Israel Has No Right To Exist

This is an interesting comment about Israel from a recent post. The commenter is a Macedonian.

We had a fundraising meal for Gaza last night in my home city in Macedonia…I brought a very big dish of onion bhajis containing Jordanian spices as well as the usual cumin, fresh root ginger and fresh chillies, but most of the food was done by local Muslim women…and we raised many thousands of denars, maybe over ten thousand. Betty Hunter of the PSC (she sounds like a Geordie) was down to give the keynote speech. She’d made the trip specially by air to see us, and we provided an interpreter. Good speech, but personally (although I do it myself at times) I don’t think we should fuck around anymore calling for a Palestinian state as she did, since that is clearly not going to happen in the country of the blind. At least the first generation of Zionists were brutally honest. Israel was all about conquest. Now Lieberman is here and expressing the inner essence of Zionism once more: no compromise with the Palestinians, making a Hiroshima of Gaza is conceivable (Betty alluded to it last night), and a Palestinian state is absolutely out of the question. We should really thank Lieberman for being so clear. A Palestinian state is a nemesis for Israel, since it represents an end to expansionism and the expropriation of Palestinian land. It would be more realistic in these circumstances to make no bones about calling for the fall of the Israeli state, since it is clear, to me at least, that that way lies the only hope of justice for the Palestinians. This view comes up against “Israel’s right to exist” and fear of offending Jews. It is up to Jews if they want to support the genocide their Torah so clearly advocates. I think it would be more honest, rather than cowardly and politically expedient, to say that Israel does not have a right to exist. Not only does it not have the right, but demography, the lack of enthusiasm of Israeli Jews themselves for their Mediterranean stetl, and the world awakening in favour of the Palestinians do not make its survival longer than a generation likely or tenable…

I have always thought that the 2 state solution was pretty ridiculous. It made about as much sense as giving the South African Whites 82 No state anywhere has any kind of permanent right to exist. Maybe nations have a right to exist, but states? Why? Did Nazi Germany have a right to exist, Tojo’s Japan, Mussolini’s Italy? I say no. Israel has about as much right to exist as Apartheid South Africa, and we all know what happened to that place. The whole argument about “right to exist” is a fake argument. Why does any crappy, apartheid, racist state anywhere on Earth have some permanent right to exist? I’d be happy to see every one of them toppled. His points about the early Zionists at least being honest hit right on the head. Of course they were. There is something to be said about clearing the air, getting all the crap out of the way and being honest about one’s position. The current generations of serial liars, obfuscators and prevaricators is particularly disturbing, but it’s a good scam, because they’re fooled millions all over the world. The Palestinians and other Arabs have seen through this bullshit ideological saran wrap from Day One. In that sense, the Lieberman’s et al are a breath of fresh air. They’re merely exposing the true (and logical) face of Zionism for all to see. Hear hear.

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49 thoughts on “Israel Has No Right To Exist”

  1. Will the people who loathe Lieberman sum up what they feel his position is? Do you feel like this is accurate? I wouldn’t know myself.
    We’re talking about a guy who is advocating Israel ceding some heavily-Arab-populated land (we’re obviously talking about the Northern District), annexing some heavily-Jewish-populated land … and some people are saying this “expansionism” is the true face of Zionism?
    “Arab citizens of Israel have criticized the plan for being racist and are, in general, opposed to it. While the plan would not require them to leave their homes, Arabs in Israel argue that they are native to the region and insist that as Israeli citizens, they deserve equal rights within the state, and should not be singled out by ethnic or religious background. Various polls show that Arabs in Israel in general do not wish to move to the West Bank or Gaza if a Palestinian state is created there.”
    But presumably they would prefer it if the one-state-solution state were governed like the Palestinian authority?
    If Israel doesn’t have a right to exist, does that mean the Jews have to leave? Isn’t this a more radical proposal than Lieberman’s?
    If the Jews don’t have to leave, but maintain voting rights, is the replacement of israel by the one-state-solution state a mere name change?
    Or do they lose voting rights in a monarchy? Or an Islamic republic?

  2. If Jews were forced to leave, I’d like to note that there is an area equivalent in size to the State of Israel in South Dakota’s James River area. It would be more compact than Israel, include few large preexisting towns, overlap with zero Indian Reservations … and though I’m no geographer, I can’t believe the territory is less hospitable than Israel’s.

  3. I admit I am a racist against Gypsies. I really can’t stand those people and I want to not allow any more of them in the country. And we ought to figure out a way to throw out a lot of the Gypsy immigrants who are already here. That has got to be the lowest race on the face of the Earth!

  4. Figures the racists, White nationalists and racial separatists are supporting the Zionists. We’ve always said Zionism is racism, so it all makes sense.
    We are anti-racists. That’s why we don’t like Zionism. It’s a racist movement similar to apartheid. It’s also a settler-colonial movement and we Leftists oppose all colonialism and settler-colonialism.
    The Jews don’t have to leave. They can stay. I would not support any solution that would oppress them in any way. They’ve had enough of that.

