, incredibly enough, the Constitution does not even allow parts of it to ever be changed by any means! This was the basis for the Supreme Court’s rejection of the referendum. But Zelaya’s referendum was going to be non-binding anyway, so what’s the deal?
Stupid me, I thought it was just Leftist tin pot dictators in banana republics again. I would say I won’t get fooled again! But I will, of course.

This is NOT a Photo of Thomas Pynchon

Thomas Pynchon is a notoriously reclusive American author. He has hardly been photographed in the past 50 years. He is presently 72 years old, if you can believe that. There are photos floating around, some claiming to be Thomas Pynchon, and others saying they are not Thomas Pynchon. It is important to sort out the real from the fake here.

This is a photo of Thomas Pynchon, a portrait of the artist as a young man, except he's not in Dublin, he's in Long Island. But no matter, as genius knows neither time nor place.
This is a photo of Thomas Pynchon, a portrait of the artist as a young man, except he's not in Dublin 1900, he's in Long Island 1955. But no matter, as genius knows neither time or space.

Below is not a picture of Thomas Pynchon.
This is NOT a picture of Thomas Pynchon. It is NOT the first photo of him taken in 40 years. It does NOT show him on a New York street with his son in 1998.
This is NOT a picture of Thomas Pynchon. It is NOT the first photo of him taken in 40 years. It does NOT show him on a New York street with his son in 1998, at age 61.

There is a story behind the fake photo, but we need to go the Internet Archive to find it, else it’s lost to history.
A South African journalist decided to track down Pig Bodine. He had heard that Tyrone Slothrop was living in New York, married to a literary agent named Victoria Wren, a descendant of Teddy Roosevelt. He had a young son named Gottfried.
The reporter went to work. It turned out that Benny Profane could be located via a popular online service that claims to find anyone.
The reporter soon located all of the Mucho Maases in the US and finally found one of them in the Manhattan.
It gave a Manhattan address for one Wicks Cherrycoke.
He decided that writers are creatures of habit and that Pirate Prentice would probably pick his son up at school after school let out. He tracked down the school of Pointsman’s son and it turns out that it let out at 3:05 PM.
The journalist quickly recognized Roger Mexico’s tall, ungainly frame as a man walking hand in hand with his young won. The journalist had previously spoken to old lovers and friends of Captain Blicero, including Chrissie Jolly, now married to a Texas oil executive. She drew a sketch of what Herbert Stencil must look like now, based on her recollections.
The journalist snapped Kurt Mondaugen’s photo, and Fausto Maijstral freaked out. He ran across the street, holding his arm in front of his face. The journalist pursued him down the street, getting no more pics, and finally proferred his hand. Finally, Franz Pökler turned around and bellowed, “I don’t like my picture taken!”
All that trouble, and what he got is, of course, not a picture of Thomas Pynchon at all. It’s a photo of so many other folks, most of whom only walk the pages of bound books, but it’s certainly not a photo of the secretive master himself. Ah, the travails of journalist as paparazzi.

I Love Me Some Black Serial Killers!

Now I just love serial killers. I mean, from a fan’s point of view. I read about them obsessively.
I just had a dream last night where I went to a dentists’ office and they gave you a test with two vases. Each vase had some statements on it. If you agreed with the statements on one vase, you were a potential serial killer. If you agreed with the statements on the other vase, you were a nice person.
Of course, I agreed with the statements on the serial killer vase, because they were just normal statements to me. The statements on the nice person vase were wimpy and lame, like nice people are supposed to be.
The receptionist gave me a distrusting look after I scored “serial killer” on the test, but then I protested that I was not a serial killer. Instead, I was just a serial killer fan. I read about them obsessively to the point where it’s almost not healthy. I watch TV and movies about them. I’ve even gone to their trials and sat in the audience and smiled with all the other weirdos. She gave me this half-smile that said that might be ok.
This is actually part of serial dream that I have. Characters, locations, themes, dates, themes, plots, you name it, it’s all part of a continuing Goddamned series. This dream series has been going on for many years. We are now on the 822nd episode or something for some dreamshows. Most of these people and places only exist in Dreamworld, and for all I know only exist there.
What’s weird is that the dreamshows remember all the old ones, and there are constant references to the old shows, the way a comprehensive TV series ought to build on itself.
One of the themes of my dreams is how I’m probably really an evil scumbag lowlife Worst Person On Earth deep down inside, even though I’ve never really done anything. Then a lot of the dream deals with my guilt over being so Evil, other people’s perceptions of my Evilness, my attempts to explain to them that I’m not really Evil, etc.
Anyway, it always bothered me, as proud White man, that all these Black haters were hating on my people by saying we were more likely to be serial killers. Blacks may be ghetto, welfare, pimpin’, whorin’, gangbangin’ street thugs and all, but it takes a White man to do the Ultimate Evil.
Further, there was a defensive line among Whites that said that serial killers are criminal geniuses with high IQ’s, and as we all know that “niggers* ain’t got no brains”, of course they’re too stupid to be Ted Bundys. As an integrationist, I object. If anything is in need of racial democratization, it’s the psychos! Why should the White Man carry the Burden of the serial killer torch all alone?
For that reason, I love me some Black serial killers!
From the comments section, Uncle Milton responds to a Black guy who disputed that Blacks were more likely to be serial killers than Whites with the typical Black line about serial killers, that is, that they are mostly Whites.
That’s followed by an essay by the great Earl Ofari Hutchinson.

