White Nationalists Dislike or Hate All Non-Whites

They don’t like non-Whites. Period. Bottom line. They either dislike or hate all non-Whites, and in many cases they either dislike or hate a very large number of Whites who don’t fit their insanity about who real White people are. I checked this out with an open mind. The WN’s insisted that they don’t hate non-Whites, they just love Whites. Fine. I checked it out assuming they were correct about only loving their own and put the theory to the test. It’s not true.
The only exceptions are some moderate WN’s who are Asiaphiles. For instance, Jared Taylor really likes NE Asians, especially Japanese. There are some other commenters on Amren who are married to Asians. One is married to a Japanese and another to a Filipina. Those guys catch a lot of crap for their “treason.”
Stormfront doesn’t even allow you to have non-White friends. Armenians were banned and 300 pro-White Armenians were tossed off the site. Your Whiteness has to be pure. They let you have a little bit of Amerindian in you, but you need to shut up about it.
But the more moderate ones are just the same. The people who comment there just flat out don’t like any non-Whites period!
Even going beyond that, what motivates a White separatist? Obviously, these people despise non-Whites so much that they don’t want to have anything to do with them whatsoever. They want to separate from them totally. That right there really implies that they don’t like them. WN means you can’t date or marry non-Whites. Really, the only way to enforce that, as the Jews showed for centuries, is preach hatred of the Other. That’s the only way you can keep your guys especially from putting their mitts on the women of the Other.
I’d like to point out further that the vast majority of WN’s are Nordicists from what I can tell. They simply dislike Southern Europeans and they insist that they are non-Whites.
They dislike Southern Italians, Yugoslavs, Spaniards, Portuguese and Greeks. They really can’t stand Turks and Armenians. And they deny that obviously extremely White folks like Armenians, Georgians, Azerbaijanis, White Turks, White Berbers, Kurds, Iranians, Lebanese, White Pakistanis, White Afghans, Assyrians and Arab Christians are White. It doesn’t really make sense on any level.
I will say that incredibly Stormfront is much better in this regard as they have sections for Yugoslavs, Portuguese, Spaniards, all Italians, and Greeks. It’s pretty sorry movement when Stormfront is the normal people.

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112 thoughts on “White Nationalists Dislike or Hate All Non-Whites”

  1. But they don’t just prefer their own kind. Don’t you get it, Silver? They really do hate all the others. That’s the big lie. I don’t hate the others; I just prefer my own. The big lie of the racists.
    I’m glad Stormfront has racialist subsections for those groups. It’s about time someone owned up to the facts that those folks are White. I’m sure there’s just a bunch of racist assholes on there, but Nordicists really get my goat. I think it was lunacy to throw 300 Armenians out though. What the Hell man? I met this guy the other day. He was an Assyrian from Iran, first one I ever met. He was the Whitest looking person I’ve ever met. Then I thought how these WN’s say these ppl are not White and I thought about how insane that is. I had a couple of Iranian dentists too. They are like the Whitest people on Earth too. The Iranians, Armenians, Assyrians, they are like Europeans living outside of Europe. The only argument against them being White is geographical.
    I admit that some of the Southern Indians are not White. Tamils are probably Australoids. You can make a good case for that. Maybe some other Dravidians too.

  2. Many times on your blog you hit the mark Mr. Lindsay (as in your recent post “Prospects For a Pro-White Movement In the US”), but this time you are way off with your raging hyperbole and the spreading of a lot of disinformation. Stormfront is by and large a cesspool of gutter White racialism and IS NOT at all representative of the new forms of White nationalism, White racialism, and pro-White activism which are emerging. Look to the growing pro-White blogosphere for the vanguard of the new White nationalist movement…Stormfront is old hat and should be shut-down/ignored/abandoned in my opinion because it is more counterproductive than helpful to the pro-White movement.
    I know plenty of pro-Whites who do not dislike or hate ALL non-Whites. They just worry about the future of Whites and want to protect and preserve them and their White homelands…is that too much to ask, merely to survive in to the future? As all living things do, they would rather survive and persist rather than go extinct (or become subsumed in to the non-White or part-White mass). Just look at your own state of California to witness how a territory/state/nation declines once it becomes majority non-White (and that’s only a single example). As you have stated in many past posts, ethnocentrism, the desire to be amongst you own kind, and racial separation (whether in housing, dating/marriage, schooling, employment, etc) is entirely natural and healthy and has been practiced by virtually all human racial/ethnic groups throughout history…if anything is clear, it is this: it is the current quack-experiment in multiracialism/multiculturalism which is entirely unnatural, unstable, and unsustainable, while race realism/racialism is actually the natural, sane, and stable option.
    You have also noticed and commented on the fact that Whites (particularly Nordic/Northern Euro Whites) are becoming a critically endangered human group on Earth…Whites are now only about 10% of the Earth’s human population and declining…and Nords are probably not even 5% of that 10%. Thus you sometimes read people on Stormfront or elsewhere who realize this very depressing fact (yes, extinction sucks!) and lash out at all non-Whites, and get very angry/abusive, or start hating virtually all non-Whites or non-Nords because of this.
    However, as I said they are not representative of the much more sane and rational pro-White movement which is currently emerging in a rather strong way. If anything, please just stop spreading so much misinformation about pro-White activists, White nationalists, and White preservationists by broadly tarring us all with such a bad brush…like any socio-political movement, there are extremists to be found of course, but it helps to realize that most are sane and rational regarding their ideas, beliefs, and opinions and are not constantly filled with a seething genocidal hatred toward ALL non-Whites; for more on this issue of the extremists vs. the rest, see: http://actingwhite.blogspot.com/2009/04/acting-white-pareto-principle-vs-racial.html

    1. Hey look, believe me, if all you guys wanted to do was to preserve your race and keep it from going extinct, I would actually respect that. If you don’t wish to date or marry non-Whites, that’s perfectly normal and healthy. Sex is a very private area of life and persons are entitled to make any decisions they wish about whom they wish to have sex with. It’s not possible for someone to be a racist by limiting their sex partners to one ethnicity or race.
      About being around your own kind, I suppose it is normal. I mean, I am typing this from a mostly White town in California. There are some non-Whites around here, but that doesn’t really change anything. I guess I am wondering why this town would be so horrible to you guys. I mean, if 10% of the people you see in a day are non-Whites, is that the end of the day?
      Around here there are a few Amerindians, definitely some Hispanics (but very well-behaved), a few Asians (mostly tourists – Japanese, Koreans, etc.) and a tiny smattering of Filipinos, Thais, etc. For all intents and purposes, the whole place is White. I don’t get why this is not good enough for you guys. If you have to deal with a Punjabi gas station checker, is it the end of the day?
      Many, many people do indeed prefer the company of their own kind. I know a Pakistani in Canada who prefers to be with his own people in Pakistan. I know a Black woman in South Carolina in a Black town who prefers to be around Blacks. But none of these people are separatists. They just want to be around MOSTLY their own kind. Why must you be separatists?
      I really am very encouraged that you are part of a movement to clean up the pro-White landscape. I mean, I’m pro-White myself. If I am not for myself, who am I for?