  5. Yes, I have noticed this, Silver. White supremacist racists love White colonialism and can’t get enough of it. They mourn its passing. This goes to show that the Left was always right, that White supremacism was directly tied in with colonialism.
    Not that that makes us uniquely evil of course, it was our superiority that allowed us to colonize the world. If the other races had been as advanced as we were, they would have colonized the world too, and they all would have been way crueler about it than we were. One more reason not to be a White supremacist / White nationalist – White racists love colonialism!
    That sucks!

  6. “If Jews were forced to leave, I’d like to note that there is an area equivalent in size to the State of Israel in South Dakota’s James River area. It would be more compact than Israel, include few large preexisting towns, overlap with zero Indian Reservations … and though I’m no geographer, I can’t believe the territory is less hospitable than Israel’s.”
    Jews are bloodsucking parasites and cannot survive in a land of their own because parasites always need a host to latch on to. Without a host majority group to latch on to and ‘manage’ (exploit) Jews would wither and die within months.

  7. People have a right to be free, Silver. It’s as simple as that. Africans do not wish to be colonized, so we have no right to colonize them. Since you hate Blacks so much, it is rather peculiar that you racists exhibit such humanitarian love for them.

  8. Africans don’t want to be colonized. If you put it to a vote, it would go down in flames. If Whites want to go to Africa, they are welcome to go there. Hispanics are not colonizing the US. They are immigrating here. Please use a dictionary.
    You are clearly deluded. Africans want to be colonized by Whites. White Americans support racist White supremacism and are ready to get behind racist White separatism in a New York minute. Those of us who ask around about it and get laughed off are hallucinating.
    C’mon Silver, everyone knows your movement is a joke. Do some surveys and see how much support you really have? You think you have support in the South? I have a friend in South Carolina who says the place is full of White racists, but he has never heard of White separatism. Obviously, it’s a huge hit with White southerners.

  9. Silver – “…there is an area equivalent in size to the State of Israel in South Dakota’s James River area. It would be more compact than Israel, include few large preexisting towns, overlap with zero Indian Reservations … ”
    Go for it, but once they’re there build a wall round them.

  10. As to Silver’s movement being a joke, I think if you read the thread closely you’ll see it’s me who is really isolated. (Not that this thread is necessarily an example of real-world attitudes, but if it were….)
    I’m anti-colonial, anti-supremacy, etc. I also stake out the oddball position of believing Jews – unassimilated or not – are more benign living among Euro / gentiles than most other groups. Just give me good crime rate and illegitimacy data and I’ll tell you who I want immigrating. That’s something very few people do (a handful at VDare, maybe). I’m guessing there are a lot more recolonize-Africa types than people like me.

    1. Yeah, you are different, that’s for sure. Sometimes I even wonder if you’re a White nationalist at all. Almost all of those guys either love colonialism or apologize for it. I don’t know how many want to recolonize Africa. Probably not that many.

  11. The colonisation of Africa never ended; it’s just more discrete – what’s known as neo-colonialism i.e. local black leaders who favour the interests of Western investors and corporations over the interests of their people, amply compensated by Western banking’s international money-laundering facilities, and always with the understanding that if they don’t play ball they’ll be removed by a new ‘movement for democracy’.

  12. Whites mostly left Africa in the name of ‘anti-colonialism’ and what happened? Asians (particularly the Chinese and Indians) moved in to take their place and they are far more racist, oppressive, greedy, exploitative, and unfair toward the Black African natives than Whites ever were.

    1. I am not sure if this is true. Africans are far better off with Chinese foreign investment than under White colonialism. The Chinese leave the Blacks alone and let them have whatever kind of government they want. They are even working with Mugabe. They don’t care how socialist or capitalist the state is. They are not very imperialistic about it. I don’t know much else about the mechanics of Chinese investment in Africa, only that few are complaining about it.

  13. I honestly don’t know if I’d call myself a WN. I’m a hard-right liberal who is willing to consider a multitude of ways of conserving Western civilization, so their merits and demerits (difficulty, plausibility, tendency to uproot ordinary people) can be assessed. I’d like to think that ordinary people will think this through sooner rather than later.