blacks are 2x more likely to be serial killers!?!?!? Look up your stats….90% of serial killers have been are white. There has been one black serial killer.
No maybe you look up some stats…..
There has certainly been more than one Black serial killer:
Matthew Emanuel Macon (Murdered 5 White in Lansing)
Shelly Brooks (Murdered 7 prostitutes in Detroit Cass Corridor)
Jervon Miguel Coleman (Murdered three people.)
Brian Ranard Davis (6 women known murdered )
Paul Durousseau (Seven women)
Mark Goudeau “The Baseline Killer” (Eight women and a man in 2005-2006)
Coral Eugene Watts (11 women in Texas & 1 in Michigan)
Anthony McKnight
(Five girls and young women)
Derrick Todd Lee (8 Women)
Charles Lendelle Carter (4 known murders; admits to ‘hunting’ Atlantans for 15 years)
The Zebra Killings
Chester Turner (L.A.s most prolific killer 12 women killed.)
Lorenzo J. Gilyard (Kansas City, MO.—13 victims)
Eugene Victor Britt (Gary, IN.–3 known murder/rapes.)
Ray Joseph Dandridge and his uncle, Ricky Gevon Gray (Richmond, VA.–Murdered 7 people in 7 days)
Henry Louis Wallace
(Raped and strangled 5 women to death.)
Craig Price (Brutally murdered 3 women)
Harrison Graham (Brutally Murdered 3 women)
John Allen Muhammad & Lee Boyd Malvo (Sniped 11 people from a car in DC, 9 died.)
George Russell (3 women, WA state)
Timothy W. Spencer (5 killed, Arlington, VA and Richmond, VA)
Elton M. Jackson (12 gay men killed, Norfolk, VA area)
Carlton Gary (3 killed in Columbus, GA)
Mohammed Adam Omar (16 women, Yemen. Omar is Sudanese.)
Kendall Francois (8 women, Poughkeepsie, NY and surrounding areas.)
Terry A. Blair (8 women, Kansas City area)
Wayne Williams (33 many of them children!, Atlanta, GA)
Vaughn Greenwood (11 killed in LA)
Andre Crawford (10 killed in Chicago – southside)
Calvin Jackson (9 killed possibly more in NY)
Gregory Klepper (killed 8, Chicago – southside)
Alton Coleman (Killed 8 in the Midwest)
Harrison Graham (killed 7+ in N. Philadelphia)
Cleophus Prince (6 killed in, San Diego
Robert Rozier (7 killed in, Miami)
Maurice Byrd (killed 20 + in St. Louis)
Maury Travis (17 and rising, St. Louis and possibly also Atlanta)
Hulon Mitchell, a.k.a. Yahweh Ben Yahweh (killed 20+ in Florida)
Lorenzo Fayne (killed 5 children in East St. Louis, IL)
Charles Jackson (at least 4 women dead, maybe more)
Eddie Lee Mosley (killed 25 to 30 women, south Florida)
Henry Lee Jones (killed 4 in, south Florida; Bartlett, TN)
Richard “Babyface” Jameswhite (15 killed in, New York; Georgia.)
Donald E. Younge, Jr. (killed 4), East St. Louis, IL; Salt Lake City, UT.
Daniel O Jones (Killed four women while on parole for raping a high school teacher)
Michael Vernon (Bronx, NY. Killed at least seven people – )
Chester Dewayne Turner (12 women killed in, Los Angeles)
As for Rob’s assertion that as a percentage of their population there have been more black serial killers than white serial killers. I have read in several publications:
Earl Ofari Hutchinson, AlterNet, Oct. 31, 2002
Many a black comedian has perversely cracked that blacks may kill each other, but they don’t shoot-up, blow-up, or hack-up crowds of people. This bit of gallows humor always gets an uproarious laugh from black audiences.
For decades blacks took morbid pride and comfort in the notion that despite the long, tortured experience of slavery, segregation, racially motivated violence and poverty, mass killing supposedly was a white folks thing.
The assumption was that all serial killers were young, whacked out white males. It is easy to believe that. In the rash of Hollywood slasher, horror, and maniacal thrill kill films, serial killers are routinely depicted as deranged white males.
The obsessive media attention on serial killers such as Son of Sam, David Berkowitz, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and the Unabomber, also reinforce the notion that serial killers are loopy white males.
The horde of police, profiling experts, and psychologists that paraded endlessly across the TV screen during the serial sniper ordeal speculating about who the killer was and why he killed bought into this stereotype.
If, as it appears, John Allen Muhammad, cold-bloodedly gunned down a dozen persons, and terrorized the Washington D.C. area, they were all embarrassingly, and wildly wrong in their assumptions. And all the old profiles and theories about who mass killers are must be scrapped. But then again those profiles should be scrapped. Muhammad is not a total aberration.
Two studies on serial killers that specifically looked at the race of the killers found that blacks make up about 15 percent of America’s rogue’s gallery of mass murderers.
Their ghastly killings still strike fear, dread and disgust in the communities they pillaged. During the 1980s, Wayne Williams was convicted of multiple murders in Atlanta and authorities think he may have killed even more. Coral Watts claimed that he killed 13 women in several states.
In the early 1990s, Cleophus Prince Jr. stabbed six women in San Diego, and authorities in East St. Louis strongly suspect a black man is responsible for a string of still unsolved killings of prostitutes in the area.
The victims of black serial murderers almost always are other blacks, who most often live in the poorest inner city neighborhoods where the murder rates are far higher than in middle-class suburbs. Because black on black violence is so entrenched and pervasive, it is far too often considered routine, and police are often more lax in their attitudes toward the violence than if the victims were white.
This makes it much easier for black serial murders to go undetected for far longer times.
The implicit message is that black lives are expendable. This perceived devaluation of black lives through the horrid mix of racism, ignorance, and indifference has encouraged disrespect for the law and has forced many blacks to internalize anger and displace aggression onto other blacks.
And that’s important to understand, because those young blacks that commit random self-destructive acts, no matter how far beyond the pale of society’s accepted code of behavior, still are savvy enough to target victims who pose no real physical or personal threat to them. The serial sniper’s victims fit that profile. They were racially diverse, posed no danger to the sniper, and were apparently chosen at random.
In the immediate weeks before Muhammad’s alleged terror spree there are disturbing signs that more blacks driven by rage, bitterness, and frustration, are more willing than ever to wreak random and grotesque violence on themselves and others.
In September, a pack of young, one as young as 10 years old, and not so young black males, mauled a hapless man in Milwaukee. In June, another mob of young blacks grabbed national headlines when they stomped to death two men in Chicago. The mob’s victims in Milwaukee and Chicago were low-income, middle-aged men, or had alcohol and drug problems. They were easy pickings, just as the serial sniper’s victims were.
Though it’s not yet known exactly what drove Muhammad to his alleged killing binge, it is known that he was a man consumed by personal rage and frustration over failed marriages, tangled personal relationships, sour business dealings, and a rocky military career.
These personal demons, not terrorist ties of which authorities have yet to find evidence, may well have been enough to push him to commit his monstrous destructive acts.
But equally ominous, his killing rampage showed that it is a perilously short step from the random violence that claims innocent lives, causes monumental personal suffering, and paralyzes many poor, inner city black neighborhoods, to random violence that causes personal suffering, and paralyzes whole cities, even a nation.
That’s a terrible price to pay for ignoring walking time bombs such as Muhammad. And as we discovered with him, they can come in all colors.
Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and columnist. Visit his news and opinion website. He is the author of The Crisis in Black and Black (Middle Passage Press).

*Used sardonically.

I Finally Figured Out White Separatism and Nordic Separatism

Why do these White nationalists (overwhelmingly Nordicists) fear genetic destruction while no one else does? Because they think they are superior.
Why do the Nordicists alone of all of the White subgroups want to set up separate Nordic enclaves to keep the other White subgroups from breeding with them? Because they think they are the most superior Whites of them all, and they think all of the White groups are grotesquely inferior.
This is why only Whites are agitating for racial separatism (other than Jews). They are the only people on Earth who really believe deep down inside that they are scientifically, provably, better than anyone else, and at the same time, they are threatened with mass immigration into their lands, which threatens their genetic superiority, mostly through interbreeding.
And the Meds, Armenids, Arabs, Iranians and others are not agitating for separate homelands in the US. Why not? They don’t care if they breed in with other Whites. Why don’t they care? They don’t think they are superior to other Whites.
To WN’s, Whites breeding with any other race is destructive not due to genetic destruction (this is their big lie) but because said interbreeding will automatically mean Whites breeding in with inferior races, since all non-Whites are inferior.
To Nordicists, breeding in with any other White subrace is destructive not due to genetic destruction (this is their big lie) but because said White interbreeding will automatically mean Nordics breeding in with inferior White subgroups, since all other White subgroups are grotesquely inferior.
Nordicists are really the only significant sub-movement in US White nationalism. In the US, there really is not any mirror movement of say Meds, Slavs, Armenids, Iranids, Berberids, Arabids, Dinarics, Alpines or whatever. Why not? Those White people don’t think they are superior to other Whites and they pretty much could care less about White interbreeding. You only care about interbreeding if you think you’re superior.
And Nordicism is all about superiority. It’s not about celebration of their culture or any of that crap. They’re the only real White people, and all the rest are mongrels, part-muds, part-niggers, part-Asians, etc. Why are they the only real ones? Because only they are pure. The rest are somewhat contaminated, and hence partially degenerated and part-destroyed.
It’s amazing that it took me so damn long to figure that out.

Michael Jackson is Dead

Michael Jackson was at his Holmby Hills home in Los Angeles getting ready for the first show of a tour in the UK when he suddenly had a heart attack. He went into a coma and died a while later of heart failure, despite valiant attempts to save him.
[wpvideo q47oIDsb]
Above is a video from Hollywood.tv showing Micheal Jackson dying and being picked up at his home by an ambulance and taken by paramedics to the hospital. This video is sort of hard to find. It hasn’t really gone viral yet.
He had the heart attack at around 2:21 PM yesterday and was dead by around 2:26 PM local time. Jacko was 50 years old.

Photo of Jackson arriving at the hospital. He was in a coma when he showed up.
Photo of Michael Jackson, dying in an ambulance, arriving at the hospital yesterday. Michael Jackson was in a coma when he showed up.

His death may have been due to the heavy use of prescription drugs. His fawning entourage had reportedly doped him up heavily in order to make him easier to deal with or to help him function in life.
A photo of Michael Jackson dying as paramedics desperately trying to save his life emerged. The appearance of the photo set off a mad bidding war among the tabloids. ETonline was the first to publish the photo here.
The photo of Michael Jackson dying as paramedics desperately try to revive him.
The famous photo of Michael Jackson dying as paramedics desperately try to revive him.

