Ill Bethisad

What the Hell is this?

For over ten years, Ill Bethisad has been a collaborative effort in shared-universe building. Part alt-history, part conculture, Ill Bethisad is an alternate timeline created by a dedicated group of conculturists……This is the Ill Bethisad Wiki: it is a constantly growing, ever more detailed perspective of the alternate timeline Earth created by Andrew Smith.

What the Hell is it? What’s a conculture? What’s alternative universe building? Have they made up some alternate reality world with its own countries, history, wars, militaries, languages and whatnot? That’s really weird, man.

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One thought on “Ill Bethisad”

  1. BRYTHONIC – from their main webpage:
    “Ill Bethisad (“the universe” in Brithenig) had as its origins the constructed world and history devised by Andrew Smith of New Zealand where his constructed language (called Brithenig) exists. Brithenig itself is a constructed Romance language based on the premise that the Latin spoken in Roman Britain did not die out but rather developped into a modern Romance language akin to Spanish and French. ”
    I had a look. It doesn’t look very advanced or particularly imaginitive.

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