  14. Racialism is simply racism. Period. Back in 1964 and prior, I’m sure you could sign a lot of folks onto racialism*. But support for racialism* has been declining ever since. It has high support all through the 1970’s, but it was declining. Support for racialism was so high that in 1980 Reagan outrageously went to the place where the civil rights workers were murdered and gave a speech saying incredibly that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 had been a mistake! This is how the White Supremacist Ronald Reagan started his campaign! He could do that back then, but no one would dare now.
    Support for racialism was high all through the early to mid 1980’s especially in places like northern Georgia to the Alabama border. Since then it has been waning. If we could do surveys, I think we could plot its decline by the year. Support for racialism is now so low that we outrageously elected a Black president!
    There’s nothing to sell. You’re selling racism. The country is getting less racist by the year. You had a good customer base 40 years ago but it’s dwindling all the time. Here in California, selling racism is DOA.
    Though I will tell you that I know one explicit White separatist in town, and another guy who I spouts White Power slogans. There are said to be some White Power guys down here in the Valley but it seems like I never see them. They even have White Power gangs, but supposedly most of the guys have Mexican girlfriends! That’s where support for your racism is at here in California.
    Now, I have a friend in South Carolina who says that White Power types are all over the place back there. Maybe you could try your luck with Southerners.
    You don’t understand. You are not selling a new product. You’re selling an old product called racism and White Americans don’t want to buy it anymore.
    *racialism and racism are synonymous.

  15. I’m an integrationist and an anti-racist. I’m opposed to discrimination, racism, separatism, and apartheid. On principle. The fact that you all hate these non-Whites so much that you want nothing to do with them anymore just makes me want to vomit. That’s why I’m opposed to you.

  16. I do not understand. Why do you call me racist and object when I say I am an anti-racist? Can you please elaborate?
    I see the reason why you fascists hate us Communists so much. We are the dead polar opposite of your racist and fascist fantasies and plans. No wonder you guys want to kill us.
    Lieberman is a racist and a prototypical European style fascist. Of course you support him. No surprises there.

  17. “I have a friend in South Carolina who says that White Power types are all over the place back there. Maybe you could try your luck with Southerners.”
    There are not really a bunch of “White power types” in SC so much as White race-realists who now realize and acknowledge what happens when Blacks take over a city, town, or country demographically…it declines noticeably and the inevitable crime, pollution/litter, economic decay, and general ‘ghettoization’ sets in. As more and more Blacks move in to the area and slowly mess it up more and more Whites then are forced to flee for better (Whiter) areas, and thus the situation eventually becomes intolerable there until even the Blacks can’t stand it anymore and move elsewhere (in to White areas) only to repeat the cycle.
    You have yourself here referred to many areas in California becoming “Hispanic-wrecked” when they are demographically taken over by Hispanics. An analogous situation has occurred in the American South for the past 50-100 years…there are tons of cities, towns, or counties in the South which have become “Black-wrecked” after too many Blacks move in. Come here to the South sometime and see for yourself how many Black-wrecked mini-Detroits there in the American South. It’s truly pitiful. And ALL of these towns, cities, and counties were nice, well-maintained, peaceful, and reasonably functional economically until Blacks moved in to them en masse and ruined them. Also, the difference between the Black areas of town as composed to the White areas are stark indeed. There are the facts coming from a native Southerner with deep roots in the Carolinas who has seen this happen over and over and who has spoken with many White Southerners who this has happened to.
    In my opinion, Blacks are better off living a rural life as opposed to an urban one because they currently have not developed the civilizational intelligence to form functional urban areas (actually I think the majority of people live better and more fulfilling lives in rural areas, but that’s a topic for another comment). I think that many American Blacks were A LOT happier in the past when they lived in rural areas where they had stronger family ties, life-long local friends, healthier habits, less crime, more economic freedom (free to grow much of their own food, form a barter economy, etc)…I’m not talking about when they were slaves or anything (slavery is obviously a terrible thing), but rather in the post Civil War years until they started moving in large numbers to urban areas beginning in the early-to-mid 1900s…many were lured by Northerners (‘Yankees’) to factory jobs up North which eventually evaporated and left many of those Blacks stranded…thus the urban Northern Whites and Northern industrialists who lured American Blacks from the South in to America’s industrial cities (many of them were Jews, actually) are disproportionately to blame for the current urban Black problem in America.

  18. RL: “racialism and racism are synonymous”
    No they aren’t. Racialism is synonymous with race-realism in that they both acknowledge racial/ethnic differences and place a particular emphasis on the importance of racial/ethnic matters in general.
    Racism is completely different and means discrimination/prejudice against a person or a group because of their race/ethnicity.
    I realize that Wikipedia is not the best source, but it seems to explain the difference between racialism and racism fairly accurately – VS.
    You are a racialist/race-realist Mr. Lindsay, but at the same time you are not a racist (per your claim). This is entirely normal and possible – a person can be a racialist/race-realist without being a hateful, mean, and foaming-at-the-mouth racist or supremacist.

  19. Ok my friend referred to them as White Power types. That was the word he used.
    Hispanic-wrecked is vastly better than a Black ghetto. Barrios are livable for Whites. Ghettos are unlivable for any humans. Hispanic-wrecked only happens when there are tons of illegals for the most part. If the Hispanics have money, there are few problems.
    I know a Black woman who lives in a small town in South Carolina and she says it is pretty nice. Seems like a nice little stable rural town.