Jackson turned increasingly freaky on recent years. He married Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis’ daughter, but the marriage ended soon after, probably because he’s a homosexual pedophile. Then he married his nurse and he somehow managed to have two kids with her. I don’t know how he did that. Maybe he had her dress up like a little boy.
The nurse, some bitch named Debbie Rowe, is nothing but a gold-digging whore. She signed her parental rights away not once but twice and has been screaming for money ever since. A pox on her.
Though Black, Jackson somehow dyed his face White. He also had plastic surgery to make him look like a White man = Caucasian features. He traveled around with an oxygen mask (Was he deathly afraid of germs?), often accompanied by small boys and a pet chimpanzee.
In recent years he lived in Bahrain, where it’s practically legal to boff little boys. A scandal arose at his Neverland Ranch near LA where he entertained groups of young boys who stayed over there. It appeared that he either had sex with them or tried to have with them, but the boys were all paid off so well that all of the lawsuits  were dropped.
I guess I feel sorry for pedophiles, but Michael Jackson was just a freak. The height of his career was probably around 1982-1984, when he was absolutely huge. Thriller (1982) is a great album, and I used to own it. He turns in a great performance on that album, and at that time, he was great on stage too.
Little Micheal Jackson of the Jackson Five was really good too. That is, Jackson started out as a child star with the Jackson Five, which was a great rock band. There were five members of the Jackson family in the band, and Little Michael Jackson was one of the youngest. He was great on stage even as a kid. But as an adult, he just got weirder and weirder. I always felt he was lost in the world of adults and that he always wanted to be a kid.
In 2005, he was acquitted of child molestation and many other charges that could have put him away for 20 years. Obviously, he was acquitted due to fame. The guy was guilty as Hell. As is typical with famous Blacks who get in trouble with the law, he screamed racism.
Many Jews who get busted for crimes similarly scream anti-Semitism. It’s a typical human dodge called denial. Jackson also got accused of anti-Semitism for rants about his Jewish agents, but creative artists’ agents are usually about as low on the totem pole as humans can get. Their task appears to be to separate the star from as much of his money as possible. A pox on them.
Jackson’s death was the third in recent succession.
Prior to Jackson’s death, early Tuesday morning, Ed McMahon died. Ed McMahon tainted his reputation recently with many lawsuits against hospitals. Then he defaulted on a home loan for a multimillion dollar house he couldn’t even afford. He went around bitching about this, but it left a lot of people cold.
He had problems on the set of the Johnny Carson Show that had made him famous. He showed up completely drunk on the set on a number of occasions.
Then a few hours later, at 9:30 AM yesterday morning in Santa Monica, California, Farrah Fawcett of Charlies’ Angels died. She was 62 years old. The New York Daily News somehow broke the story of her death 30 minutes before she died. She died of anal cancer, which is a strange disease. Mostly gay men die of that. Use your imagination to figure out why. Fawcett hit it big in 1976 with Charlies’ Angels, but was never able to duplicate that success afterward.
Farrah appeared on David Letterman in 1997, after she got famous and was over the hill. She was stoned out of her head. People saw her at rock concerts similarly blasted. There were reports of her backstage at a ZZ Top show having sex with a man while people were walking about all around them.
Damn, these actors, actresses and rock stars are so narcissistic!
After the news of McMahon, Fawcett and Jacko dying, news emerged that Jeff Goldblum had died after falling off a cliff in New Zealand on the set of a new film he was making. This rumor turned out to be false.

Nords Versus Meds, Game Starts at 8 Eastern Time

In the post, Albanians Are Neither White Nor Europeans? Lafayette Sennacherib takes issue with some of my anti-Nordicist POV, suggesting that ancient Greece was populated from the North, specifically the Baltics:

…there may turn out to be some truth in the notion that the Myceneans came from the North (though I think it unlikely that many went back).

I mentioned here before that I’d recently come across this book by Felice Vinci: The Baltic Origins of Homer’s Epic Tales.

Homer, as you are no doubt aware, is credited  (it’s not known if he was one or many authors) with the creation of the earliest European literature with his epic tales ‘the Iliad’ about the Trojan war, and ‘the Odyssey’ about the journeys of Odysseus as he tries to find his way home, with a boatload of men, after the war.

Last I heard, the best guess is that it was composed about 1200BC and written down about 7oo BC. Trouble is, there’s a lot of description in Homer, but none of it fits the Mediterranean.

You’ve guessed what’s coming: Felice has matched all the descriptions and journey times and directions to the Baltic. Apparently there was a verifiable drastic climate change before which the Baltic was a lot more user friendly.

I think ( I haven’t read the book yet), from reviews I’ve read, that he places some of Odysseus’ travels quite far afield up the North Sea coast of Norway, and even to the Shetlands and Orkneys and possibly Scotland and Britain.

If you’ve ever seen the ancient underground towns in Shetland or Orkney (the back of beyond these days; in fact even the Romans called them Ultima Thule – the ends of the Earth), which seem to have had efficient plumbing maybe as early as 1500 BC, you can’t help but wonder how such refinements came to be in this most unlikely of places – Felice’s theory would locate them in a lively interlinked maritime world centering on the Baltic.

Of course, this isn’t proven, but I get the impression that some serious people are taking this seriously enough to fund more research.

Felice speculates that deteriorating climatic conditions caused many of these Baltic peoples to migrate south, and that they took their myths and poems with them, and that the reason that some of the names of towns correspond to known and existing Greek sites is that they named places in their new home after places in their old home, as Europeans have so obviously done in the USA, Australia and so on.

Well, I agree that the theory is interesting, but in the long run, none of it really makes sense from a Nordicist POV. Germanic tribes went all over Europe, so the very idea of Med and Nordic doesn’t make a lot of sense. And Meds went all over up into the north too. The two groups totally mixed in with each other. Nordics are part Med and Meds are part Nordic.
Bottom line is that modern Greeks are the same folks as ancient Greeks, no matter where they came from. Modern Italians are the same as the ancient Romans, no matter where the Romans came from.
Nordicists take issue with this, and say that Rome and Greece were created by some glorious Nordic types, and then after the Fall, some kind of mud people* or nigger people* from the South (I guess that means Arabs, North Africans, Ethiopians, Lebanese) came into Greece and Italy and muddied up these beautiful White German folks, creating the present day swarthy Med.
Nordicists are serious assholes!
The ones here in the US really, really, really, really hate Southern Europeans. They think they are inferior greaseball part-Mud*, part-nigger* people. Most US Nordicists say that Meds are not even White.
Anti-Southern European prejudice and discrimination, especially discrimination against Italians and Catholics, is pretty much history in White America, but at one time, this was a prominent trend. Italians have moved into the White Ruling Class, and the Catholic JFK was elected and ruled Camelot 50 years ago. Even the KKK lets Catholics in now, and says let’s let bygones be bygones.
The fact that probably 80% of White nationalists are Nordicists just shows once again how out of it these people really. Hell, these racist baboons are behind the times even in terms of intra-White prejudices. How do you spell “loser”?
If you read the original Nazi racialist authors, they do not say this at all. Say what you will about them, but they pursued this stuff as a science.
They agreed that Meds were a great White people, and that the modern Meds are descendants of the great cultures of Greece and Rome. They listed many attributes of the Meds and said that in many ways, Meds were superior to Nordics.
However, Nordics were also superior to Meds in many ways. When it all tallied up, the Nordics came out on top, but only slightly. To say that the Nazis felt that Meds were inferior is completely mistaken. Meds were a great White people, but Nordics were also great, and Nordics were somewhat greater the Meds. Of course they had to put themselves on top, all Supremacists do.
One thing the Nazi racialist scientists did say was that Meds were very creative, perhaps the most inventive and creative Whites that ever existed, or maybe the most inventive and creative humans that ever existed. They said that Meds were superior in terms of the arts, which is somewhat related.
I concur.
Modern day Nordicists (neo-Nazis in general) who despise and disparage Meds as non-Whites, in all honesty, would have been thrown out of the Nazi Party in Germany! That’s how out of it they are.
This is sort of a peculiarly American and Australian thing – the Nordicist contempt for Meds. I’m not sure if you see it that much in Europe, though people are always going to be rivals.
It does exist in Italy though, where the Padanianists pour scorn on the “part-nigger”* Southerners. The Padanianists also take pride in being “Celtic.”
However, non-racial frustration with the South extends as far south as Abruzze (east of Rome) in Italy. Even in Abruzze, they think that they work hard and they don’t get all their tax money back. Instead it goes to the unproductive South, who take more in revenues than they contribute in taxes.
Further, in Abruzze, there is frustration that any tax money sent South in the form of revenues is wasted, as it just goes to the Camorra (Mafia) anyway. The notion of the South, and that means Naples south (Naples is thoroughly Camorra-overrun) as being the Land of the Camorra is not misplaced.
The Camorra for all intents and purposes practically run the show down there. Police try to fight them, but they are overwhelmed. Most of the politicians are paid off, and those who are not might get shot. Judges and investigative journalists are routinely threatened and gunned down.
There was also something like this North-South rivalry in the former Yugoslavia, with the notion being that Slovenia and Croatia were the economic engines of the place, and everything south just took in more revenues than they paid out in taxes.
In the north of Spain, there is some pride once again in being “Celtic”, but I am not aware that Northern Spaniards hate Southern Spaniards all that much, or at all.
Some of the north, especially around Leon and Asturias, is in bad shape economically, and I’m sure they take more in revenues than they pay in taxes, so the North-South thing doesn’t really work.
In Western Asturias in particular, the region is depopulating, and most towns are losing population. Even wolves are coming back to the hills and foraging in garbage dumps outside of towns. In 20 years, many villages in Western Asturias may be effectively abandoned.
The economic and industrial engines of Spain are in the Basque Country and Catalonia (industry in the Basque area, corporate offices in Catalonia). This is one of the main reasons why Spain is dead-set against having these regions secede.
*Used sardonically.

