Fuck Off Israel

It’s called “ambiguity” and it’s really starting to get on my nerves. It’s been going on for 40 years and that’s way too long.

Everyone with a brain cell in their skull knows Israel has more nuclear bombs than matzo balls. The only people who won’t admit are Zionist Jews, and they’re some of the biggest liars on Earth anyway, so why listen to anything they say? Paying attention to a Jewish Zionist is like listening to the boy who cried wolf. They lie like they breathe, so why bother analyzing if what they are saying has any truth to it?

The Jewish Zionists insist, for some Realpolitik reason, that they have no nuclear weapons. Everyone knows they have like 200-300 of these things, but they won’t admit. Every other nuclear nation on Earth has admitted it (Correct?). Yet the Israeli ultra-liars won’t fess up. What’s going to happen if they admit it? Are they all going to turn into pumpkins at midnight?

The entire US (((media))) goes along with this BS charade. The entire US (((government))) does too. For example, the US recently announced the right of Israel to have its (non-confirmed) nuclear arsenal as long as one single enemy nation is threatening to develop one single nuclear weapon.

Wait a minute!

Israel gets to have 300 (actual but we won’t admit it) nukes in the case that perhaps even one of their enemies might deign to develop one single micro-nuke. Why does this make sense? Why does Israel get all nukes and its enemies don’t get any?

In the Cold War, it was acknowledged that the US and the USSR and China all had a right to arsenals as long as their enemies did. Further, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty allows all nations under threat of nuclear attack to develop their own nukes. That means, de facto, that all Arab nations and Iran, along with North Korea and Cuba, have a right to develop nuclear weapons, according to international treaty.

The special case of Israel has to do with some nonsense. Supposedly, these folks called “Muslims” are “suicidal”. They all wanna die – not just today but yesterday!

Pakistan is actually an extremely Islamist-oriented and -influenced land, yet they have never deigned to shoot a nuke at India, though they could easily do so. India would retaliate and kill millions of Pakistanis. If the Pakistani military, full of Al Qaeda and Taliban sympathizers, won’t even shoot a nuke at the infidels, why would the super-sane Muslims in Iran or the pro-West sellouts in the rest of North Africa and Arabia do so?

The whole bullshit about Israel rests on two profoundly silly notions.

First, that Israel must be able to overwhelmingly dominate all of its enemies.

Second, that all of Israel’s preposterously weak enemies are actually Samson-like Superman ready and willing to exterminate the Jewish state in single bound, stopping all the speeding bullets along the way.

This ought to be a joke for a stand-up comedian, but instead, it’s recited with dour seriousness by the entire US and media elite.

How dumb.

The story of how Israel got the bomb is most interesting. JFK was dead set against the Israeli bomb, and the Israelis and their agents in International Zionism were practically threatening to kill him over this. This has given rise to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that suggest that Israelis or their Jewish sympathizers killed JFK.

Truth is that Israel got the bomb around 1966. How? Jewish spies, working for Israel and against the US in a dual loyalty role that Jews insist that no Jew has ever played, infiltrated the US nuclear program, lifted the blueprints and documents out from under our noses, and gave them to Israel. We know their names and everything about them, but no prosecutions have ever occurred.

Israel already had the bomb by 1973, and they came very close to using it. That they were threatening to use it was one reason that Kissinger opened the arms shipment floodgates that enabled Israel to turn the war around.

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250 thoughts on “Fuck Off Israel”

  1. Israel admitting that it has nukes would give its arch adversary, Iran, a legitimate right to build nukes. At least, that is how the Zionist hawks see it.
    Frankly, I find the whole hype and hoopla about Iran having nukes rather hypocritical. Iran doesn’t have a history of belligence against its rivals and adversaries the way those so called ‘defenders of the earth’ have. There is no credible argument that Iran having nukes would somehow go suicidal.

  2. @Robert
    “I agree. Fuck Israel. And to the extent that the Jews are in support of all this shit, well then, yeah, FUCK THE JEWS. You got it. So in that sense, yeah criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic, and that’s just too fuckin bad, Jews. Quit supporting Israel’s monstrosities, and people might back off on you. Until then you deserve what you get.”
    What happened, Robert? Had a bad day?

    1. That’s right! Fuck the pro-Israel Jews! And fuck all the pro-Israel Gentiles too! Just as hard! They’re just as bad.
      Support for Israel is a perfectly legitimate reason to dislike Jews, so in that sense, “anti-Semitism” may be rational. If you dislike pro-Israel Jews, I don’t see how that’s “anti-Semitic.” Anyway, I am getting sick and fucking tired of that bullshit word. Why shouldn’t it be rational and logical for decent people to hate pro-Israel Jews? What’s so racist about that?

  3. I don’t see any problem with the Israelis having Poland, or part of it, since most of the Poles seem to be living in the UK at present, and most of the Israelis came from thereabouts anyway. They couldn’t do a worse job than the pricks that are running the place just now.

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