Anti-Zionist Site Posts Nazi Propaganda

This is the usual “Judeo-Bolshevik”, Jews caused the Holocaust, variety. What’s next? Holocaust Denial? From Palestinestinktank, run by anti-Zionist Jews Gilad Atzmon and Mary Rizzo, with a lot of help from Jordanian Haitham Sabbah. This site is just getting worse and worse and more and more into rank, raw anti-Semitism. Way to go guys! Sooner or later, a vast number of anti-Zionists fall into this stinky anti-Semitic mud puddle. Why, I’m not sure. The behavior of Zionists in Palestine is pretty terrible and their buddies in the West control a lot of the media and a few of the governments. To be an anti-Zionist is to feel very helpless. It’s like you’re fighting a war against space aliens or something. The Palestinians don’t seem to have a chance, and the Zionists hold all the cards. It’s a very frustrating and enraging experience, and I guess the end result for a lot of folks experiencing this kind of frustrated rage is just to go anti-Semite. I can understand it, but adults ought to have more self-control. As for an analysis of the article itself. The article in question is quite good, and in general is not anti-Semitic, except where it echoes the Judeo-Bolshevik, Jews caused WW2, Jews caused the Holocaust crap. That article even outrageously implies that Jews gave Nazis the idea for the Holocaust! The poor innocent Nazis! They never wanted to kill all those people. But they developed their evil Nazi ideology from those wicked Jews! Poor Germans! Poor Hitler! My God. The main premise of the article is simply false. The premise is the typical Nazi and fascist accusation called Judeo-Bolshevism. Hitler set off the Holocaust in the name of this phantom. That is why Hitler tried to kill every single Jew on Earth – because Jews were Communists, and Communism was Jewish. The headquarters of World Communism was in Moscow in the USSR.When you run propaganda echoing the Judeo-Bolshevik line, you wittingly or not serve the interests of Nazi propaganda. I do not know if you know this. I have a policy on my blog that I do not run anti-Semitism. Also, my blog is officially pro-Jewish. I would like to point out that in addition to the Judeo-Bolshevik crap, that article also says Jews caused the  Holodomor. A Holodomor which never even happened. There was no Holodomor. There was no deliberate famine. Almost all scholars now agree on this. Even Robert Conquest, who singlehandedly did more than anyone else to promote the Holodomor lie, now agrees. The article also flirts with another lie. That the JewSSR (this is the lie that the article promotes – a lie called the JewSSR) killed tens of millions of Russian Christians. It is true that Communists killed 1.6 million people in the USSR, if we do not include the war. The overwhelming majority of Russians were Christians. In killing 1.6 million Soviets for whatever reason, it is clear that the overwhelming majority would be Christians. This is like accusing Mao of being a Buddhist-hater or Confucionist-hater for the deaths of millions in China. That the millions killed were Buddhists or  Confucionists is mere historical accident. Communists presided over the famine. Communists caused the deaths of 1.6 million people during peacetime over 32 years. Not Jews. Communists. The Jewish era in the USSR, such that it even existed, was over by 1927. Super-Jews even accuse Stalin of being an anti-Semite. Stalin was a reaction against the Jewish era in the USSR and he instituted a kind of Orthodox Christian very conservative Great Russianism. During the 1930’s, these evil Christian-hating and Christian-murdering Jews killed a very large number of the top Jews in the USSR. Funny how evil Jews even kill their own kind. Surely there was some evil Gentile-hating and Christian-hating conspiracy behind the self-immolation of those Judeo-Bolsheviks in 1937! This is a classic degeneration. Almost all anti-Zionists degenerate into this gutter European anti-Semitism at some point or another. Almost all of them either start echoing Nazi propaganda, or defend Nazis, or blame Jews for starting the war or setting off the Judeocide against themselves. Almost all of them at some point start flirting with some species of Holocaust Denial. Gilad Atzmon is an intellectual anti-Semite, and he and Mary have been flirting with anti-Semitism and fascist terminology, apparently ignorantly or unwittingly, for some time now. I do not know why they are doing this. Atzmon’s anti-Semitism gets worse by the year. Gilad is not a Nazi. Certainly Mary is not. I guess Haitham is not. But the whole Judeo-Bolshevik line, which this piece promotes, is anti-Semitic, and it does echo Nazi propaganda, whether they want to believe it or not. These people are just foolish. They are running anti-Semitism, promoting the most rank kind of anti-Semitism and in fact knowingly or not, fascist and even Nazi propaganda. I realize that they do not know what they are doing, but it’s still just wrong. These people are just idiots. Irresponsible idiots. What do they think they are doing?

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62 thoughts on “Anti-Zionist Site Posts Nazi Propaganda”

  1. Well Robert, so much for accuracy!
    Haitham Sabbah is far from being a Jordanian. He is a Palestinian from Tulkarem.
    Looks like you got your “stink tank” quote directly from Tony Greenstein, who believes this is a correct way to label the site, because he doesn’t like the fact that 80% of the content is made by Arabs, and the entire site does not give a blanket condemnation to Islamic groups as most of the rest of the Jewish Anti-Zionist sites feel obligated to do, comparing Hamas, for instance, to the Talibans.
    The article in question, simply because it is a study of a segment in Ukrainian history that does not shine a brilliant light on Jews, is not necessarily anti-Semitic. In fact, just saying, “this is against Bolsheviks, this is critical to Jews” is indeed a knee-jerk reaction that actually is more damaging to Jews (however you want to consider them) than not.
    It is a common problem that rather than debate or provide counter-evidence of a document, one shouts “anti-semitism!” Ask yourself why people are afraid of historical investigation? It would be a good question to ask.
    None of us, Haitham, Gilad, or I, have any racism or anti-semitism. In fact, we are only in favour of equal rights for all, for open discourse, for the chance for all opinions to be discussed and if they are contested, they should be on a hermeneutic, scientific, philosophical or legal basis.
    Since you have written this smear piece, the onus of demonstrating that the piece printed is “rank, raw anti-semitism”. Lack of doing so only demonstrates that you are good at slinging mud, and totally inept at any reasoning capabilities.
    Good luck and awaiting your analysis of the piece.

    1. Most of the piece is actually pretty good for the most part, but I do take exception to the Judeo-Bolshevik line. Your site is just getting worse and worse and so is Gilad. Same with Haitham. More and more descending into the most disgusting rank European anti-Semitism. What does European anti-Semitism have to do with the Palestinians.
      And why doesn’t Gilad quit saying “Judeo-Bolshevik?” I assume you are going to start talking like this soon yourself, Mary? For Chrissake, get a grip, Jesus.
      As far as Gilad, he is not personally an anti-Semite, but he’s been publishing anti-Semitism for some time now, and he seems to be getting worse and worse by the year.
      When does the Holocaust Denial start up, or are you already delving into this?
      BTW, what the Hell do “Judeo-Bolsheviks” have to do with the Palestinians?
      Why don’t you tell Gilad to quit talking about “Judeo-Bolsheviks?” He sounds like a Goddamn Nazi every time he says it? You deny that this is Nazi terminology?
      You know full well that the Holocaust was committed by the Nazis and their supporters outside of Germany to destroy once and for all something called “Judeo-Bolshevism.” Thx for giving credit to that wonderful line of thinking!
      I can’t stand Tony Greenstein, but I’m beginning to think he was onto something. I made up Palestinestinktank right on the spot, and I’m sorry that that jerk said it first.
      Pick yourself up out of gutter for Chrissake Mary. What do you think you are doing? Step back and look at yourself for once.

  2. RL: Most of the piece is actually pretty good for the most part, but I do take exception to the Judeo-Bolshevik line.
    MR: oh… so now it’s actually pretty good… it’s one line that you have trouble with, and if this is the case, demonstrate (your onus) that there is something false, wrong, historically inaccurate, etc., with it. “How it sounds” is not good enough. An intelligent person, (are you one??) would know that this is the minimum for political debate and if you don’t come up with the accurate correction, then you are just knee-jerking.
    RL:Your site is just getting worse and worse and so is Gilad. Same with Haitham.
    MR: Oh, that so? Come out with actual material rather than smears.
    RL: More and more descending into the most disgusting rank European anti-Semitism.
    MR: Such as???
    RL: What does European anti-Semitism have to do with the Palestinians.
    MR: Obviously, since the Jewish State claims it is a safe haven for Jews against Anti-Semitism and since it is impossible to have a legitimate discourse which is able to bring all the information on the table so that people are able to know history, rights, events, even the excuses given to justify imperialism, anything having to do with the issues is open for examination because Jews claimed Arab Palestine as their own. Even debating Zionism is considered as anti-semitic, even looking at historical events is considered anti-semitic by people like you who probably don’t even have the ability to counter the argument but think you score points in some way by making a moral judgement.
    RL: And why doesn’t Gilad quit saying “Judeo-Bolshevik?”
    MR: How often does he use this? why does it disturb you so? What is the real problem there?
    RL: I assume you are going to start talking like this soon yourself, Mary? For Chrissake, get a grip, Jesus.
    MR: What gives you any basis to assume anything. You either comment on the actual texts I produce, or you get a grip, you accusatory fool.
    RL: As far as Gilad, he is not personally an anti-Semite, but he’s been publishing anti-Semitism for some time now, and he seems to be getting worse and worse by the year.
    MR: Does this make sense? What anti-semitism has he published? Come out with it.
    RL:When does the Holocaust Denial start up, or are you already delving into this?
    MR: You should edit this out, but I think you are a fucking idiot and fool to even say such a thing, what “rank idiocy” and knee-jerk insulting.
    RL: BTW, what the Hell do “Judeo-Bolsheviks” have to do with the Palestinians?
    MR: your obsession, not the obsession of anyone on PTT.
    RL: Why don’t you tell Gilad to quit talking about “Judeo-Bolsheviks?” He sounds like a Goddamn Nazi every time he says it? You deny that this is Nazi terminology?
    MR: I don’t tell him to do anything. He is a free man and doesn’t need anyone directing his way of speaking or thinking. I don’t know what kind of terminology it is, and frankly, I don’t give a damn. If there was some kind of historical reason for it, (I’m not a specialist) I’m not going to put pressure on anyone to alter their language because I have no reason to do so.
    RL: You know full well that the Holocaust was committed by the Nazis and their supporters outside of Germany to destroy once and for all something called “Judeo-Bolshevism.” Thx for giving credit to that wonderful line of thinking!
    MR: I know more about the Holocaust than you do, having translated over 2000 pages of the site of the Italian ex-deportees. The Americans wanted to destroy the Bolsheviks just as much. Try to think about it.
    RL: I can’t stand Tony Greenstein, but I’m beginning to think he was onto something. I made up Palestinestinktank right on the spot, and I’m sorry that that jerk said it first.
    MR: on to something? Good for you! The man has every sort of inaccuracy, just like you, and just like you, is hesitant to correct it!
    RL: Pick yourself up out of gutter for Chrissake Mary. What do you think you are doing? Step back and look at yourself for once.
    MR: Take a hike. If you can’t come out with the arguments asked for in the first post, all of your entire smear post is null and void. Time to act like an adult.

