“A Plea to True Believers Everywhere," by Alpha Unit

This is the latest piece by our bad ass Black female guest author Alpha Unit. In it, she seems to be noting that White racists are surprisingly cowardly for all their tough talk. They talk pretty hard on the Internet, but when they come face to face with real Blacks, they are bafflingly meek. Alpha says if you’re gonna talk the talk, you need to walk the walk. Throw it down, tough talking White boys!

A Plea to True Believers Everywhere

by Alpha Unit

Evidently there are hardcore, bad-ass White racists out there who drip with contempt for Black people and yet are somehow able to stop dripping when they are in the presence of actual Blacks. But why? Any hardcore, bad-ass racist worth his salt should be willing to be perpetually hardcore and bad-ass, especially in the presence of Blacks. And yet, if you go into any public place, you seldom see Black people in altercations with hardcore, bad-ass racists. I guess it’s because hardcore, bad-ass racists have an astounding ability to conceal their toughness. Except on the Internet. I tell you, if any Black person anywhere on earth were to read what is being said about him on the Internet, he would be terrified to leave his room. If he were to know just how deeply he is despised, he would be panic-stricken at the sight of a White man. Because, you see, that White man minding his own business in public may not be as harmless as he seems. He might be a member of a secret society of hardcore, bad-ass racists who are going on the Internet and being really mean to Black people. It’s easy to be deceived by these Clark Kents. They can be civil, friendly, and even kind to Black people. But if you could see what they become once they are home, relaxed, and in front of their keyboards, you would shudder at what emerges. A White-Race Superman reveals himself, coming to the rescue of Whites everywhere who are sick and fucking tired of these lowlife, menacing Blacks and their brainwashed White enablers. I would appeal to these heroes to come out of the closet. I don’t think they should shy away in the least from making their case to the actual bad guys. What they should do is go to the nearest Black neighborhood or to any place they see a gathering of Blacks–preferably a gathering of big, dark-skinned Black males. They should then proceed to inform these Black people of how wretched the Black race is, how utterly stupid and oversexed and irresponsible Blacks are. They mustn’t hesitate to use racial epithets. (After all, Black people call themselves the n-word, don’t they?) I promise you, these Black people will be so horrified at what they are hearing, so ashamed at coming face to face with the truth about their condition, that they will lower their heads and slink off to plan their one-way trips back to Africa. I strongly urge any hardcore, bad-ass racist out there to try it. He needn’t worry about the one or two in the group who might try to argue with him. The mean IQ for Blacks is an entire standard deviation below the White mean. So it is unlikely that their response will be coherent. It is likely to be nonverbal in its entirety.

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21 thoughts on ““A Plea to True Believers Everywhere," by Alpha Unit”

  1. Robert I got a question that is somewhat related but more than somewhat unrelated to this post.
    What do you think of hate speech laws? Do you think USA should outlaw racist speech?

  2. I am completely opposed to hate speech laws. For the selfish reason that I am really afraid that I might run afoul of them myself.
    I have had a number of Jews and rightwing philosemites tell me that the stuff I was saying would be illegal under various speech codes in Europe. They were basically saying that I could be arrested for what I was saying. These were Super Jews, and the stuff I was saying about Jews was no more anti-Semitic than the stuff I say about them on here. You can judge for yourself whether it’s anti-Semitic or not. I say no.
    I have also had Blacks and liberals call me racist for saying stuff about Blacks. What I said is the same as what I say about Blacks on here. I’ve had Turks call me an anti-Turkish racist. I’ve also been accused by Leftwing nuts of racism against Pacific Islanders and Gypsies. My commentary about these folks was no different than what you read on here. I’ve also been called racist for my views on illegal immigrants.
    So as you can see, I’ve been called racist a lot myself. I usually get called that by liberals and especially Leftists. With Jews, it’s across the board.
    I’m really afraid I would run afoul of these laws if they were put in, so I oppose them all the way.

  3. ” I tell you, if any Black person anywhere on earth were to read what is being said about him on the Internet, he would be terrified to leave his room. If he were to know just how deeply he is despised, he would be panic-stricken at the sight of a White man. ”
    You don’t think maybe they’d already figured that out, what with that slavery business, and all the lynching burning, Jim Crow etc.?

  4. I don’t really see the point of this rant, aside from belittling white race realists.
    Any objective person can see that black American society is a mess, but those who point out this fact without inventing imaginary villians outside of the community are subject to ridicule and violence.
    Is this piece supposed to ridicule the people who defame any white person who points out the truth? Even I can’t find any justification for that interpretation.
    I don’t like tooting my own horn, but I am a very large, strong, young white man. I could easily overcome most blacks that I encounter on a regular basis. And yet, I don’t shout “NIGGER GO HOME” at every (any) black person I come across. Does that make me a coward?
    I have noticed a consistent theme in Alpha Unit’s posts and comments. “Blacks are physically superior, and that’s why whites hate/fear us.” That seems to be a culturally acceptable racialist/racist belief.
    Since most white nationalists are more concerned about the hispanic invasion than they are about the blacks who have been here for 200+ years, it always strikes me as bizarre that blacks target pro-white attitudes as anti-black.