  20. The problem is that most racists are now calling themselves racialists, and 99% of people calling themselves racialists are out and out racist assholes.
    So a racialist is just a race realist?
    I guess my point was that Silver says he’s selling racialism. Bullshit. He’s selling raw racism, period.
    White separatism cannot be anything less than racism. That’s all there is to it.

  21. “White separatism cannot be anything less than racism. That’s all there is to it.”
    I have to agree with AD – when you say things like this, it’s hard to take you seriously. There is a difference between xenophobia (commonly referred to as racism) and conscientious thought that results in positions like white nationalism, white separatism, etc…
    I could say that 99% of Leftists are losers who can’t cut it in a free society. Leftism is just a replacement religion for secularists. Leftism has led to catastrophe in every society where it has run its course. That’s all there is to it.
    I wouldn’t say these things because they are gross oversimplifications, but they each have a grain of truth. Statements like these do not foster productive discussion. They say, “My mind is closed, I’m not listening to you, shut up.” They also label a vast, diverse group of externally or self-identified people and paint them with a broad, negative brush. I find it strange that you claim to be so vehemently “anti-racist” and yet you seem to take joy in generalizing about and insulting groups of people based on things other than race.

    1. It’s got to be racism. The impulse to separate yourself off from all the other groups and live only with your own kind can be nothing other than racist. That’s all there is to it. I’ve been shopping the idea around to some Whites and they all agree. That’s when the stop shaking their heads and laughing about what an insane idea it is.

  22. PS:
    I also find it odd that you throw the word racist around so much when the stuff you write here would definitely get you labeled racist among a majority of the population. Remember abagond?

    1. That’s right. According to me, the way I talk, and race realism, is not racism. I don’t agree with those PC maggots and they are doing anti-racism a big disservice by their lies. They are ruining society far worse than White nationalists are. WN’s are not doing a thing to America. The PC antiracist cancer is wrecking not only the US and but all of the West.
      HOWEVER racism DOES exist. Just because some definitions of it are bad doesn’t mean it’s not real. A lot of you all here are good examples of it. Some of you are well-behaved, but White separatism itself cannot be anything less than racism. If you liked those people, you would not mind living with them.
      I will say that ethnic separatism is ok for small tribes, or maybe obscure religious groups especially in far away lands. There are Indian tribes who have little to no contact with outsiders, even in the US. I respect that. If you are that small a minority, you have the right to protect yourself from extinction. There are ~600 million Whites. You are not going extinct.

  23. Australia is indeed terribly different from the States. I’ve never heard “wog” applied to southern Europeans, “dago” is only used in gangster movies, and 90% of the Americans I know can’t tell ethnicity by looking at someone. Spanish, Jewish, Greek it would all be guesswork, although maybe most Americans could tell an Icelandic person from a Greek. Not sure. If I asked the students at my school if they were Anglo-Saxon, they would have no idea what I was talking about.
    “Mythical white race” thinking is going to be more common here. When you see that list of IQ by clade, with European whites separate from South Asians and North Africans, that will make perfect sense to the Greco-Germans, Franco-Poles, and Russo-Welsh that make up ordinary Yanks.

  24. I would ask Eman if he knows what rural blacks themselves thought of their station and prospects in the segregated South.

  25. “I know a Black woman who lives in a small town in South Carolina and she says it is pretty nice. Seems like a nice little stable rural town.”
    That small rural town you mention is probably still majority White, hence the reason it is nice and stable. However, the point of my post was to describe the indisputable fact that when too many Blacks move in to an area the area becomes “Black-wrecked.”
    The overwhelmingly majority of the U.S. counties with a Black-majority are far worse other American counties in terms of crime, education, and economic development; see:

    1. No way. It’s a mostly to all Black small town. Supposedly it’s a very nice place to live. People are conservative, church-going, join the military, have deep family structures, etc. It’s totally different from the ghettos we are used to out here.

