Democrat Hate Crime Bill Protects Pedophiles But Refuses to Protect The Troops

Excuse me, that should be THE TROOPS, not the troops. You know, like when you stand up and at the top of your lungs shout, “I SUPPORT THE TROOPS!”
I suppose some of you may have gotten one of these alerts in your email, or seen Republican lunatics posting similar messages on blogs or whatnot. I never really knew what it meant, and never bothered to look into it either.
I just found out what this is all about. It’s the usual Republican lies. I thought after losing the election and after this spate of articles from the rightwing US media about the Republican Party heading towards permanent minority status, that the Republicans would finally get more sense and more to the left and towards the center a bit. If it’s that or never win again, it seems like a no-brainer.
But they’re just as insane as ever.
What happened was the Dems tried to pass a Hate Crimes Bill. They pass these things from time to time, and I don’t really care. What really worries me is the Hate Speech laws that a certain type of people keep pushing.
Republicans have always hated these Hate Crime bills, and I never could figure out why. The bill just says if you beat someone up for being queer, or Italian, or Black, or Catholic, etc., you get a hate crimes enhancement because not only did you beat someone up, but you did it out of some prejudice or bigotry.
The Republicans’ logical attitude was that all that matters is that you kicked someone’s ass, not why you did it. By punishing the fact that no only did you do it, but you did it for some ideological purpose, you are essentially outlawing thoughts and thought-crimes. Kind of an interesting little intellectual argument there.
But I don’t think that’s really why the Republicans oppose this.
These are the same throwbacks who want to throw you in prison for burning a flag. These are the same clowns who put rock and roll singers on no fly lists and banned them from entering the country as a threat to national security. The same morons who keep trying to ban porn.
The same dickwads who bombed the Al Jazeera offices in Baghdad and Kabul, apparently as an enemy target, then lied and said they didn’t. The same losers who set up “free speech zones” enclosed by fences and cops a long ways from wherever George Bush was speaking, since, you know, little old ladies with signposts are probably suicide bombers.
Not exactly free speech buffs.
So why do Republicans hate hate crime bills? Probably because theirs is the party of the White males. And a lot of White males dig beating up queers, women and minorities. So what better way to get the sexist, racist and homophobe vote all at once under the banner of free speech?
Anyway, this time around, the Republicans could not stop the bill. So they stuck a poison pill in there. The bills protect as a protected class races, ethnicities, religions, nationalities and sexual orientations. If you victimize anyone with the intention of attacking them in a bigoted manner due to their being a member of a protected class, you are guilty of a hate crime.
The Republicans, just to be total assholes, stuck a mega-stupid rider on the bill. It established “the troops” as a protected class! Dumb-ola!
US troops are not members of a protected class. No professions are. It’s not bigotry to attack someone because they are a fireman or an electrician or are wearing a Raiders cap or a purple shirt. It’s weird, but you don’t get a hate crime enhancement for it.
The Democrats, being reasonable, said, “Look, this is way lame. ‘The troops’ are not a protected class and however lamentable it is f they get attacked, it ain’t a hate crime. Instead it’s just ordinary against the law.”
Why did the Republicans say “the troops” needed protecting? Because you know millions of liberal socialist Commie Democrats are swarming all over the country spitting on returning soldiers every time they see one. It’s a serious problem!
So anyway, the bill got killed because the Dems said that’s too lame, no way are making “the troops” into a protected class. Get it? Evil Dems refused to protect the troops from the downpours of spittle raining down on them as soon as they come back from Southwest Asia. Dems hate the troops!
That’s called part 1.
There were 2 parts to this trick.
For part 2, Republicans read the hate crimes bill very carefully with a magnifying glass. They found one evil sentence in there, inserted way back in 1996 or whenever the bill was first passed, that says it’s a hate crime to attack someone for their sexual orientation.
Then the Republicans consulted some dictionaries and manuals and whatnot looking for stuff. Stuff like definitions. Like the diagnostic manual of the mental health professions, the DSM. Turns out that the DSM defines various weird, sick and fucked up things as sexual orientations, like bestiality, pedophilia and tasty orientations like coprophilia, urolagnia.
Really those aren’t orientations; they are paraphilias, but never mind. It’s also interesting although various persons do engage in bestiality, no human has ever been recorded as having a pure bestiality orientation where they are only attracted to animals and nothing else.
Anyway, the Republicans then played their hand. The sentence that protects sexual orientation means Democrats say it’s a hate crime if you beat up a pedo. Actually, the protected class is homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual or transgender (I don’t know about pre-op trannies or shemales, but I guess they are included too) At the same time, the Democrats say it’s not a hate crime to beat up “the troops.” In other words, Dems love pedos and hate the troops.
Lame or what?

Shemale, heshe, she-it, pre-op or whatever the fuck you want to call em. For extra points, find three things wrong with this picture.
Shemale, heshe, she-it, pre-op or whatever the fuck you want to call em. For extra points, find three things wrong with this picture.

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7 thoughts on “Democrat Hate Crime Bill Protects Pedophiles But Refuses to Protect The Troops”

  1. Here are the three things wrong with the picture.
    1. The human with the penis also has 2 girl boobs. That’s just wrong.
    2. The female with the two boobs also has a penis. Females don’t have penises unless they strap one on. So that’s wrong too.
    3. The hot chick has a dick. Hot chicks are not supposed to have dicks; they are supposed to have vaginas. It’s so wrong for a hot chick to have a dick.

  2. 1.) The He-she-it pictured has the male-junk hanging WAY too high on the pubic bone. In reality, it would be “hanging” much lower, with the left one JUST A LITTLE lower, still.
    2.) Females always state they have “balls up-to-here, Yo!”, then they gesture and point to their ovaries (female gonads). So, maybe their cojones should have been pictured as riding MUCH HIGHER, instead.
    3.) Females, according to artistic convention, are normally portrayed with a dick in their mouth (NOT hanging between their thighs). This is universally acknowedged to improve the appearance of ANY female (that really IS a female).
    Hope this helps!

  3. shemale is one of person who is infected Klinefelter syndrome ..were a man like a women or women like a man…and this is genetic diseases..

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