Life As Performance Art

Desmond Hatchett, performance artist.
Theater: His life. Admission charge: We all pay. Supporting cast: 11 wives, 21 kids. Performance times, Every day, all day long, until he dies, I guess. Plot: Comedy. Idiot has 21 kids by 11 idiot females and then can’t support anyone of them. LOLgasm! Weird plot twist: He actually has a job, albeit a minimum wage one. Shocker: He’s only 29 yet and has years of breeding in store for us. Punch line: Some of his kids’ Moms get a whopping $1.98 a month.Won’t buy many Pampers!
Reviews: If we weren’t stuck with the bill, we’d be rolling in the aisles clutching our sides. You gotta admit the guy’s pretty damn funny.
Andy Kaufman started the life as performance art thing. Lately there’s a new form of it called Trolling IRL. It’s like trolling on the Internet, except you’re trolling in real life. I would say that Desmond Hatchett has been trolling IRL for many years now, except he probably doesn’t realize it. You know a totalitarian state would have ordered a dick job long ago. Ah, the limitations of a free society.

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4 thoughts on “Life As Performance Art”

  1. What do you think, Robert, should Desmond be sterilized? I’m not a principled opponent of negative eugenics. I think that if 2% of te population were sterilised, we could avoid a lot of problems. Whether Desmond is a candidate for sterilisation is debatable.
    Regards. James

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