Dual Loyalty Mexicans Versus Dual Loyalty Jews

Granted, both are a problem, but to me, the dual loyalty Mexicans are vastly worse, by orders of magnitude. The brilliant, and Jewish, Steven Steinlight of the Center for Immigration Studies, lays it all out below. It’s incredible, but predictable, the way the mainstream Jewish community has turned on this poor guy.
The Jewish community has always been influenced by its radicals, as the brilliant Kevin McDonald has pointed out in his great essays, Understanding Jewish Power (available in three parts).
The radicals seize the moment and begin pushing a radical project. They quickly frame all Jews opposed to the project as “enemies of the Jews.” Jews are so hyperethnocentric and tribally loyal that such appeals to refuse treason to the tribe are very powerful. It really hurts even seriously deracinated Jews to be accused of tribal disloyalty. That’s one Hell of a sting.
But the radicals pound and pound away, accusing the sane Jews of being Jewish traitors. Gradually, the fear of being labelled a traitor and cast out of the tribe overweighs sanity, and more and more Jews start going over to the radicals’ wild positions. Soon the wild-eyed fringe opinions of the radicals are pretty much mainstream Jewish opinion.
It worked this way in 1800’s Galicia and it works this way now with neoconservative normalization of previously beyond the pale ideas to the point where they represent the Jewish mainstream.
So it is that the Jews are uncommonly subject to radicalism and extremism.
The mainstream Jews and SPLC hatchet men know full well that Steven Steinlight and his organization are not White nationalists and White Supremacists. The very notion is insane. Steinlight has impeccable liberal credentials as a long-time activist in the Civil Rights movement. But the SPLC liars know how a charge like that stings, especially with fellow Jews. White nationalist – White supremacist = Nazi. You do the math.
Listen to Steinlight make sense on Mexican illegals. He compares dual loyalty among US Jews with dual loyalty among US Mexicans and concludes that there is no comparison, Mexicans are way more treasonous than Jews:
The comparison alleged between the genuine dangers posed by mass Mexican immigration to US social cohesion and sovereignty and pernicious allegations of “Jewish dual loyalty” is wholly false. There is no parallel. First, one must consider the historically unprecedented scale of Mexican immigration, legal and illegal, which dwarfs all other immigration.
If we took the 10 next largest immigrant groups, their combined total would be less than that of Mexicans.  Mexico also shares a 2,000 mile border with the US, the longest on earth between a First World and a Third World economy.  The most worrying matter, irredentist sentiment, is a burning, powerful issue for Mexicans and totally inapplicable to Jews.  I was not aware that Jews harbor territorial claims against the US! The very idea is Monty Python-like.
But polling by Zogby International reveals some 62% of Mexicans believe the American southwest is Mexican, not American.
If the goals of “Progress by Pesach” were met and we amnestied 11.5 million illegal aliens, by far the greatest part Mexican, and passed “comprehensive immigration reform,” whose main goal is doubling legal immigration, not promoting amnesty (amnesty is what is known on Capitol Hill as a “weapon of mass distraction”), within a decade or so we’d see huge Mexican majorities in all the border states of the southwest, a majority that rejects American sovereignty there.
This is a recipe for social unrest, at the very least.  In addition, Mexican “immigrants” (I prefer the term “transnational population” because they are living in two societies simultaneously and haven’t decided to which they belong) have naturalized at a shockingly infinitesimal rate.  Under 20% of this huge demographic has bothered to become US citizens, suggesting their sense of national belonging to the US is extremely tenuous, to put it mildly.
On top of which, the last three Presidents of Mexico have pushed a program for a “Greater Mexico” and have asserted the claim that they “represent” Mexicans living in the US.  Indeed, President Vincente Fox went so far as to assert he speaks on behalf of all Hispanics/Latinos in the US, regardless of national origin.
The Mexican government has also stated it is the “protector” of Mexicans within the US. Mexicans in this country legally require no protection (they might well in the brutally corrupt oligarchy that is Mexico), and the US in not the dying Ottoman Empire: we don’t need to grant “concessions” to outside powers to safeguard minority populations.
Such arrogant, outrageous intervention in US internal affairs is reflected in the conduct of the vast Mexican consular system within the US engaged in massive violation of the Geneva Protocols regarding the activities of consulates: they have inserted themselves into our domestic affairs in the context of labor relations, health care provision, law enforement, etc.
When the largest immigrant group in America, one that will increase by some 66-100 million within 20 years if “comprehensive immigration reform were to pass, fails to naturalize, regards US territory in which they reside as belonging to their country of origin, and are encouraged by the government of Mexico to regard Mexico as their home — all Mexicans are dual citizens as a matter of Mexican law –we face a serious problem.
The American-Jewish community, on the other hand, represents perhaps the single most successful example of patriotic assimilation of any group in the history of American immigration.  Unlike other immigrant groups in their early days in the US, Jews brought no loyalty to their countries of origin because they had been persecuted there.
If Jews were to come today under the same conditions that brought them here during the “Great Waves” they would be called refugees, not immigrants. Jews were also the only immigrant group that migrated in one direction only.
They embraced Americanization fervently because it was the best thing that had ever happened to them.  They learned English within two years of arrival, not two generations (the norm for other groups), and because Jews were alone among immigrants in having virtually universal male literacy within only a year or two of arrival they were earning wages comparable to natives.
(Current immigrants make an astounding 23% less because of lack of education: some 60-63% of Mexican and Central American immigrants lack a high school diploma. Their poverty has nothing to do with legal status.)
The charge of “dual loyalty,” suggesting American Jews are torn between allegiance to the US and to Israel, is an anti-Semitic canard.  The very small number of Jews who see themselves primarily as Zionists make aliyah.  Undoubtedly a tiny fraction of Jews living in the US may feel authentically torn, but even they seek to square those loyalties by arguing that American interests and values are congruent with those of Israel.
The great majority of American Jews, however, hardly feel as if they are living in the Diaspora.  They are fully at home in America.
The great majority of American Jews are patriots (it’s a good way to define oneself when one lives in the freest society on earth: I’m appalled by those who see “patriotism” as somehow “fascist”) who have achieved the ideal balance between their particularistic identity (which appropriately involves deep concern about the security and well-being of Israel) with a much stronger sense of national belonging.
There is no “dual loyalty” within the American-Jewish community that is a cause of concern to any but paranoid anti-Semites.
On the other hand, the fact that the fastest growing demograhic in the nation regards a huge expanse of US territory as belonging to its country of origin (to which we are geographically contiguous), has in essence refused to join the polity by failing to naturalize, has resisted learning the language of the dominant culture, and is strongly influenced by an interventionist Mexican government are causes of deep, legitimate concern.