    1. My oh my oh my. You are a hot-blooded Latin, aren’t you? I feel sorry for your husband. What do you do when you get mad? Throw crockery?
      I have updated my critique of that horrid piece you wrote. It’s online and you are welcome to look it over.
      Mary, you have sinned and shamed yourself.
      To Gilad, there is no imperialism. Imperialism is not the problem. Instead of imperialism, the problem with the world stem from some phantom thing called “Jewish power.” You’ve been going along with this shameful analysis for years now and it’s time you got your ass called out on it. Which I’m doing now.

    2. This is a reply to RL’s reply, after he kept urging me to keep participating, (need readers?).
      He has to learn a few basic journalism things: 1) that if he has a problem with a piece, he debates the piece and comes up with counter evidence that is verifiable. So far, have not seen any of that. 2) He has to consider who the author is, and in this case, it’s not Gilad, Haitham or Mary. 3) He makes an inflammatory post, right from the title, and then calls a response to it “flaming”. This is a lack of understanding of defamation, a quite serious thing to do. Rather than address some of the content of the points challenged to him, he rewrites the post, with some little doubts shoved in, but still, his judgement reigns supreme… thinking this absolves him of the original smears. It doesn’t, because then in his comments, starts in with racist and sexist innuendos, as if being Latin makes one “irrational” and “hot” in the face of defamatory speech. But there is not much to expect from someone who uses this line of reasoning, and to get so heated up over an article from 2007 is indeed quite an achievement. This from the man (Robert) who is a fan of Kevin McDonald.
      Now, I’ve seen the comments here, and find the insult towards Haitham totally out of line and defamatory to the hilt. Haitham is one of the least racist human beings I have ever encountered, and forgiveness and tolerance comes naturally to him. He was the first Arab blogger to attempt to build bridges with Israeli bloggers. Actually, the rest of us warned him about the dangers of this, and not much time passed before the Israeli blogger laid her cards on the table and it was clear she was using him as her “Palestinian friend” so that she could give Zionism a human face. This is not to say all Israelis are into using people if they befriend them, look at the quantity of Israelis who write for and comment on PTT, quite a few. But we take people on their actions, not on what they claim to be. Someone assuming Haitham is racist and anti-semitic for the genocide committed against his people would be logical, in some people’s minds. But they obviously don’t know Haitham and are influenced by their own racism. Haitham is religious and his religion prevents him from acting in a racist way and it encourages him to seek justice and peace. He has only ever shown great tolerance and humanity to everyone I have ever seen him engage with. To insult him is unacceptable.
      Now. Robert, look at the level of YOUR commenters and then come and call us names. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  3. Mary, with all due respect for the courage of you and the rest of the Palestine think-tank team: ‘European anti-semitism’ often had justification. You acknowledge that, which puts you head and shoulders above the rest of the left. But there are good reasons and bad reasons. ‘Christ-killers’ is a bad reason. And the sites of far-right conspiracy theorists abound in bad reasons – accusations that have no evidence to support them. These false accusations against organised jewry just ‘cry wolf’ because they’re easily disproved, but by association discredit the ‘good reasons’ – the verifiable facts about the ethnocentric and illegal behaviour of jewish elites (which IS a big factor in the Palestine question), a subject which is beyond the pale to most of the self-styled left. There is, on the subject of Soviet Russia, a convenient alignment of the far-right neo-nazi loonies with the propaganda needs of the far-right US establishment on some issues: relevant to the issue in hand are the question of the number of Russians killed by the bolsheviks, and the question of the deliberateness of the Ukrainian famine. In the last week or two I got an email from Sabbah’s blog which contained a piece ( I don’t know if it showed up in the think tank too) by an Arab writer who claimed that ‘jew bolsheviks’ had exterminated 140 million Christian Russians,and that’s BEFORE WWII! . This is laughable stuff (who was left to fight the nazis?), but apart from the ‘jew’ element, it’s not uncommon to find figures like this slipped into the mainstream media to discredit any notions of fighting for a better world. The ‘black book of communism’, mentioned in the ‘holodomor and holocaust’ piece is another example of this propaganda. So too is the ‘ Holodomor’. These are NOT facts; I’ve already posted some links on the Think Tank thread to up-to-date scholarship on these matters. Unfortunately, this stuff is quite often promoted by Trotskyists too (excluding the jewish element of course), which raises big questions about their scruples, or even their true aims.
    ‘Judeo-bolshevik’ is even more problematic – should be used with extreme caution, with a very limited reference. I disagree with Robert Lindsay this far: that it’s not necessary to be a nazi to be suspicious of the undoubted disproportionate jewish contingent amongst the bolsheviks, but the contention that the bolshevik revolution was a jewish coup has not so far been supported by much solid evidence. So it’s best to give this topic a wide berth, since it risks lumping you together with the loony nazi right who claim the jews are guilty of everything ever.
    I think it’s brave of Gilad and Mary to discuss the possibility of locating zionism in a broader pattern of jewish behaviour, especially when almost the entire ‘left’ ( with the exception of James Petras) is trying to pretend that zionism has nothing to do with jews; but I assume Mary and Gilad want to persuade others to their point of view, to take them seriously – this isn’t the way to do it!

    1. Ok I agree with LS here.
      I do not think that Gilad or Mary are Nazis. But Gilad especially has been flirting with fascist and even Nazi propaganda for some time now. Gilad does this because he is an anti-Semite, and he is furious at his fellow Jews. Mary goes along because she is angry, and she is an ignoramus.
      Judeo-Bolshevik is simply a Nazi lie. It was in the name of this lie that the Holocaust occurred. When you perpetuate this lie, knowingly or not, you echo Nazi propaganda.
      It is Haitham who is running a lot of this BS, I can see that. It is horrible that he is running crap by Arabs saying that “Jew Bolsheviks” killed 140 million Russian Christians. Arabs have been sweltering in some vicious anti-Semitism for a long time now, and I guess it is getting under Haitham’s skin.
      Whose site is Palestinestinktank anyway? Who runs it? Mary? Haitham? Gilad? If I were Mary, I would just distance myself from the anti-Semitic, pro-fascist and pro-Nazi nonsense on there. That’s all there is to it. Then you off the hook.

  4. Ok, I read this at your invitation Robert, and I don’t think it’s good enough or stands on its own at all as piece of critical analysis, something you are extremely good at in general.
    I did a similar thing on palestinethinktank back in April 2009 (on the thread All my interventions are on there), making generalised allegations that I could not back up, and I made an idiot of myself because I did not know who David Aaronovitch was.
    He was somehow off my radar. I had never read the Harry’s Place blog, to which I believe he contributes.
    I ended by retracting my allegations after reading Roy Ratcliffe’s – ” Case of Gilad Atzmon and those who want him boycotted” (, parts One and Two). So I suggest you start there, and if you disagree with Ratcliffe, go back to textual analysis of the article or articles on palestinethinktank that offend you, and then you will have a constructive contribtion to make in your deconstruction of the offending material.
    You are very well informed about the history of the Terror, Holomodor and the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, and therefore you have an opportunity to correct the genuine historical errors in Haitam Sabbah’s article.
    I agree with you about Gilad’s use of the term “judaeo-bolshevik” and I have said so myself. However, borrowing Nazi terminology, while foolish and inadvisable, does not make Gilad Atzmon a Nazi. He is far from that in my opinion, and I am quite certain that despite his problematic use of terminology, his intention is humanitarian.
    I’ve met the guy. He is fiercely critical of the exclusionary nature of Jewish identity, and of course fascist white supremacists like David Duke love his stuff, but guilt by association, of the sort that Tony Greenstein and Sue Blackwell practice, is not but in itself proof that Gilad is prepared to join the Blackshirts and use a Hitler salute.
    You are at the moment being self-contradictory and reactive, as Mary points out.. This is a pity because you have an extremely sharp critical intellect and a nose for propaganda, but it is not in evidence in the above post. To be fair, I have not read carefully the article in question yet. I tried mud slinging at Gilad myself. It does not work, and he was pretty pissed off with me.
    Palestinethinktank appear to welcome critical reflective debate in general, but it has to be evidence based.
    Either engage critically with these people on palestinethinktank, or ignore them, that’s my suggestion to you.

    1. I already updated the piece with a more in depth critique of the article in question. The article is quite good, except in its central premise – which is Judeo-Bolshevism and ultimately, Jews caused the Holodomor and murdered 10 million (!) Ukrainian Christians. In other words, Jews killed Christians. Jews killed Jesus. Get it?
      I really think Haitham is behind a lot of this BS. He’s an ignoramus and he doesn’t know what he’s doing. As a Palestinian, of course he’s an anti-Semite. Who could blame him. But the others have less of an excuse. Mary is an Italian. What did the Jews do to Italy?
      I don’t think Gilad is a Nazi, but he flirts with Nazi and fascist memes and propaganda. Why he does this, I have no idea. And Mary who ought to know batter backs him to the hilt. These people simply do not understand what they are doing.

