Capitalism Kills 10 Million Kids a Year

Repost from the old site:
I’ve had it up to here with this “100 million killed by Communism”, “Stalin and Mao, the biggest murderers of all time”. No Communist except Pol Pot ever held a candle to what capitalist serial killers and mass murderers do year in and out without fail.
As you can see, 200 million kids around the world don’t have access to any kind of basic health care (I would argue that that figure is way too low), which kills 10 million of them (5%) a year due to completely preventable diseases like pneumonia and diarrhea.
And if you are going to start bitching about overpopulation?
Number 1, why are you are capitalist? Capitalism mandates and demands an endlessly expanding population. Capitalism says a declining or even steady population is going to be a catastrophe for the capitalist economy.
Number 2, if the world is overpopulated and 10 million dead kids is great news, maybe it’s time to shut up about “Commie mass murderers”. Can’t have it both ways.
I would like to point out that capitalism has absolutely no project whatsoever to do anything about this situation, a tragedy that has been ongoing for decades.
Anyone in the Third World who comes into power and tries to do something about this mass murder gets called a Communist and the CIA tries to take them out, or they get country-destroying sanctions put them, or the US invades their country, or the IMF – World Bank – Wall Street declare war on them, or the US starts up a reactionary Contra terrorist army to go around burning schools and health clinics to the ground and murdering the doctors and teachers.
Further, the entire world media – at least the US branch – including TV, radio, newspaper and newsmagazines, is 100% against anyone trying to fix this situation in any way, and launches a never-ending propaganda war against them if they list a finger.
Anyone trying to remedy this situation is said be implementing a “failed solution” = socialism. Well, if trying to save 10 million kids a year ends up saving even a few of them, I don’t care what the model is, it doesn’t sound like a failure to me.
I would like to point out that just about every corporation on Earth and every national business sector would fight to the teeth anyone trying to save these kids’ lives.
Some might say that 10 million dead kids means that there is not enough capitalism in some places, or there is too much cronyism, or we need different ways of doing capitalism, or “it’s not capitalism – it’s greed”, or this or that dodge. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Capitalism is working perfectly as designed. 10 million dead kids a year is the way capitalism unrestrained by socialism is supposed to work.
This is where I’m actually with the Maoists sometimes. For instance, capitalism is killing a good 4 million people a year in India minimum. Well, that’s a five-alarm fire right there, say the Maoists, and we don’t care if it’s a democracy or dictatorship killing all those people. We need to take up arms right now to stop the killing, they say. In some places, they’ve actually got a point, sorry to say.
You guys wonder why I hate capitalism so much. Read my lips. 10 million dead kids, no end in sight.
Update: This post actually got linked with positive feedback by the Democratic Underground. Unbelievable!

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