Why Russians Are Anti-Semites

Repost from the old site. You antisemites should love this one too. Damn, red meat today or what? Nowadays, anyway. The Russian Mafia. The Oligarchs. Names like Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Boris Berezovsky, Mikhail Chernoy, Vladimir Gusinsky, Roman Abramovich, Alex Goldfarb, Mikhail Brudno and Vladimir Dubov, Leonid Nevzlin, Read it and weep. All they did was bleed the country dry, steal every nickel of wealth Russia had, then send all the money to their Jewish friends and partners in crime in Israel and the US. In other words, there was a concerted effort on the part of a small group of Russian Jews to bleed the country dry and steal from the anti-Semitic Russians that they hated so much. A plot steal the money for the Jews and keep it for themselves, or, when some patriot tried to get a hold of it, to ship it to some other rich Jews in Israel, New York or London – at any rate, to keep the money in the hands of the Jews. At one time, there were said to be seven oligarchs in Russia, and six of them were Jews – these seven were said to own 7 This is age-old Jewish economic warfare, but we don’t see it so often in the US anymore. It was really bad at the turn of the century and until 1925 or so. Henry Ford, an unduly criticized man, wrote, in The International Jew (an unduly criticized book) about Jewish economic warfare in the US during this period. He documented it in this book and in a column in the Dearborn Independent. He uncovered a Jewish plot to take control over the New York Stock Exchange. Gentiles would sell their seats to anyone with the cash, but the Jews would either hold onto their seats, or, if they sold them, only sell them to other Jews. Thus, gradually, the Jewish percentage of the NYSE rose and rose. Ford, a US patriot, blew the whistle on this ethnic warfare, and Gentiles on the NYSE started to refuse to sell their seats to Jews. This was the right and proper thing for them to do. He also uncovered a similar Jewish plot to take over US investment banking. They pretty much got control over it, but I’m not sure if that is still the case. Anyway, he blew the whistle a little late on that one. Then he noticed a similar plot underway to seize the nation’s commercial banks. He blew the whistle on that one just in time, and the banks just quit selling to Jews altogether. In this way, the NYSE and our nation’s commercial banks were saved from being controlled by a tiny minority that often does not have our national interests in mind. Around the same time, similar Jewish plots were hatched to take control over the nation’s largest papers. This was mostly because these papers were being run by racist White Americans (most US Whites were racists back in those days). The papers were anti-Black and anti-Semitic at the very least. So a number of wealthy Jews held some meetings with businesspeople and plotted to buy out the papers. This is how Jewish control over the New York Times was established, and it remains under Jewish control to this day. Do you think the Sulzbergers will ever let it slip into the hands of the Gentiles? Don’t bet on it. At the same time, these same Jews noticed that the budding Hollywood film industry was also under the control of White racists hostile to Blacks and Jews. Birth of a Nation was a real wake-up call for these Jews. The same thing happened. Some big money Jews met with Jews who were interested in film. Within 10-20 years, Hollywood was in the hands of the Jews, mainly about four or five Jews who all grew up in Galicia about 100 miles from one another. Hollywood is much more Gentile now, especially at the lower levels, and the Gentiles have been breaking into even directing and production for some time now. But a select group of Jews still has some pretty significant control over the place, especially at the upper levels. It’s so bad that Gentile aspiring actors actually wear Jewish stars of David to interviews in order to pretend to be Jewish to increase their chances of getting hired. I wonder if these Jews will ever give up the highest reins of this industry? That’s the problem when an ethnocentric group like this grabs an industry – they want to keep it in the hands of the tribe, and they often refuse to sell out to non-tribals. Jewish apologists like to say that this is all normal and ok in capitalism. I don’t like any kind of ethnic warfare. On what legal basis to Jews have a right to practice – let’s face it – discrimination, in order to hire their own, promote their own, and keep their property in the hands of their own? Whites did this for decades in this country, and all of this discriminatory crap has been made illegal. Further, it’s a downright obsession of the heavily-Jewish media. But if it’s wrong for Whites to discriminate to hire, promote and even hold onto their wealth, surely it is for Jews too. It’s well-known in Hollywood that many Jews hire and promote their own. To this day, not one soul has ever called them on it. Ford’s writings make another disturbing fact clear. When you are dealing with an ethnic group that is waging ethnic warfare against you, the only way to fight them is to become racist yourselves. The only way to fight Jewish ethnic warfare was for Gentiles to be anti-Semites. If they had not given in to racism, they would have been steamrolled. This is disturbing because if one chooses anti-racism in this circumstance, you will be destroyed. Becoming racist is the only sane and logical thing to do. What would happen if something similar happened in today’s America, where Whites at least have been stripped of all ethnic identity, shamed of racism, and for the most part had their capacities for racism stripped right out of them? While at the same time, Blacks and Hispanics at least seem to have retained the capacity for racism (see the Black-Hispanic gang warfare in Los Angeles these days)? It is true that Catholics in New York still retain the potential for waging ethnic warfare, in this case against New York Jews, who retain ferocious ethnic warfare to this very day. This is why the New York mayorship shifts from Catholic to Jew from time to time. These Catholics are often Italian and Irish, but they now have some allies in Dominicans at least. If these Catholics did not wage anti-Semitic warfare against ethnic warfare-engaging New York Jews, they would be creamed, and the Jews would hold all the power and much of the money in New York. Because these Catholics are still capable of being just a ruthlessly racist as New York Jews, they are able to hold onto a semblance of power. I used to know this Dominican fellow on the Net. You can ridicule this relationship all you want, but he and I spent many hours talking together, sometimes hours a night. How many married couples even do that? He used to be a teenage criminal, roaming the streets with a Dominican gang and even sticking people up. Along the way, he had smoked a lot of PCP. Now he lived, I think alone, in a building with Orthodox Jewish landlords whom he despised. He had spent a long time, maybe years, carefully researching the New York real estate market. It appears that there are city-owned properties that are leased out to private landlords for a period of years, and then taken back by the city. There is a