  5. She’s not talking about you.
    There are some pretty nasty WN on these threads saying some nasty stuff about Blacks (not you). Calling them niggers and whatnot and just being generally ugly. That’s who she is talking to you.
    AU is not so stupid as to believe that all critics of Black America are a bunch of racists. She doesn’t care anything about people being pro-White as long as they are not against other groups at the same time. Problem is 95% of guys saying they are pro-White are racist dicks who hate all non-Whites. She doesn’t even have a problem with White race realists as long as they are polite to non-Whites.

  6. “95% of guys saying they are pro-White are racist dicks”
    Is that a scientific estimate? I don’t hang out at Stormfront, but I frequent several different pro-white sites and rarely if ever are ugly things said. Besides, isn’t generalizing about people exactly what’s wrong with racism? Isn’t there some irony in writing a blog post taunting, insulting, and vaguely threatening people who taunt, insult, and vaguely threaten blacks?

  7. Answered in a post.
    Racism is not generalizing about people. I don’t agree with that PC definition of racism. What’s wrong with racism is hating an entire group based on what genes they were born with, something they cannot change.

  8. Here we go again.
    So the consistent theme in my posts and comments is that blacks are physically superior to whites, and that’s why whites fear us.
    Do I have it right, racerealist?
    You have an astounding capacity for projection.

  9. Robert:
    This piece is ridiculing PHONY TOUGHNESS.
    If it doesn’t apply to someone, why would they get so upset?

  10. I admit that I don’t follow all of racerealist’s comments on this blog. But I wonder how often he goes after people who leave anti-Semitic “rants” here, or whether he has ever taken some white racist to task here.

    1. racerealist is an extremely well-behaved White nationalist and White separatist. I have never heard him make a single racist remark the whole time he has been here. I don’t know what’s in his mind, but I’m not sure I care.
      One thing you need to know about these guys is that they will never tell the crazies in their midst to shut up. The ones that act very good will be silent when the maniacs show up and start screaming NIGGER. Or worse, they will generally befriend and defend them. What worries me is I think the reason they don’t attack the maniacs is because deep down inside they agree with them. But then again, Blacks won’t attack Black nationalists, Hispanics won’t attack Brown Beret maniacs. Jews won’t attack murderous Zionists. It’s a rare race or ethnic group that attacks its own racists. Most members of ethnic groups, while not behaving like their racists, will often defend their racists as the most fierce defenders of their people. Everyone but Whites.
      For sure, though, if all of these White nationalists acted as decent as racerealist does, his movement would be much more attractive and a lot harder to fight. So hat’s off to him, and I respect civility anyway.

  11. I hear you.
    He can be silent while the haters rant on, but he can’t restrain himself when someone ridicules the haters.
    Just more of that tribal loyalty.
    I’ve had reason to feel that tribal loyalty is overrated. That’s because I’ve never behaved the way other black people thought I should. I didn’t know how hateful black people could be until I got together with The Old Devil Dog.

  12. The First Lady was an affirmative action admit to Princeton and Harvard Law and even she could not write this well…

  13. “blacks are physically superior to whites, and that’s why whites fear us.”
    Not necessarily true in America anymore considering so many Americans of ALL RACES are overweight/fat/obese and lazy slobs…the most overweight American group of people I’ve noticed are actually the Blacks who live in the Deep South states of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and so on. A lot of Southern Whites are overweight too, as are many American Whites all over the country in general. Many Hispanics/Latinos all over the USA also tend to be porkers as well.

  14. ” I tell you, if any Black person anywhere on earth were to read what is being said about him on the Internet, he would be terrified to leave his room. If he were to know just how deeply he is despised, he would be panic-stricken at the sight of a White man. ”
    True I stumbled on some australian ‘fck off migrants’ type sites/forums and many forums saying much the same in the UK on all types of non anglos. I got on the train yesterday with mostly anglos feeling all of a sudden hostile,defensive and sad thinking ‘these people really dont want me here but I was born here so what the fuck am I to do’.
    It doesnt matter that i’m half anglo-saxon,it doesnt matter they ive contributed x amount of resources/funds to the country,that my parents have been here 40 years,that I was born here and am culturally very australian.I’m arab/med looking and therefore overtly non anglo saxon and for this great crime they want me exported.
    so long as the hearts right it doesnt much matter which way the race lies.

  15. You don’t have to tell us your background, but in this town you would be right at home. The Meds are the White ruling class here. Underneath them, and below them, the Underclass, are Hispanics. The Meds here are Portuguese, Spaniard, Italian, Armenians, Greeks and Serbs. There is little to no Nordicist idiocy around these parts. That actually applies to most of the West.
    There are also a lot of Arabs here, mostly Palestinians and Yemenis. Nobody cares anything about them. Truth is they act way better than the Hispanics. They even act way better than a lot of the Euro dregs around here. As far as I’m concerned, they’re White.

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