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For the first time, I am reading Lawrence Auster’s View From the Right. There is actually much interesting material here, and I am stunned to note that I agree with much of what he says. OMG! Does this mean that I am a closet reactionary? Dubious. Auster is a racialist and paleocon. He hates modern feminism, multiculturalism, political correctness, illegal immigration, the whole insipid nine yards of Kool-Aid. In other words, when it comes to the insanity of the modern Western Left, he thinks like a sane human being instead of some weird programmed PC cyborg. For daring to think like a normal human, his fellow rightists, the neocons at Little Green Fascists, I mean Little Green Footballs, call him a NAZI. Truth is, Auster is by no means a Nazi. Auster is Jewish, and contrary to the endless lies of most Jews, very few even self-hating Jews are actual Nazis. I figure your average Jewish self-hater would walk a mile to help a fellow Jew with a broken toenail. So much for Jewish “self-hatred.” Ethnocentrism runs deep in the hyperethnocentric culture of Jews, and Jewish culture takes a bite out of you that you never get back. As we might expect, he’s a Zionist (that’s the Jewish part that he can never shake loose no matter how many times he goes to church), and a pretty nasty one too (once again rational considering his Far Right leanings). But it all makes sense considering his anti-Black racism and his sympathy for White separatism. What’s Zionism but White Nationalism for Jews? He’s just expanding his Zionist racism against Palestinians towards additional Others, like Blacks, a logical progression. Anyway, Auster’s not about to heap it on the Jews. He’s basically a White nationalist, but he’s always unloading on the rest of them for their incessant (And moronic!) anti-Semitism. He’s recently hinted at White separatist sentiments, a degeneration typical of most all afflicted with White Nationalism Disease at some point or other. He’s widely hated by the anti-Semites in the movement for not fessing up to the devious role da evil Joooz have played in forcing poor innocent Whites to act like masochistic and suicidal dumbfucks, but that’s to be expected. Much of interest here. Lots on Black crime! How I do love Black crime! I especially love the lurid and truly evil kind where the hot young and of course eternally innocent White chick goes off with the more or less societally acceptable Black dude but then ends up murdered in the most horrible and despicable way by the savage Black animal masquerading as upstanding member of society. WN’s do have a nice take on this. The media ignores Black crime. Especially the most inflammatory Black crime of all, where the, you know, savage, ape, jungle, etc. Black missing link dudes kill hot White chicks in the most evillest and Ted Bundiest of ways. It’s sick, it’s fucked up, it’s sets box office records. It’s so horrible and awful, please give us some more. The media, like, buries that stuff. I guess for fear of mass race riots. The WN’s are right, and this mini-epidemic is indeed buried. Where WN’s are wrong and stupid as always is in thinking these animals only massacre White chicks. For every White girl cruelly murdered, probably 5-10 Black chicks are done in, often in an equally sadistic manner. But no one cares about Black females who die. They were invisible alive, so they are invisible dead, and their last terrifying moments are worthy of no more than a passing sigh before we Whites move on. Auster has an interesting take on all this. Hot young White chicks are massacred by Black psychopaths because they are ho’s who stay out late unchaperoned and drink in bars and stuff. And, I guess, walk alone on the streets at 4 AM and other shameless ho-like stuff. Yeah. I don’t understand this. Most White guys think the modern trend of young White women to act like ho’s is admirable in a utilitarian sense. But Auster is old, and I guess he can’t get it up anymore? Cool article on how the Professional Liars in the meatpacking industry ruined a bunch of great paying jobs by hiring mostly illegals and destroying the unions. Go capitalism go! Oh, and wages dropped 50 ICE raided the scumbuckets, and they had to hire White people and stuff. Turns out…whoa! There were lines around the block, and they stayed in business. Real Americans lined up 5 people strong for every opening for an illegal who got canned. Despite all his noble obeisance to sanity, Auster wrecks it all by being an uber-dumbfuck when it comes to religion. Judaism is sort of horrible as a religion, but at least you get to be Chosen. There’s moronic stuff in there, but it’s all subject to Talmudic hedging, denying, second-guessing and backtracking. And you can always be Reform and believe in nothing but Chosenness and some God you can’t even define in 500 words or less. So this brainy Jew leaves the ultimate intellectual’s religion behind for Christianity. No problem I guess. But like a dumbass, he flies headlong into the stupidest Christianity of all, the fundamentalist Protestant kind. Effect is like some high-IQ guy who streaks down the street every day. One of his obsessions on here is how Evolution never happened. If that you’re that dumb, you’re like someone with a weird sexual fetish. Keep it to yourself for Chrissake. But instead Auster spends half of his blog telling us how Evolution never happened. Which is like dancing around in the street and screaming what a dumbass you are. He also spends a disturbing amount of of time casting doubt on the Out of Africa Theory, suggesting that the human races actually began separating many hundreds of thousands of years ago. He also suggests that we bred in with Erectus. These views are controversial to say the least. However, while not subscribing to the hard theory, I would suggest that some aspects of this theory may be possible: Scenario 3 (which I present as Coon’s theory):

Erectus 1 evolved into Race 1, Homo sapiens. This Homo sapiens migrated to the territories of the four other Erectus types and interbred with them. This produced four new sapiens strains–each containing “a bit of Erectus.”