People From the Caucasus are Blacks?

Repost from the old site.

Take a lot at these “Black” and “non-White” Chechen kids in Jordan. Boy, they sure look pretty darn White to me! Especially that girl with the dark red hair and the turquoise eyes. Wasn’t that one of Hitler’s favorite combinations? White Power boneheads.These people would probably be considered to be members of the Balkano-Caucasian race*. In this group, there are many with fair skin, light eyes and a lot of body hair.

This will go along with another post I wrote along the same lines, Are Dagestanis and Tajiks White?. The conclusion of that post was, yes, they are White. The reason it is even an issue is that Russians insist that the people of the Caucasus are “Blacks” and “non-Whites”.
It seems that quite a few White nationalists also deny that Armenians, Georgians, Dagestanis, Azerbaijanis, Chechens and other Caucasian peoples are White. White in this case will refer to peoples having a phenotype that is not only Caucasoid but also resembles European Caucasoids. As you can see in this neat video of cute little Chechen kids shot in Jordan.
There is a large Chechen and Circassian population in Jordan dating back to the imperial wars of conquest that Russia waged on the Caucasus from 1806-1863.
Having looked at quite a few pictures of people from the Caucasus, I think that there is a distinctive phenotype there. Some say that the people of the Caucasus are the only Whites or Caucasians who should be considered “pure” Caucasians, as opposed to any mongrelized Europeans, although the whole concept of pure races and mongrelized races is pretty ridiculous.

More “non-Whites” or “Blacks” or whatever. This is a photo from a law firm in Georgia. This could be a photo of any American law firm. There does seem to be a bit of a Georgian phenotype. There are suggestions that the people of the Caucasus are the “purest” Euro-Caucasians of them all, though the whole notion is pretty silly.On the other hand, it is thought that the Caucasoid race did begin somewhere around this region, and the Middle East, the Caucasus, India and North Africa have been among the most important regions in incubating and developing of the proto-Caucasians.Georgians are probably members of the West-Caucasian type of the Balkano-Caucasian race. They are characterized by an above-average stature, a slight build, relatively light skin, sharp features and dark eyes.
A pretty typical Dagestani phenotype in this young girl. Notice the women with the head coverings. As you can see, these folks are obviously non-Whites. Snark. Dagestanis are part of the Caucasian division of the Balkano-Caucasian Race*.
This race is highly variable and varies among ethnic groups, but its principal features are a massive skull, medium height and relatively light skin. In the Bagulals, it is characterized by comparatively dark pigmentation, a massive broad face and a round skull and large stature. The Udis have massive skulls and relatively light skin.
The Tindis are more related to the Caspian Race, with a smaller skull and darker features. In the Tabasarans, a thin face is present. The Khinalugs have hooked noses like Jews and Arabs. The Archis have an aquiline nose, a high forehead and short stature.
A Dagestani girl with a possibly Iranian appearance. The people of the Caucasus are extremely diverse genetically, with as great a distance between small groups as between large groups around the world. They may have achieved this high rate of differentiation due to the high peaks which allowed people to remain in their valleys, interact and breed little with outsiders and cultivate strange and wildly divergent languages.
Genetically, they are Caucasians, but they are apart from most Europeans. But then so are Basques and Sardinians. There is a Chechen girl in the video above who has a similar phenotype.
Azerbaijani kids. The blonde and probably blue-eyed kids look like they could be Norwegians. The general consensus is that Azerbaijanis in Azerbaijan are not a Turkic people. Instead, they are a people of the Caucasus, like Georgians or Armenians, who converted to Islam and adopted a Turkic tongue.
The mechanism is unknown, but possibly they were conquered by a Turkic people. They may have been Christians before this conquest. Azerbaijanis are as White as you can get.
More very White-looking Azerbaijanis from their peacekeeping mission in Kosovo. They look like British, Americans, or Danes.
Some Azerbaijanis, probably at a town meeting. This is a secular Shia Muslim society, but the women generally cover their hair.

Some of the most infamous students of race, in particular the Caucasoid Race, especially the White or European branch of it, were the Nazis. The Nazis were actually incredible in this regard. Germans are pretty obsessive and studious about most things, and they love to write up ponderous, footnoted essays on everything around them. The Nazis were no different.
The were some of the most horrible murderers in history, but they were particular about who they killed. They were even particular about Jews. Their beef was not with the Jewish religion – the Nazi beef with the Jews had to do with race. All of the things that Nazis disliked about Jews were said to be genetically coded into the Jewish genome, and the Jews who they really hated with the Ashkenazim.
For instance, when the Nazis moved into the Caucasus and the Crimea from Spring to September of 1944, they ran into Mountain Jews (Jews of the Caucasus), the Karaites (a split-off sect from Judaism, and the Krymchaks of the Crimea.
The Krymchaks were determined to be Jews by Himmler himself and ordered destroyed, although they were generally considered to be non-Ashkenazi Jews.
The Karaites were considered to be racially Tatars, descended from the famous Jews of the Khazar Kingdom, and hence were ordered to be saved. However, there was some confusion, and some were killed.
Amazingly, the Einsatzgruppen themselves (the fanatical murderers of lore) actually conducted research studies into the Karaites when they showed up in the Crimea to determine if they should be killed or not. They also sent requests back to Germany for guidance on whether or not to kill the Karaites.
The Karaites themselves petitioned to the Nazis that they were not Jews, and a number even went to work for the Nazis. 400-500 even fought in the German Army.
In Crimea and Stavropol, communities of Mountain Jews were destroyed.
However, when the Nazis conquered part of the Caucasus from August to October 1944, in particular the towns of Mozdok and Nalchik, the Mountain Jews there were largely spared. There was a controversy in the party over whether or not they were really Jews. The Nazi Party said they were, but German specialists in Oriental Studies said they were racially Iranians. Here is a photo of the beautiful Sarit Hadad, a Mountain Jew whose parents moved to Israel. She’s a very famous singer in Israel.
Incredibly, the Einsatzgruppen had scholars in its ranks who went into the homes of these Mountain Jews to conduct studies on whether to kill them or not! This controversy was not settled by the time that the Nazis were driven out in early 1943.
It is interesting that in general, the Nazis cared much more about the racial stock of a given Jewish group than about whatever strange brand of Judaism they practiced. A good overview of this strange and complex situation is here in a piece by Kiril Feferman.
Nazi racial scholars working at various institutes set up for the study of race in Germany (!) and within the Nazi Party also studied the people of the Caucasus. It is not known what they determined, but apparently the people of the Caucasus were considered non-Slavs and a good racial stock. At any rate, very large numbers of people in the Caucasus went over to the Nazis during World War 2.
There is current anti-Communist revisionist thinking that says that hardly any Caucasians went over, but this is not the case. Many people in this region had long wanted to be free of the Orthodox Slavic Russians, and the Nazis played up this fear by offering them the promise of independence.
At the time of the Russian invasion, Stalin put almost the entire population of Chechnya and Ingushetia on board trains for Siberia because he feared that they would cooperate with the Nazis. The local Chechen and Ingush governments had in fact welcomed the Nazis and said that they would collaborate with them.
These deportations were horrible, and it is said that when they were returned to the Caucasus a decade later, 1/3 of them had died. The Crimeans were also deported on the basis of collaboration, and many of them died too. Many Crimeans had in fact collaborated with the Nazis.
All through the region, there were lots of collaborators. There were separate Georgian, Armenian and Caucasian legions of volunteers in the Nazi military. After the Soviets withdrew, they went back to the Netherlands and served as an occupying force there. To be fair, many Caucasians also fought for the Red Army.