  5. I like the term Judeo-Bolshevik. There is no dispute that Jews were in full control of the Ukrainian NKVD, or that the NKVD slaughtered millions of Ukrainians, or that for the past 1000 years Jews subjugated Ukrainians peasants, either as pre Judacized Khazars, who demanded tribute upon pain of death, or under an arrenda system, which had Jews manage the vast Ukrainian estates of absentee Polish landlords.
    Read the Statute of Kalisz which served as the basis for the legal position of Jews in Poland and the Ukraine from it’s inception in 1264. The statue was re-ratified on numerous occasions over the ensuing centuries.
    1. … If any Christian should accuse any of the Jews in any matter whatsoever, even a criminal matter, he shall not be admitted to testimony except with two good Christians and also with two good Jews…
    2. … If any Christian shall sue a Jew, asserting that he has pawned securities with him, and the Jew denies it, then if the Christian refuses to accept the simple word of the Jew, the Jew by taking oath must be free of the Christian.
    7. … If a Jew and a Christian fighting with each other engage in hitting or wounding, then neither the judge of the city, nor the consuls, nor even anybody else, but only the palatine of the Jews or his surrogate shall judge them, and the place of the trial shall be with the Jews…
    12. … If a Christian gets into an argument with a Jew in any way, and if that Christian wounds the Jew with a bloody or livid wound … then the Christian … must and shall be required to give to that Jew five marks for a blow to the jaw by any finger, ten marks for a livid wound, but for a bloody wound half of his possessions both movable and immovable to the aforesaid Jew…
    13. … If… any Christian kills one of the Jews … then (he) … must be punished with the imposition of death, a head for a head, and it is not to be done otherwise in this matter.
    16. … If any of the Jews enters into the home of any Christian, none of the Christian people must offer him any impediment, physical inconvenience, or annoyance.
    20. … Wherever the Jews have an inn in any city or town of our realm, they may slaughter sheep and cattle for meats for their own use, and if any meats should be displeasing to them according to their custom and will, then they may sell these in whatever way they are better able or seems good to them.
    22. … If any of the Christians rashly and presumptuously jeers at their synagogues, such a Christian shall be required to pay and must pay to our palatine their guardian two talents of pepper as punishment.
    29. … If any of the Christians, not observing or heeding our statutes, should violently enter into the home of the Jew seeking whatever property of his own… that Christian must be judged as a bandit and robber.
    30. … No Christian may summon any Jew into the ecclesiastical court in any way whatsoever, or for whatever property or summons he be summoned, nor shall the Jew make answer before the judge in the ecclesiastical court, but the Jew shall appear before his palatine appointed for that term, and furthermore the aforesaid palatine, along with our governor for that term, shall be required to defend and protect that Jew, and prohibit his responding to the summons of the ecclesiastical court.
    39. … If any Jew is to be prosecuted by any Christian alleging that the Jews of necessity annual use the blood of Christians or the sacraments of the Church of the Christians, concerning which the statues and constitutions of Pope Innocent teach us that in such matters they are not culpable, since this is against their own law; and if despite this any Christian… accuses any Jew of such things, then… he must prove it with three good propertied Jews in our realm… and… four Christians… If by such testimony the Christian proves (his case) against the Jew, then the Jew shall be deserving of death and must be punished with it; and whenever the Christian does not adduce such testimony, and is not able to prevail against the Jew, then he alone is to be condemned…
    Ever since Ezra found Judeans living in harmony with the Samaritans, Judaism has demanded that it’s adherents hate their neighbors. Organized Jewry hates everyone. Slavs in particular. What many of them did during the 20’s and the 30’s was heinous. They deserve not only opprobrium and shame, but the fundamental destructive evil of Judaism and it’s genocidal deity need to be drug into the sanitizing light of the sun.
    Judaism in no wise has my best interests at heart, so any smear innuendo or lie that fosters the perception that God of Jacob hates everybody but Jacob is suitable for exploitation. Jewish hate literature cannot be clearer. “Jacob I loved, and Esau I hated”. The great unwashed need a little help sometimes and the term “Judeo-Bolshevik” makes things a little clearer.

  6. I like the term Judeo-Bolshevik.
    Of course you do, you are an anti-Semite.
    There is no dispute that Jews were in full control of the Ukrainian NKVD, or that the NKVD slaughtered millions of Ukrainians
    Actually both are wrong. There was a famine, a natural event. It’s true that 400,000 Ukrainians were killed during the collectivization period, but it’s not millions. Stalin gave the orders for such thing. Not Jews.
    Those people were killed because they were resisting collectivization, setting their crops on fire, killing their livestock. They destroyed 50% of the livestock in the USSR and much of the grain crop. They were not killed because they were peasants, or because they were Ukrainians. Anyway, the Ukrainians were trying to starve the whole country.
    The problem with the lie that Jews killed millions in the USSR under the banner of Judaism is that even those Jews in the USSR (and there were some) were radical atheists entirely free of Judaism and even hostile to it.

    1. True I do not like Judaism, but I find the label anti-Semitic too confining. It trivializes my other dislikes and elevates the status of Jewry, as if it were my only dislike.
      I asserted that the Ukrainian NKVD was run by Jews. I did not just make this up to fit my argument. Yuri Slezkine calls Jews “Stalin’s willing executioners”, and does a good job documenting Jewish control of the NKVD.
      The Ukrainian famine was not natural. It was a deliberate attempt to destroy Ukrainian nationalism. Ukrainians and Cossacks have not always been content to hew wood and carry water for Jews and have periodically rebelled. The Holdomor can best be viewed as an installment plan for Judaic revenge.
      Solzhenitsyn illuminates the anti-Slavic nature of the Judeo-Bolshevik revolution. The prison house of nations turned on the warden. After it all shook out few Slavs were in positions of power.
      Your position that Stalin was responsible for Holdomor, rather then Jews is analogous to saying that Xerxes is responsible for killing the tens of thousands of Agagites, which Jews so fondly remember during Purim. Both Stalin and Xerxes had bloodthirsty Jewish harlots whispering in there ears.
      The central tenant of Judaism is that God is pissed. If Jews do not scrupulously follow every aspect of his laws, then God is going to use Gentiles as a “rod of chastisement” to stomp Jewish asses into the ground. However if Jews do everything that they are supposed to then God is going to stomp the Gentiles asses into the ground, and Jews can have all there stuff. The Judeo-Bolshevik power grab is an example of the latter.
      Judaism is a despicable hate filled religion, which should best be extirpated from the face of this earth, and any of it’s devotees should be made to explain, why they are such assholes.

  7. Of course you do, you are an anti-Semite.

    There is nothing wrong with that. The fact that the Gentile is anti-Semitic is a good sign that he has very solid control over his faculties. It is philosemitism (love of Jews) is that is evidence of pathology. The Gentile who protects Jews fails to see that his efforts are seldom reciprocated. The latter even goes so far to as hurt the former, and often has no qualms when doing so. This relationship is similar to that of a prostitute and her pimp. But despite all this, the Gentile continues to behave as before…

  8. What a pleasant surprise! This is brilliant back and forth.
    “So too is the ‘ Holodomor’. These are NOT facts; I’ve already posted some links on the Think Tank thread to up-to-date scholarship on these matters. Unfortunately, this stuff is quite often promoted by Trotskyists too (excluding the jewish element of course), which raises big questions about their scruples, or even their true aims.”
    Mr. Sennacherib, could you do for us what Paul Grenville did and hyperlink to your comments on Holdomor propaganda at Palestine Think Tank to save search time?
    Mr. Cursed, if the term “Judeo-Bolshevik” was good enough for Archbishop Valerian Trifa, founder of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate in America than it’s good enough for me, too.

  9. The Ukrainian famine was indeed mostly natural. It was not a man-made famine. The only thing that was unnatural about it was the Ukrainians who killed 1/2 the livestock in the country and much of the grain crop. This is now the consensus view on the Ukrainian famine. Even Robert Conquest says there was no Holodomor, and he was the one who promoted the idea more than anyone else.
    What happened that year was that the harvest simply failed. That’s called a famine harvest. There was no bumper crop that was confiscated by authorities to starve the people. This is a lie made up by the Nazis and their buddies in the German NDSWP and by the Nazi Randolph Hearst.
    As for Solzhenitsyn, he is a fascist. I’m a Commie. I don’t like fascists. They kill me and mine. They are my deadly enemies.
    The notion that the Jews took over the USSR in order to steal all the wealth of Russian Christian peasants and rule over them as wealthy masters is particularly perverse. It was a Communist system, and wealth was particularly equally distributed, especially under Stalin. If the Jews wanted to fleece the peasants and strip them bare of their stuff to get rich, they should have been capitalists.

  10. “The notion that the Jews took over the USSR in order to steal all the wealth of Russian Christian peasants and rule over them as wealthy masters is particularly perverse.”
    It might be perverse, but it’s family tradition. The God of Jacob likes swindlers, liars, and thieves.
    Jewish hate literature freely admits that Jacob stole Esau’s rightful inheritance, and used lies to accomplish this theft. So it is clearly established that Jews have lied and have stolen inheritances.
    To dismiss Solzhenitsyn as an insufferable fascist, forecloses to you one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. I think it is your loss. According to him gentile intellectuals were not well received. The fact that he never could get a book he wrote about Jews published, gives testimony to his beliefs.

    1. You can get a portion of his book, Two Hundred Years Together here. I am hoping a full English version will be available soon. Like Henry Ford, he helps us to understand how Jews destroy Gentile nations.

  11. The notion that the Jews took over the USSR in order to steal all the wealth of Russian Christian peasants and rule over them as wealthy masters is particularly perverse.

    I don’t remember all the details from my reading, but from if I’m correct, the problems started in Russia when the Jews moved into the Pale of the Settlement. The Jews took control of the vodka industry and instituted usury on the peasant class. Eventually, the effects of vodka and being in internal debt made the Jews a serious problem for Russia. Laws on the vodka dealers were then passed to counteract this.
    So as you can see, Jews are often the subversive elements in the nations they reside in. The Jew needs the Gentile, but the Gentile does not need the Jew. Any nation that manages to expel its Jews can recover from the damage they inflict. Nations that are unable to expel its Jews are eventually destroyed, and the Jews then move on to another one. This kind of relationship is best described by the concept of parasitism, with the Gentile being the host and the Jew being the parasite.