He quotes blogger Mathilda who has made such things into her raison de etre. Mathilda is an otherwise great blogger, but on these issues, she is simply insane. Mathilda also spends a very large amount of time arguing that Southern Europeans have little or no Black in them. This, along with opposition to Out of Africa and suggestions that racial differences are hundreds of thousands of years old, is creepy. Almost everyone arguing along these lines is some kind of a White racist, usually a virulent one. Matilda insists she is not one, but I’m very worried about her obsessions. That Auster buys into all of this, along with Auster’s hostility towards Blacks, amply displayed on his blog, suggests that not only is Auster a racist, but he is one Hell of a nasty one too. Auster is also afflicted with most of the usual trad Conservative obsessions. He hates homosexuals, and suggests that they are mentally ill. I don’t hate gays at all, but I have one gay male friend who thinks gays are screwed up in the head. I don’t think it’s homosexuality that makes them nutty but instead it’s acting feminine. Acting feminine is not normal, and men who act feminine are going to be punished by nature for this transgression by being unhappy and a little crazy. He also really hates Islam. I have major issues about Islam myself, but he takes this way too far, suggesting that Muslims should be removed from the US. He says we need to attack Iran, and we also need to attack Pakistan now that the nukes are in danger of being seized by the Taliban. He doesn’t think the Pope should be reconciling with Islam, which is just retarded of Auster. The less you dialogue with Muslims, the angrier they get. That’s why the loss of the Arab Christians is so tragic. The Arab Christians are our link between the Christian West and the Muslim Arab World. Anyway, all around interesting read from a weird but sui generis mind.

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17 thoughts on “Lawrence Auster's View From the Right”

  1. I read Auster a lot too. He’s a Jew. He’s a very obvious Jew at that. There’s this blog called “Age Of Treason,” run by a WN who regularly exposes his Jewiness.
    Auster is better on liberalism, he explains it very well.
    He’s always been a little strange to me. Why does a Jew care so much about white race issues?

  2. “Hot young White chicks are massacred by Black psychopaths because they are ho’s who stay out late unchaperoned and drink in bars and stuff. And, I guess, walk alone on the streets at 4 AM and other shameless ho-like stuff.”
    It is not so much that they act like “ho’s”, it’s that they act like complete dumbfucks. Blinded by magical thinking and radical feminist “liberation” rhetoric, they think it’s perfectly okay to stumble around drunk and alone at 4AM in a bad neighborhood. That’s a pretty good way to get robbed/raped/murdered, whether you’re a man or a woman. Of course there are other instances where the slut/dumbfuck line is a little blurrier.
    I agree with most of what you said about Auster, minus some of the pejoratives. I don’t think it’s fair to say he believes “Evolution never happened”, but he is skeptical of some of the conventional wisdom about the how and why. You have to admit there are still a lot of questions unanswered.

  3. On Auster: The flaw I see in him is that he supports a neoconservative foreign policy.
    On rape: Yes, it has been well known in polite society that Black men have a serious pathology here.
    But let me point out…
    Most of the rapes in America happen in prisons. I should repeat it. Yes, more than half of all rapes happen in prisons. Just because someone is doing crime does not mean he deserves to be “turned out” by his hulking bunk mate, or multiple felons.
    When there is interracial rape in prisons between Blacks and Whites, it is essentially a Black on White phenomenon. Basically, Whites do not rape Blacks in prison, and are less likely to commit rape, even when you adjust for the fact that Whites are usually always (in the USA) a smaller proportion of the prison population than Blacks.
    No one likes to think about prisoners, but more attention should be paid to this. Human Rights Watch did a comprehensive examination of this problem:

  4. More on what I was writing about and why White gangs have to emerge in prison:
    “The racial dynamic in prisons puts whites at a tremendous disadvantage. First, whites are often outnumbered by both blacks and Hispanics. But far more important, just as they show no racial solidarity in “the free world,” whites in prison do not band together to protect each other from predators. As No Escape reports, Hispanics sometimes rape Hispanics, and blacks sometimes rape blacks, but neither group permits anyone of another race to rape its own people. If a black tried to “turn out” a Mexican, the Mexicans would riot and try to kill him. Blacks also defend each other from white or Hispanic rapists. It is only whites—unless they are known members of white racialist gangs who do stick together—who are on their own and can be raped with impunity. It would be hard to think of a more cruel consequence of stripping whites of racial consciousness.”

  5. What I think they really need is individual cells for everyone. Yes, it would be more costly, but many prisoners would be willing to have their own cell separated in order to be protected.