    2. I certainly do not agree that racial separation in housing, employment and schooling is natural or healthy. After all, I am an integrationist. Sure, groups have been doing it forever, but we are in the 21st Century. That backwards stuff is just gone. Mostly White towns and cities are still very nice places in the US. I don’t understand why they are not good enough for you. Why do you need 100% separatism?
      To my mind, White separatism is simply bizarre. Every time I discuss it with my fellow Whites, they usually start laughing. Most of us think it is preposterous and insane, as the link in Acting White suggests. BTW, Acting White is an excellent Black blog. Fantastic!

  3. Why must you be separatists? – Robert L.
    Nobody likes a broken record, so I’ll make my final attempt.
    When you’ve talked about your town, you’ve called it mostly white, so it should be good enough for WNs. You’ve said nothing directly about the crime rate, except that at some point, somewhere you get a chill from seeing a young black man on the street. (If this were caused solely by racism, you should get the same chill from seeing an old black lady, and I’ll bet you don’t. Obviously an interplay of race-, sex-, age-, and probably class-consciousness is at work here.)
    Most of the race-conscious whites I know (who don’t fit your definition of WNs at all) would prefer a low-crime town full of law-abiding Koreans, Chicanos, Somalis, whoever, to the stereotypical West Virginia town full of drunken Scots-Irish (drunk-on-Scotch Irish?) brawlers, thieves, etc.
    The thing is, crime-wise West Virginia just doesn’t fit the stereotype. Its crime rate is comparable to Connecticut’s. At some point, racial consciousness will set in. Not everybody is a healthy single guy.
    So what if you want to raise kids in a healthy low-crime community? Then you see that healthy low-crime communities attract everyone to some degree – nobody likes crime or decay. Not everyone can afford to live there, and if we have different standards for “a decent environment to raise kids” it starts looking like whites are actually being chased out of wherever they felt secure. This is when the separatism sets in.
    There are options for the country other than separatism to be sure – on these we agree.

    1. I don’t think Appalchians are bad people (I’m from there.), unless you get drugs into the picture. In that case, like crack cocaine addicted blacks, they will rob, kill etc.. to get money for drugs.

  4. Look, I’m personally fine with the about 70% white population that we have here – mostly because there seems no way to go back in time regarding demographics. But you’re acting like this is a static condition. Every white country is being positively flooded with immigrants.
    I think you need to distinguish between “radical” white nationalism, which aims at removing non-whites from white areas, and “moderate” white nationalism, which aims at keeping white areas white.
    Take “Imagine 2050” for example. This is a publication that celebrates the day when whites are no longer the majority in America. Is that not a form of hate? Isn’t replacing the white population of the first world with immigrants from high-birthrate third world countries a form of “soft” genocide? It achieves the same end – to reduce the relative number of white people.

    1. It would make sense to distinguish between the two, but if you go on even the most moderate WN sites, most people there say they want to throw all the non-Whites out of the US. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone on one of those sites say, hey, wait a minute, we can’t throw these people out of the country, forget it. Let them stay here. But that would be a reasonable distinction to make.
      I guess I don’t even know what White nationalism even is! A lot of race realists have even described it as a crazy fringe movement that is never going to go anywhere. When someone says he is a WN, what does that mean? I think every one I have met so far is also a White separatist, so I guess in effect being a WN means you want some kind of a separatist White state or White island.
      WN also means that you think that the only real Americans, British, Germans, French, etc. are Whites, right? You define citizenship by race.
      As far as keeping White areas White, that’s still awful, but it’s way more reasonable than talking about throwing people out of the country.
      Yes Imagine 2050 is definitely hate and racism against Whites. Absolutely. Suppose the numbers of Blacks or legal Hispanics was steadily declining in the US. Of course there would be a bunch of White racists on the side cheering on the declining numbers of Blacks in the US. I do not think that anyone would hesitate to call that RACIST. See what I mean? It’s open season on Whites and the anti-racists and the other races have disarmed us. Forget that. We need to stand up for ourselves.

      1. What about sites like occident invicta or stark truth radio? I would consider those sites racist as they do not advocate that.

    2. I hate to say it, because so many WNs use this slogan, but I have come to believe that multiculturalism=anti-whitism. Those that push hard for multiculturalism when you scratch the surface seem to be primarily motivated to see whites become a minority. For example, you never hear anyone complain about the lack of diversity in the L.A. school district which is now almost completely Hispanic. Nobody talks about how Japan needs more diversity because it’s too homogeneous. It seems like multiculturalists only get irked about homogeneity when it’s white homogeneity.

      1. Ya know I agree with Tulio to a great degree. I would add that
        Multi-Culturalists ignore how all Muslim countries have defacto enshrined 2nd class status to their non-Muslim minorities but Muslims always demand they should be allowed to practice all aspects of their culture in non Muslim countries and expect non Muslims to just acquiesce to a Muslim takeover.

    3. I think people oppose white homogeneity because they fear that it occurs at the expense of non-whites.
      Whether it actually does is a separate question.
      Fear seems to be a major factor when it comes to race.

    4. Tulio, you’re right! Dammit! Yep, the White nationalists are right. Multiculturalism is always and only anti-White. No one complains that India is full of Indians, or Iran is full of Iranians, or Mongolia is full of Mongolians, or Thailand is full of Thais, or Fiji is full of Fijians, or Samoa is full of Samoans, or Syria is full of Syrians, or Haiti and Jamaica are full of Black people.
      It’s only White countries that need to be flooded with non-Whites! All White countries must be flooded with non-Whites until there are no more White-majority countries left. Yes!
      And the WN’s are right once again when they say that Jews are behind it. It’s not just Jews, but Jews are always leading the charge on this stuff. And the Western Left too. This is a major project of the Western Left. And once you start letting them in, huge lobbies get set up to demand more floods coming in. Many Indians are die-hard multiculturalists now – for the US! Not for India. Mostly, they want the US to get flooded with more and more Indians, mostly because they want to go to the US!
      I think part of the project for the Jews is “never again.” If we can make it so there’s no more all-White countries, then a Nazi party can ever again arise in this world.

      1. I think part of the project for the Jews is “never again.” If we can make it so there’s no more all-White countries, then a Nazi party can ever again arise in this world.

        Agreed. I also think it’s somewhat of a payback for expelling Jews 109 times.

    5. People don’t flood into White countries so they can be cuddly with White people. In a way it has nothing to do with Whiteness. People are self-interested more than anything else, and if something they want is in a White country, that’s where they’re headed.

    6. That’s interesting what you say about the Jews here regarding multiculturalism. The thing is many groups support it for different reasons. The Catholic church for instance is pro-Latino immigration and fights against deportation of illegals. Why? Because they are the church’s customers. Big businesses love it too because it gives them access to a cheap global labor pool. Everyone has their hand in the cookie jar of multiculturalism, so to speak.
      For the record, I have nothing against multiculturalism per se. I have friends from nearly every background. Listen to music from different cultures, enjoy different types of cuisines and find other cultures fascinating. So multiculturalism is nothing threatening to me. But I don’t believe in the inherent anti-white part of multi-culturalism that many do under the surface. I think the difference between me and them is that they tend to view white people, at least Anglo Americans anyhow as having no culture. And they view “ethnic people”(whatever the hell that means, we ALL belong to some ethnicity), as those with the culture. Of course white Americans have a culture as much as any other group on the planet. And it has it’s own language, foods, holidays, traditions, world view, religion, music, family structure, behaviors, etc. I’ll even go so far as to say their culture should be treated with the same respect I give to any other culture of the world, or that I would demand for my own.