vast amount of real estate involved here, and there are fortunes to be made. This guy determined that whenever there was a Jewish mayor in office, about 7 These were also the best properties to own. The research was difficult because most of the evidence was covered up by massive lying on the part of the Jews involved. The bids themselves were closed and the records were sealed. This guy was not really an anti-Semitic nut, and he think he didn’t really have that much against Jews, and I don’t think he was making all this stuff up. In fact, we used to sit around at night trying to figure Jews out. We finally decided that they were running sort of a Masonic-style private club for wealth. We decided that even though it was evil, the best way to make a bundle in this world was to form our own little Jewish-Masonic secret wealth society, keep all the money in our hands, hire and promote our own, and shut everyone else the fuck out. So in a way, we both really wanted to ape the Jews and emulate them. We used to laugh like mad over the cleverness of Jews. Our plan was totally evil and probably even racist. For sure it was discriminatory. But it never came to fruition, and I still live barely above the poverty line. The guy vanished and I never heard from him again. He had found me through my legendary posts on Usenet in the Israeli and Middle East group. I was posting under a pro-Palestine name and making tons of deadly enemies and a few devoted fans. We started dwelling more and more on evil cabal stuff in our conversations, and then we started talking about spying. I don’t know what got that started, maybe because the Usenet Jews had these really creepy and evil Jewish Spy Networks they were operating on us pro-Palestinians. They had weird dossiers on us and were always threatening to uncover who we really were and make it sure that we never held a good job in America again. Oh, how these powerless Jews loved to toss their weight around! Anyway, after a while, I started implying to the guy that maybe I was a spy who worked for the CIA or the Mossad, or maybe I was a double agent. Plus at the time, I was communicating with these weird Palestinians who were actually undercover members of the PFLP and were living these creepy, is-it-illegal-or-what type lives in the US. We only knew each other according to code names, and if anyone tried to ask for anyone’s number, or try to find out where anyone lived, there could be Hell to pay. Everyone suspected everyone else of being an agent (especially they suspected me) and there were always rumors that so and so was a spy. So it was really a barrel of fun and laughs. This Palestinian dude would just take off for weeks at a time and tell no one. He would come back and say he had been in the Middle East. He had a PhD, spoke fluent Russian from his time in the USSR, and was definitely a member of the PFLP, which is an officially designated US terrorist organization. Eventually I got tossed out of their PFLP circle on grounds of being a Zionist agent. Oh well. Well, with all this weird drama around, I started telling the guy I was really a spy, or maybe I wasn’t, and all these agencies maybe I did or did not work for. And I implied that he was probably a spy too. Then I would laugh and say it’s all joke, or was it really? Eventually the guy started totally spinning and saying he couldn’t handle talking to me anymore because I was freaking him the Hell out. Anyway, if you ever want to destroy a friendship just for the sheer Hell of it, this is a great way to do it. He also told me another interesting story. As soon as Catholic mayor came in (in this case, it was Italian Catholic Giuliani), the city called back its RE properties, and then the process was taken over by an evil Catholic cabal, who promptly sold about 7 Now, a lot of people reading this think I am making this up. I say I’m not, but I don’t have any real proof of this one way or another. But if it is true, it points up some of the difficult questions above. In order to deal with Jewish ethnic warfare, Catholics had to engage in some of their own. They had to become anti-Semites. And Jews can’t wage Jewish ethnic warfare of their own without being racists too. The guy also said that Jews were rude, tight, and treated non-Jews like crap. He said this held true for Orthodox Jews in New York, in particular his Jewish landlords, who were little more than slumlords. Getting back to our Russian oligarchs, there’s a long history of hatred between Russians and Jews. We hear a lot about Russians being horrible anti-Semites, but we don’t hear much about Russian Jews being horrible Russian-haters. Who started it? Who the Hell knows? Who cares? That’s like two 6-year old boys fighting and screaming, “He started it!” after being pulled apart. From the Internet, we find some confessions of Russian Jews, this one named “Alexandr Ukrainsky”. He notes that Russian Jews have a habit of making a Bloody Mary and claim to be drinking Christian blood. Just like the blood libel! Great, way to perpetuate a stereotype! Furthermore, they have some of the worst anti-Jewish stereotypical behaviors of any group. Cheapness, greediness, you name it, these are some of the “Jewiest” Jews out there outside of Israel. Or, to put it more politely, as my brilliant Mom would deftly put it, they are really, really Jewish. These behaviors are tied in with them seeing themselves as the most Zionist, proudest Jews out there. Here again we see the tie-in with the worst anti-Semitic stereotypes of Jews (the Jewiest Jews of them all) and Zionism. Zionism is nothing more than the European ghetto, reconstructed in the minds of Jews everywhere, and on the ground in a large piece of real estate in Palestine. Zionists are the worst Jews of them all, the ones who gave and give Jews a bad name. They really are against everything secular, liberating, and assimilating about the Jewish project, because Israel is the biggest damn ghetto that’s ever existed. The Orthodox Jews themselves recreate mental ghettos the world over, and physical ones in upstate New York. Zionism gives their tribal way a home made of Earth in the Mediterranean if they ever need to escape from their crimes. As long as Orthodoxy and Zionism exist, the Jew will never achieve liberation. By the way, Marx makes a very similar point in his famous On The Jewish Question. Quite hard to read but you may want to check it out. If you can figure it out, pat yourself on the back. With the return of capitalism to Russia, Organized Crime, including many Russian Jews and Jews in the US, Israel and the UK, bled the country dry and stole just about everything that wasn’t locked down. Russia was turned into a complete sewer, and is now one of the Organized Crime capitals of the world. Russian law enforcement did used to crack down on Russian oligarchs sometimes, but the criminals were very powerful and often used to kill cops (and the existing ones still do). In the case of the Jewish criminals (the so-called oligarchs) they had the entire weight of World Organized Jewry behind them. For instance, when Putin tossed Jewish super-criminal Mikhail Khodorkovsky behind bars, Richard Perle and other top US Jewish neocons virtually threatened to declare war on Russia. No wonder Russians are so anti-Semitic.


