This Website Now Gets Over 1,000 Hits/Day

We just crossed the 1,000 mark and seem to moving beyond it lately. I’m not really sure what is driving the higher traffic. At the old blog, we were at 2,700 visitors/day when they shut us down. It will take a while to build up to that, if we ever do. The point here is that it is almost impossible to get high traffic on the Internet.
There were over 90 million blogs alone on the Net, and that was a while ago. There are more now. And that’s only blogs, not counting all the other websites. A large % of the hundreds of millions of websites are trying for high traffic. They will not, and cannot, all get it. You don’t have to be very smart to figure that out.
Everyone who thinks it is simple to make a website and get tons of traffic, I say go for it. Set up a website and get huge traffic; if it’s so easy, just do it.
Truth is if you want high traffic, you probably need to go sleaze in some way or another. Porn is a good way, but there must be zillions of porn sites on the Net now, so that’s not a given either.
As your traffic rises, the demands of your readership rise. You need to take on new authors and probably buy webspace or hire designers of one type or another. Pretty soon you are working fulltime on the thing. Yet ad revenue is probably near zero.
Internet ad revenue is pitiful unless you are huge. Internet advertisers are a bunch of chiselers and pikers. That’s why the papers and mags are being taken out. The print media was charging good money for their ads. The piker-advertisers said screw these prices, we are heading to the Net where we have the sellers by the balls.
On the Net, it’s a buyer’s market and what advertisers want to pay for their ads is some kind of a joke. So a whole industry, magazines and newspapers, gets taken out, and another one, the Net, is so starved of a market that it can’t economically survive. This is the logical result of any buyer’s market, where buyers hold economic power and set insanely low prices. In its own way, it’s as bad as a seller’s market.

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2 thoughts on “This Website Now Gets Over 1,000 Hits/Day”

  1. The companies who places ads are trying to get the most bang for the buck. Internet advertisers are competing against not only print media, but also radio, television, fliers, etc.
    No one wants to pay for content over the internet; the exception may be some highly valuable financial data which is geared toward big wigs in the financial world.

    1. WTF Scott, they aren’t competing against print media at all. Internet advertisers are cut rate pieces of shit and it’s a buyer’s market. Part of the problem is that the sellers, owners of websites, often just about give their space away for about nothing. The money offered by internet advertiser pikers per reader is way below what print media demands for its ad space. If I’m my buyers are offering 10 cents on the dollar for web advertising and your buyers have to pay 10 X that to advertise in print, how the Hell are my buyers competing with yours? You guys have to pay 10X what we pay. What kind of competition is that? For some reason there is still a lot of advertising on TV and radio. The Internet ad pikers have not taken that out yet.
      There are also Internet syndicators. I am actually syndicated, believe it or not. I do not know how much these characters make off my copy, but they hardly pay me a fucking thing.

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