Mystery Solved

One thing has never made sense to me. I’ve known people all over the world. They tend to have one thing in common. They’re all ethnocentric. They all love some combination of their race, ethnicity, tribe, nation or culture. They tend to think their culture is better than anyone else’s, and they probably think their people are better than anyone else too. At PC Anti-White Brainwash University where I recently obtained a Master’s Degree, a liberal professor actually told me that this is normal. We all think we’re better than everyone else. It’s probably genetic and left over from our tribal past. At the same time, most folks I have met like people from the other races, ethnicities, tribes and nations too. They are willing to make friends with them, work with them, live with them and in many cases even date or marry them. This seems to be the natural way of humans, even though it’s contradictory. We all sort of think we’re better, but we still like the other people enough to get along with them and maybe even fall in love with them. This is probably a leftover from our tribal past too, since tribes that would not outbreed probably inbred to the point of going extinct. Anyway, it adds up to the kind of healthy ethnocentrism you see in most folks on Earth. In the US, you find it in almost all Hispanics and Blacks. They’re all proud to be Hispanic or Black, yet most are not racist at all towards all non-Hispanics or non-Blacks and are willing to live with, be friends with and maybe even date or marry some of them. Problem is that with Whites, as soon as they start feeling the tiniest bit good about themselves, it seems like they go bonkers. As soon as a White person says, “I’m proud to be White,” they’re typically gone. Most Whites who say things like that are seriously racist towards most or all non-Whites, do not want to make friends with them or live around them and for sure don’t want to date or marry them. In the vast majority of cases, they wish to completely separate from them. Which begs the question. Why can’t Whites just say, “I love you,” to that White face in the mirror without turning into total racist assholes? It seems like a mystery, but there’s an easy answer. In World War 2, a serious asshole in Germany killed millions of people more or less in the name of White power. A distorted vision of White power, but White power nonetheless. Nevertheless, after WW2 in the US, White pride was pretty much still the thing, especially in the South. After the victory of the Left in the civil rights battles 40 years ago, White pride was associated not only with genocidal Austrians but also with segregationist cavemen with Mississippi drawls. With the victory of the Left came the first buds of Political Correctness which blossomed to its full bloom of idiocy that we see today. A bunch of people, lots of Jews but also plenty of liberal Gentiles, along with Blacks and even Hispanics, decided that White pride sucked. Jews thought it sucked because some maniac practically wiped them off the planet under the banner of White pride. Blacks thought it sucked because it was under the flag of White pride that they were so viciously oppressed for so long. Hispanics experienced a milder version of the same crap that Blacks did. Liberal Whites looked at all the sorry shit that White people did while shouting White pride and they said screw that. So it was that White pride in all of its manifestations was outlawed. We Whites were and are not allowed to feel good about ourselves in any way whatsoever and all statements to that effect were and are seriously punished. As in, you lost your job, your career was over. Stuff like that. In its place was substituted White apathy and White self-abasement. Whites were expected to say, “I don’t care about being White.” Or, better, they would say, “I’m White. I’m inferior. Haha,” while listening to Lou Reed singing “I Want to Be Black.” The net effect was that all the sane White people dropped their ethnocentrism. The only Whites left with the balls or craziness to say they were ethnocentric were the true racist crazies who just didn’t care. Just like when they say, “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” And so another mystery is solved.

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9 thoughts on “Mystery Solved”

  1. Olive
    I am not a white nationalist and nor am I a white prider. I am an anti-racist.
    I think that white nationalism is unreasonable because white nationalists attempt to enact white pride on a political level. America is a multiracial nation and people have the right to marry a person of whatever race they desire (as long as they can find a willing partner). No one should try to alter this. The fact that white nationalists try to change that situation in order to create a white homeland means that their movement is unreasonable. The reasonable course of action for The USA is for the USA to be a multiracial nation where people have the right to marry a person of any race.
    However if a white person wished to have their own personal criteria for who they wish to marry and if that criteria includes that the person they marry has to be white then that is a acceptable state of affairs as long as they don’t try to turn their personal preference into a political movement. To try to make ones personal preference with regards to a sexual partner into a political movement is unreasonable.
    The problem with the white pride movement in my opinion is that it is of a political nature. If these white priders simply wished to celebrate their culture without trying to force America to be a all white nation and without trying to outlaw inter-racial marriage then these people would not be behaving outside of the bounds of that which is reasonable. Unfortunately most people claiming to be white pride have decided that they wish to be active on a political level rather than on a purely cultural level.
    I am wondering Olive, and I am also curious about other peoples reactions to this sentiment, do you think it would be acceptable for people who are white to be proud of their race so long as they do not wish to alter the multiracial nature of America and so long as they do not wish to try to outlaw inter-racial marriage?
    As far as what I am proud of, I have earthling pride. I am proud to be of planet earth. I believe in the rights of animals. I also do not think any race is superior to another race and I consider inter-racial marriage to be a natural part of the spiritual growth of the human race. Because in reality there is only one race and that is the human race and the idea of separate races is a mistaken idea. There are no human races, there is only one human race. The human race is part of family. But the human race is not the whole family. The whole family not only includes humans. It also includes animals.
    Humans and animals are part of the same family. And all the creatures of the earth.
    Earthling Pride!