The emblem of the Georgian volunteer division of the Wehrmacht. The file says BeVOF, but I don’t know what that stands for.The Osttruppen Legion in the Caucasus already in 1943. I believe that these are local volunteers.
Gleeful Nazi soldiers murder an innocent Soviet female villager and steal her ducks. This was standard practice during Operation Barbarossa in the Slavic regions, and 75% of the “inferior” Slavs were slated to be killed in one way or another. This photo is from 1943, but I am not sure where in the USSR this took place.
A Nazi soldier gets ready to murder two Soviet Slavic women during Operation Barbarossa. This incident probably took place in the Ukraine or Belarus, but I am not sure. These women aren’t being killed for any particular reason, only that they are Slavs.
The emblem of the Armenian volunteer legion of the SS. The file says BeVOF, but I am not sure what that stands for. There were quite a few Armenians who considered themselves Aryans and went along with Nazi racial doctrine, and there are even some today.
There are open neo-Nazi groups inside Armenia who distribute all sorts of nasty anti-Semitic conspiracy against Armenian Jews, tying them to the Armenian genocide and all sorts of nonsense. Anti-Semitism is a pretty serious problem in Armenia, and it’s pretty widespread. Strange for the Armenians, often called in the US, “Jews without money”.
The SS sleeve of the Berghaukasien volunteers. This SS group was made up of Caucasian volunteers for the SS.
A propaganda poster used in the Nazi invasion of the Caucasus. It says, “Free Caucasus From Bolshevik Tyranny.”
Here is a propaganda poster for the Free Caucasus Movement set up by the Nazis after they invaded.
I’m not sure what this file represents, but I think it is was the flag of an Armenian pro-Nazi group at the time.
A map showing German allies in the Caucasus in November 1942. It lists the large volunteer divisions that were easily recruited in this region among Georgians, Caucasians, Crimeans and Armenians.
Once more, the SS legions of the Caucasus who followed the Nazis out of the USSR and back to the Netherlands where they served as an occupying force. The Georgian, Armenian and Caucasian SS groups helped to occupy the Netherlands in from 1943-1945.

A photo of the Bergmann Legionnaires, apparently a group of local Caucasian volunteers for the Nazis, in action in the Summer of 1942 in the Caucasus.
The same Bergmann Legionnaires in action in Warsaw in 1944. I’m not sure what they were doing there, but possibly they were in action putting down a Warsaw Uprising that took place there in that year. Not the famous Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of the Jews in Spring 1943, but another one of the Gentiles.
Incredibly, new anti-Communist revisionist material blames Stalin for the decimation of this uprising. Supposedly he waited on the outskirts of Warsaw until the Nazis had put down the uprising, and then he entered the city. Apparently he wanted to see all those Poles killed. Why? Commenters have more information about this in the comments thread for this post, including a more rational explanation for what took place.
More photos of the Bergmann Legionnaires, this time in Greece in 1944. I don’t know what they were doing there, but I guess they were helping to occupy the place.
Bergmann officers at a meal, location unknown but possibly Greece.
The file says CD14 Festung Europa. I don’t know what that means, but this is obviously an anti-Soviet propaganda poster showing a Red Army solider coming from the East to destroy Christianity, with a torch in his hand. The Christian armies of Europe apparently wait to do battle with this invader from the East.
This is apparently a book written by Eduard Abramian about the Bergmann Legionnaires, who included Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijani and Caucasian factions. I bet that book is hard to find, but it might be an interesting read.
An Armenian legionnaire on the Western front.
This map shows the various Caucasian volunteer legions occupying the Netherlands in Summer of 1944.
The Bergmann volunteer legion in Greece in 1944.
Bergmann legionnaires in battle in 1944, location unknown.

*According to the old system of anthropology
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Are Dagestanis and Tajiks White?

Repost from the old blog.
In the Russian neo-Nazi decapitation video (posted on this site here), the Russian Nazi fools and their moronic White Nationalist supporters on the Internet claimed that Dagestanis and Tajiks are “Black”, “non-White”, or “muds” (non-White). In this post, we will examine whether or not any sane person could possibly say that Dagestanis and Tajiks are not members of the very large Caucasian, or White race.
Although there is no Dagestani race per se, 75% of them are Lezgins, Azars and Dargins, all of whom are apparently related to Iranians.

A traditional Dagestani couple in traditional dress. The garb closely resembles Chechen garb, at least on the man. Nazi idiots claim these people are not White. Is that dumb or what?
Yet another Dagestani man in traditional dress. That is probably a long sword in his hand. Although the Dagestanis fought against the Czarist White Army during the Russian Civil War, Stalin’s industrialization never made it down here very much, and Dagestan remained quite poor.
The Dagestanis fought alongside other Caucasians against Russian imperialism in the 1800’s for almost 50 years. As you can see, he is somewhat darker than a Slav, but to me he just looks White, like an Armenian, Greek or Italian.

16% of Dagestanis are members of the Turkic groups the Nogai and Kalmyks. The Nogai often have prominent Caucasian features and interestingly, many have joined forces with the Chechen guerrillas.
The remainder are made up of many tiny groups, often each speaking their own strange and complex language. These tiny groups seem mostly to be related to the Iranian groups mentioned above.
The political situation in Dagestan is violent and unstable, with a highly active violent Muslim and separatist rebellion that the Russians have not been able to suppress.
There are conflicts between Dagestanis and Chechens in a part of Dagestan bordering Chechnya that was hacked off of Chechnya, depopulated of Chechens and donated to Dagestan back in 1944. The Chechens want it back. At the same time, the Lezgins agitate for a separate state in the area of southern Dagestan and northern Azerbaijan where they are most populous.

A map detailing the incredible number of languages spoken in Dagestan. There are 30 separate languages spoken in this tiny area. Many of them are extremely complex and are considered by linguists to be related only to other Northeast Caucasian languages, a language family whose only relatives are the languages of the Caucasus.I think that the NE Caucasian family is related to Basque, Burushaski, Ket and a few other language isolates, but this remains to be proven. Most of these languages are still unwritten but are still going strong. These are probably some of the hardest languages on Earth to learn as a second language.
The village of Tindi, Dagestan in 1910. The Tindi language is spoken here. This is the reason for the incredible linguistic diversity in Dagestan. Inaccessibility. Every little group tucked into its own plunging valley amidst towering peaks, the terrain kept most invaders out, and those those who did take over wanted little to do with the place.
As each group spoke infrequently with its neighbors, languages diverged wildly in isolation from each other. A similar situation exists in many parts of Papua New Guinea, where an incredible 800 languages are spoken. In contrast, in flat plains or deserts, you often have few languages because it is so easy to talk to each other. As peoples converse, their languages do not tend to diverge.

Tajiks are an interesting ethnic group. Instead of being “Blacks” or “non-Whites”, as the Nazi morons in Russia and on the web seem to think, the Tajiks are actually believed to be one of the closest living descendants of the Nazis’ beloved “Aryans”.
The Aryans are an Iranian people who settled in Central Asia 4000 years ago. The Tajiks are related to the Aryan Bactrian, Sogdian and Parnian peoples. Due to centuries of Persian immigration, they have a lot of Persian blood now. Physically, they resemble Mediterraneans such as Italians and Greeks. A minority are mixed with Asian lines from the Mongol invasions.

A group of beautiful little Tajik girls. Looking at them along with the old woman in the background, you can see that Tajiks are an ethnically heterogeneous group of people. Nazi cretins claim these people are “Black” and “non-Whites”. They look that way to you? In fact, they are descendants of some of the first Whites to settle Europe – the original Indo-Europeans.