I am indebted to a conversation I had with Kevin MacDonald in formulating some of the ideas that I developed in this piece. I do not necessarily subscribe to MacDonald’s views on the Jews in toto, but I think he is unjustly maligned. In my conversation with him, I did not get the impression that MacDonald was anti-Semitic at all; in fact, I felt that he admired Jews and wished that Gentile Whites acted more like them.
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3 thoughts on “Why Russians Are Anti-Semites”

  1. Dear Robert
    Your claim that 1/3 of the Polish population died in the Chmielnicki massacre is totally unbelievable. More likely is that 1/3 of the Polish minority in Eastern Poland was killed. Eastern Poland in the 17th century was like Ireland at the same time. In Ireland there was an Irish Catholic mass of peasants ruled and exploited by an Anglican, English landlord class, and in Eastern Poland there was a large Orthodox Ukranian and Russian peasant majority ruled and exploited by a minority of Catholic Polish landlords. The only difference was that the Polish landlords used the Jews as middlemen.
    Regards. James

  2. Ok, but my source insisted that he uncovered massive corruption i n the way that New York divvies up its rental housing leases. When a Jew is mayor, 70% goes to Jews, mostly Orthodox. When a Catholic comes in, 70% of city housing leases goes to Catholic ethnic groups. He’s convinced that it’s not coincidence and he spent a very long time investigating it.
    Do you see the situation I am describing here? It’s an ethnic spoils system! That’s what ethnic warfare is, bottom line.
    There is no WASP elite in New York. The place is run by Jews and to a lesser extent White ethnics.

  3. Simiarly, you ought to do a post of why so many Ukrainians are anti-Jewish even in modern times…the main reason: Jewish economic domination – “Three of the four billionaires from Ukraine are Jewish, according to the Forbes magazine annual billionaires list” – http://jta.org/news/article/2009/03/12/1003653/three-ukrainian-billionaires-are-jewish
    How fair or equitable is it that a non-native ethnic Jewish minority wields so much economic power over the native Ukrainian/Slavic ethnic majority?
    Jews often claim to be such great fighters for “economic and social justice,” but when you look at the facts it so often turns out that Jews are the main economic exploiters, greedy wealth hoarders, and ruthless plutocratic parasites.

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