Oh Go To Hell

Would ya?

She's an illegal alien. So is 85% of the crowd. If they're not, they're anchor babies. US citizens don't hold up stupid signs like that.
She's an illegal alien. So is 85% of the crowd. If they're not, they're anchor babies. US citizens don't hold up stupid signs like that.

The cops should have arrested her on suspicion of being an illegal just for holding up that sign. Actually they should have sealed off the whole damn demo and then detained the whole crowd to see if they are citizens of not.
Suppose I walked around with a sign saying, “I Have 10 Pounds of Dope In My Apartment, Arrest Me Pigs.” I figure the cops should consider that suspicious, detain me, and then search my apartment for the dope. Same thing with this silly traitorous female.
This pic was taken from a seriously retarded Western Maoist site. Support for Open Borders is a given on 100% of the Western Left. The 3rd World gets to invade the 1st World in any millions of numbers that they wish, and it’s non-negotiable.
I guess that’s the way these dumbfucks go about “making revolution” here in the West. Invite the 3rd World hordes to invade our lands so we can divvy up our slice even more and share with the downtrodden of Lagos, Lima or Calcutta or wherever, and impoverish our own working class in the process. Goddamn that’s dumb.
Can someone please show me where in Marx’s works he said the way to make revolution was for the 3rd world to invade the 1st? He never did. If conditions suck in the 3rd world, you make revolution there. You know, like the Nepalese just did? Sure it’s tough, but Mao himself said it wasn’t a picnic. You don’t cop out and invade my country.
As far as the non-Western Left, I figure they don’t care about imigrants and illegals or any of that. In places like Nepal, they are busy capturing state power. You know, productive stuff like that.

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9 thoughts on “Oh Go To Hell”

  1. Mass immigration or open borders is the death of organised labour. A left that is opposed to organised labour is not a left, so what are they?

  2. The non-jewish left are all traitors.
    @ Robert, why do you complain yo’r getting what communism is all about, destroying all nations, all religon and all people. No borders. You call yourself a commi and now you harvest what you and all the rest stupid left has worked so hard for all these years. lf you want to know how it’s going to be a white minority you only have to look at South Africa.
    “The Enemy Within”
    “Secret Facts – Jews & Communism”

  3. That sign is just classic. Notice the scare-quotes around “illegal” – she’s not just saying she has some moral right to be here, she’s denying the laws. People like her want everyone to believe there was some huge mestizo population across the whole southwestern US and they all got chased off by the gringos.
    “… learn the true history” sounds like “read our propaganda because gringo history doesn’t count”.
    I still haven’t figured out why the want the southwestern US to be governed more like Mexico anyway.

  4. Did you hear about the Somali refugees who went to Nepal? It’s only a really tiny number of them but they are causing some rather amusing news stories. Despite early attempts to get back to Somalia (!) it now looks like they’re there to stay and they’re looking to get jobs as extras in movies and such, as well as perhaps trying out for some sports:

  5. Incidentally what’s up with the Norks staging their latest nuclear missile test in a city named Kilju? If that’s not an attempt to provoke the Zionists I dont know what is.

  6. Posted by THE JUDEO-COMMUNIST PLOT EXPLAINED on May 27, 2009, 07:28 PM | #
    Re:Britannia – “Nazism was a threat to the Jewish hegemony in Europe but not to European civilisation. It was stated on many an occassion that National Socialism was not for export – unlike the jew Communism aka international socialism.”
    Great point Britannia. Some of these clowns apparently haven’t studied their history because they are clearly unaware that Germany between 1933-45 was a run by NATIONAL(istic) SOCIALISTS (socialism for ethnic Germans within the boundaries of the Reich) and not INTERNATIONAL COMMUNISTS like the Jew-dominated USSR which openly intended to forcibly export Judeo-Communism to as many countries as possible by fomenting wars, deliberately causing economic unrest/panic/collapse, and fanning the flames of racial/ethnic tensions in order to topple regimes after which the Judeo-Communists would come in and murder or permanently imprison the native ethnic elite and then install themselves in order to rule the non-Jewish masses with a totalitarian (and often murderous) fist in which any and all power (economic, political, military, mass-media, etc) is concentrated in their hands.
    The sought after end result of the ‘worldwide (Jewish)Communist revolution’ was of course that an elite class of ethnic Jews (along with various Jewish puppets and lackeys) would eventually rule much of the world via their ‘fair’ and ‘equitable’ system of Judeo-Communism and ruthlessly crush any and all resistance to their hegemony if they needed to. In effect, they wanted non-Jews to be permanent economic and poltical slaves to their Jewish overlords/managers/leaders/elite.
    I’m not a Hitlerite, but he was of course well aware of the dangers of international Judeo-Communism and wrote about their plans clearly and succinctly; in 1928 he wrote:
    “In foreign policy he tries to bring nations into a state of unrest, to divert them from their true interests, and to plunge them into reciprocal wars and in this way gradually rise to mastery over them with the help of the power of money and propaganda.
    His ultimate goal is the denationalization, the promiscuous bastardization of other peoples, the lowering of the racial level of the highest peoples as well as the domination of this racial mish-mash through the extirpation of the folkish intelligentsia and its replacement by the members of his own people.
    The end of the Jewish world struggle therefore will always be a bloody Bolshevization. In truth this means the destruction of all the intellectual upper classes linked to their peoples so that he can rise to become the master of a mankind become leaderless.” – http://www1.yadvashem.org/about_holocaust/documents/part1/doc5.html

