Gilad Atzmon, Jewish Assimilation and the Roots of Jewish Hatred

Gilad Atzmon continues to post in the comments section. The following is the most recent exchange:

So, Gilad is not an anti-Semite, and is not against Jews or Judaism, but is against Jewishness? That’s a bit of a mouthful already – we’ll be tying ourselves in more knots with that one. Why not be an antisemite until Jews join ‘ Jews against Zionism’ or ‘Jews against Jewishness’ organisations in their millions, i.e. make some effort to dissociate themselves from the Zionists and the elite financial mafia
Gilad: 2 reasons I can think of
a. to expect Jews to operate politically and collectively is to assume that Jews are a ‘collective’ after all and this in itself is an approval of the Zionist philosophy.
b. Jews against, X , Y or Z is in itself a tribal and racially orientated mind set, thus it must be opposed.
The bottom line is very simple. There is no collective or a national solution to the Jewish problem.
The only possible solution is personal and individual, joining humanity for real rather than imposing yourself on humanity.

When Gilad Atzmon says Jews need to join humanity, he only reiterates the progressive project vis a vis the Jews since the Jews left the ghettos. The need for the Jews to assimilate and that the progressive solution to the Jewish Question is the assimilation of the Jews. That this is still a problem today is highlighted by Gilad’s call.
Let us recall that when the Jews first came out of the ghettos 200 years ago when they were liberated by Napoleon (all Jews today are Napoleon’s children as much as Abraham’s – most people do not recognize this), progressive European opinion felt that they were a mess. They were backwards, tribal, inward-looking, given to superstition and stupidity, and consumed with fear, suspicion and hatred for non-Jews. Centuries in ghettos had not been kind to them.
Progressive, anti-racist forces felt that the best remedy for these messed-up people and advocated the progressive solution of the assimilation of the Jews. This is really what Marx’s “On the Jewish Question” (a very difficult read) is in part about. It is really not an anti-Semitic document, though the anti-Semites love to claim it as their own. In truth, it is allegorical, whereby “Judaism” stands for “capitalism.”
Over 200 years, the debate about Jewish assimilation has raged in the Jewish press, but most of the rest of us know nothing of it. Out of this debate came Reform Judaism. A reaction to it, Modern Orthodox Judaism, actually only began in the late 1800’s in an attempt to revive the old ghetto religion.
The resurrection of Orthodox Judaism was in more ways than one a return to the ghetto. So, in a similar way, was Zionism, the ultimate Jewish rejection of assimilation. To this day, the least assimilated Jews, and those who behave in the most unpleasant Jewish stereotypes, are in Israel and the Orthodox community.
Antisemites make much of Jewish hatred. There is nothing new here. It’s just human tribalism. An allegory would be the racial hatred of the White nationalists. Yes, the Super Jews and the White nationalists are mirrored reflections of one and the same. The Jews were not stupid. As a minority tribe living surrounded by a majority, they were determined to prevent the extinction of their tribe.
They probably learned what the WN’s are figuring out. Mere exhortations to not marry with the Other are futile. In order to truly maintain your line and prevent extinction, separation is probably necessary. In some cases, the Jews built those damned ghettos themselves to prevent assimilation.
To prevent intermarriage, strong rules were set up to prevent Jewish women from marrying out. In Spain, a Jewish woman who had sex with a Gentile was sentenced to having her nose cut off. The solution for wandering males was that their offspring were lost to the tribe. Hence, the Jews were able to maintain their genetic line and tribal existence for centuries in a hostile Europe.
But nasty laws could not always be enforced. Telling your people to only marry another Jew was not good enough. Children are rebellious and especially young women like to defy their fathers by marrying the Other.
To prevent sex with Gentiles, it was necessary to prevent friendship with Gentiles. You can’t say you can be friends with the Gentiles but you can’t have sex with them. We are mammals. Friendship leads to sex, there is no stopping it.
In the 1800’s and certainly before, an Orthodox Jew would not eat with, nor drink tea with, a Gentile under any circumstances. To this day the Yemeni Jews refuse to eat with their Gentile neighbors and have little to do with them. Eating together leads to friendship, friendship leads to sex, sex leads to tribal extinction. It’s all so rational.
But you can’t just forbid people to make friends. Kids and others are rebellious. You have to give people a good reason not to befriend the Other, or they will do just that. So Jewish Hatred was cultivated. The Jews promoted hatred of Gentiles in their customs and religion in order to keep their people apart from them, in order to prevent tribal extinction.
Along with hatred comes fear, as usual. If the Gentiles were portrayed as genocidally murderous, rising up to Final Solution the Jews with every generation, as the idiot Jewish religious saying goes (“Every generation they rise up against us…”), you don’t want to associate with them anyway, even if you are a rebellious adolescent.
This is the unalterable reality that the WN’s are discovering. Just telling Whites to mate with and befriend their own kind doesn’t work. White people are doing it anyway and you can’t stop them.
In order to keep Whites from befriending non-Whites, which leads to having sex with them, which leads to White extinction, the WN’s cultivate incessant hate propaganda against any and all non-Whites. Just check their websites. That’s the reason for all the hatred. The hatred is all about prevention of extinction.
In this way also we see that Jewish hatred is not unique at all, but corollaries of it can be found in tribes all over the world. Jews are evil only in that human tribes are evil.

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3 thoughts on “Gilad Atzmon, Jewish Assimilation and the Roots of Jewish Hatred”

  1. Dear Robert
    The emancipation of Jews, which really was more a question of granting them legal equality rather than liberating them from oppression, was not the work of Napoleon but of the French National Assembly. Napoleon actually rescinded some of those measures, as he restored slavery in Haiti. It was in the Assembly that a deputy made the famous remark: “Nous donnerons tout aux juifs comme individus et rien comme comme communauté.” = We’ll give everything to the Jews as individuals and nothing as a community.
    Napoleon was one of the great criminals of history, who sacrificed the lives of millions to his ambitions. If you like egomania, lust for power, militarism and imperialism, then you have plenty of reasons to admire Napoleon. If you don’t like those things, then you should have no sympathy for him.
    Have a good day. James

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