  26. “I would ask Eman if he knows what rural blacks themselves thought of their station and prospects in the segregated South.”
    Since groups and people naturally segregate themselves along racial/ethnic lines (it’s a very standard and natural impulse), it wasn’t as bad as you think. I think most American Blacks during that time suffered more from the neglect of Whites more than anything else (similar to today) rather than overt hostility, prejudice, violence, and discrimination toward them…during that time Whites mostly just left Blacks alone to live as they pleased, and without the active help and assistance (read: CHARITY) of Whites many Blacks and Black-communities unfortunately deteriorated. Do you consider leaving people alone to live as they want a form of “racism”?
    As I wrote in the above post: “I think that many American Blacks were A LOT happier in the past when they lived in rural areas where they had stronger family ties, life-long local friends, healthier habits, less crime, more economic freedom (free to grow much of their own food, form a barter economy, etc)” There is no disputing that many rural ‘country Blacks’ in the USA are in many respects better off than most urban ‘ghetto Blacks’…rural Blacks have MUCH less crime, more stable families, less drug use, live amongst less pollution and in more beautiful rural surroundings, they often own their own homes and land where they grow food (as opposed to being dependent tenants of an oppressive urban landlord), and so on.
    I’m not a defender of slavery, oppressive Jim Crow segregation, violence toward Blacks, or deliberately holding them down economically or educationally – in fact, I heartily oppose all these things and truly want to see American Blacks do better socially, economically, and educationally. I’ve personally encouraged many Blacks and mulattoes to go to college, find better jobs, and get off drugs. I count some Blacks and mulattoes as friends of mine and my family, I went to public schools with them (ate with them, studied with them, played sports with them), and back in my more naive late-teenage years I was romantically involved with a girl who was 1/4 Black (she was stunningly beautiful – she had beautiful dark green eyes and very light Brown skin, a tight little body, and angelic face; she was also very intelligent and ambitious)…my White relatives and White friends had no objection to this relationship, but HER (part) Black parents and the local Black community that found out about us did object and exhibited racial prejudice toward me as a result of my being romantically-involved with her. Talk about “reverse racism.”

    1. Eman, you’re an interesting fellow. You’re the first WN I have ever met who does not seem to hate Blacks at all. That seems to be a common denominator – hatred of Blacks – among nearly all WN’s. The only racism I can really see in you is anti-Semitism. Other than that, you don’t seem to have it in for anyone.

  27. Understood.
    However, you keep talking about what you THINK about black people. You think that many blacks were happier in the past–including, presumably, the Jim Crow past when many blacks were making their migration to the North.
    Many rural blacks in the South in those days were impoverished people for whom sharecropping was a way of life. Sharecropping could be a cruel form of peonage for those who had no other option.
    A poor rural black person who wanted their children to have an education often had very little besides severely substandard schools with limited chances for advancement. The whites had a saying that education would only ruin a good field hand.
    They were poor and rural, but white attitudes about their inferiority limited their opportunities to get out of poverty.
    I doubt that you would have wanted to be poor, black, and rural in Mississippi or Alabama around the turn of the century.
    But I do get your point.

  28. Bob, you have no idea how wrong you are about me. No idea at all. – Accidental Dis
    Come now, Silver, I understand the explanation on your blog for why you use so many slurs, much as I don’t share your reasoning … but are you really surprised anyone, including a Christian communist, takes you for a drooling bigot?
    You strike me as a cheerful, well-meaning rightist with a radical worldview and an active sense of humor. Not counting self-defense, I think you’re less likely to hurt a black/Hispanic/whoever than my five-year-old-nephew is (unless they took away that mechanical cork-remover he’s always playing with).
    This is because I have consciously unlearned political correctness (easier for me than others, since I never really grokked in the first place, but I did understand the rules). Others have done less unlearning. They read those obscenities – shit, motherfucker, cunt all pale by comparison – and figure you’re like one of those guys from American History X, or Deliverance or whatever.
    I also don’t understand the role that being “dago!”ed has played in your life. I assume it was kind of shock being talked to like that. It didn’t turn knock the head from your shoulders, to roll away comically into rabbit hutch, but you do kind of mention it frequently. I’m glad you’ve still got a sense of humor about it.
    I’m not trying to change your presentation, I’m just saying, be realistic. It’s like you’re not trying to catch folks with vinegar, but you’re not really using honey either, it’s more you rinsed out an old bottle of Liquid Plum’r and refilled it with a 50/50 mixture of sarsparilla and coconut juice. Now you’re proffering it to everyone with a big warm smile.
    So yeah, it weirds folks out.

    1. What happened was he got racially abused by a bunch of rapists, and then he turned into a racist that racially abuses others. That’s what happened to Silver as a result of being dagoed. Like the abused kid grows up to be an abuser, Silver is a classic case.
      If you think you stream abuse at racial and ethnic groups all day and then explain it off as some kind of performance art or guerilla theater of complex political maneuver, all I can tell you is it ain’t gonna fly. I’ve seen you on hardcore WN blogs where there are no liberals around to shock letting fly with this stuff too. It’s obviously your belief, and you are entitled to it, but your behavior obviously proves that you are a racist.
      On top of that, you innocently want to separate from all non-Whites, recolonize Africa, you support fascists and fascist parties all over the world.
      Well, you do the math.