    7. Btw, you’d be surprised how many white Americans don’t even believe they have a culture and see themselves as generic human beings. It’s pretty laughable when you have a deeper understanding of cultural anthropology. I remember when I was a teen, I was watching that show The Real World on MTV. It was the cast that was send to San Francisco, like the 3rd season I think. I remember there was this uber liberal white girl who went to a hiphop concert. She came back crying and saying how she is so boring because she’s white and has no culture. I was taken aback. That some whites even weep over their belief that there’s no such thing as a white culture.

    8. I agree completely, AU. That’s why you can find some community of Chinese in virtually every black country from the Caribbean to Africa. There are also a lot of Indians that live in black countries too. I remember reading that Idi Amin, a Hitler-influenced, black nationalist despot had Indians all kicked out. And there was a sizable population of Indians in Uganda but Amin basically viewed them as the “Jews” of Uganda.

    9. You’re right about the Catholic Church, big business and idiot liberals in general supporting mass immigration and the multicultural agenda.
      My brother has had to take some courses in a multicultural syllabus at the local university. He has described these courses to me. It’s nothing but radical hate-Whitey propaganda. The classes are full of Hispanics with a few Blacks and Asians. The teacher was a Jew, and I really came to loathe this prick, though I never met him.
      He was pushing this thing with an utter ferociousness that was incredible. The Hispanics and to some extent the rest were all on this anti-White thing, the Hispanics worst of all. I guess the Blacks to some extent. There were a bunch of Whites in there and they were all in on this self-loathing crap.
      This Jew was basically brainwashing these non-Whites with this toxic anti-White propaganda. They had some substitute teachers a few times. One was an Asian and another was another Jew. Just as bad. He took another course by an Asian woman and another an Asian guy. Same thing. And another by a Pakistani woman. Same.
      Thing is, I don’t blame non-Whites for getting in on this anti-White thing. Of course they hate us. That’s normal. But for these Jews, it’s incomprehensible. I mean, they’re basically White themselves.
      After I got hip to that, I started looking around, and it’s often Jews who are really the most ferociously wild and especially learned of the anti-Whites. They are very smart and a lot of the really smart anti-White stuff is written by them. The rest go along, but frankly I do not think that the Hispanics and Blacks are smart enough to write this incredible propaganda that the Jews write.
      When you do read Hispanics and Blacks pushing the hate-Whitey thing, a lot of the time they sound stupid. I don’t think their arguments go over very well. But the Jews and their White liberal/Leftist allies have so successfully crafted these arguments that they’ve actually taken the nation by storm.
      Big business has not been pushing multiculturalism is Hate Whitey stuff so much. They just push mass immigration and they have been successful at that. They own the pro-immigration press and pro-immigration government at the Federal level. They own both political parties. The Catholic Church does not do good propaganda. They are good for votes and little else.

    10. The rest go along, but frankly I do not think that the Hispanics and Blacks are smart enough to write this incredible propaganda that the Jews write.

      Malcolm X was pretty damn good. Farrakhan, as loony as he may be is quite intelligent and harder to pin down in a debate than a greased pig.

    11. White people don’t listen to the Farrakhans and Malcolm X’s. Those are considered to be crazy Black people and their talk carries no weight beyond the Black community. It’s Jews and White liberals/Leftists who write almost all of the most brilliant anti-White stuff these days, the stuff that’s known as political correctness or PC, that’s largely taken over the nation’s culture. PC did not take over our culture as a result of the propagandizing of Blacks and Hispanics.
      I didn’t mean it as a put-down to say certain groups are not smart enough to write the great stuff that Jews do. I even think Jewish propagandizing is better than White Gentiles. They’re better than anyone, really. I never believed this until I spent a lot of time on Usenet Middle East sites and saw a bunch of Jews in action.
      It’s true that quite a few Blacks have taken up the mantle of the anti-White PC thing these days, but they are basically reiterating lines that the Jews and White Left already laid out. At this point, the anti-White thing is a mass movement with tons of US Blacks, Hispanics and even Asians in on it along with the White traitors. So it’s really hard to blame anyone anymore.
      I really think that the best work is being done by Jews though, and they are often “leading the charge” as the most skillful, deranged, ferocious, and yet brilliant anti-Whites of them all.
      But it wasn’t a bunch of Black people that brainwashed a nation of Whites with this crap. I mean, I told you we don’t respect you guys as a race, right? I know it sucks to hear that, but…You know what else? *We don’t even listen to you!* I’m serious. We don’t really listen when a Black is talking. I mean, we might, but if a Black is on some anti-White thing, we will just instantly tune it out, start laughing, or whatever. We figure, “Well, of course he hates us,” and then just dismiss everything they say as Black Rage.
      The brainwashing of an entire nation of Whites with PC crap could only have been done by our own people, and I include Jews as White. Whites will only listen to other White people about a lot of stuff.

    12. Yeah, we are our own worst enemies, that’s true.
      What do you mean by self-destructive?
      If you mean we are our own worst enemy, it’s a fact. That’s a pretty common refrain on WN sites. Jared Taylor agrees with me on this.
      There are two different lines about this in the WN community. One line is that Whites are reasonable, and they just got brainwashed by a bunch of evil Jews. The other line is that Whites are stupid, and anyone could brainwash them, and the brainwashed deserve what they get, and that nowadays Whites are their own worst enemies anyway.
      The first line says remove the Jew and Whites will come back around to sanity. The second line says that Jews are not necessary for White people to act like idiots and that many White Gentiles are on the same crusade.
      Fact is Whites have no racial consciousness whatsoever anymore for a variety of reasons. They’re pretty much incapable of acting of acting in their own self-interest, except maybe economically, but that’s only the moneyed class.

    13. But it wasn’t a bunch of Black people that brainwashed a nation of Whites with this crap.

      Who started the civil rights movement start? Political correctness is just an outgrowth of the civil rights movement which was then applied to other groups piggybacking on the black struggle. I would say Martin Luther King almost single-handedly changed an entire generation’s thinking. I think you’re underestimating black influence. I get the sense you have such low expectations of blacks collectively that you can’t possibly believe that they can influence society.

      I mean, I told you we don’t respect you guys as a race, right? I know it sucks to hear that, but…You know what else? *We don’t even listen to you!* I’m serious. We don’t really listen when a Black is talking. I mean, we might, but if a Black is on some anti-White thing, we will just instantly tune it out, start laughing, or whatever. We figure, “Well, of course he hates us,” and then just dismiss everything they say as Black Rage.

