Capitalism Starves 9 Million People Every Year

Every day in this world, capitalism kills 25,000 people either from hunger or diseases related to hunger. In other words, capitalism starves to death 25,000 people every day. In a year, capitalism kills 9.125 million people from hunger and hunger-related diseases alone.
Capitalism starves to death one kid every five seconds. But when it comes to killing kids, capitalism doesn’t just use starvation. Like a murderous Felix the Cat, Killer Capitalism has plenty more deadly tools in its Bag of Tricks. All in all, capitalism kills 10 million kids every year.
Eat that, market fetishists.
Wow, if this is the successful system, I almost want to say, let me check out the failed system. instead. Or this failed system. Compared to being starved to death by the successful system, I think I’ll go with the failed systems and see if I can get enough to eat at least?
It’s clear that Communism and to a lesser extent socialism has some problems with production and running a rational and functioning economy. But what’s more important, some macro economic growth bullshit or the question of life and death?

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2 thoughts on “Capitalism Starves 9 Million People Every Year”

  1. you’re a caucasian american male, which means you probably aren’t starving. in fact, you probably make enough money to donate enough to feed a whole family in Cambodia for a month with relatively little impact on your comfort. so what are you bitching about? it’s your own ignorance and laziness that’s preventing you from helping others out…

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