    1. Actually Jews were confined to the Pale of Settlement after the a Cossack named Khmelnytsky, claimed that a Jew tricked him out of his land and his wife.
      Eight hundred years ago Poland was the largest country in Europe. Polish nobility like to play, and in order to maintain there lavish lifestyle, they rented out vast estates they acquired in the Ukraine. The estates went to the highest bidder and the term was for three years. They were known by the Latin name arrendas which means rent. Other then ecclesiastical estates as well as the kings estates, which were required by law to be operated by a Christian, nearly all of the Ukrainian estates were managed by Jews.
      Given that arrendas were auctioned off every three years, there was no incentive to improve the life of the peasants, who where tied to the land. Ukrainian, mills, bridges estates, even churches where auctioned off, and Jews held the power of life and death over there captive populations. Finally in 1648 the Cossacks who had long ago won the right to be freemen had had enough. When they revolted Poland imploded, and ceased to exist. Prussia, Sweden and Russia gobbled up choice bits of real estate, but none of them wanted any Jews. This is how Jews got confined to the pale of settlements.
      It is true that Jews were the main players in the commodities markets, and did in fact fluctuate the allocation of grain between bread and vodka. Alternately one would be scarce and the other plentiful, but this is not where Jews learned to peddle vice. Abraham is the worlds first documented pimp. He pimped out Sarah to the Pharaoh. Interestingly the first documented words out of a Jews mouth were Abraham’s injunction to lie in order to gain influence. Am I supposed to believe that this nation of hucksters has either stopped lying, or stopped hating Cossacks and Slavs?
      It is sad what happened to the Don Cossacks after the war. Even though an English officer gave his “word as an officer and a Gentlemen” that they would not be repatriated. I guess the Holdomor did not sate the desire for Judaic revenge.

  12. There was a famine, a natural event. RL
    heg: Robert, you are so plain stupid! Ukraine is a breadbasket. Ukraine is like Denmark they alone could feed like half west Europe. Only a totally retarded mongrel can say that a country that have a surplus that can feed like five times the pop in Ukraina should have a famine.
    There has never been a famine in U before or after the judeo communist left U alone. The famine was man made and it was made by bloodthirsty jew communists. Period
    There is not and have never ever existed anything even close to – naturel famine – in Ukraine. Period

  13. whodareswings – here are the links I posted on the Palestine Think Tank thread:
    … As to ‘the Black Book of Communism’: I can’t recommend highly enough reading the essay ‘Millenium Greetings’ in Noam Chomsky’s 2000 book ‘ Rogue States’. And, worth noting again, Michael Parenti’s ‘Blackshirts and Reds’ is THE book for a perspective on the 20th century
    The best authorities currently reject the attribution of intentionality re the famine. See Mark Tauger’s
    ‘the Carl Beck papers ‘, here:
    and read the reviews of Davies and Wheatcroft’s ‘ The Years of Hunger: Soviet Agriculture, 1931-1933 (The Industrialization of Soviet Russia)’ (Hardcover) at:
    On ‘Stalin’s Terror’ the state of the art research is in ‘ The Road to Terror: Stalin and the Self-Destruction of the Bolsheviks, 1932-1939 (Annals of Communism Series) by Oleg V. Naumov, and Benjamin Sher J. Arch Getty (Hardcover – 1 Jan 1999)’ I notice this is currently unavailable, which is weird – maybe a new edition is in the offing.
    You can read the first page of * ‘Victims of the Soviet Penal System in the Prewar Years: A First Approach on the Basis of Archival Evidence,’ (with Gаbor T. Rittersporn, and V. N. Zemskov), American Historical Review, 98:4, Oct. 1993 here:
    The whole thing used to be available free, but now it’s subscription only.

  14. “Mary is an Italian. What did the Jews do to Italy”\
    The priests of Yahweh didn’t want to toil in the fields, so they horned in on the guys peddling Marduk and Baal. They cajoled their followers, alternately by scaring the shit out of them and, promises of war booty. It was working pretty nicely for them till the Romans showed up, and started kicking ass, and sacking towns.
    Jews have always been plucky, and never take an ass whooping lying down. Rome was probably Judaisms greatest struggle. In the end the citizens of Rome, abandoned their own beliefs and adopted the heroes of the Tribe of Judah instead.
    Roman commentators of the time have nothing nice to say about Jews, or early Christians who were at first indistinguishable from Jews. A huckster named Paul synthesized Judaism with indigenous Latin Gnosticism, and out popped early Christianity.
    No less then Gibbons blames Christianity for the fall of Rome. It’s highly probable that Christians did light the fire that Nero accompanied with his fiddle. Romans had to ban the reading of purim, because it worked both Christian and Jews into a state of violence.
    Some might think that Jews said ” and a good riddance to you” when the Romans burned Jerusalem, but I suspect that this is an early example of waging war through deception.
    I don’t blame Jews for the Vandals, although a good case can be made against them for their association with the Huns given that the Khazars were the Huns go to tribe. I do, however, blame Jews for engaging in seditious activities intended to corrupt the body politic and weaken the cohesion of the Roman state, which in the end this was a worse scourge the then either the Vandals or the Huns.
    “waging war by deception”.

  15. Anyway, the Ukrainians were trying to starve the whole country.
    The problem with the lie that Jews killed millions in the USSR under the banner of Judaism is that even those Jews in the USSR (and there were some) were radical atheists entirely free of Judaism and even hostile to it. RL
    heg: First there was a – Natural famine – in U and then those Us starving to death tried to starv the whole Sovjet.
    l don’t want to waste my time on this fucking bullshit Robert is spewing here.
    l have studied communism for like 30 years and l asked myself one Q: What is communism relly? lt toke me 28 years to find the answer. Some six years ago l decided that l was going to write a whole book in one sentence, top ten word. lt took me four years and here is my book:
    Communism is judaism.
    Judaism is about one thing and one thing only: Controlling the state. This is what every criminal lying jew do all his sorry life, thinking about how the jews can take control of the state, with out the stupid goyim understanding that the jews controls the state. Once the jews controls the state the jews can do whatever they want.
    The jews controlled the secret police in Sovjet and by that they controlled the state in Sovjet. Stalin was just a puppet al the same as FDR, Bush and Nobama is. All we hear all the time is that Stalin did this and Stalin did that. Stalin was a just like Nobama, a fucking nobody that the jews chose as their frontman.
    History repeats it self all over. Who are in charge of the secret police in America, DHS Dep. of Homeland Security? Ohhh … the jews.
    How do you surpass the old goyim secret police? You make a new secret police, jews write the laws that direct the new secret police, tell the stupid goyim that this new secret police takes precedence of all previouse secret police and put jews on all key positions. The jews did that in Sovjet 1917 and they do the same scam in America 2oo9. All done under the bogus false flag op 9-11 and War on Terror.
    Jews in the USSR (and there were some) were radical atheists entirely free of Judaism and even hostile to it. RL
    According to the jews own census the jews was some 8-10 percent of the pop. According to jewish sources some 33 percent of all jews was employed by the state. To state that “there were some” is to say about the american state today – there are some but they “just happend” to be of jewish heritage.
    Do you know how a jew can come from nowhere in a ghetto in Jewistan (israel), goto Ben Gurion airport and take a plane to Washington DC and be Cheif of Staff for White House and decide who and who NOT will meet americas “president” NoBananas?
    The jew Rahm “Rahmbo” Emanuel did that.
    l know and l can explain how this one jew did it and in great detail – but can you?
    Let Robert explain how one jew did that, Do you know what? To Robert he “just happends” to be a jew, or of jewish heritage. Just as all jews on key positions in Sovjet “just happend” to be jews or of jewish heritage.
    There are six million jews in America, two percent of 300 million and jews “just happends” to have all key positions in NoBanas admi. YEAH RIGHT…
    Communism, Zionism and PC-shit for brain are all jewish frauds and the ONLY purpose of these jewish frauds is to get the most stupid goyim to help the jews take over and controlling the state. The jews want one thing and one thing only: To control the state. Once the jews control the state the jews can do anything they want. Like creating a new secret police and write any laws they want.
    The very first law the jews wrote once they took over the state in Sovjet was death penalty to anyone resisting the jews to take control of the state.
    Of course Robert and all the other dimwit goyim communist don’t understand a word of what l’m telling here because they think that if they scribble, scribble and scribble that they are “intellectuals”.
    There is a book: Intellectual morons.
    The jewish fraud is for “Intellectual Morons”. A pissant can understand what communism is: Either you are with us or against us!
    What did Bush say to the world on the fraud War on Terror? Either you are with us or you are against us!
    Communism or Zionism dosen’t matter, what the jews do is that they divide every single issue into a Either you are whit us or against us!
    The jews knows what they want and that is why the jews can and do force all people to take side. Class warfare or War on terror is just the same jewish scam.
    This is how the jew mafia controls the world: They force every single person to take a stand.