  2. Dear Robert
    Let’s not confuse race and ethnicity. WN are not ethnocentrists, they are raci(al)sts. Of course, ethnocentricity and racialism are psycologically similar because in both cases our own group is put first and at the top. In one case it is our ethnic group and in the other it is our race.
    I’m white and so are Vladimir Putin, Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel and Silvio Berlusconi, but I certainly don’t think that they belong to the same ethnic group as I do.
    Ethnocentrism is indeed very common, but it doesn’t have anything to do with race. Until recently, Europe was an all-white continent and also filled with various ethnocentrics and chauvinists. The French liked to feel superior to the less civilized boches, the Britsh felt superior to crazy continentals, the Poles thought that they were so much better than those half-Asian Russians, etc. Even smaller nations could be pretty chauvinistic. I have met plenty of smug ethnocentric Dutchmen.
    However, none of this had anything to do with race. White racism existed mainly in Western Europe and it arose in a colonial context. Since 1492, white racism became one of the ideological underpinnings of colonialism. By 1939, the white racists from Western Europe had conquered the entire Western Hemishere, nearly all of Africa, Oceania and large chunks of Asia. Of course, not all colonialists were believers in white racial superiority. Some believed in the superiority of the Christian religion or the cultural superiority of Europe.
    It is this close relation between white racism and colonialism that made it contaminated. To some extent, the relentless denunciation of white racism is a reaction to colonialism. Decolonization was indeed necessary because it was a system of domination and privilege. Attacks on white racism are a form of mental decolonization.
    As to Hitler, he was a combination of anti-Semite, Aryan racist and German nationalist. Since Jews are white and most whites are not Aryans, it is quite wrong to see Hitler as a practitioner of white nationalism. All of Hitler’s crimes were committed against other whites. I don’t listen to people who tell me that Jews aren’t whites.
    Racism and nationalism are antithetical in multiracial countries. WNs in the US should feel more affinity with Russians, Frenchmen, Georgians, Greeks, Serbs, etc than with fellow American who are of a different color. People who put race above the nation are bad nationalists. WN in the US are bad Americans for the same reason that Catholics in the US who feel more affinity with Polish, Portuguese and Argentinian Catholics than with Americans of a different religion are bad Americans. If Jared Taylor feels more affinity with me than with Obama, then he is not a very good American
    Nationalists worhty of the name put their national identity above their religious, racial or other identities. WNs don’t do that. They don’t deserve to be called nationalists and should start calling themselves raci(al)sts.
    As to Hispanics, they are a totally artificial category of the American government. In Latin America, people see themselves as Columbians, Chileans, Cubans, Argentinians, etc, or racially they see themselves as white, Amerindian, black, mestizo, etc. More educated Latin Americans may feel part of a broader Latin American nation, but Latin Americans who see themselves as members of a Hispanic race don’t exist. That only happens after they arrive in the US. Do you really believe that Néstor Kirchner, Álvaro Uribe, Fidel Castro or Hugo Chávez see themselves as members of a mythical Hispanic race?
    Asians aren’t a race either. They certainly aren’t an ethnic group, even if we confine the term Asian to East Asians. It is just as absurd to believe that Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Philippinos and Thais will all see themselves as part of one happy East Asian family as it is to believe that Poles, Swedes, Germans and Spaniards see themselves as members of one European nation. Just because people have the same type of eyes doesn’t make them one race or one ethnicity.
    I’m indulgent toward mild ethnocentricity as long as it is not combined with gratuitous hostility toward members of other ethnic groups. Somebody once said that the best friend is someone who is slightly inferior. Since he is only slightly inferior, we can feel affinity with him while still enjoying the sinful pleasure of feeling superior. Maybe it is the same with many ethnocentrics. They like to feel superior but also to be friends with people who aren’t co-ethnics.
    Regards. James

  3. “Historically the only thing that held all the white nations together was colonialism and the slave trade”
    This is not acurate

  4. Jews did indeed play a major role in the trans-Atlantic African slave trade from the time it was initiated until it was abolished. If you haven’t found the evidence of the extensive Jewish involvement in the African slave trade you just aren’t looking hard enough for it, you prefer to ignore the facts, or you are trying to cover up and lie about the huge Jewish role in the trans-Atlantic African slave trade.

  5. I don’t agree with you. The reason the anti-white situation has come about isn’t because of Hitler or because of white past. It’s because Jews are ruling over us today and set the score. They don’t like us, and it’s not because of Hitler. Jews have hostility toward their goyim countrymen inherently due to the nature of Judaism.
    History has no meaning.

  6. “I don’t agree with you. The reason the anti-white situation has come about isn’t because of Hitler or because of white past. It’s because Jews are ruling over us today and set the score. They don’t like us, and it’s not because of Hitler. Jews have hostility toward their goyim countrymen inherently due to the nature of Judaism.
    “History has no meaning.”
    That be very true, Stu!

  7. I dont know where anybody got the bizaare idea that objectivity exists.
    Of course everyone is ethnocentric.

  8. Yeah, I tell people I’m an ethnocentric White man and you should see the reactions. It’s not like they want to call the cops, more like they just about fall over with shock. Like, “I can’t believe you said that.”

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