      I beg to differ. I’m sure Obama wished that were the case when the whole Reverand Wright controversy broke. If that was the case, the whole Reverend Wright thing would’ve been a non-issue. But it was front and center and damn near cost Obama his nomination. I wouldn’t say the collective reaction of whites to Reverend Wright was to laugh and shrug it off. Whites were outraged, talk radio lines were jammed with angry whites calling in(I listened to a lot of conservative radio during the elections). FOX news was having a field day. It was to the point that Obama had to sever his friendship with the man that married him to Michelle and find a new church. Now personally, I don’t even consider Reverend Wright to be racist or anti-white per se, I can’t find anything he said that wasn’t true, but in white America’s collective mind, he was an afrocentrist and an anti-white racist, and I don’t see how anyone can say he was ignored. Now if a black comes off as a raving lunatic like Farrakhan, she he will be ignored. But so is David Duke. I think that has more to do with being an extremist, than what racist you are from. Sensible black voices have changed many hearts and minds in America and around the world.
      As for the “we don’t listen to you” thing. I think the over-generalizations are getting a bit much. We have a black first family in the white house for Christ’s sake. Hell Oprah became the world’s first self-made female billionaire by literally having millions of people listen to her talk. Now I’m not letting white folks off the hook, I believe that most whites are racist to some degree(yes even Oprah watchers), either as moderate racists that aren’t consciously aware of their beliefs and a lessor number of extreme racist that hold those beliefs as a badge of honor. But despite beliefs, I’m convinced that most people are reasonable enough to override their feelings and choose whether or not to take someone seriously based on that person’s individual merit and the strength of their arguments. Socially enlightened whites, even if they are moderate racists know where I’m coming from. Though blacks do have a bigger hurdle to overcome being taken seriously than an identically qualified white. Yeah, it’s called racism. Nothing new under the sun.
      I’d like to see some of this Jewish multiculturalism stuff you’re referencing. Feel free to post a link to any examples if you have some in mind.

    14. The situation doesn’t look good for Whites.
      White nationalists readily admit that Whites are a numerical minority on Earth and that they risk being genetically wiped out, due to their recessive traits.
      They also readily admit that Whites are their own worst enemy, due to their inability to think clearly on the question of race.
      Not a good combination.

    15. Fact is Whites have no racial consciousness whatsoever anymore for a variety of reasons.

      I would hardly say whites have no racial consciousness. Perhaps less than minority groups because they have the privilege and upper hand and they don’t have to really fight for anything. Whites do see themselves as a group and have group identity, I have no doubt about that. But what stops whites from formally organizing as whites the way blacks do is that there isn’t a single pro-white group I’m aware of that isn’t steeped in hate and neo-nazism. Pro-black groups are typically more about uplifting the situation of blacks than hating other races. I don’t see any parallel in the pro-white groups.
      Let’s get real about another thing, there’s no such thing as a “white struggle” in America. There may be whites individuals in shitty positions in life that are struggling, but it has nothing to do with their race and it’s simply an economic matter.
      I think when you are a part of a majority group, you tend to see your collective consciousness and privilege as so normal and taken for granted that you don’t even see it. I know you probably don’t like Tim Wise and I think he can be an arrogant ass at times, but he’s pretty good in his deep understanding of racism and racial psychology. I listen to all perspectives, from Tim Wise to race realists.

    16. The civil rights movement was one thing. Of course we listened to the Blacks talking the civil rights stuff, some of them. A lot of others were just off the hook nuts, and I doubt if most paid attention to them. Sure, we listened to MLK, but he’s not really a PC nut, though in retrospect, I think his views on affirmative action were just wrong. Also, it was only liberals and radicals like me that listened to him. A huge number of Whites didn’t and they still hate his guts, even Whites you would not think were racist.
      To say that PC is outgrowth of the civil rights movement is a grotesque perversion because I supported the civil rights movement and I don’t support PC. PC has simply gone insane, way beyond what the civil rights movement was ever all about. It was about just that, equal rights, not blame the White man for everything under the sun.
      Blacks can influence society if they are pushing for something reasonable. The civil rights movement was a good example of a very reasonable movement for Blacks to push, and Blacks themselves did a good job of promoting, though they had help from White friends. I just don’t think Blacks have played much of a role in popularizing PC.
      Re: Reverend White, well, yeah, we listen to you in that we might get angry, some of us. Now, Whites like me and the Whites I know, we look at the Revered White thing and we just laugh and say that’s Black people doing what Black people do. Screaming and yelling hate Whitey and blame Whitey for everything. Yawn, yawn, yawn. Who cares! The people who get outraged by it are mostly Whites who are a lot more racist than me and my kind. Those are some pretty racist Whites. They see Blacks as the Enemy and they are genuinely terrified of you.
      Now me, I’m sorry to say, but you’re right. I have low expectations of Blacks. Me and the Whites I know. I told some of them that WN’s think that Blacks are the #1 enemy of Whites in the US and they shook their heads and said that’s stupid. Me? I would probably laugh. The idea that Blacks are our worst enemies is just comical. I don’t see Blacks are being able to do much damage to us now with such low numbers. Further, they just don’t the propaganda skill of say the Jews. It’s like saying little kids are my worst enemy. Come on.
      The Whites who laugh and shrug it off are the less racist ones. The more racist they are, the more they get furious about that fool man Wright ranting away.
      Yeah, we listen to Blacks when and if they are reasonable. I even watch Oprah and I like Michelle. But when it comes to Blacks ranting away about the anti-Whitey thing, my friends and I just tune out. Our reaction is the same as if little kids were screaming about something. We consider Blacks to be like screaming brat kids when they do that. No point listening to them.
      As far as taking Blacks seriously, sure, as long as they are not talking about race! Once they start talking about race, nowadays, a lot of us just tune them right out. But then again, it depends on what they are saying. Many Blacks are saying that the rage and hatred against Obama is ultimately race-based. The racists hate that notion, but it was a very interesting theory. I thought about it a long time and decided that there was truth to it.

    17. The situation doesn’t look good for Whites.
      White nationalists readily admit that Whites are a numerical minority on Earth and that they risk being genetically wiped out, due to their recessive traits.

      I don’t feel any sympathy for whites on this matter. If they do disappear, the primary reason is due to their globally low birthrates. That of course is not something they can blame on anyone else. As for whites being a numerical minority. Well every race is a numerical minority in that no one race makes up 50% or more of the planet’s population. Whites are hardly the smallest group. Native Americans are threatened, Aboriginals are. Maoris are. Native Hawaiians and Eskimos are. But whites?? What are these frickin’ folks whining about? There are 1 to 2 billion of them depending on how you define the word “white”. There ARE races on this planet that are in serious demographic peril, whites are not one. At least not at this point in time. And for those whites worried about it, then ask yourself why you haven’t had more than 2 or 3 kids.

      They also readily admit that Whites are their own worst enemy, due to their inability to think clearly on the question of race.

      EVERY race is their own worse enemy. Blacks are their own worse enemy. Hispanics are their own worse enemy. Arabs are their own worse enemy. What this means is that people need to stop blaming their predicaments on others, unless is it blatantly warranted(like slavery or a genocide).

  5. White Nationalism: If they don’t like us white heterosexuals laughing at them they can go and live in a non-white homosexual country.

  6. Now, do you oppose ethnic separatism in general, or merely white separatism? Because non whites can and do engage in ethnic separation. For example, Asians often choose private Catholic schools for their children so they avoid having to mix with blacks in public schools, given the problems that pose. Obama surely knows this, and has sent his kids to private school despite his stalwart identification with the Left, hypocritical as it is.

  7. Maybe white nationalists could go to the moon and build a space colony there. They could set up a white nationalist homeland on the moon and live inside some sort of dome or something.