    Posted by THE JUDEO-COMMUNIST PLOT EXPLAINED on May 27, 2009, 08:04 PM | #
    I would also like to add another quote from the linked work which I just referenced; if Jewry triumphs over the White West the following is what we have to look forward to:
    “Hence the result of Jewish domination is always the ruin of all culture and finally the madness of the Jew himself. For he is a parasite of nations and his victory signifies his own end as much as the death of his victim.” – http://www1.yadvashem.org/about_holocaust/documents/part1/doc5.html
    This is happening at a very rapid pace or has already happened in much of the present-day USA, especially in those regions where Jewry dominates most completely – Jews have rotted the USA from within like an insidious cancer and now the USA is in steep decline as a result. Who can deny that the overall culture of America has not been near-ruined ever since being hijacked by Jews a few decades ago? This of course happened already in the USSR from 1917-1990 and we all now see how negatively that has affected Russia and the countries of the former USSR ever since.
    The fact is that the United States (now unfortunately the ‘Jewnited States’) has experienced a slow/gradual/hidden coup by crypto-Jewish Communists (internationalist Jews posing as American ‘capitalists’ and ‘free-marketeers’ when in fact they are trans-national plutocratic Communists who seek extreme centralization of wealth/power/influence in their ethnic Jewish hands) and they currently control America’s macroeconomic system, much of the federal political system, the mainstream mass-media, much of the legal system, the most elite realms of academia, and other key sectors.
    I know all of this may sound unreal, fantastic, and wildly conspiratorial to those who haven’t looked deeply in to these matters, but when you connect all of the dots and put all of the puzzle pieces together this is exactly what has occurred.

  7. This is what the jews do.
    Transcript: “The thing that makes judaism dangerous to everybody, to every race, to every nation, to every idea is that we smash things that aren’t true. We don’t believe in the boundaries of nation state, we don’t believe in the idea of this individual god’s that … that protect individual groups of people. These are all artificial contructions and judaism really teaches us to see that. ln a sense our detractors have us right in that we are a corrosive force. We are breaking down the false god’s of all nations and all people because they are not real .. and that is upsetting to people.” – Douglas Rushkoff – Author: Nothing Sacred: The Truth About Judaism.
    This is how the jews do it – the big picture.
    “The Enemy Within”
    This is how the jews enforce their conquest.
    “How to Destroy Nations with Love and Tolerance”
    The more ”democracy” a country is the more the jews are in control of that country. What you call ”media” in all the ”dumbo-cracy” is totally controlled by jews and is nothing but the jews brainwashing-machine. Talmud Vision = TV. What you call ”paper” is nothing but jewish propaganda pamphletters. All printed stuff, anything you ever seen on Talmud Vision and on radio has gone thru a jewish filter. Or in short, we are brainwashed to think and act as jews.
    Every single person in ”media” is a jew. lt do not matter if they are DNA-jews or not, they all think and act as jews. What is going to destroy all western nations is the forced mass invasion from all 3 world countries. This would be easy to put a stop to – if not for one thing – all the jews in the ”media” smear-slander anyone that talk about putting a stop to the mass invasion of being the bogus accusation NAZI, or the bogus accusation ”antisemite”, means NAZI, or the bogus accusation RACIST, or the the bogus accusation … well, unless you live in a cave you know all the smear-slander word. The jewish propaganda-machine spews the bogus accusation words 24-7 and have been doing it for decades now.
    lf you still can’t see it then the jews really got you brainwashed.
    Why the jews love Darwin, and why you lose. Unless … you start to use your brain and tell like it is: It’s the jews!
    “Survival of the Fittest”
    And this is what the jews wants you to be.
    “Zionist Extremism”

    1. Are you really, seriously, THAT unable to tell the difference between “Jewish” and “virulently Zionist”?
      “The Jews” are no more homogeneous than any other lot.

  8. Sorry sally. We have pretty much a no censorship policy here in the comments threads and a lot of anti-Semites hang out here. We took a poll of the readers and all the readers who opposed them said let the anti-Semites stay. We just encourage their enemies to engage them if they bother anyone.

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