Aside from “race”, both men were Muslim immigrants to Russia, and that is what these executions are really all about.
In other news, the student arrested for the distribution of the video has been named. Viktor Milkov, 23, from the city of Maikop in the Russian territory of Adygea, is a student at Adygea Technological University and a member of the Russian National Socialist Party who has been disseminating Nazi propaganda on the Net for 2 years.
The man said he received the video in an anonymous email from a woman. The man is being charged with distributing the video, but he is not thought to have been involved in making it. He is a known follower of the Russian Far Right and was involved in forming an organization called the Adygea Movement of Slavs.
Adygea is heavily populated by people called Circassians who have been widely dispersed through the Middle East since the capture of Circassia by Russia in the mid-1800’s.
The Slavs are now the are the majority in Adygea, and the Circassians are only about 27%, but it was not always this way. The Circassians were always the majority there until Russians invaded the area in the 1800’s, finally conquering it in 1850, after which the Circassians dispersed over much of the Levant, especially Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.
Many Russians have moved in since. But it’s not like some ancient Russian homeland.
The makers of the video, the National Socialist Society of Rus, said that they were the militant wing of the National Socialist Society, or National Socialist Community (Natsional-Sotsialisticheskoye Obshchestvo, or NSO in Russian) a group that participates in marches called “The Russians March” and is known for attacks on homosexuals. The group was founded in 2004.
Their hard-to-find webpage has been painstakingly tracked down by this blog and can be found here. Milkov is being charged with inciting national, religious or ethnic hatred, a charge that carries up to five years in prison. Nationalist violence is completely out of control, with at least 70,000 skinheads logged by human rights groups, racist attacks occurring every day and an average of one racist murder a week.

Russian Neo-Nazi Video Is Real

Repost from the old site.
The infamous Russian neo-Nazi beheading video, which can be found on this site here, along with a long post describing it and giving background to it, has long been rumored to be a fake. I never thought it was a fake, simply because faking such an act so well requires the facilities of an expensive movie studio. There is no evidence that these amateurs had access to such a studio.
However, new evidence has just emerged that the video is real and is not a fake, according to Russian law enforcement (LE). I figured as much. The Russian neo-Nazis are completely out of control; they assault and kill people all the time, and not a whole lot is done about them. It made sense that sooner or later they would take to the next level and commit a homicide on tape a la Al Qaeda and the insurgents in Iraq.
Kistaman Odamanov from Dagestan said that one of the men killed on the tape was her brother, Shamil U. Odamanov, 24. Her father, Umakhan, and her brother, Artur, along with other relatives, also recognized Shamil on the tape.
Shamil, from the town of Sultanyangiyurt in the Kizilyurtovskeyeo District of Dagestan, had gone to Moscow to find work, and possibly to find a bride, two years ago and had disappeared in March 2007. The video appeared in mid-August 2007.
Shamil was in touch with his family the whole time he was in Moscow, calling home every day while he worked as a laborer.
During phone calls home, he frequently complained of run-ins with skinheads who stalk people who appear to be immigrants in the low-income housing around Moscow. He called his father in late March 2007 to wish him a happy birthday. That was the last time anyone ever heard from him. He has not yet been found.
“It’s not just that it looks like him, it is him, period,” said Umakhan Odamanov.
In the video, Shamil was wearing the Adidas jacket and shirt given to him by his brother Artur. Shamil has been identified as the poor soul who is beheaded in the video. Another man, said to be a Tajik, is shot to death in the video. He has not yet been identified.
Raziyat is a neighbor of the Odamanovs.
“I knew him well; I saw him grow up. He was an ordinary boy. The children grew up without a mother; she got sick and died,” Raziyat said. “There were nine children in the family. The father is a calm, balanced family man without any bad habits. They were very worried, they looked for him. His brother traveled to Moscow to search for him.”
Russian LE made their determination that the video was real on Shamil’s family’s information and on re-analysis of the video.
Artur said that he was called to Moscow by Russian LE in April. They told him that they found the site where Shamil was killed, but that there was no evidence of murder there.
German LE is working with the Russians on this, implying a German neo-Nazi link to Russian neo-Nazis. Those who made the tape have not yet been found, and the “Tajik” in the video has not yet been identified, though he is probably a real person who was also killed.
Police are investigating several ultranationalists in connection with the video, but have not yet arrested anyone. The initial beautiful footage in the video, showing a small Russian town in the midst of a vast forest and large lake, has been identified as the Kaluzhskaya region near the city of Kaluga, 120 miles southwest of Moscow. The exact site where the killings took place has not yet been found. No bodies have been found either.
Please be careful if you wish to watch this video, as many people have been very upset by it.
It’s not my purpose to litter this blog with all sorts of gore and nasty stuff, but in this case, the video was very topical, so I ran it.
Original source for this article was in Russian, if you can read it.

Photo from the Russian article.

Jews Versus Overseas Chinese

Repost from the old site. I am not convinced that being a market-dominant minority is the smart thing to do, but some groups just outcompete others. Jews outcompete White Gentiles (the real reason for most anti-Semitism) and Overseas Chinese outcompete Malays, Indonesians and Filipinos.
After a while, the people in the country get tired of a group of “outsiders” numbering perhaps 1-3% of the population taking control of 25-70% of the nation’s wealth and the inevitable pogrom/backlash takes place. Think about it. How many countries are going to put up with that, no matter how fairly it was acquired?
Still, I think there is a smart way (Overseas Chinese, Armenians, East Indians, Lebanese) and a dumb way (Jewish) to be a market-dominant minority.
Uncle Milton commented on a previous post of mine that dealt peripherally with the overseas Chinese. I will deal with his comments at the end of the article:

Robert Lindsay: There are differences between Jews and Overseas Chinese. The Overseas Chinese tend to keep their heads down, keep out of politics, and are not endlessly meddling in the cultural and political affairs of the nation – they just focus on making money. Jews focus on making money too, but they can’t seem to help trying to change society, a habit that arouses mountains of anti-Semitism.
Uncle Milton: I would say this is incorrect. Thaksin Shinawatra, the former prime minister of Thailand (and one of the richest if not the richest men in Thailand) was deposed by a military coup is ethnically Chinese.
There were also many ethnic Chinese who were very close to Suharto and received special favors and privileges from the Indonesian government.
The Chinese in Indonesia, however, have had to play a background role because the Indonesians, especially the Muslims, resented them. Basically, as recently as 1998 there were pogroms against ethnic Chinese. (One could also say the anti-communist purges of the mid 60s were heavily directed against ethnic Chinese.)
In other words ethnic Chinese in Indonesia were never tolerated previously as much as Jews have been in the US in the past five decades, so they had no basis on which to build a political or cultural movement. In recent years however, China has given aid and been an important foreign investor in Indonesia.
I suspect ethnic Chinese influence using mainland China with it’s rising economic prowess (and potentially it’s substantial army) will increase (outwardly) in Southeast Asia.
As for the Philippines, their national hero Jose Rizal was part Chinese as was the first president after Marcos’ dictatorship ended: Razored Aquino.

I really do not know much about the Overseas Chinese. I do not think that they would go on Jewish-type jihads to wage radical change in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines no matter what. Overseas Chinese just do not care about such things. They just care about making money and keeping the pogroms away and little else.
Sure, they have gained quite a bit of political power, as one might expect due to their money. However, I believe that Indonesia and certainly Malaysia still have some very anti-Chinese laws on the books.
The Communist revolutionaries in Malaysia were mostly Chinese, but the Chinese got into this movement not due to any love of Communism so much as a way of changing a government that they saw as heavily biased against the Chinese.
In this way, they may be somewhat comparable to the many Jews who flocked to the Bolsheviks in Russia and the Communists in Poland during and after World War 2 not necessarily because they loved Communism so much, but more because the Communists were offering to crack down hard on anti-Semitism, and Polish and Russian anti-Semitism has not been a picnic for the Jews.
It’s quite common for Filipinos, especially the urban university educated middle and upper classes, to be part-Chinese. The Chinese have been coming to the Philippines in large numbers for 800 years now and they bred in pretty heavily with the locals. Filipinos with some Chinese ancestry are quite common. The real Overseas Chinese are the pure Chinese who are 3% of the country and control 70% of the wealth.