  29. Let me tell you flat out, Silver. Nordicism is NOT common among Whites here in California. It DOES exist. But these same Nordicists don’t really hate Southern Europeans. I know who says they aren’t White. He said it to this Italian guy’s face and the Italian acted like he was going to hit him. I have a friend who says they are White, but Nordics are superior. I know an out and out WN who feels much the same way.
    But really. If you are a Med around here, you are not going to get any racial abuse at all. In the past you would, especially say Italians.
    Actually, your average Med is pretty into White pride. They often think you hate them when they tell you they’re Greek or Italian or whatever, but then I just say, “Hey, they’re White.” or “Those are some of my favorite White people.” If you go to Italy you will see White pride banners and slogans from one end to the other. I think that’s cool. I actually like Meds better than Nordics. In the valley, the White ruling class is heavily Med and Armenid – Italian, Serb, Armenian, Greek, Portuguese and Spaniard.
    Even on Amren, I figure 80% of the posters are Nordicists. Face it, the WN movement is a Nordicist movement. That’s one more reason it’s an utter and ridiculous failure.

  30. What’s the alternative? Clean, clear sophisticated speech. But do you have any idea how eerie that sounds to the uninitiated? Gasp, educated, intelligent Nazis planning everyone’s genocide!
    Yeah, you’re probably right. I write and talk pretty much the same: straightforward opinions, some Socratic questions, facts cited to establish a pattern, some self-deprecating humor, and people think I’m …
    a drooling bigot! So I have zero right to critique your approach from an effectiveness standpoint.
    But man … you’ve run in some very different circles in the US than I have. Jimminy. I’ve lived in a very white city in the North, some very white rural areas in the Northeast, I’ve lived in a North Carolina college town, I was in Texas for years … I’ve never heard anyone identify as Anglo-Saxon and believe that set them apart from S. Europe. I’ve only ever known mongrels. Most of them were Irish, I suppose, because when leftists teach someone who is German, English, Dutch, and Irish about “imperialism”, well, let’s just say it’s obvious which branch of their family is most important. (Oddly enough this never turned anyone Swiss or Polish….)
    Where I live now, Yankees vs. Red Sox is a vastly deeper conflict than any distinction within Eurowhites. Ain’t kidding. I think social class may have more to do with it – I’ve known a few dirt-poor beggar types, some filthy rich, lots of affluent types, professional students, but very few hardhat uniony proletarians. So that may be the deal.

    1. WPWW is the only thing that makes sense. Or at least that all Europeans are clearly White, even if that includes Lapps. Nordicism is the ultimate is self-destructive insanity. I really should encourage it, because then you guys will fail more than ever.
      You’re considered a bigot because you’re a separatist. I don’t think it has sunk into you just how wild and extreme that position is. My friend in South Carolina, surrounded by what he called White racists, had never heard of White separatism. That’s because it’s so popular it’s sweeping the land!

  31. You hate fascism but you love the death squads in Latin America like in El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, etc. All you guys support the BNP and Le Pen and Haider in Austria. Those parties and politicians are called “fascists.”
    Show me a White racist or White separatist anywhere who doesn’t have a hardon for fascism.
    Your love of fascism, and the fact that Nazism is so loved by your movement, or at the very least apologized for, shows just how out of touch you are. During WW2, almost the entire White racist South rose up against Nazism and fascism and sent their best sons off to fight and die against them.
    And here is White nationalism which at best apologizes for Nazism and at worst out and out supports it. I don’t think I have ever heard a WN slam Nazism hard. I always thought it was a Leftist lie that you guys were a bunch of Nazis until I started to meet some of you guys and go to your websites. The South hasn’t changed. Southerners still hate Nazism and fascism. You guys are pushing the wrong product.
    Let me give you an example: Usually when WN’s are talking about WW2, if they are not out and out rooting for the Nazis, they are pushing some pro-Nazi shit like Britain started the war, the USSR started the war, the USSR was the enemy in WW2 and should have been defeated instead. All basically pro-Nazi arguments. I really ought to encourage you guys to keep on doing this because then you will really go over like a brick balloon.

  32. Either people generally prefer being around people more like themselves racially (and culturally, especially when racially isn’t available) or they don’t.
    You see, this is where you guys are completely out of your skulls. I can assure you that there are plenty of mostly White towns all over the US. Even right here in California. Just pack up and move to one. That’s obviously not good enough for you separatists. One non-White face and your day is ruined. Oh no! This is why you guys turn my stomach.