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8 thoughts on “Dual Loyalty Mexicans Versus Dual Loyalty Jews”

  1. “Arrogant, outrageous intervention” in the internal affairs of another country? The U.S. government must be shocked at such a notion.

  2. I don’t see Jews as having assimilated much at all. Reading Macdonald shows a group that’s always been alienated from mainstream America and have sought to undermine it. I doubt Jews really see themselves as “American,” unless it’s an American that they define as subservient to Jewish interests.

  3. “I was not aware that Jews harbor territorial claims against the US! ”
    Apparently this guy is unaware of the HUGE amount of real-estate the Jews ‘own’ all over the USA – however, they don’t really own it because nearly all of it was ‘bought’ with funny-money nepotistically loaned out to Jews who worked in real-estate by the Jewish-dominated banks in NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco (which are themselves similarly supported by the Jewish-dominated U.S. Federal Reserve).
    Jews are the quintessential absentee landlords – many Jews in NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco own real-estate and various buildings, shopping centers/malls, hotels, and warehouses all over the USA which they have never once so much as even seen with their own greedy little Jew eyes.
    Thankfully though this oppressive Jewish-American real-estate empire is slowly crumbling; for instance, General Growth Properties of Chicago (one of the largest mall developers in the USA and a Jewish company through and through) recently went bankrupt. There have been other similar Jewish real-estate companies who have went belly up in the last 2-3 years, and in the future there will of course be many more as America’s economy continues to crumble due to the displacement of America’s White majority. Watching all of these greedy plutocratic Jews and their companies go bankrupt is glorious indeed, and yet more proof that nearly everything the Jews meddle in eventually becomes corrupted and subsequently collapses.