  16. Wow, this topic really brings them out! This thread is a neat illustration of why the Palestine solidarity movement should steer clear of this topic.
    We’ve got our work cut out to wake people up to the reality of what jews are doing just now – e.g. how many people realise that Obama’s (‘Nobanana’ – nice one, Heg) administration is composed entirely of jews. Try mentioning this on a Trot blog : ” I’m not interested in the make-up of the ruling class…”; ” I’m not interested in tinkering with the system…”; ” how would bringing down one ethnic group be an advance towards socialism?” This last one’s a beauty; try saying you oppose affirmative action and they’d send a lynch-mob of anti-nazis after you, but THEY oppose affirmative action if it affects jews – of course, they’ll bar you from the blog rather than discuss it. Vladimir Ilyich Seymour even said to me once (roughly) ” the group I’d like to see brought down is the WASPs…” How often have you heard that jews are marginal and powerless – like 30 to 50% of all rich lists? Or that they don’t have anything to do with banking anymore – while Nobananas has just committed the entire USA population to servitude to Goldman Sachs for generations to come?
    I think the real debate is whether the jews are a disporportionate part of the ruling class or effectively ARE the ruling class now. And does it matter? If we’re committed to the overthrow of the ruling class per se, does the ethnic make-up of the ruling class matter? To this extent, I agree with Gilad Atzmon that Marxist ideas of class war aren’t everything – class consciousness is essential, but there are other forces at play. Scientific materialism isn’t scientific if it ignores facts that don’t fit the model – you should adjust the model not the facts. There is something going on which is beyond the mechanical model of capitalism (especially with fractional reserve banking) vacuuming all the world’s wealth into fewer and fewer hands; this arises from the fact that international finance was from its inception a ‘family business’ and has always added a preference for its own ethnic group to the preference for profit. Since the house can’t lose, this means wealth AND power accruing to one ethnic group?
    So – does it matter? Is what they’re doing to the Palestinians what they’ll do to us eventually? Is this the lesson proponents of the ‘judeo-bolshevism’ theory draw from the supposed massacres of Christian Russians by jew bolsheviks? Or, as Robert Lindsay sometimes seems to be saying, are we better off under the benign rule of the jews because they’re the most liberal and enlightened of ethnic groups?
    NO – the answer is that what the jews are doing is NOT DEMOCRATIC AND NOT LEGAL! If you can organise the perfect workers socialist revolution let us know about it, but in the meantime I’m interested in trying to make our democracy work, see that laws are enforced equably and so on. There is NO WAY that the percentages of jews in the rich lists, the banks, administration and government can have happened without serious illegal racist conspiracy, bribery, blackmail, you name it… Do you really think that there’s some distinction between the rich US jews and zionism? It’s their second country, their private intelligence service which has access to ALL US telecommunications, and their own stockpile of nukes. Like I said, capitalism or no capitalism, we wouldn’t put up with this from the Italian mafia…
    Here’s a quote from an otherwise excellent article on ZNet the other day. ” Jews Are Not an Equity-Seeking Group: How Myths about Anti-Semitism Distort Human Rights in Our Schools and Universities ” May 30, 2009 By Jason Kunin
    I really recommend reading the rest of this excellent article, but the following paragraphs are a perfect example of the mindset I describe, and show Kunin exhibiting just the behaviour he decries in the rest of his piece – making excuses for jewish elite criminality to excuse HIMSELF from accusations of anti-semitism:
    ” The Jewish elite, once excluded from the gentile old boys networks as a result of anti-Semitism, has over time become not only accepted but an integrated part of the white elite to the point where it no longer serves any purpose to note their Jewishness at all. They have even intermarried into each others’ families. They have the same class interests and the same class fears. The Jewish Holocaust haunts them both because, unlike the Romani Holocaust – the Porajmos, a word few people know – it tells a story that strikes at the deepest fears of all privileged classes: the revocation of privilege, the stripping away of whiteness. The dispossession of a Palestinian farmer may be outside of their experience and therefore their capacity to feel empathy, but the degradation of a famous Jewish pianist or the on-going disputes over Nazi-plundered Jewish art – those stories speak to fears they’re familiar with.
    For the Jewish and non-Jewish (and half-Jewish) elite, identification with Israel is automatic because it affirms their place among the privileged in the world. Colonialism, after all, has always served to define whiteness by setting it against the darkness of the native, the “savage.” Similarly, Zionism affirms the whiteness of Jews, for it places them firmly within the centers of white imperial power and defines them in opposition to the native, the Arab, the Muslim fanatic. Indeed, Zionism, which first took root in the nineteenth century among Christian Zionists like Lord Shaftsbury – or, in Canada, with Henry Wentworth Monk – can be seen not simply as a Jewish ideology but an elite one, intended from its inception to advance first British, then later U.S. imperial interests.
    It is important to erase the distinction between the Jewish and non-Jewish elite so that one does not succumb to the old anti-Semitic notion that our country’s corporate and political class is pro-Israel only because there’s a group of hook-nosed Jewish Zionists with money bulging out of their pockets playing them like puppet masters. Jewish leaders are a part of this class, and support for Israel speaks to common class interests, not separate ethnic or “racial” ones? ”
    ” …it no longer serves any purpose to note their Jewishness at all. ” Right, it’s just accidental that Nobananas entire administration are jews? It’s antisemitic to note that?

  17. Good post Lafayette! Very judicious. I said something along similar lines on the fuck-off-israel thread, but less eleaborated. Yes, Jason “nearly-there” Kunin is an interesting case. He writes very solid, well argued and well referenced articles, and he hangs on to his Jewish identity too…his article on Why the Peace Movement Cannot Be Zionist is spot on…

  18. I agree with Jason Kuhn in a lot of ways. There’s Jewish capitalists and goy capitalists. Who would you rather be oppressed by? I take the Jews any day of the week! The Gentile capitalists support Zionism for a variety of reasons. Mostly probably economic ties. The Jews have been very smart to tie their economic fortunes in with the US elite and to tie their US military in with the US elite. As you can see on this blog, lots of White supremacists heart the Jews! And especially the Zionists in Israel! Why? They are White, and they are fighting Arab-nigger non-White Muslims. Go Crusaders! And the Zionists are racists. Everyone knows this. So most White racists have to hand to the Zionists who have pulled off pretty close to racial separatism. How could you not love this?
    The rest? I don’t know. Your average US fundamentalist Christian around here loves Jews and loves Israel. Israelis are White Europeans fighting evil Eastern Muslim niggers. Go Israel go! What is fascinating is the contempt that US fundamentalists show to the Arab Christians. Obviously, the problem is that they are Arab-niggers! Their Christianity is completely elided.
    LS, the Jewish IQ is far and away higher than the White Gentile IQ and the verbal IQ is insanely high. I have known Jews. From an early age, they get it drummed into their heads that they need to make a buck or else. The opposite of my lame upbrining. A lot of these folks who have been after money or else from Day One have ended up, at age, 50, rich. That’s how it works. Jews have brains and drive cubed and yeah they help themselves. But I am not sure if they need to. In a ferociously anti-Semitic post-USSR Russia, a bunch of Jews grabbed the public money, stripped the country bare, and high tailed it to Israel and the UK. Jews won the chess prizes for years and years post-Stalin even in a very anti-Semitic USSR. This implies that Jews will do well by sheer talent even in societies that are dead set against them and discriminating against them. Face it, Jews outcome Gentile Whites. This is the principal cause of anti-Semitism. Every time they beat us, we scream, “They cheated!” But maybe they beat us fair and square.

  19. Well I’d rather be exploited by gentile capitalists because they’ve at least got good taste. Look at the art our boys have patronised, from Titian and Michaelangelo, Bach, Mozart and Haydn on, not to mention our great writers; what have we got now that the js have sown up art, classical music and publishing, and possibly science with the canonisation of Einstein – tax-haven art and music, art galleries full of scrap, music no-one wants to listen to; but ‘the emperor’s new clothes’ syndrome applies – the j-owned culture press proclaims it art and all the mugs queue up to show how cultured they are. As Israel Shamir put it, they do it because they can, to show off their power. Shamir tells a nice little story about how ‘jewish princesses’ always used to insist on keeping the price-tag on their wedding-dresses; he made the analogy with modern art galleries that now they don’t even bother with the dress, they just display the price tag.
    But as to jews far outstripping gentiles in iq tests. 1. so they’re good at iq tests – so what. fuck them 2. are these tests between a broad sample of gentiles and jews, or between gentiles and jews from similar backgrounds? ‘ lame upbringing’ is the key to this. Hitler wasn’t wrong about everything, or no-one would have listened to him; blood and soil is a concept that has some real meaning relating to coherence of nations, the familiar charge against the jews being that they never contributed their quota to the soil, the manual work that makes the nation possible. OK there’s a wealth of qualifications to add to that, but relevant to this is that it’s not fair to compare jewish IQs with gentiles or WASPs generally. As you said, our ‘lame upbringing’, our public education, religious and civic culture is designed to raise the broad mass of factory and cannon fodder to do the donkey work. In England there is the ‘public school’ system ( private of course), the ‘old school tie’ network, you know Eton and all that, which supplies most of the intake of the elite Universities, Oxford and Cambridge, and most of the elite jobs. This is the establishment; they’re raised to see the rest of us as cattle or prey. The broad mass of gentiles are deliberately raised to not value cleverness – look at the messages in our popular culture – to feel that sort of thing is ‘smartass’ etc. Have there been IQ tests done that compare jew IQs with establishment gentiles? If there’s a big difference then the js are cheating – simple as that.