  33. “It is up to Jews if they want to support the genocide their Torah so clearly advocates.”
    This post is about Israel, Judaism, genocide and Israel’s right to exist, yes? Here is the comment of
    a Syrian….the comments above seem far away from the subject…
    What would you say if one day you become lucky and get hold with the Apocrypha and the Talmud (mainly the Mishnah). Although Jews consider the Torah as their main book (including the oral tradition that we don’t know about) the Tanakh (the 5 books) only shows the “good” stuff, the rest only known to their rabbis and the apocrypha is only taught to the “trusted” ones and the only volumes we know about is the first and some texts from the other books. It’s full of rubbish but very dangerous when it comes to the effect it has on the orthodox fanatic Jews. Though, they – as usual – nicked many stuff from the old Syrian mythologies and by Syria I mean great Syria as it used to be known that time (present Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine and Cyprus-believe it or not).
    I think that Jesus was killed because he was an anti-Semite (sorry, just joking), though he put it in a way that he would’ve been considered as anti-Semitic had he been among us now:
    “You [Jews] belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”
    John 8:44
    While maybe you would’ve seen him as a socialist revolutionary leader (the Guevara of his era) who rejected all the shit that was there and of course rejected the colonial Roman imperialism, hence, when he threatened to turn the temple up side down, the poodles (the rabbis who used to lick the arses of the Romans) feared losing their power and control – as usual- and the easiest way is to set him up with the Romans and orchestrated a brilliant scenario and got an agent working under cover (Judas), the same way – I think – they did with Muslims re 11/9 !! <:-o
    I quite like all of you to read the below, it's from their Talmud:
    "A heathen [Gentile] who pries into the Torah [and other Jewish Scriptures] is condemned to death, for it is written, it is our inheritance, not theirs." (Sanhedrin 59a) 4
    " Only Jews are human. [Gentiles] are animals." (Baba Mezia 114a-114b.)9
    "Even the best of the [Gentiles] should be killed. (Babylonian Talmud)11"
    "If a heathen [Gentile] hits a Jew, the Gentile must be killed. Hitting a Jew is hitting God. (Sanhedrin 58b.)13"
    That kind of stuff they teach their children in those religious schools and they outnumber the State and private schools!
    "and they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword…"(Joshua 6:21)3
    West Bank:
    "And they took Hebron, and smote it with the edge of the sword, and the king thereof, and all the cities thereof, and the souls that were therein; he left none remaining." (Joshua 10:37)

  34. The preservation of the White race is a totally ridiculous concept. I tell that to White people too. I tell them that you guys say Whites are going extinct and you are trying to save Whites from going extinct. They look at me like, “You’re kidding?” Then they usually start laughing. Your movement is seen as a joke. If you don’t believe me, why don’t you do some polls. Let’s see how much support you have. Looks like even hardly even any Southerners support you. You guys are the freak show at the carnival.
    At least I admit that Maoism in the US is huge joke. I don’t support Maoism for the US anyway – in India, Nepal and the Philippines, yes. But they are still in power in China, and that’s 25% of humanity. They are in government in Nepal too, and there are huge Maoist armies rocking India and the Philippines.
    You guys ain’t got shit. White separatists are nothing anywhere on Earth. You don’t run one country, much less 1/4 of mankind. You don’t have any huge movements, much less armed revolutionary movements. You’re not a big force in any government. You’re zero.

  35. You’re considered a bigot because you’re a separatist. I don’t think it has sunk into you just how wild and extreme that position is.
    You make it sound like I was born this way, into a village of little green men whose flying saucer crashlanded here, surprised that the Earthlings are freaked out by the little antennae on our heads. In fact I have realized that the position sounds extreme. Maybe I’ve thought about it more than I seem like I have … I don’t know. At every other site, I come off like as ignorant for (a) citing psychometric surveys establishing racial differences in intelligence, and (b) for discussing the pros and cons of separatism. Here I guess I come off as extreme for (b) but not for (a).
    As far as WNs and Hitlerism, I don’t know if White America counts, or if we’re going to get into “no true Scotsman” territory. Jobling doesn’t consider himself WN and I don’t know about the other posters, but we’re all vehemently anti-Hitler and, though I for one will draw a distinction between Hitlerism and fascism, most are overtly anti-fascist like me. Ditto for Nordicism; nobody posts there about Nordish vs. Medish, and if they did it would probably drive away the Argentines and US mongrels. Then again, it’s been proven time and again that nobody on this site gives a shit about, so that’s the last I’ll speak of it.
    Still, though, I’d have to say that you’re approaching argument from popularity when you talk about these-folks-can’t-stand-WNs, separatism-sounds-wild, etc. Where did your saucer crash? Cause when the Earthlings see the hammer-and-sickle on your tentacles, they’re gonna be plenty weirded out. Then when they see the crucifix, White Power slogan, and Antifa symbol … leave the starman in the sky so nobody’s mind gets blown, know what I mean?
    I googled WPWW and I found a site that is overtly pro-Nazi. So my links take you to anti-Nazi stuff, your initialisms take me to the Thule Society. If there are anti-Nazi white power types, awesome. I wish everyone were anti-Nazi. But note my massively greater humility on the subject than yours – you apparently know the views of all the WNs but I’m not claiming to know White Pride.
    And I certainly definitely absolutely darn-TOOTIN’ don’t know why you’re so dang certain that WP is compatible with your oft-stated, sometimes-shouted opposition to racism, while WN is practically a codeword for HitlerHitlerHitler.
    My experience here is starting to run in circles. I have no intention of inspiring you to type the same denunciation of crazy racist bigots over and over.