  4. ” I doubt Jews really see themselves as “American,” unless it’s an American that they define as subservient to Jewish interests. ”
    Yes, they’re loyal only to an idea of America in which jews have special privileges.

  5. The comparison alleged between the genuine dangers posed by mass Mexican immigration to US social cohesion and sovereignty and pernicious allegations of ”Jewish dual loyalty” is wholly false. There is no parallel.
    I agree that there is no Jewish “dual loyalty”. They have loyalty to their fellow Jews exclusively. There’s nothing “dual” about it. They have no loyalty to or concern for American goyim, aside from how they can manipulate those goyim to serve their interests.
    Mass Mexican immigration wouldn’t exist without Jewish domination of US institutions, so obviously the Jews are a worse problem. This is a no-brainer.

  6. I spent decades among the invading horde swarming across the southern USA border.
    I saw it, I lived it.
    Unlike the other ethnic/national groups present from across the globe, the Chicanos/Latinos/Hispanics hold a loyalty to their ethnicity far far beyond what I observed in other groups.
    “Viva La Raza” filled the air as the USA flag was lowered and the Mexican flag raised upon the pole in front of the US post office.
    “Viva La Raza” as the illegal aliens and their Chicano US citizen supporters burned the US flag in front of the veteran’s cemetery in Los Angeles.
    The Web is full of evidence for those unable to enter an area with a visible illegal alien (most are from Mexico) presence or legal Chicanos/Hispanics/etc. or citizens with an ethnicity from “Latino” homelands who display far more loyalty to their ethnicity than to the USA.
    The evidence is overwhelming for those who want to see.
    Sure, there are exceptions but there are many “Hispanics” loyal to their ethnicity who despise the USA.
    A recent public statement by the Los Angeles police chief told of the peril to Black US citizens posed by illegals from the south AND US citizens bearing the same ethnicity.
    Shootings, attacks, demands to depart the “Hispanic” homeland is driving out Blacks from neighborhoods that used to be majority Black citizens but are now Hispanic majority with some areas with a majority of illegal alien invader.
    The proof and truth is out there but the mass media ignores the clear and present danger to the USA and its citizens.
    I believe the ongoing invasion is actually endorsed, even encouraged, by the USA elite class that is using a divide-and-conquer tactic to attain ever-growing wealth and power.
    Yes, we are in the midst of class war and the elites appear to want an oligarchy.
    Class warfare? Yes.
    Warren Buffet thinks so;
    “There’s class warfare, all right,” Mr. Buffett said, “but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”
    Again, not all Hispanics ( a very broad almost meaningless term. I prefer Chicano that narrows the ethnicity referred to to those from Mexico and central America) are more loyal to their ethnicity than to a country.
    But, there IS a horde of Chicanos loyal to their homeland and/or their ethnicity with little to no care or concern about the USA.
    Sadly, there is a rather large minority of Chicanos that, at various degrees, despise to hate the USA and its non-Chicano citizens. Blacks, Anglos, Asians, etc.
    Viva La Raza!!!!!!! All for our “race” and screw everyone else.
    Some of the most racist, belligerent, vicious, mean, cruel and dangerous people I have met were Chicanos with their culture of “machismo.”
    DO some actual Web research or go live and work among those whom I am writing about.
    I lived it, experienced it and Web research over the years more than verifies my beliefs in my now-educated opinion.
    The danger is clear and present.
    Abe Lincoln said a house divided can not stand.
    The USA is becoming divided and more so as time goes by.
    Is an oligarchy awaiting us? Will the elites and their minions win the class war?
    I believe it is inevitable if conditions continue.

    1. Mexicans are stronger. Jews are more powerful.

      Mexicans are more noble because they are upfront and predictable. The Mexican is a fighting cock. The Jew is a fox dyed yellow telling the hens he’s one of their chicks.

  7. Arguing that “Jewish dual loyalty is not half as bad as Mexican dual loyalty” is just a Zionist way of sweeping the dirt under the rug. At least the Mexicans don’t steal our military secrets a la Jonathan Pollard, and then convince our politicians to sent our men and women in uniform to Iraq to die fighting Israel’s wars for it.

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