  20. Perhaps they did not think at all, they seemed irrelevant to the scene, these expressionless, drab crowds in the distance, silently watching. They were the first Russians I saw, and they immediately got me into trouble. The two great British institutions represented by Eden and myself had never sent a representative to Soviet Russia until now. The British Government had never, until Germany proclaimed conscription and brandished her fist publicly, had to consider the awful possibility that England might one day in self-defence have to take Soviet Russia as an ally, so that British statesmen had never gone to Moscow.
    My paper had never sent a correspondent to Moscow because of the Soviet censorship. Thus our two visits were both great events, each in its sphere. The Soviet Government had repeatedly complained about Russian news being published from Riga and asked why a correspondent was not sent to Moscow To See For Himself, and the answer was always Censorship.
    So my arrival was in the nature of a prospecting tour. Before I had been there five minutes the Soviet Government started quarrelling with me about the most trivial thing. For I wrote that Eden had passed through streets lined with ‘drab and silent crowds’, I think that was the expression, and a little Jewish censor came along, and said these words must come out.
    I asked him if he wanted me to write that the streets were filled with top-hatted bourgeoisie, but he was adamant. Such is the intellectual level of censors.
    The censorship department, and that means the whole machine for controlling the home and muzzling the foreign press, was entirely staffed by Jews, and this was a thing that puzzled me more than anything else in Moscow.
    There seemed not to be a single non-Jewish official in the whole outfit, and they were just the same Jews as you met in New York, Berlin, Vienna and Prague – well-manicured, well-fed, dressed with a touch of the dandy.
    I was told that the proportion of Jews in the Government was small, but in this one department that I got to know intimately they seemed to have a monopoly, and I asked myself, where were the Russians?
    Insanity Fair by Douglas Reed, chapter 24. The whole book in full text + 100 other books in full text online about the jews.
    Sovjet 1917 to 1990 was run lock, stock & barrel by jews, just as America is today 2oo9. Who controls the secret police in America, DHS? Jews. Who wrote the Fraud Patriot Act? Jews. Who wrote the Hate Law HR 1913, that voids free speech? Jews. Who controls the White House? Jews. Who controls senate and congress? Jews. Who controls the propagandadepartment in America “media”? Jews. Why is America in lraq and destroying that nation? Lying jews.
    There is a global jew mafia and they want a global police state, all under the bogus pretext War on Terror. First the jews destroyed everything russian in Sovjet and then the jews turned the whole thing upside down and brainwashed the russians that they were going to fight a great Patriotic War agains Germany.
    The war on terror is just the same jewish scam repeted over again, turning american Patriotards into hating killing-machines they can send all over the world to kill off any enemy to the jew mafia.
    lf America minded their own business and bought oil instead of stealing oil no arabs would hate America. 9-11 is an inside job and it’s easy to prove. US airforce was sabotaged 9-11 – by JEWS.
    There is no way that four hijacked airliners can fly around as they please for up to an hour in one of the densities airspace in the world and not one airliner got intercepted by the worlds largest and strongest airforce.
    lf l hadd access l could bring down one of the towers with 20, top 40 charges. What you do is that you place one charge in a 45 degree angle and then place a second charge say a meter or so above and place it at 45 degree angle the other way. SNAP – one meter stud is gone. Do it 20 or so floor from the top and at 10 or 20 core studs and blow it. Gravity will do the rest.
    This is called a False Flag Op-eration. Do a deed and blame a third party. lf you don’t think that the jew mafia is capeble of pulling a false flag op off, look into USS Liberty. Every single major war in the middle east the last century has been started by the jews false flag op.
    Of course the lying jewish propaganddepartment will tell you that they did it first and now the stupid patriotards must go off and kill them. The FRAUD War on Terror was planned decades ago. Just turn on or read any jew owned “media” and what do they do? They SPEW HATE ALL ARABS.
    This kill all arabs – propaganda started in 1972 after Munich and have been relentless ever since. l myself was brainwashed by the jew mafia hate-propaganda to hate arabs
    Jewistan is built on hate arabs propaganda. What the jew mafia did then was to expand the Hate all arabs propaganda to the whole western world and made us gang up with the criminal jew mafia against innocent arabs. And that is where we are today. Why the patriotards let, and not only that, helps the jew mafia to take control of the American state is that they want to be “safe”.
    America, your problem is not arabs, it’s the enemy within and they control the American state. No, arabs do not control the American state – jews do.

  21. From an excellent Mohamad Khodr’s article on AIPAC at Palestine Think Tank:
    “Baracck Obama’s Economic Team: All Kosher, No Gentile Economists Available in U.S.A.
    Benjamin Bernanke: Chairman, Federal Reserve System
    Timothy Geithner: Secretary, U.S. Treasury Department
    Neal Wolin: Deputy Secretary, U.S. Treasury Department
    Lael Brainard: Under Secretary, U.S. Treasury Department for International Affairs
    Stuart Levey: Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence
    Lawrence Summers: Chairman, National Economic Council
    Paul Volcker: Chairman, Economic Recovery Advisory Board
    Jared Bernstein: Chief Economist and Economic Adviser, Vice President Joe Biden
    Peter Orszag: Director, Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
    Jason Furman: Deputy Director, Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
    Jeffrey Zeints: Chief Performance Officer to streamline government and cut costs as well as
    Deputy Director for Management at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
    Gary Gensler: Chairman, Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)
    Mary Schapiro: Chairwoman, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
    Sheila Bair: Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
    Karen Mills: Administrator, Small Business Administration (SBA)
    Jon Leibowitz: Chairman, Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
    Steve Rattner: Car Czar in Treasury Department, Billionaire
    Douglas Shulman Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.)
    Neil M. Barofsky: Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (“SIGTARP”)–provide oversight, monitor, and audit to the hundreds of billions of tax money is going
    There are other Jewish Economic Advisors not listed here
    Obama’s Foreign Policy Team:
    Foreign Policy positions, as they relate to the Middle East, are primarily filled by Jewish Americans, all Pro Israel, with an open revolving door between the Israel Lobby (AIPAC) and so called “think tanks” and top national security positions in government. This Jewish American cabal had their greatest success in pushing this nation into its illegal murderous invasion of Iraq. Now their drums are beating for a war with Iran demanding more American treasure and blood in Israel’s cause.
    James B. Steinberg: Deputy Secretary of State
    Jacob Lew: Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources
    Jeffrey D. Feltman: Acting Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (Includes Mideast)
    Lee Feinstein: Foreign Policy Advisor
    Eric Lynn: Middle East Policy Advisor
    Dennis Ross: Special Advisor for the Gulf (Iran) and Southwest Asia to the Secretary of State
    Mara Rudman: Foreign Policy Advisor
    Dan Shapiro: Head of Middle East desk at the National Security Council
    Three Important Obama Ambassadorial Nominees:
    During the Campaign Obama criticized Bush for appointing allies and fundraisers as Ambassadors. He promised to end the culture of cronyism and appointing Lobbyists in his administration. But, money makes the world go round.
    England: Louis Susman, Jewish billionaire, Primary fundraiser for Obama, former Citibank Executive
    Germany: Phil Murphy; former Goldman Sachs investment banker, Obama fundraiser
    Ireland: Dan Rooney, football team owner, Obama fundraiser
    Other Important Obama Nominees/Appointees who are Jewish:
    Julius Genachowski: Chair, Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
    Elena Kagan: Solicitor General of the U.S., Department of Justice
    Dr. Margaret Hamburg: Commissioner, of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
    Dr. Joshua Sharfstein: Deputy Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
    Dr. Thomas R. Frieden: Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
    Alan Bersin: Assistant Secretary for International Affairs and “Mexican Border Czar” at the Department of Homeland Security (A Jew rather than a Hispanic American will monitor the U.S.-Mexican border)”
    This isn’t coincidental, nor is the Jewish control of the global (yes global) media which isn’t addressed. “The Israel Lobby” is so much more more than just AIPAC. Witness Tibetan teens in China turned into gang signing spastic “Tiggers” in tent pants by exported American pop cultural poison.
    Robert Lindsay writes: “As you can see on this blog, lots of White supremacists heart the Jews! And especially the Zionists in Israel! Why? They are White, and they are fighting Arab-nigger non-White Muslims. Go Crusaders! And the Zionists are racists. Everyone knows this. So most White racists have to hand to the Zionists who have pulled off pretty close to racial separatism. How could you not love this?”
    Are you smoking “sherms” (formaldahyde dipped joints) again?! You’re confusing Christian Zionists with WNs. WNs don’t don’t consider Jews white. The WN goal is not racial supremacy but autochothonism, to be left alone by Jews who start minding everyone else’s business once they reach a critical mass in a society. WNs find communism (Tikkun Olamism) intrusive.
    Lafayette Sennacherib writes: “Have there been IQ tests done that compare jew IQs with establishment gentiles? If there’s a big difference then the js are cheating – simple as that.”
    The J’s are always boasting about their high IQs, but the dirty little secret is that Asians out perform
    them. The book Brooklyn Existentialism has a chapter in it (expanded into an E. Michael Jones article) about decades of Jewish cheating on SAT tests in Brooklyn. The SATs were originally a WASP vetting device for future leaders. But soon enough SAT questions and answers were being collected every year by an enterprising Jew who, of course, made a million ostensibly coaching Jewish kids on how to take these tests. The scam was actually stopped by a Jewish congressman from New York who got a law passed that put the scammer out of business. But it was too little too late. Thanks to Felix Frankfurter, using Thomas Dewey as a beard, and that fiendishly clever SAT “coach” the Ivy League and most of the 2nd tier universities are now all ZOG occupied territory.
    Sure Jews are smart and self-starters and all that, but once they take over the cultural, political and economic choke points in a society they start choking off opportunities for any Gentiles capable of competing with them. The result are Bank of America and U.S. Post Office phone trees that start off in Spanish in an English speaking country.

  22. America is controlled by the J E W S
    To control a country you must take control of the state apparatus, control the propaganda-department and the secret police – and that he jews do in America. Period

  23. The holohoax explained. When the british toke over Bergen-Belsen mid April there was 5.000 dead from TYPHUS-fever. The next two months another 9.000 died from Typhus-fever. This and some other smaller working camps who also had outbreak of Typhus-fever is “proof” that six million jews was gassed to death.
    There was gas chambers and what they gassed was the TYPHUS-lice. They gassed to save life – not take life. The simple truth is that many jews own their lifes to the nazis.
    “Holocaust and the piles of bodies”

  24. The gas chambers pictures. The companies that made the gas chambers had ads in the paper to tell how good their gas chambers was working. There was gas chambers, that is not a secret … except – you have been lied to why they were there in the first place -to kill lice and by that save life.
    The gas chambers had NOTHING to do with jews. Everybody got gassed, germans and jews all the same. What the germans did was to put up a cordon, seal of an area with barbwire, watchtowers and so on to make sure that nobody that wasen’t gassed got out.
    Of course this is a frightning event. Maybe in the middle of the night, germans shouting RAUS RAUS SCHNELL, dogs barking, women and children to the left and men to the right. -TAKE OF YOUR CLOTHES ! HURRY UP!
    Frightning? Of course but does that “prove” the german gassed jews to death? According to the jews own census there was 14 million jews in the whole world befor ww2. Of them 14 million 4,5 million jews have reperation as “survivors”. That leaves 9,5 million jews. Of them 6 million “perished”. That leaves a total of 3,5 million jews that Hitler diden’t get his hand on.
    There was some 500.000 jews in Germany and Austria before the war. Half to 65 percent had left Germany, jewish sources only. Anyone that believe the holohoax nonsense should have their head examined. Diagnose = Stupidity.