  8. I honestly do not understand White nationalists. There are so many mostly White communities even in the US, that they can move to. It’s just beyond me whey they need to make some separatist state or nation, and anyway, making a separatist state in the US would be illegal, so the whole project is simply failed from the get go. They keep saying they are going to build a movement for a separate state, but support for it declines among Whites by the year and all the minorities hate it.
    This was maybe doable 30-40 years ago, right now, it’s dead before it started. I keep telling them this, but some of them get mad when you say it.
    I talk to White people a lot about White separatism and most of them just start laughing. Others also act like the whole idea is rather disturbing. Support for it among folks I talk to is not zero, but it’s close.
    It’s like the Libertarians. Libertarianism is never going to happen either.

  9. Goldstein, I’m an integrationist and an anti-racist. I’m opposed to all ethnic separatism, though in the cases of some small tribes, I guess I could care less about it pretty much because it is simply not important.
    If you look around at the world, the fact is that ethnic separatist groups of humans simply barely even exist, is it not true? So what you White separatists are proposing is something that barely even exists in our human world today, correct?
    Sure Whites send their kids to private schools. They do that like wild here in California. You call that separatism? Why? That’s not separatism. A lot of folks with money send their kids to private schools. It’s just a bourgeois money thing. It has nothing whatsoever to do with race, really. My Mom went to that same school Obama’s kids went to.
    I don’t understand why you are drawing an analogy between private schools and White Separatism. For one, one is a reality and the other is a fringe lunatic movement that will never see the light of day.

  10. The problem is that I have never met one of you guys who is like, hey look, we just want to preserve our race, our phenotype. We don’t hate any of these other groups and we don’t even dislike them. We don’t care anything about them one way or the other. We just don’t want to mix with them because this will lead to the extinction of our race. Ok, look, I could almost accept that. Never mind that most Whites who you tell it to start laughing.
    This is, these people almost don’t exist. You go to a White nationalist site and all it is is endless hate propaganda about everyone who isn’t White. And those are just the most extreme moderate sites! If all you want to do is preserve your own kind, why all the hate propaganda against everyone who ain’t White?

  11. Well what am I? Am I not one of those guys?
    No way! You’re a racist, and a pretty nasty one to boot.
    The main reason you see all the “hatred” and “extremism” on those sites is that those people are convinced a racial solution can only be brought about violently.
    Nope, the reason is because they absolutely hate just about everyone who ain’t White, and they even hate tons of White people too, who are “not really White.” The antis are right, WN, racism and all that, it’s all about hate. I never used to believe that, because I think hate is good.
    And I always thought you could be a nice, normal person and still be a racist. But after lots of interactions with them, I conclude that the anti-racists are sadly correct, and that racists are often indeed ugly, nasty, mean, low-down people. They’re just not nice people, that’s all there is to it.
    Is “hate” really so incomprehensible?
    Yeah but most of them hate obviously superior stocks like NE Asians too. The hate is because they think these other races are simply inferior, either provably or subjectively. They even hate the Mexicans who act good.
    to take one example, Mexicans royally screwing the quality of life for white Americans, interbreeding will cost whites their race on top.
    That’s it, isn’t it? Whites won’t get to dominate the US anymore. This is really what it’s all about here.
    But the fact is, hate is not required.
    I would agree with that, but it seems to be an unpopular attitude. I mean, why not say, we love these other people just fine, it’s just that we don’t want to breed with them, since it will cause our extinction. As far as losing your position on top, that’s a little harder to defend. Why does any group have a right to be on top? Recall I’m a Communist.
    These guys often say that they don’t mind these other groups in their home countries, but you get the suspicion that if they ever travel to those countries, they won’t like them there either.
    That’s not surprising. They’ve had this idea pumped into their heads that anything positive with the word “white” in it is a ticket to genocide or that it means you’re just consumed, consumed with loathing of others.
    Not necessarily, since if I throw out the idea to them that we Whites ought to be proud and defend ourselves, it’s quite interesting that I get such a high % response on that one. The pride one is a little tough, but most Whites are ethnocentric deep down inside. Whites are not against self-love or ethnocentrism per se, it’s just that they find separatism itself to be both disturbing and risible. It strikes them as an ultra-radical, extreme and more or less insane solution.
    They feel the same sort of edginess around at least niggers, but they pat themselves on the back for “overcoming” it, calling “racists” those who have “given in” to it.
    Not necessarily. A lot of White liberals are scared of Blacks. I’ve been an anti for decades, but I was always afraid of Blacks. I still am. A Black guy befriended me at a job once and I would only hang out with him at work. I wasn’t afraid of him there, but I did not want to give him a ride home in my car or hang with him outside of work. I was afraid he would steal from me or something.
    Antis and liberals don’t hate Blacks, they are just afraid of them.

    1. The situation would have to be one of perpetual war, it seems. I wonder if such a state could ever exist in peace.

  12. That was really insane of stormfront to ban the Armenians. That is flaw with part of the WN movement. Even if they don’t consider them white there lucky to have as many allies as possible. Many smart political movement knows that. A lot of the SF crowd will not even associate with those they don’t consider white. The ironic thing is white seperatist have formed alliances with black and chicano seperatist in the past but they ban allies on stormfront for not being white enough?

    1. True, they throw you off Stormfront is you admit to having any non-White friends. If you do you need to shut up about it. As far as dating non-Whites, it’s not allowed. If you admit to it, you are tossed out just like that. Even if you admit to it in the past but say you have seen the light, you may still be tossed for past transgressions.
      Stormfront seems to have expanded the definition of race mixing to include friendship.
      I understand that there are a lot of Iranians on Stormfront right now. Formally, they are not supposed to be there as they are supposedly non-Whites, but the leadership is not really doing much about them and they are allowing them to stay on as long as they keep a low profile. Weird movement.
      There are some Pan-Aryanist movement sites out there. They *really* hate Stormfront as they are in general banned. Pan-Aryanism seems better. I figure if you’re going to be a racist, you may as well hate the fewest number of people. LOL.

  13. White. white. white. pshtttt. You’re a disgrace.
    You look at the skin color to be pure white?
    Even if your skin color was pure white, it would never make you an angel (but a ghost may be).
    Armenians ARE WHITE……… unless you’re blind which I think is the case.
    Don’t you dare to put Armenians next to the Turks, you stupid, uneducated, ignorant, ghost-like Lindsay (or whatever it is).
    You will never compare you or whatever nationality you are to Armenians. NEVER dare to.

        1. I think she is an Armenian who does not speak or read English very well. She misread my post and decided that I was saying that Armenians are not White. That’s not what I said at all! I said quite the opposite. Oh well.

  14. It’s interesting reading Tulio’s old comments here.
    He actually says many things I agree with, even though I disagree with his typical CRT arguments.