Uncle Milton responds: I would say any ethnic minority group that controls 70% of a nations wealth inherently has a large amount of societal and cultural control, albeit indirectly.
Ethnic Chinese in Southeast Asia (with the exception of Thailand) are probably in a position similar to Jews in the US around 1950 with the although the ethnic Chinese control a much larger percentage of the wealth in the Southeast Asia than Jews control in the US.
The rise of political and cultural influence from Jews (US) came fairly soon after WWII and the formation of Israel and really got rolling by about the mid-60s. In my view US Jews have probably hit their peak influence or are past it. Basically it’s a numbers game, Jews are declining rapidly in number both nominally and as a percentage of the population.
The average number of children born to Jewish women is 1.1; even this number is skewed towards Orthodox Jews, who tend to have larger families and generally do not get involved in politics. The ongoing Hispanicization of the US will, in my opinion, ironically (since multiple Jewish groups promote immigration to the US) mark a decline in Jewish influence.
Latino Catholics tend not to be interested (and if anything are somewhat anti-Semitic) in Judaism unlike many evangelical Whites, many of which are Zionists and and tend to be very pro-Jewish.
I tend to believe the Overseas Chinese influence will strengthen in coming years, basically in conjunction with the rise of economic power in China. Effectively, over time, I believe we will see a Sinicization of all of East Asia with the exception of Japan.
In regards to repression of ethnic Chinese in Indonesia: those laws have been reversed. As for Malaysia, basically the laws are similar in scope to our affirmative action laws. It’s up to each individual, I suppose, to determine how oppressive affirmative action is. In addition, Malaysia has some quirky laws about Islam; the Constitution states that all Malays are Islamic and anyone marrying a Muslim has to convert to Islam.
I am convinced that any further pogroms against Overseas Chinese will be met with some sort of response by the PRC. Likely first an economic threat and if severe enough, a military threat.

I respond to Uncle Milton: I am not going to go round and round about this. My perception is that the whole Overseas Chinese (OC) thing has been to keep their heads down, focus on making money and getting along, and stay out of cultural stuff. They are the complete opposite of the Jews.
Now, why so many OC got involved in the Indonesian Communist Party in 1965, I have no idea. First of all, I am not even sure it is true. I am sure that there must also have been huge numbers of Indonesians involved. After all, that party was one of the largest political parties in the nation. It’s been outlawed since 1965 because the ruling Indonesian elites are so terrified of it coming back bigtime.
Communist parties (CP’s) are still a pretty big force in that region.
Vietnam and Laos are ruled by CP’s, Cambodia had a ruling CP until just recently (not the Khmer Rogue, but instead a pro-Vietnamese CP whose leader was named Hun Sen), the Philippines has a vast CP that is outlawed and has taken up arms in a huge insurgency, Nepalese Maoists are about to seize power, Indian Maoists are tearing up India, there is a Maoist insurgency in Bangladesh, there is an active armed CP in Burma, and China, the largest nation on Earth, is ruled by a CP.
Communism goes right along with the cultural and economic realities of the region very well, particularly with Confucianism and Buddhism.
Indonesia still has one of the most horrible and inequitable semi-feudal economies in the region. It’s not that different from the Philippines. A ruling elite who are little more than criminals has teamed up with the military to steal about every spare dime in the land. Hunger and malnutrition are widespread, and wages are ridiculously low.
The state for all intents and purposes as a guarantor of the rights of the poor, who are the overwhelming majority, simply does not exist. The ruling system under Suharto (pangasila) – an alliance between capital and labor along with very close ties between capital, the military and state, along with all sorts of para-state organizations – bears quite close resemblance to classical fascism.
The state even has bands of street thugs (usually Islamists) who conveniently assault striking workers. Leftists, dissidents and labor activists are also just out and out murdered by the state.
I am not sure about the Sinicization of the whole region, because so many nationalists in those countries are hostile to the OC. Even in Vietnam there is a lot of hostility towards the OC and to Chinese in general. Fact is, no one in Asia likes the Chinese. This is what I have been told by Asians. They are an 800-lb gorilla romping through the backyard and everyone is scared of them.
There is a Chinese nationalist who comes here every once in a while and he is furious at the way that these countries have treated their ethnic Chinese. He is urging the OC’s to just pack up, sell off their assets, and go back to China or Taiwan.
You may be correct that China may intervene in the next anti-Chinese pogroms, assuming that they occur.
The Jews are total morons for letting all of these anti-Semitic Mesoamerican Catholics in here. Jesus Christ, what were they thinking? I talk to these Hispanics now and again, and they are, as a group, way more anti-Semitic than the average US White Protestant. Jews are so stupid sometimes. You know that probably 80-90% of US Jews are 100% open borders too.
Jews play dangerous games a lot, and this is one more case of it. They don’t want to oppose immigration because that will set off White racism. They like immigration because it weakens the dominant ethnic-religious group in the nation – in this case, White Christians. Thing is, the Jews have done their work and the job is done.
White Christians are already sufficiently diluted that there is not going to be any racist backlash that is going to turn anti-Semitic and go after the Jews. Whites are like 64% of the US population and that was in 2000. You know we are probably like 57% now. That’s what this sudden burst of White nationalism is – the last cry of a dying majority. Historically, such backlashes can get nasty, but I think in this case, it’s too little, too late.
Amy Chua’s World On Fire is an excellent example of a modern-day Overseas Chinese polemic. Her OC aunt living in the Philippines was murdered by her Filipina maid, possibly in a fit of ethnic pique.

The Jewigarchs

Repost from the old site.
I really enjoyed this very even-handed treatment of the Jewish oligarchs of Russia that we dealt with in a previous post. They are not gone. Four out of ten of Russia’s richest men are Jews, and Jews are .38% (.4%) of the population. The more I learn about these guys, the more I am mystified by them.
Some of them are in tight with Putin, so the notion that Putin was stealing back money from the Jewigarchs that the Jewigarchs ripped off from Russia is uncertain. Plus the Jewigarchs are diversifying their wealth, moving to Israel, selling off all their Russian holdings and merging with multinational corporations like British Petroleum.
Some are even hiding their identities, wearing Orthodox crosses and accompanying Putin to church. Whether or not these guys were ripping off Russia for the tribe in some kind of ethnic warfare is not known. Maybe they were just trying to get rich. The Russian Gentile oligarchs have bled the country dry too, but I guess they are keeping their money in the country.
Some of the Jewigarchs are deeply involved in Russian politics, which seems stupid when you realize how anti-Semitic Russians are. But Russians, despite their anti-Semitism, can’t seem to see the big Jewigarchs like Boris Berezovsky monkeying around behind the scenes. What I am saying is that Russians don’t necessarily vote anti-Semitically at all.
I don’t know what to make about this, but as one commenter said, the Russians would probably prefer to be ripped off by their own kind than by some minuscule minority, who are often not even that patriotic. Who knows?
Berezovsky seems to have been somehow tangled up in the radiation poisoning of the Putin critic in London, one the strangest murders in the past couple years. A lot of these Jewigarchs have security details as big as Cheney’s. Like a lot of things, the more you read about these guys, the less you know.
As soon as we got the link to that story in the fantastic Exile.ru magazine (cached front page), the site went down. Here’s a cached copy, minus photos, in case the magazine goes down for good. The Exile was having trouble and was said to be going out of business. Turns out that the Russian government raided the place and seized some papers.
It’s really the longest-running opposition paper in Russia, and Putin is sort of a fascist who shuts down papers and kills journalists and all sorts of anti-Tom Paine type stuff. That left Exile investors running for the hills and the mag headed into the Red Sea.
The article is called, The Jews, Where Are They Now? and it’s a superb treatment of the matter that avoids anti-Semitism.

Polish/Jewish Revisionism

Repost from the old site.
A new book by Gunnar Paulsson, a Polish-Jewish historian who lost relatives in the Holocaust, offers a completely revisionist view of the standard Jewish view of the Poles being the most evil anti-Semites of them all, or, as Yitzak Shamir said famously, “Poles imbibe anti-Semitism in their mothers’ milk.”
A corollary is that the Poles were the worst Jew-killers of all during the Holocaust, and to this day, many Jews are pretty angry at Poles and Poland.
I won’t go into details, but Paulsson offers a seriously revisionist view of these commonly held beliefs. Instead, I will just offer you some links so you can check them out yourself. Paulsson’s book website. An article by Paulsson on TotallyJewish.com, a site for UK Jews. Go there and see what he has to say, you might be surprised.
Like so many things in life, the Polish-Jewish thing is oh so complicated.
Unfortunately, people promoting Paulsson’s book have been accused by Jews of (Guess what?) being anti-Semites and Nazis. Boy, that Nazi card is worth so much to some folks.