  25. Um Mary?
    We do not censor comments here. Unlike you folks. I see you just love to censor your commenters over there. My comments box is a free speech zone. I don’t agree with a lot of my comments, and they know this, but I let them post anyway. The only thing I do not let them do is attack me in certain ways, which you are doing now, BTW.
    And in fact, you are in violation of the Comments Policy on this blog, which I urge you to read. It also says that if I attack your blog, you are not to come over and pollute up my comment threads with your rejoinders. You need to fight back against me on your own blog.
    Yes, Kevin MacDonald does say a lot of things that are spot on true about Jews. If people think that’s anti-Semitic, then I guess truth is anti-Semitic. I have also noted recently that MacDonald has been degenerating into an actual anti-Semite recently, sort of like your buddy Atzmon. Both of them just descend deeper into anti-Semitism with the years.
    If Haitham is such an anti-racist, which maybe he is, why is he running fascist, Nazi and anti-Semitic propaganda? Is he like you in that he is just completely ignorant of what he is doing or what?
    No, I don’t need readers. We are now breaking records for readers on the new site. People come here to comment specifically because this is known as a high traffic blog, so they can get a lot of exposure. The old site was very high traffic, but it got shut down by Blogger. It’s taken a while for the traffic to build back up, but it’s starting up again.
    As far as my racism against you, cultural observation is not racism. Marxist tradition has always allowed cultural critique.
    As far as my sexism, yes I am a sexist. Sorry if you don’t like that.
    Tell you what. A challenge. Do as I have done and make a policy saying that no anti-Semitic posts are allowed on your site. This is what I have done, and clearly you have not.

  26. Mary is an older Italian woman who is happily married. I don’t know how old she is. At least 40 I guess. She’s not available in any way. She’s not bad looking for a woman her age. Also, she’s an Italian Jew, heg. You’re an anti-Semite. It’ll never work, alas.

  27. Which critics of Jewish behavior are not anti-Semites or currently devolving into same? To rephrase and broaden the question, which writers on the subject of the historical synergy between Judaism, Communism and Zionism are acceptable here and which are not? How can you tell an “intellectual anti-Semite” from a non anti-Semitic one? Why are Gilad Atzmon and Kevin MacDonald slippery slope anti-Semites and James Petras and Alexander Cockburn not?

    1. It’s kind of like the Supremes said about pornography, whodares. I know it when I see it. Same with anti-Semitism. At some point, you are just an anti-Semite. I don’t think that Cockburn is. I don’t know about Petras. I guess he isn’t, but he’s really getting into this Jewish Lobby thing. Sometimes I wonder about him, but I guess he’s ok for now. MacDonald was not really an anti-Semite for a long time, but he’s been turning into one lately. I think these guys get so beat up by Jews that they start getting angry and that makes them go anti-Semite.
      To give an example, the linked article at PTT is in general not anti-Semitic, but for the Judeo-Bolshevik nonsense.

  28. What ‘s wrong with antisemitism, at least until a significant percentage of self-identifying jews make some token gesture publicly express disapproval of the zionists and the gangster jewish financial elite (arguably the same thing)? I disagree with Atzmon about that – his argument just seems to go in circles.
    Mary is an EX – jew! I believe that’s an important part of her worldview ( and it’s one I completely agree with) – that jewishness is not inherited, but is a choice of affiliation. I’m not obliged to call myself a protestant all my life because my parents were protestants. All the same, Mary seems to spend a huge amount of time arguing on the internet with other ex-jews, secular jews, socialist jews etc, maybe reminiscent of the accusations made of the supposed ex-jews amongs the bolsheviks – that they change their name but not their behaviour. Anyway, someone who says (as Mary did) that (loosely) ” on this site we generally consider anyone who uses phrases like ‘ holocaust denier’ to be covert zionists…” has their heart in the right place.

    1. Anti-Semitism, broadly speaking, is a form of racism, and I am an anti-racist. Further, I oppose what I consider to be anti-Semitism. OTOH, lots of people, especially Jews, say that I am an anti-Semite myself. There is no Jewish conspiracy. It’s just nonsense. Jews succeed due to brains and hard work and love of money. So what? Sure they help each other but so do lots of groups. Big deal. Anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools!

  29. whodareswings – great stuff above, by the way, but I think Geithner isn’t a jew, though he has big ziocon involvements.
    Robert – is there a post from Mary missing/deleted? Your last comment seemed to refer to a conversation I can’t find?

  30. You’re quoting, wittingly or unwittingly, August Bebel, comrade and friend of Karl Liebknect.
    But we’re not in the 19th century anymore. Jews are in a dominant position (for the most part) in the social order in the capitalist West.

  31. re Geithner. First Tzvee said he was and then he said he wasn’t. And Wikipedia can’t decide, or if they did I didn’t make it to the end of their discussion.
    Speaking of Wikipedia the new issue of London Review of Books has a long review of Andrew Lih’s The Wikipedia Revolution by David Runciman. Runciman is bemused by the James Wale’s staunch Objectivism and the abstruse niggling in the long entry for it there. No reference to “Wiki Jews” anywhere in the review which is an oversight, but a predictable one coming from the Jewish Leftist LRB. But, like Timothy Geithner, maybe I’m all wet again and just because LRB publishes a paean to Eric Hobsbwam every other month doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a total yarmulke farm.

  32. I subscribe to the LRB. Yes, that Lih piece was interesting, but I’m not surprised he stayed away from the question of jewish/Israeli manipulation – that would call for an article to itself. Still, the LRB is the only mag I can think of that might publish such an article. I don’t know much about the makeup of their team, but the LRB seems the LEAST jewish influenced of publications; you probably know they were the only mag that would publish Mears and Waltheimer’s essay from which their book grew, and generally I find it the best offline source for info about Palestine/Israel, amongst other things like Darfur and N. Korea.
    Back to the main topic: Robert seems to have got Mary Rizzo’s back up from the start with accusations of antisemitism, which is a pity maybe because she didn’t really address the real question – do the Palestine Think Tank editors believe that jewish bolsheviks killed 140 million Russian Christians, and that the Ukrainian famine was deliberately imposed by the bolsheviks? The ‘ Holocaust and Holodomor’ article contains some references apart from Robert Conquest – Solzhenitsyn unsurprisingly, and I guess that the others are shoddy cold-war propagandists. The recent scholarship on soviet era mortality and the ukraine famine are not exactly widely advertised in the capitalist media, so it’s not surprising that Mary and co. were not up to date – I think Gilad reads about the Bund and not much else. I put it down to an understandable mistake, and hope they take the time to understand why J. Arch Getty et al, Mark Tauger, Wheatcroft and Davies should be considered more serious sources than the cold war propagandists.
    Mary said above (loosely) ” look at some of the commenters on your site…” I hope she meant Heg, not me. But that’s the point: Heg is a commenter; Mary is a site editor, and she and the other editors have started to show the same lack of discrimination as Heg.

  33. [Plenty of robust anti-Semitism and a few tips on proscribed history books in the comments section]
    Ukraine accuses Moscow of genocide over 1932 famine that killed millions
    Published Date: 27 May 2009
    By Matthew Day
    BITTER enmity between Ukraine and Russia could be rekindled after the Kiev authorities launched a criminal investigation into a devastating famine that claimed millions of lives, stating it was an act of genocide orchestrated by Moscow.
    More than 70 years since the famine struck Ukraine, which was then part of the Soviet Union, the country’s prosecution service believes it has enough evidence to begin criminal proceedings.
    A statement issued by Ukraine’s security service, the ADVERTISEMENT
    SBU, said that through murder, the forcible collectivisation of agriculture, dispossession, deportation and confiscation, the Soviet authorities had “aimed at organising hunger to kill the Ukrainian people as an ethnic group”.
    It went on: “The Stalinist regime wanted to create living conditions that would result in the total physical elimination of ethnic Ukrainians.”
    Although estimates of how many people died in what Ukrainians call the Holodomor, which ravaged the nation in 1932 and 1933, conservative estimates have put the death toll at more than seven million.
    Ukraine has long maintained that Stalin wanted to wipe out the Ukrainian people, because of their questionable loyalty to the Soviet Union and their stubborn adherence to age-old farming practices that stood in his way of the plan to destroy private agriculture.
    In the early 1930s, Stalin launched a brutal campaign of collectivisation and requisition across Ukraine that few historians dispute turned a natural famine into a human tragedy of massive proportions. Eye-witness accounts from the time speak of whole villages being obliterated by starvation and disease, and people resorting to cannibalism to stay alive. Often, the authorities prevented survivors fleeing the famine-stricken regions in fear that if news got out, it would damage the credibility of Stalin’s regime and policies.
    The Ukrainian government has waged a long campaign in the international arena to have the famine classified as genocide, while some Ukrainian nationalists argue that Russia, as the successor to the Soviet Union, should now be held responsible.
    However, the Russian government disputes the genocide claim, pointing out that famine and starvation struck other regions of the Soviet Union at the same time. It also argues that so far no evidence, such as a paper trail, clearly stating that the Kremlin wished to starve Ukraine has ever come to light.
    With Ukraine and Russia at odds over links to the West and energy, Kiev’s genocide claims have assumed a political dimension. Some in Russia consider Ukraine’s willingness to open old wounds as evidence of its determination to antagonise Moscow and seek sympathy in the West.
    Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president, has charged Ukraine’s pro-western president, Viktor Yushchenko with exploiting the famine for “instantaneous political goals”, while General Vasily Khristoforov, head of the registration and archives department at Russia’s federal security service, dismissed the Holodomor as a “Ukrainian invention”.
    Ukraine’s decision to push ahead with a criminal investigation could fall under the scrutiny of a new Russian commission, appointed by Mr Medvedev last week and charged with guarding against “the falsification of history at the expense of Russian interests”.
    But opposition to the inquiry also comes from within Ukraine, with some politicians questioning the sense of investigating events of 70-plus years ago.
    “From the legal point of view, what the security service is doing is absurd,” said Gennady Moskal, a member of parliament. “Who will criminal charges be brought against? Maybe against a cemetery? Who can be brought to justice? If a person was 18 years old in 1933, then how old are they now when criminal proceedings are beginning?”