  15. Hearing Celtic Appalachians whose ancestors fought Norwegians and Normans and Danes claim to be “Nordic” is hilarious. I happen to be from the far upper Midwest on the Michigan/Minnesota border and even these folks are mostly Finns with some Lapp ancestry who look like Charles Bronson. To hear Scots/Irish from West Virginia call themselves Nordics is pretty funny. You don’t know it “cos yoo unejucated” folks but you is Celts whose ancestors bitterly fought Normans, Vikings and Danes in the British Isles.
    Amerindians from Minnesota north to Greenland throughout Canada have some Old Norse in their gene pools because the Vikings portaged their long ships around the Hudson Bay and St Lawrence so they can claim some distant Nordic (Especially the Inuit).
    But you folks from West Virginia…Nah, you’re Celts.
    White nationalists are Celts or Picts, for the most part. Germans in the Midwest are squeamish about identifying with White Nationalism for obvious reasons (Trump’s father told Jewish tenants he was Swedish).
    Inuit and Amerindians from Canada or Vermont have more “Nordic blood” in their veins from one distant Viking seafarer who traded bronze for a night with a squaw after a long boat ride than some “Scots-Irish” Appalachian.
    Outside of the Upper Midwest of Northern Michigan west to Montana and some Danish and Swedish communities on the West coast there ain’t a great deal of “Nordic” in the white American gene pool, folks.
    Dear White Nationalists you are Celts, Picts and some Slavs if you are Polish or Lithuanians from Philly or Chicago.
    All of your ancestors fought the Norse viciously for generations in Eastern Scotland or Warsaw.
    Sure you’re bellicose Celtic/Pictic white nationalists. But Nordic? Those people live in Duluth or Fargo, not Tennessee.
    White Americans from the lower-class are incredibly ignorant even about their own ancestry.
    What city did their great-grandparents immigrate from in Northern Ireland. Belfast? Bangor?
    Where is Poland in Europe?
    Few of these “Nordics” have a clue.

  16. The only folks on the East Coast of the U.S. who can legitimately claim to be “Nordic” are some Micmac Indians from Vermont or Maine whose ancestors might have included one or two 11th century Old Norse rapists or traders from the ships of Eric the Red.
    Nordics? I happen to be from the Minnesota/Michigan/Canadian border and there ain’t a great deal of Nordic blood in the U.S, folks.
    I find it funny to hear White Nationalists from Kentucky or Tennessee or Philidelphia who are 10th generation Celtic/Picts or Slavs praise “Nordics” when their ancestors in Eastern Scotland or Baltic Poland and Lithuania fought brutally with Normans. Danes, Vikings or Frederick the Great. Nordics…hilarious.
    There just is not a great deal of Nordic in Americans. Germans comprise a great many regions in the Midwest, but they are Central European. I’m German and Scandinavian by descent myself.

  17. Let us not forget that many European-Americans-Mr. Lindsay himself included-have some Amerindian genes. The rest is usually Celtic-French, Central European or British-Isles Pict.
    White Nationalists are mostly Celts. German-Americans-I am one-are quite squeamish (Even Trump) about all of this for obvious reasons and rarely comprise the ranks of White Nationalists.
    I think it has to be added that most African-Americans have English or Ulster-Celtic ancestry up to 20% admixture. Possibly American Indian but primarily the admixture to their West African predominant genes is from the British Isles.
    Celtic pride or Slavic Nationalism seems more appropriate than identifying with Persians from Iran (Land of the Aryans) or Nordics.
    Heavily Scandinavian parts of the Midwest like Northern Michigan and Minnesota are FINNISH for the most part-a Uralic-speaking people with some Asian admixture.
    Jewish-Americans are Asiatics for the main belong to some Khazar tribe converted en masse in medieval times.
    Leonard Nimoy is not a Semite and neither is Steven Seaglal. They are Khazar Asiatics.

    1. The only major nordic area of the US is Minnesota and maybe North Dakota. A lot of blondes in that state etc.. Of course, to the east is Wisconsin, and it’s mostly German, but German’s are centrral European.

    2. “Jewish-Americans are Asiatics for the main belong to some Khazar tribe converted en masse in medieval times.”
      Nah I don’t buy that. There is so little trace of Khazar Turkic culture among Ashkenazim. Only a handful of words in Yiddish or Ashkenazi surnames can be traced to Khazars. If King Bulan was the father of all jews, why isn’t Bulan the among the most common Jewish first names?

  18. Although they are lumped under the same category of Ashkenazi I believe Central European Yiddish-speaking Jews are a separate people from Russian or Ukrainian Jews just as Sephardic Jews are distinct from Mizari Jews in Yemen.
    I could be wrong about the extent of Khazar ancestry in Eastern European and Russian Jews but I do believe they are a distinct group of people from Central European Jews or Sephardic Jews.
    German Jews often play Italian-American mobsters (James Caan, Ken Wahl of TV’s WISEGUY, Henry Winkler) because their families came up from their homeland through the Eastern Mediterranean in Roman times and sometimes took Italian or Greek wives.

    1. I don’t think geneticists have pinpointed any major genetic differences between German and Russian jews. Jews from with ancestors from Western Europe are better equipped at tracing their ancestry, because their respective countries kept more accurate and detailed records, so it is more likely they can accurately trace their ancestry back to the pre Inquisition Spain or Italy, whereas Eastern European, who can not accurately trace their family history beyond 4-6 generations rely on family lore. It is well known that German Jews separated themselves from Eastern European Jews as they believed themselves to be culturally superior, but no one has suggested they were genetically distinct.
      The presence of Ashkenazim in Eastern Europe can be attributed to an invitation from a Polish prince in the 13th century, combined with mass expulsions from Western European nations. They may have merged with Khazar Jews but their numbers were large enough that they could culturally dominate them and weaken their cultural influences.
      Or else Bulan would be among the most common name for jewish boys, as Charles in France, St Patrick was in Ireland, or St Olaf in Sweden.

  19. I’ve always believed that Russian Jews are a little wilder and tougher than cultured German Jews due to some steppe nomad admixture and Sephardics vaguely superstitious and tribal but hey, that’s my own ethnic bias passed down.
    On the consensus I am German Catholic, it is worth adding. There is only one Prussian Jewish grandmother in the woodpile.
    Mizari Jews and Sephardics seem very similar in my experience, to be honest.
    I might be professing some ignorance there as well.

  20. Since American White Nationalists are mostly Celts with some distant Native-American ancestry like the French-Canadians I am puzzled.
    Who is “not white” or “Aryan” by their definition. People who trace their ancestry to a Celtic Island off France with some distant Siberian ancestry through Native American genes?
    Are they themselves actually “Nordic”?
    I doubt it.

  21. I am not sure that German Jews are more cultured but rather did not face the poverty of the ghettos or pogroms of Russia in MOST of their history in Holland, Germany and Belgium so they had a certain cultural advantage over Russian or Spanish Jews.
    There are vast neighborhoods of poor and lower-class Jews on the East Coast working long hard hours who would be very surprised to hear that they “Run America”. This is nonsense.
    If they have a stronger sense of family and Jewish men are raised to be good providers and family men who do not abuse their kids or wives this is not a conspiracy (Though many of them are Lotharios who cheat , let’s face it), It’s common sense.
    Anglo-Celtic “Cleetus” rolls joints all day in the junior high parking lot, is an alcoholic at 18 and a father at nineteen (absentee) and a meth-head by 20. He wakes up at 30 after being in rehab and jail and says….wait, Jews and WASPS run things.
    He has been a terrible provider and his kids do not have a chance because he has had them too young when had no money to give them any opportunities and was a terrible example when he was around.
    As for this bit about Jews being involved in pornography well let’s face the fact that it pays wayward people quite well and many Jewish men are fairly well-endowed and many Jewish women are alluring (And they tend to age quite well).
    Poor white women who actually “get addicted” to watching some Jewish stud hump on camera and claim that it affects their personal relationships are not really the fault of Ron Jeremy, who probably does not even watch porn himself.
    They are adults and could spend their time at the library.

