ACLU Hearts Illegal Aliens

I used to be a card-carrying member of this organization but I don’t think I will ever join it again. Most of their litigation makes sense in a constitutional sort of way. But they are clearly on an ideological jihad for the illegal alien criminal invaders and against the enforcement of our immigration laws. Their arguments are weird, convoluted and don’t make sense. There are abuses in the system, therefore we need to trash it. Wow. Innocent people get arrested all the time, so let’s do away with all of our laws! Innocent people regularly get arrested for murder, so let’s just make homicide legal and remedy the fucking injustice! E-verify is flawed, so we can’t use it. What can we use? Nothing. Every program we come up with is going to be “flawed and error-ridden.” Well fuck me. Their rationale for overturning local anti-illegal ordinances is on good Constitutional grounds. Apparently only the Feds can enforce immigration laws, and locals can only do it when they get a Fed waiver. Turns out that the Federal government is run by two treasonous political parties that have decided 20 million illegal aliens ain’t nearly enough and we can hardly deport even one of them. So the Feds refuse to enforce the law. The locals aren’t legally allowed to enforce the law. The law is therefore not enforced. Why bother to have laws then? I guess I don’t understand the ACLU. Why all the love for the illegals? Other than that this is a Cultural Left organization and love of illegal aliens is part of the whole Cultural Left package, and they just dish out the poison Cultural Left kool-aid to the rest of us hapless Americans.

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