Ralph Peters Advocates Killing War Journalists

Figures. He is affiliated with JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs). This is definitely one of the most evil organizations on Earth. If you want to know who drummed up the Iraq War, look no further than to these maniacs. This place is Neoconservative Central. These are basically rightwing super-Zionist and Cold Warrior Jews with lots of Gentiles, especially former and current US military, sprinkled among them. For instance, Dick Cheney is a member. They have a very subversive program that sends US military officers to Israel in order to more or less tie the US and Israeli militaries together by an umbilical cord. After the tours, the officers usually become strong supporters of the Israelis. One of their journals is called the Journal of International Security Affairs. This where Peters’ screed appeared. Peters has said many a crazy thing in recent years, and he was recently behind a neocon “thought experiment” in which the regime change was accomplished in many Middle Eastern states and states seen as hostile to US and Israeli interests were chopped up into bite-sized chunks.

The borders of the Middle East redrawn by neocon maniac Ralph Peters.
The borders of the Middle East redrawn by neocon maniac Ralph Peters.
The map is a bit difficult to follow. Basically, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria, and Pakistan have all gotten chopped up to one degree or another. A hatchet especially has been taken to supposed US ally Saudi Arabia. Iran has been lopped up good and Pakistan doesn’t have a lot left of it. This map is indicate of the fears of the Pakistani, Syrian, Iranian, Saudi and Turkish states and it shows why they won’t acquiese to separatist movements in their borders. The map actually makes sense in a way, but since it is being drawn up by US imperialism and International Zionism, no country in the region should go along with it. If the place ever settles down, maybe it might make sense. A big problem here is that Saudi Arabia and Iran lost most of their oil and gas fields to something called the Arab Shia State. It will be a cold day in Hell when either country lops off their prime natural resources that their whole economy is based on. Jordan and Yemen gain territory at the expense of the Saudis. New states called Free Baluchistan and Free Kurdistan impinge on Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Azerbaijan grows and takes a bite out of Iran. Gaza is donated to Egypt, who doesn’t want anything to do with it. A Sunni Iraqi state is lopped off, seen as a terrorist entity, and hence denied any real resource base in oil and gas, all of that going either to Free Kurdistan or the Arab Shia State. It’s funny how US imperialism opposes all separatism except when it involves enemies of the US. Then we become separatist advocates. Realpolitik was always the most cynical and disgusting kind of game, with no morals anywhere in sight. Figures Kissinger thought it up. The guy is basically a functioning psychopath. Sublimination is nothing new. Winston Churchill could have been Charles Manson, but for some self-controls. Peters is a former US ,military intelligence officer who served for many years, but he never saw any combat. That doesn’t stop him from calling real vets serving in office “war virgins” for not attacking whoever he thinks they ought to attack today.

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8 thoughts on “Ralph Peters Advocates Killing War Journalists”

  1. I don’t see America going to bat for Baluchistan, nor the share-holders of the territory relinquishing it. Kurdistan is also a fantasy.

  2. I watched that – Manson is certainly in the right place. The relevance is that if he’d advocated killing journalists instead of film stars then he’d be in a different place? He sort of reminds me of Donald Rumsfeld – grow his hair long and give him some acid and he’s pretty much that sort of guy.

    1. I like Manson, but he needs to be locked up. I mean, other than the fact that he is an evil sociopathic mass murderer. I think he’s downright hilarious. Check him out out at 2:35 in the view. What a kick, Daddy-O!
      I’m convinced that the only available dx for this guy is chronic paranoid schizophrenia.

    2. Minis the killing/psychopath/insane cult leader thing, he is actually a pretty cool guy.
      I admire him just in the sense that he was able to bang a lot of hot chicks despite his obvious physical limitations.

  3. This is rather sad to hear that Peters has jumped on the neo-conish band wagon but I guess it figures.
    He wrote a really good novel titled Red Army about the Soviet Union winning WW3.
    Sometimes one wonders if it would have been better if the Soviets had won the Cold War. Soviets were anti-Zionist (arming Arab militaries) and also quasi-Racialist with their ‘Russification’ policies.
    Anyhow Peters has revealed himself and one fears he may call for the killings of Bloggers next! Yikes!

  4. accidentaldissent Peters is a very prolific writer so it is a sure thing that you have heard of him before. He mostly writes on military affairs but also sometimes political issues as well.

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