Neda of Iran: Video of a Martyr Killed By the State

This is the famous video of Neda, a 27 year old woman who was shot to death by the Iranian state two days ago while she was walking home from a protest about the elections that elected Ahmadinejad. She had gone to the protest with a male friend and the two of them were walking home along the street when a sniper on a building across the street shot her in the heart. She died quickly, blood pouring out of her nose and mouth from the chest wound while other protesters gathered around wailing.
I think it makes sense for the state to offer to recount the ballots, as the election does seem to have been irregular. In Iran, ballots are counted by election workers, as in the US. These workers are retirees, professionals, teachers and government workers, once again as in the US.
However, instead of having the poll workers count the ballots as is normally done, the ballot boxes were apparently confiscated after the election by Interior Ministry employees. The Interior Ministry employees were the ones who counted the ballots. This is very irregular for an Iranian election, and it is the first time this has ever happened since 1979. Since the revolution, the elections have all been quite fair, especially by regional standards.
At this point, the state really needs to do a ballot recount. I do not think that another election is warranted. But at the very least the ballots could be counted again. This is one of the things that the protesters were protesting about. They feel that their ballots were not counted properly. It’s a legitimate beef. I really do not understand what the Ahmadinejad crowd is trying to pull off her or why this election was so irregular. I think that this is really going to backfire on these guys.
Most of the other complaints about the election do not appear to hold water.
There was no reason for this beautiful woman to be shot to death. She was walking home from a protest. Big deal. So she deserves to get murdered? Forget it. This video is now going viral on the Internet.

Morris Dees, Pathological Narcissist and Ultra-Creep

Normally, I don’t give a damn about stuff like this. I don’t care about womanizers. Some of my best friends were pretty notorious. But those guys for the most part had class. I don’t even care too much about guys who cheat on their wives, though you ought to try to be discreet if you do it. JFK wasn’t a bad man. Teddy Kennedy isn’t a bad man. Neither is Bill Clinton. Not all men can be faithful, but I think if you can’t, maybe you should not even get married in the first place.
This Morris Dees guy from the SPLC just goes way overboard.
Here are two pages from his divorce proceedings. This man is not just a sex addict and a womanizer, that’s not a problem. Worse, he is an out and out pathological narcissist. He’s like Ted Bundy or Jeffrey MacDonald. I suspect that in most cases, these guys are highly controlled like Dees and never commit any serious crimes, though they always push the envelope and often break the law.
For instance, it appears that Dees enjoyed peeping on his 16 year old daughter when she was naked. Also, at age 16, he appears to have either attempted to have sex with her or at the very least acted very inappropriately with her. I understand why men chase 16-year olds, but if you get caught, you are going down hard. The law’s the law. But what kind of a guy peeps on and tries to seduce his own 16 daughter, step-daughter or not?
Morris Dees, sexually, is simply a creep. I hate to say it, but it’s true. He’s more than a womanizer; he’s an emotionally destroying monster. He’s a sexual psychopath and an emotional terrorist. As a man, he has no class. As a human being, he’s no good. The guy’s simply a prick. In White society, sooner or later, guys like this get punched out or even get their asses kicked. In more primitive societies, they might just get killed. He’s probably avoided all this because he’s rich.
In 1978, Dees conducted an affair with a woman, Vicki Booker McGaha. He told the wife over and over he was going to knock it off, but then kept going back to her. Finally he dragged both women over to the house and played sick emotional power games with them, almost making them fight over him, toying with them like a cat toys with a mouse before it kills it.
Finally he told Maureene, the wife, that she could see other guys, since she was threatening divorce, but she had to be discreet about it. Was Morris Dees discreet about his affairs? Of course not!
The wife went to Washington DC and met a lover there. Dees tailed her there and followed her to her hotel room where he hid. When she was in bed with her lover, he burst out and took pictures with a camera, causing a huge scene.
Dees was acting insane, and Maureene was afraid he was going to kill everyone in the room. He screamed that he had five detectives with him. He freaked out and punched Maureene in the face, breaking her jaw. Afterward, he whipped out an abusive divorce contract and practically forced her sign it. She signed it out of fear. He later gave her copies of the photos taken that night and told her to destroy them, as he said they were the only copies. Dees lied once again, as he retained copies for himself.
Starting right after they were married, Dees bragged incessantly, always saying how with his looks and money, he could get any woman he wanted. He constantly told Maureene about how women were propositioning him. Later in the marriage, he frequently regaled her with tales of all the women he had had affairs with while he was married to her.
Among other women he had affairs with was Cathy Bennett, a female psychologist. He brought her over to his home to meet his wife, and she stayed with them for a week. At the time, he was apparently having an affair with her.
The Dees threw a party at their home in 1977. D. Rodgers, a physician, showed up, along with his wife, Judith Rodgers, a criminal psychologist. Incredibly, Dees took the doctor’s wife upstairs to his bedroom and had sex with her while the party was still going on!
Dees interviewed Deborah Levy, who worked for the ACLU, to run a magazine Dees was thinking of starting up that opposed the death penalty. The magazine never got going, but Levy and her boyfriend did visit the home for several days. Once Dees and his wife went on a canoe trip with the couple. Maureene woke in the night to find Dees having sex with Levy.
Dees turned to Maureene and ordered her to have sex with Levy’s boyfriend, but Maureene was not into that. Shortly before morning, Maureene woke again and Dees and Levy were having sex again, this time right next to her. Dees turned and kissed her while he was screwing Levy. Maureene was very upset by this, and in the morning she said she did not want this stuff to happen again.
Later, Dees and his wife went to New York. While there, Dees insisted that the couple visit Levy and her boyfriend, Michael Gaas. The couple went out for dinner. The next day, all four were talking, and Dees interrupted the conversation to tell Gaas that Dees and Levy were planning to go off and have sex that afternoon. Maureene was enraged and embarrassed by this.
Gaas was shocked and said that if that’s what you want to do, go ahead and do it. So Dees and Levy went off the bedroom and had sex, leaving Maureene and Gaas sitting there. To get back at him, Maureene and Gaas had sex in the living room. 45 minutes later, Dees left the apartment, came back after a while, and punched Gaas in the face, apparently for having sex with Maureene.
Later the couple met Charlie Springman, a gay man who worked for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). Morris invited the man back up to their room over Maureene’s objections, and Dees kept trying to seduce Charlie, while Charlie tried repeatedly to leave. Finally, Dees asked Charlie to get in bed with them, and Maureene said forget it and headed off to bed.
Later, Dees and Charlie ended up in bed, with Maureene in the middle. Dees and Charlie then leaned over Maureene and kissed and sucked each others’ cocks to Maureene’s displeasure.
In the morning, Dees left. He came back and found Maureene crying on the bed. Dees said it would never happen again.
Dees’ son Scooter was dating Karen Sherman. She later married Scooter and became Karen Sherman Dees. At the time, they were 18 or 19 years old and were frequently over at Dees’ house. Unbelievably, Dees seduced his own son’s girlfriend right in front of his son’s eyes!
After dinner one night, Maureene and Scooter were washing the dishes, and Dees and Karen took off for the pool. Maureene and Scooter later headed towards the pool too, but before they got there, Maureene saw Dees with his arms around Karen. Both were naked, and Dees had a hardon. Maureen turned around, decided she did not want to go swimming, and steered Scooter away from the pool.
Later that night, Dees and his wife were lying in bed. Karen came into the room, naked except for a towel. She proceeded to climb into bed on Dees’ side. She stayed there for 10 minutes and then left.
This guy is just unbelievable. He wins Creep of the Year Award. I also insist that he’s a pathological narcissist with sociopathic tendencies. That’s redundant, because all pathological narcissists, and many narcissists for that matter, have sociopathic tendencies. I’m hardly an angel, but the way I see it is that Morris Dees is a bad man and a bad human being. That’s leaving aside his outrageous hustle exercise in con artistry called the SPLC.
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