Metal Gear on the Jews and Anti-Semitism

This seems to be a pretty nice take on the Jewish Question that ought to satisfy most of the sane people for the time being. Metal Gear is a friend of mine. Our politics differ in a number of ways, but although we are both ethnocentric White men (he is part Jewish too) he isn’t really a racist at all, though I would call him some sort of a radical nationalist. He runs a very interesting website for big government loving statists like me. There are all sorts of nefarious characters lurking about there, but mostly what they have in common is a love of Big Gubmint. There are Stalinists and fascists, and they seem to get along happily under a big government tent, though I assure you that they have some very strong disagreements. In particular, the Stalinists strongly object to a lot of the fascist program. I hate to flog a dead horse and play into reactionary and libertarian BS, but let’s face it, Communism and fascism are both forms of Big Government. They are both uber-statist solutions and as such are the polar opposites from anarchism and libertarianism. One can definitely draw a useful dichotomy there. Anyway, it’s a pretty interesting website. Name? Free Media Productions. I’m on the roster of writers, but I don’t write much. It’s mostly for extremists who have been rejected or ejected from much of the rest of the Net or blogosphere so they set up this free speech zone where everyone can say outrageous stuff. It’s odd to have fascists and Stalinists under the same tent, but I’ve seen stranger things. Whoa, check out My Father, Enver Hoxha. Haha. Something for everyone.

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