Against Sandra Sotomayor For Supremes

My mailbox is being flooded with mails urging me to support this woman for Supreme Court. She leaves me cold. The main reason is because she is Hispanic.
Most Hispanics in the US are frankly traitors, and we don’t need any traitors on our highest court. They are traitors because they support the illegal alien criminal invasion of our lands.
It the insanity of this group and their lobbies, operating with profound ethnocentrism and in promotion of group interests to the detriment of other groups, that has created the madness of Sanctuary cities, essentially non-deportable or non-reportable illegal aliens, US benefits, in-state college tuition and driver’s licenses for illegals, and other acts of utter insanity.
You don’t have to read Kafka to figure out that no sane country would let itself be invaded like this and then sit back and write a bunch of policies that totally defy the laws of the land and demand that the laws are not enforced.
I don’t know her position, but it’s clear to me that Sotomayor is probably an Open Borders nut, as are about 80% of Hispanics and a huge treasonous section of both traitor political parties.
She’s Puerto Rican, so that softens things a bit (I’m not sure if Puerto Ricans give a damn about Open Borders since the border’s already open to them), but she has made some strange statements, including the profoundly ethnocentric statement that Hispanic women make better judges than White men. Imagine if a White man had said that White men make better judges than Black women. Can you believe the furor?
So Sotomayor represents the leading edge of Identity Politics that hijacked the Western Left in the 60’s and for all intents and purposes ruined it.
Identity Politics meant a move away from an emphasis on class analysis (as LS in the comments section notes, the only really scientifically valid way to formulate a coherent Left analysis) towards the typically ferociously ethnocentric rights of Hispanics, gays, women, Blacks, Asians, American Indians, and I guess one-legged fucking lesbian Micronesian midgets in wheelchairs.
The movement has since expanded to disabled folks, crazy people (I actually support this one – Go Mad Rights go! And I think words like crazy, weird, strange, eccentric, etc. are often hate speech, as I don’t use them.), transsexuals and other freaks of nature, and every ethnic group under the sun.
East Indians, Arabs, Muslims and other super-reactionary groups have jumped on the bandwagon. A logical Left critique of their reactionary, fucked up, misogynistic and backwards societies in the finest Marxist tradition is banned on the grounds that to critique their backwardness and cultural idiocy is racism!
A corollary to the love of all non-White ethnic groups, females, non-heterosexuals and genitally abnormal humans was the hatred of Whites, males, straights and people with their dicks and pussies where they ought to be.
Those bearing most of the wrath were the White males. The ethnocentrism and promotion of one’s interests at the expense of others, championed by the Identity Politics nuts for everyone else, was denied to us.
That means we White guys were unilaterally disarmed while everyone else got to wage ethnic and gender warfare against us. Not that I have anything against ethnic or gender warfare – it’s the way of man, especially under capitalism. But it’s no fair calling a war and then taking the guns away from one side.
It is such a hole that the Western Left has dug for itself. Sadly, with the election of Obama, the Identity Politics idiots have won the day. Who can blame the Hispanics, women, Blacks and whatnot for supporting Identity Politics? It’s a winner for them. But no sane White male should support such self-abuse.
As an example Sotomayor’s outrageous Cultural Left mindset, she ruled, incredibly, to throw out the promotions of White firefighters in New Haven because only Whites had passed the test. The Black candidates had all failed. If this is where our Civil Rights laws are headed, then I actually supporting clipping them in the wings.
Equality of outcome must not be legislated. I believe it’s actually unconstitutional and probably violates the 14th Amendment.

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