Evil Black Criminals Prey on Innocent Whites!

This is regarded as near Biblical truth by all White nationalists and even some paleocons like Lawrence Auster.

Dey niggaz be preyin on us po White folks!

The truth is that this is not the case at all. Black criminals prey on any human they can get their hands on, and there is no evidence at all that they preferentially select for White victims out of sheer racism, as the racist White nationalists always claim, projecting away their own super-racism in the process, of course.

Let’s look at some facts for once:

From 1976 to 2005:

8 9

If you are White and you are going to be a homicide victim, your killer will be a White man. There is a 1

There are some caveats here.

Black criminals, like all criminals, prey on folks with money. Whites tend to have more money than Blacks. So there may be some preferential targeting merely on the basis of income. It’s known that Whites are wimpier and fight back less than Blacks. Considering the ferocious defensive reputation of Blacks and the wimpy reputation of Whites, it’s incredible that Black criminals continue to target dangerous Blacks as victims while leaving the White easy targets relatively alone. Yet this is what they do.

White nationalists love to rant about how oversexed Black men are committing a rape epidemic against unsullied (LOL!) White womanhood. According to my albeit crude calculations, Black females are 4-5 X more likely to be raped by these sexual psychopaths than White females are. Hell, White women get off easy in the Black rape epidemic. They should count their lucky stars.

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7 thoughts on “Evil Black Criminals Prey on Innocent Whites!”

  1. Here is a pretty good thread at VFR on the matter. Here is an exchange on a study by La Griffe du Lion:
    (Poster 1) “… Griffe does not prove that blacks preferentially target whites, he assumes for the sake of his model that black criminals preferentially target whites.”
    (Poster 2) “If you assume the reverse, that blacks don’t preferentially target whites, then the NCVS data contradicts that assumption. Otherwise blacks and whites would simply suffer the same rates of victimization.”
    From Mr. du Lion himself:
    “More than half the violence committed by blacks is directed against whites, 57 percent in 1994. Less than 3 percent of the violence committed by whites is directed against blacks. Population and NCVS statistics reveal that in 1994 a black was 64 times more likely to attack a white than vice versa. In the city, the races live mostly apart from one another, so that the most convenient victims of thugs are others of the same race. Only a hunter’s mentality could account for the data.”
    How geographically integrated do you think this country is, anyway? Do you think 57% of the people the average black person sees a day are white? What about a black person from the typical criminal’s profile (i.e., no job, or at least no job in a white-dominant field or white neighborhood)?
    White women get off easy in the Black rape epidemic. They should count their lucky stars.
    The main form of this luck is limited exposure to criminals, is it not?

    1. I do not agree with the White supremacist Robert Gordon (La Griffe Du Lion) at all. He is the one that started this lie that Blacks prey on Whites “with a hunter’s mindset.” It’s just ridiculous. Most of their victims are White because most people in the country are White. Plus we have money.
      Where I live, 96% of the people a Black sees every day are not Black.
      Both groups seem to be seriously over-selecting their own kind as victims.

  2. From 1976 to 2005:
    86% of white victims were killed by whites.
    94% of black victims were killed by blacks.

    Do you have a source for this?

    Where I live, 96% of the people a Black sees every day are not Black.

    How about a source for this?

    I do not agree with the White supremacist Robert Gordon (La Griffe Du Lion) at all.

    Do you understand the mathematics and statistical techniques he uses? If not, then you are in no position to criticize.

    1. No source for the figures, unfortunately. But it was in my notes, so I got it from somewhere. You could look it up.
      As far as the figures about my town, Blacks are 4% of this town, and they are scattered all about, thank God. There are no Black enclaves or ghettos here.

  3. Dear Robert
    Blacks commit about half the murders in the US. If all murderers in the US selected their victims randomly, then 50% of murder victims of all races would have been killed by a black. Since more than 50% of black murder victims have been killed by blacks and fewer than 50% of white murder vivtims have been killed by blacks, the notion that black murderes seek out white victims is decisively refuted.
    Regards. James

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