  22. “Dominate the media”. If you are a poor white woman who “gets addicted” to watching well-endowed Jewish men have intercourse on camera…you were probably not equipped to be a single mother in the first place.
    Complaining that they are “destroying your culture” because you became a porn addict is a hollow argument.
    Few stars are Jewish in fact because Hollywood favors Irish looks (Mel Gibson, Colin Farrel, Ronald Reagan, Pierce Brosnan, John Wayne) and not Seinfeld or Woody Allen.
    Poor white women sometimes show up when Ron Jeremy makes an appearance at a strip club to have their breast autographed.
    How many of them are Yenta or JAPS? Zero to none, I’d say.
    So if you allow the media to ram people down your throat and many of the performers happen to be Jewish (Ron Jeremy claims he does not watch a great deal of porn himself, which is probably true)…again whose fault is it really.

    1. Right porn demand exists only because white people, among others like it. These same people also like so called satanic rock music or rap, slasher movies and all sorts of other so called degenerate things.

      1. Ep-gah tried to argue, “Well, we only watch whatever is on.” But that’s a very weak argument. Ultimately, people like what they like and demand exists to serve it.

  23. Why are Anglo-Celtics so unsuccessful in modern-day America is the real question?
    Minnesota and Maine do not look like Appalachia.
    Let’s stop and think about why Northern Ireland is a war-torn backwater and so is much of Eastern Europe or Malta but not Isreal or England or Norway.
    Hate to say it but some of these patterns and traits are repeated in the United States.
    I’d also add that Spanish-American Basques cities in New Mexico or Northern Arizona do not have the violence of Mexico.

  24. “Jews are heavily involved in pornography and I am a addicted to it” Who makes you watch it, Ron Jeremy? I doubt he watches the garbage he participates in or performs those acts in his personal life.
    Try going to a library or watching National Geographic. Poor whites seem to have their brains re-wired for excess oversexualization from being molested/seeing Mom have casual sex as children and this forms an addiction to stimulating material in adulthood (Blacks same).
    How did Ron Jeremy do any of this? He was a school teacher who does not watch porn. He even says its boring. I doubt he is a porn addict in his own personal life.
    “Mexicans and Italians run the drug trade” How many of them put heroin in their veins. El Chapo does not even drink,
    Mafia is notorious for killing drunks and drug addicts in their ranks. Only white-trash bikers are synonymous with heavy drugging and drinking and promiscuous sexual activity.
    “Poor white girls go with black men”
    Well they were not the smart ones or moral paragons themselves.
    “White men are marrying Asians”.
    Iceland is not a bad place to live and it was founded on a population of Norsemen who married Inuit women whose own ancestors were from Asia (No debating the Inuit are as Asian as a Hong Kong immigrant).
    Hungarians and Filipino elites are all Eurasian to some degree.
    Much of this was through conquest I am sad to say. If you are Hungarian than your distant female maiden ancestors went to a Northern Chinese Hun.

    1. The whole mixed raced thing is way overblown. It’s another type of mythology the WNs shove down people’s throats.

    El Chapo apparently detests cigarettes much less uses his own deadly product. Think he does heroin? Unlikely.
    The mafia used to kill made guys who became drunks or druggies.
    I doubt Ron Jeremy is a porn addict or gets drunk and molests his niece after watching a porn film.
    The real smart African-American women often marry a very successful white man. They don’t marry a hillbilly, however.
    His VERY-GERMAN father told Jewish renters he was “Swedish” (I find this funny) and this goes to show that Gentiles will lie or manipulate Jews to get their money.

    1. Meth exists to serve a demand. Why should we blame other people? Maybe, as Eminem said, If parents would parent their children, they wouldn’t do drugs. Make them come home at 8 PM and don’t let them hang with bad crowds.

  26. Appalachians are an embarrassment to Northern Ireland it has to be stated. Scots in the UK wince at the mention of the Klu Klux Klan and point out that most of those in the US South were deported criminals.
    French regard Quebecois and Cajuns as being the descendants of “sailors and girls of ill repute around the Brittany harbors” (I am quoting them).
    Australia is proof that being the 17th century descendants of criminals and white trash does not necessarily matter, of course.
    My point is that Europe would not want these people back and often they are a point of shame there.

    1. I don’t really care if snobby Europeans don’t like Appalachia. People here could easily bring up tons of negative stereotypes about Europe. Of course, Europeans get all their ideas about Appalachia from the Muary show etc..
      ive noticed one thing about Europeans, they like to complain and blame others. They do it constantly, yet are convinced they’re macho. No, no matter how many beers you guzzle down at the tavern, your still a whiny wuss in my opinion.

    2. Honestly I seriously doubt if Europeans care about any of that crap. It was stuff that happened 200 or 300 years ago. So what if the prime minister of Australia’s great grandfather was a convicted murderer?

  27. Northern Irish Ulster and Scots take some amused pride in the tough Scots-Irish of Appalachia and the South as being the toughest and most self-sufficient whites (I’ve met a few overseas).
    Brits note that Appalachians have preserved a great many things in Gaelic culture that no longer exist in the U.K.
    But it is ludicrous for “STORMFRONT” folks who are, say, Italian-American to claim to be an “Aryan” or “Nordic” or to blame “the Jews” for everything.
    It’s nonsense.

    1. Only a very few Appalachians are KKK racist, well enough though to be a problem though. Anyhow, with the exception of this sizeable minority, there are plenty of decent people, and some even well educated.
      Every group has it’s bad apples and the bad Appalachians are the racist ones, who have gone way beyond being a Republican.

      1. One way to totally avoid them is stay in the larger towns, that’s what the gays around here do. Nonetheless, they don’t really bother you unless you break a taboo with them like be openly gay, openly visit non-white countries, be an outspoken liberal or athiest, date another race etc…
        Once you get on their bad side they don’t forget it so any encounter with them for 10 years or so will be met with insults.

        1. Basically these groups are the sworn enemy. You can’t coexist with them. You either ignore them or fight them, that is, unless of course, you want to do what they want.

        2. I’m not really outspoken about liberal causes and do not have any external ethnic features. How do they feel about social recluses or disabled people?

  28. SD
    The Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews only were viewed this way in light of the Zionist movement and the European colonial movement. During the middle ages Mizrahim were more prominent and respected in their respective homelands than Ashkenazim. Sephardim held prominent positions in pre Inquisition Spain, and later in England, the Netherands, and the colonies (Disraeli, Montefiore, Montagu Judah Benjamin) prior to the twentieth century. The first Jews to arrive in the Americas were Sephardic.
    I have some distant Mizrahi ancestors from Bukhara (less than a quarter), who were traders and merchants along the silk road.