    1. WPWW is Pan-Aryanism, or at least Pan-Europeanism. Something like that. It’s true that Nazis use the word, but what I meant was Pan-Aryanism. I mean if you’re going to be a White nationalist or whatever, what I’m saying is that Pan-Aryanism or Pan-Europeanism is the only thing that’s not brain-fucked.
      White America is ok. Jobling is on the far end of the pro-White movement in terms of being moderate. He condemns anti-Semitism and I guess he condemns Nazism too? He’s way more moderate than Amren. So many posters on Amren are pro-fascist and/or pro-Nazi, Nazi apologist. If you’re a pro-White guy who’s anti-Nazi, you’re the first I’ve met. I’m glad to hear that Jobling is a pan-Europeanist. Or maybe a pan-Aryanist?
      Jobling’s not a White nationalist? What is he then? He’s a White separatist is he not? I am acquainted with Mr. Jobling. He wrote a review of my website and did a post on me a while back.
      Most people know I’m a Commie. They think it’s funny, or they look disgusted, but mostly they don’t care, because Commies are irrelevant in the US. Sort of like White separatists. Some people know I’m a Christian Commie too. They think it doesn’t make sense, but mostly they don’t care. They know I’m pro-White too, and I guess they think I’m a racist due to that, but mostly they don’t care about that either. Most people don’t even try to understand me.

  36. Yeah you can talk about “citing psychometric surveys establishing racial differences in intelligence” all you want here. That’s one of the raisons de etre of this weird website.

  37. Jobling is pretty detailed about it here. He may be well summed up with the following:
    “White nationalists are certainly welcome to come, but I will not be catering to them because the philosophy of white nationalism is, in my view, a poor foundation for white racial advocacy—this is why I have used the admittedly awkward term “pro-white,” never “white nationalist,” to describe my own beliefs.
    My disagreement with white nationalism goes far beyond rejection of the anti-Semitism that is characteristic of this philosophy. Rather, the fundamental flaw is that white nationalism is, at bottom, only an empty tribalism that is more likely to repel than attract white Americans.”
    I suppose I agree with him. Mencius Moldbug’s views on the subject are also quite interesting (summary: “I am not a white nationalist because I don’t find white nationalism useful or effective. I don’t feel it helps me accurately perceive reality. In fact, I think it distorts reality. And I believe white nationalism is a very ineffective political device for solving the very real problems about which it complains.”)
    Still, both of them are describing WN in a fairly narrow way; it seems like it could embrace a wide variety of good and bad ideas so I don’t exactly burst into tears and beg forgiveness when someone calls me that. In fact, before I started thought-experimenting with separatism I thought of WN as a moderate alternative to separatism, figuring it meant approximately what RL calls pan-Caucasianism / pan-Aryanism. Nobody uses it that way, so I suppose I was wrong….

    1. Thx for that link. Jobling is obviously the most reasonable force in the pro-White movement. I’d almost get behind him except he’s clearly a racist and I’m not. Also he wants to get rid of all anti-discrimination laws. But he’s really seriously moderating his views in a very nice way. Politics is evolution. He who is not busy growing is busy dying.
      He’s still seriously messed up in some ways, but he’s the best of a lot.

  38. The long-term preservation and survival of the White race is defintely not ridiculous. You are a very intelligent person and I’m not sure why you aren’t seeing this, especially as a White in California where Whites are already semi-endagered and will become largely extinct there in a few decades if we stay on the current course.
    Only a few decades ago Whites were approx. 25% of the world’s population. Now Whites are only about 10% of the world’s total population and declining both as a worldwide percentage as well as in many White countries which are aging rapidly, have low birthrates, etc – at the same time non-Whites are pouring in to many White countries worldwide by the millions via mass-immigration (race-replacement colonization). The so called ‘Whitest Whites,’ Nordic types, are probably only about 5% of the world’s population and are in especially rapid decline. You are wrong, Robert…Nordic Whites are definitely on the path to extinction, near-extinction, and/or being totally swamped in the huge non-White mass of humanity if measures are not soon taken to preserve and protect them.
    Non-Whites have been using White invented technologies (medical, agricultural, etc) in the past few deacdes to outbreed us…this is a horrible development – THEY ARE USING WHITE-INVENTED TECHNOLOGY TO OUTBREED [OUTCOMPETE] WHITES! They’ve used White technologies to increase their carrying capacity far beyond ANYTHING they could have come up with on their own.
    You wrote on your other blog in the past about protecting endangered species, conservation, and so on…I’m a strong environmentalist myself (ecosocialist, actually) so I fully agree with you. Well, it’s basically the same issue here: Whites are rapidly becoming endangered/threatened on Earth and steps must be taken to permanently preserve and protect them just as with any other endangered species. You have no objections to preserving endangered whales, rare cougars, or other species which are nearing endangered status and/or extinction…so why do you object to preserving and protecting Whites who are currently in a similarly endangered situation?

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