  34. Pete Rouse
    Pete Rouse is an interesting case, whose political trajectory says much about the Obama campaign. Rouse was the chief of staff to Tom Daschle, the former Democratic leader in the Senate. Rouse was known as the “101st senator” in Washington circles due to the power he commanded, particularly when Daschle was the majority leader. He has worked on Capitol Hill for over 30 years.
    After Daschle lost his seat in 2004, Rouse decided to take a position as chief of staff for Obama, then just beginning his first term in the Senate. The fact that an individual with Rouse’s history and political ties decided to throw in his lot with a freshman senator with little political power or influence indicates that Obama was being groomed at an early stage by sections of the Democratic Party establishment, including Daschle, for bigger things.
Chief of Staff
Rahm Emanuel – Jew
    Deputy Chiefs of Staff
Jim Messina – Jew
Mona Sutphen – Jew
    Senior Advisors
David Axelrod – Jew
Valerie Jarrett – Black
Pete Rouse – Unknown
    There is very little info on Jim Messina but he has called McCain a Schmuck in public and only jews use that mockery expression. The six top post at White House are four jews, one black and one that been on Capitol Hill for 30 years. Nobody do that if they are not kosher approved. lf he is a jew or not dosen’t matter, he is a jew in the head, he thinks and acts as jews.
    Not one single white american in White House, it’s totally kosher nostra.
    Let’s look at anothe kosher nostra, state department.
    “Do ZIONISTS/ISRAEL Control the U.S. Government ?”
    “Carter: “US Candidates MUST do as Israel says”

  35. 4 / 6 = 67 percent jews. This is just as it was in Germany after ww One and jus as it was in Sovjet. The jew mafia, Kosher Nostra controls the american state and the propaganda-department, what you call “media”, lock, stock & barrel.
    The End of Free Speech? Criminalizing Criticism of Israel
    On October 16, 2004, President George W. Bush signed the Israel Lobby’s bill, the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act. This legislation requires the US Department of State to monitor anti-semitism world wide.
    What the jew mafia, Kosher Nostra wants is a global police state, paid and executed by America. And they are getting it …

  36. More jewish lies. The Jews in the Soviet Union Since 1917 By Nora Levin..
    Page 260 is a good start, read about the ”pogroms” against the jews by russian peasant. Feel the vivid ”persecution” of the jews. “Or the fellows would form two lines and, yelling and shouting, would hurl the Jew back and forth between the two lines.”3 Read the whole page and feel the pain the poor, innocent jews are feeling.
    This is totally BS CRAP! The jews was in TOTALLY control of the secret police and anyone that whould even think to do that against the jews would, at best, be shot on the spot.
    The jews was in TOTAL control of the propaganda-department in Sovjet. Those tear sobbing fantasy stories was published in all major propaganda-pamphlets in Sovjet and then that was ”proof” that the russians hated jews for no other reason then they were jews. The jews will tell you with tears in the eyes how ”persecuted” jews was in Sovjet by the state. They will tell you that zionist-jews was ”persecuted”.
    Totally BS crap! The jews in Sovjet was as ”persecuted” as they are in the western world today. What the jews are doing is that they create their own opposition and on top of that manage to get gullible people in the west believe that the jews was ”persecuted” when the simple truth is that jews was persecuting the russians and anyone resisting the jews take control of the state.
    The bogus accusations, nazi, counterrevolutionary, “antisemite”, bigot, Kulak, homofobic, enemy of the people, rightwing extremist, bourgeois, racist, etc etc are all jewish codewords for anyone resisting the jews take control of the state.
    The lying jews are doing exactly the same scam today 2oo9 in the western world, crying ”persecution” and the bogus accusation ”antisemitism” and the same gullible people believe the jews. When the simple truth is that it’s the jews that are persecuting all non-jews with the Hate Law’s they write in all western countries.
    What the jews did in Sovjet is exactly the same thing they are doing in the western world, killing off all non-jews who resist the jews taking control of the state. The highest worldly power there is is the state and the jews will stop at nothing less then TOTAL JEWISH CONTROL OF THE STATE.
    The jews in Sovjet send a lot of armaments to Palestine pre 1948. Planes, tanks, ammo, guns and so on. Heavy equipment. Any jew who wanted to leave Sovjet could do that at any time. Any jew who wanted to goto Palestine got all the help they needed from the Sovjet state.
    Whatever the jews are thinking and doing it’s all about one thing and one thing only – How do we take over and control the state? Once you understand that, all the actions by the jews that seems inconsistent now all make sense.,M1

  37. whodareswings – Robust? My idea of robust is something that stands up to scrutiny, something that is based on solid evidence. Robert has answered this in a post – many posts – and I’ve said my bit many times. You’re obviously bright; you can appreciate that making insubstantial accusations just dulls the general public to substantial ones – so why are you coming out with this stuff? Sakharov was just a prick – read what Michael Parenti has to say about him in ‘ Blackshirts and Reds’.

  38. lmportant addition:
    Page 260 is a good start, read about the ”pogroms” against the jews by russian peasant. Feel the vivid ”persecution” of the jews. “Or the fellows would form two lines and, yelling and shouting, would hurl the Jew back and forth between the two lines.”3 Read the whole page and feel the pain the poor, innocent jews are feeling.
    This is totally BS CRAP! The jews was in TOTALLY control of the secret police and anyone that whould even think to do that against the jews would, at best, be shot on the spot. The first law that was passed in Sovjet 1918 was death penalty for the bogus accusation ”antisemite”. The above ”pogrom” supposedly took place 1926. We can be sure that the jews made it VERY clear to every single russian that they was going to be killed if they diden’t do as the jew told them to. That ordinary russian peasants would even be thinking pushing a jew around as described is just plain lies.

  39. “whodareswings – Robust? My idea of robust is something that stands up to scrutiny, something that is based on solid evidence. Robert has answered this in a post – many posts – and I’ve said my bit many times. You’re obviously bright; you can appreciate that making insubstantial accusations just dulls the general public to substantial ones – so why are you coming out with this stuff?”
    I was more interested in the Scotsman article’s comments section than the article itself, especially the references to Solzenitzyn’s banned-in-English book (200 Years Together) and Juri Lina’s Under the Sign of the Scorpion. I consider Solzenitzyn’s book “robust” and maybe Juri Lina’s is too. I don’t know yet. Genocide is a Jewish construct that was developed, almost by accident, by a mysterious refugee Polish lawyer working for shadowy Jewish interests in NYC during the war named Raphael Lemkin. He coined the word “genocide” and came up with a patently Judeo-centric definition that was used by Col. Murray C. Bernays (brother-in-law of crowd psychology expert and intelligence asset Edward Bernays) as the hook upon which to hang German collective guilt at Nuremburg. I don’t think Lempkin’s retailored UN genocide protocols were ever ratified (accepted) by the USA. In any event, I’m
    fascinated by the Jewish reaction to bids for international recognition of Armenian and Ukrainian genocides. Jews get all huffy whenever anyone else wants to play the genocide card and start using it to get whatever they want to bargain for in the name of national sorrow. Hey, I’m fully prepared to accept that the Holodomor is a fraud. Why not? I already think the bloated in your face Holocaust a huge one. I’ll look into Michael Perenti. RL is right though. I think extra long black leather “Burberrys” and white battleships were the hands down winners of the WWII style war.

  40. The all-black uniform of the Nazi Schutzstaffel, a paramilitary force from 1932 until 1945, was designed by SS-Oberführer Prof. Dr. Karl Diebitsch and graphic designer Walter Heck. From 1933, the Hugo Boss company produced these black uniforms along with the brown SA shirts and the black-and-brown uniforms of the Hitler Youth.[1][2] Some workers are acknowledged to have been prisoners of war forced into labor.[3][4]
    The coin, stamp, currency, insignia and parade regalia designers were (and this list has taken me awhile to assemble with help from German trademarks history expert Leslie Carbarga):
    Carl Diebitsch
    Walter Heck
    Egon Janke
    Carl Wilhelm Defenbach
    Wilhelm Defke (Wilhelmwerks)
    Carl Ernst Hinkfuss
    Paul Caseberg
    O.H.W. Hadank
    Defenbach and Hadank were pre-NSDAP but influential. Defenbach was the ur vondervogel
    Recent podcast of a lecture on Wilhelm Defke and the branding of the 20th century totalitarian state:

  41. Try ‘TinyURL’ whodareswings. Google it – it’s self-explanatory and instantly useable. Turns long URLs into short ones that don’t break when you post or send them.
    Those Defenbach pictures are great. I don’t know anything about him, but he looks like an earlier incarnation of Charlie Manson.
    Is ‘200 years together’ Solzhenitsyn’s book that tells how the jews ran the gulags? I suppose that’s what gets you banned. Solzhenitsyn’s a strange and not very likeable chap – he’s fallen distinctly out of favour since his cold-war usefulness expired and he expressed some opinions about capitalism and jews. But I don’t get the feeling that he’s a very dependable source on anything.
    Thanks for that link to ‘Sign of the Scorpion’ Heg.

  42. I just had a look at that ‘Under the Sign of the Scorpion’ – what a load of S-H-I-T-E! In the first few pages we read of ‘ THREE HUNDRED MILLION VICTIMS OF COMMUNISM’; that’s the best one yet. Illuminati, Marx Son of Satan, Lenin Prince of Darkness, Trotsky the diabolic…. And who are the goodies in this scenario? Is it ‘the natural order of things’ the kings and queens and millionaires ruling by divine disposition in their allotted place as leaders and figureheads of a one-nation Volk? How convenient for them!
    This stuff isn’t even nazism; it’s Toytown science-fiction.

  43. Alexander Sozhenitzyn (B. 1918 D. 2008)
    “He is a bad novelist and a fool. This combination usually makes for great popularity in the U.S.”
    -Gore Vidal
    Here is Fredrick Braun on 200 Years Together: and Steve Sailor: and for the philo-Semites, check out these House of David all stars kvetching about Solzhenitzyn after his death last year at age 89:

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