  6. What I think they really need is individual cells for everyone. Yes, it would be more costly, but many prisoners would be willing to have their own cell separated in order to be protected. – Shawn
    You are an angel. Bless you.
    Yes, we should all be willing to spend more tax money to keep some stupid kid who heard selling meth was “a can’t-lose business proposition” from being multiply raped by racist gangs while he’s the government’s responsibility. This is a country where we’re willing to spend tax money to fund Twinkie Stamps, water porkjects, playing the sultry song of “democracy” until every Iraqi has a picture of Andrew Jackson on the wall of his colonial-style house, keeping students in school seven hours a day when home-schoolers learn the same stuff in three, etc. We should be able to fork over a little more to make prisons reasonably safe.
    It is no good to say that “prisoners deserve it” because not all prisoners get it, lots of people give it too. The ones who give it are effectively rewarded for (a) racism, (b) brutality (the ones willing to commit more are welcomed into the gangs faster, (c) pre-existing organized crime contacts, and (d) size. The first three of those things should be punished, not rewarded.
    But more importantly, it’s completely morally screwed to say that all prisoners deserve it. These are people who usually aren’t on death row or even in for life, and they deserve that? Of course, very few people say prisoners deserve it, but that must be what they are thinking to justify their inaction to themselves. Bad stuff shouldn’t happen to people in prison unless a judge orders it. Wouldn’t make any sense to sentence people, at random, to either Devil’s Island or Club Fed, would it? But as it stands now, I don’t hear any judges saying, “Kid, you’re young and skinny and you’ll be in a racial minority at penitentiary, so I’m cutting your sentence by 90%.”
    Some of the worst white racism is from prison gangs. I don’t know of any separatist, race-realist … any literate person with radical views on race who considers the Aryan Brotherhood great guys. People concerned about white-perpetrated racism should be joining forces with pro-white groups to reform the prisons. This is an absolute moral imperative.

  7. For every White girl cruelly murdered, probably 5-10 Black chicks are done in, often in an equally sadistic manner. But no one cares about Black females who die. – Robert L.
    Is “probably” a guess or something you’ve read? I’ve certainly heard “most rapes are same-race crimes” about a hundred times, which implies that for every white girl raped by a black man, at least 1.01 black girls are raped by a black man. In any case I’d need better statistics, particularly on the brutal rape-murders category (which may not be tracked per se).
    In any case I think a lot of people, even among pro-whites, who care about the black females injured and killed in this way. I certainly do, and I’m (pseudonymously) pro-white. The problem is:
    (A) An openly pro-white person who mentions black-on-black rape will be accused of “crocodile tears”.
    (B) An openly pro-white person who mentions black-on-black rape will be accused of “making hay” to score points. PC isn’t really clear on whether black-on-black is a big deal because of the victim’s race, or something to quickly forgotten because of the perp’s race.
    (C) The topic is often interracial rape, which is absolutely the fault of the cultural left with its Tawana Brawley / Duke LaCrosse obsession; in this case black-on-black is off-topic.
    (D) Some people, including me some of the time, believe that communities need as much as possible to handle their own affairs.
    So people like me tend to keep their mouths shut.

  8. ITNW, guys like Auster think that Jews are White. I agree. Jews are definitely White. You can say that they are a White tribe that is hostile to the interests of the rest of the White tribes, but for sure Jews are White all right.

  9. Funny that some WNs obsess over White women being victimized by non-White men. David Duke has several articles on the rape and murder of White women by Black men and so does David Yeagley, an Indian WN who is very obsessed over White and American Indian women being raped and murdered by lowly, “inferior” Black men.
    Not one is concerned over vicitimization of Black women by anyone because they consider them to be “less than human” and “savage” to begin with.
    What say you?
    La Reyna

  10. Hello La Reyna. I appreciate your critical interest in the WN phenomenon. WN is something that has been ignored by Blacks for too long and they need to start talking about it.
    It’s hard for me to believe that an Amerindian can be a WN.
    There is one moderate WN on here who has spoken with sympathy for the Black women who are raped and murdered by Black sexual sociopaths.
    I wrote an article previously in which I noted that Black women are 4-5 X more likely to be raped by Black rapists than White women are. I also suggested that the WN notion that these guys are selectively preying on White women is preposterous.

  11. Anyway, all around interesting read from a weird but sui generis mind.
    Takes one to know one!
    I could never quite understand what Mencius Moldbug saw in him, but on the other hand there’s a lot I could say that about. My post on Auster & attacks on white women is here.

  12. I didn’t even know who Lawrence Auster was until I stumbled on “tanstaafl’s” (there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch) Age of Treason, “prozium’s” Occidental Dissent and “guessedworker’s” Majority Rights staunch WN sites. Now I’m hooked! These guys love to gang up on Larry and pants him on the playground almost daily. It’s really fun to watch because after they get done everyone can see the skid marks on Larry’s bikini briefs (Jews don’t wear boxer trunks). Kids are really cruel to each other, I know. But sometimes it’s really funny and no one deserves de-pantsing more than a smug Zionist.

  13. I remember this guy on TV who was on a documentary about the journey of man when the left Africa. He was arguing with this aboriginal Australian who did not believe in the out of Africa theory. Many Chinese people I know personally themselves do not believe in the out of Africa and believe it is Whiteys way of keeping the simple minded black man happy.

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