  29. I’m not picking on Appalachians or any other Americans I am simply saying it is rather ludicrous to talk about “Nordics” when your ancestry is say, Irish-Catholic or Slovenian and to blame Jewish people for everything (“It is all Ron Jeremy or James Deen’s fault that so many poor whites are porn addicts) or blame the Mexicans for the meth crisis.
    Poor whites are present in more or less all communities and not just Appalachia, I should add.
    Strength and weakness does take on an ugly Darwinian scope when no morals or mercy are present.
    Of course Mexicans do not carry if poor white communities (Or poor black ones) are ravaged by drugs. They live 2000 miles away in haciendas in Sonora.

  30. Mizari are fascinatingly traditional. I once lived/worked in Dubai and an Arab woman took me to a tiny community of Yemeni Mizaris in the silver souk.
    I was unaware-until that point-that throughout Yemen and emirates are tiny communities of these folks who lived there since ancient times.
    It is truly like going backwards in time.

    1. Regrettably, I don’t know too much about the old country. My Bukharan ancestors had lived in South Africa for several generations before my Lithuanian ancestors who arrived at the tail end of the 1800’s. They were excited by the emerging discovery precious minerals. They ended up laboring in the coal mines and peddling coal for generations. My ashkenazi great grandmother married my great grandfather, because she had been recently widowed and was desperate.

      1. I think my first ancestor arrived at the tail end of the 1700’s, others in the early 1800’s. They lived in the Eastern Cape. It was a very small community, in the low 1000’s.
        A bunch of other Asian groups came to South Africa including the Cape Malays and Durban Indians but they were much larger.

  31. SD
    Surely there is crossover? There are plenty of German Americans who are dirt poor, as Scots Irish Americans who have become wealthy, not to mention that there exists tremendous intermarriage between the two groups as well as others.

  32. GAY STATE GIRL might shed some light on this.
    Mizari Jews lived in Arabia and Persia since antiquity.
    Yemen’s Mizari community is quite substantial-ten years ago at least-and they are silver smiths and metallurgists for the most part. I’d say their community is still in the thousands.
    Mizari Jews also settled Southern India in medieval times and they have a tiny community there as well which was pointed out to me in South India by an Indian acquaintance.
    Racially they are indistinguishable from other Arabs,
    They are gone from Persia and Saddam Hussein was particularly vicious towards them but in some backward Arab countries like Yemen they still exist.

    1. There are still approximately 30,000 Jews in Iran and they have refused numerous offers to relocate to Israel (Israel try to buy then IIRC.)

  33. Poor American whites encompass every nation in Europe, in fact.
    Italian-Americans were once synonymous with the white underclass as late as the seventies-think Saturday Night Fever-but now they have largely risen into the middle-class.

    1. Once the Italians go into the middle class they’re boring, so we have to move down the line to say Russian-Americans.

  34. I was unaware the number was that high in Iran.
    Starting over in Israel with the cost-of-living high now is not that easy I would think.
    But I know little about this.

    1. Some Jewish Organization offered them a large sum of money. Plus there already is a large Iranian population in Israel to help them adjust. Many already have relatives living there, so it’s unlike the Yemenite or Ethiopian migrations.

  35. Poor whites these days seem to actually run around with African-American thugs.
    In the old days they had their own gang membership and looked like Sean Penn in Bad Boys or Fast Times-long hair, some heavy metal tattoos, tight jeans,
    Eminem changed all that.
    They come from all ethnic groups it should be added.
    Except maybe Italian-Americans from New Jersey who have their own lowlife culture of gold chains and track suits and sort of behave/resemble Latinos.

  36. I can understand why there is so much resentment toward US Jews. When I see politicians pledging their devotion to Israel amid a major recession and not to mention a double standard of multiculturalism in the US versus Israel.

  37. If you meet a middle-aged Jewish man who is “Born Again Christian” then you know he was probably a pretty bad guy early in life and a street thug or druggie or criminal.
    Jewish communities tend to cut these sort guys off really, really early in their teens.
    Usually when they go straight in middle-age they become Born Again Christians and quite fervent ones at that.
    One of the early “actors” in porn, Harry Reems, became a fire-and-brimstone sort of Born Again. They usually marry a Christian woman.
    Gay State Girl might have observed this phenomenon of wayward Jewish men-the thugs and hoodlums and jailbirds-going straight and becoming Christian in later life.

    1. I have though I don’t know any of them personally. Jews have a subconscious bias towards those less successful jews. Even mediocre, moderately successful Jews who attended second tier universities and earn 60K/year feel uncomfortable in the jewish community.

  38. The U.S. government lands its planes in Israel and expects young Israelis to fight and die as front-line troops in Lebanon or if called upon, Iran, as conscripted soldiers.
    So that is a two-way street of America using Israeli young people as shock troops in proxy wars.
    White Americans also put a great deal of money into defending Western Europe as well. At the bottom of it, because it is the source of their race and culture.
    The economy of Philippines and India and Central America are well-nigh dependent on remissions from their population working in America.
    I hardly see how Zionists are terribly unique.

  39. In response to Jason I would say that many poor whites do end up moving to non-white countries in Southeast Asia when they retire simply because it is affordable and cheap.
    I lived in the Philippines for several years and observed this.
    It is like a Florida/Hawaii for poorer older white males.

    I have never met a poor rural white who did not CLAIM to be part Native American like DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER.
    A surprising number of them claim to be multi-racial.
    Poor whites sometimes go to Mexico to smoke meth cheaper or buy script pills but I do not think they care who goes where outside their town limits.
    Some poor white males retire to the Philippines or Mexico because they find the company of younger women and cheap booze and cost-of-living low.
    Italian-Americans, Arab-Americans, Hispanic Americans will probably beat up a gay faster than an Anglo-Celtic because its in their Mediterranean macho cultural roots to do so.
    I’m not sure the absolute poorest whites comprehend politics or globalization or plutocracy.. They are certainly reliant on government services more often than an educated liberal is.
    The absolute poorest whites who leave school after the ninth grade cannot really comprehend or espouse political views.
    I stick to my theory that poor whites of both genders grow up in sexual hothouses where the get molested by everyone and their dog. If they’re lucky it does not also include pain and violence.
    At the very least they witness a great deal of sexual activity between adults or pornography consumption.
    This explains why so many of them become serial killers or if they are female strip or do porn for a living or just plain turn tricks.

  41. Slasher films are all about being stuck in poor white areas but it is very rare for some white trash maniac to actually chase you down a dirt road with a chainsaw.
    I should add that Gentiles in Hollywood-Sean S Cunningham is Irish-American, Tobe Hooper a Texan Anglo-are the ones that perpetrate this myth of Leatherface or Jason.

  42. Poor whites are actually not very dangerous compared to the Italian-Americans or Mexican-Americans or African-Americans.
    They are not even as dangerous as Asian-American gangs.
    Every time they commit a crime they get caught and their crimes are petty. None of them are capable of “Soprano”-level organized violence despite their familiarity with violence.
    When they go to jail they are often the ones who become sexual playthings for other ethnic groups.
    None of them control the heroin or drug supplies on the multi-national level like the Chinese shipping out of the Golden Triangle or the Mexican Mafia
    They do not seem to be capable of organized violence. Bikers can be dangerous but mostly reserve their violence for other biker gangs.
    They’re just not too much of a threat.
    For all the depictions of hillbillies murdering hapless passerby in the woods this never happens in real life.

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