“White Lust, Black Tail," by Alpha Unit

This is the latest from Alpha Unit. I almost could not believe it when I read it. I knew she was a good writer, but I did not think she was this good. She surprised me again. Once you give folks a chance, they can show you all sorts of unlocked potential bottled up inside.
On another note, this post is directly in line with some of the central themes of this blog. One of which is the inevitability of miscegenation and the fact that guys will screw anything, especially if it’s good looking. And Africa has some of the finest looking women around.
And beauty is, after all, in the eyes of the beholder. If you go and ask this to any primitive tribe or any foreign wise man or shaman, Hindu, Buddhist, Amerindian, or any sort of spiritualist, they will fall over laughing and say of course beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. This is an item of basic human knowledge that all wise human cultures (and most cultures are inherently wise about some things) have managed to figure out.
Tribes often perpetrate various lies about the tribes around them, mostly along the lines that we are better and they are inferior. Tribal supremacists often try to force lies onto the males of the tribe along the lines that all females of the other tribes are inherently ugly or whatnot. But since this lie goes against the basic facts of human nature, it generally doesn’t work very well.
The histories of India, Arabia, North Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Vietnam, Japan, Siberia and the Jews probably most folks in most places give the lie to that. And it was always the men outbreeding the enemy females.
Arab men bred with Black slavewomen.
White Latin American men bred with Indian and to a lesser extent Black women.
In the Caribbean, Whites bred with Black women and in Puerto Rico, Amerindians were added to the blend.
White North Africans bred with Blacks incessantly.
In India, the upper castes have been getting darker and darker over the centuries. How? Breeding with lower caste women.
In Vietnam, the Chinese invaded 2,200 years ago and never left. While they have always been hated many wars were fought against them by Vietnamese nationalists (Some led by women! So much for sexist Asians.)
In Japan, the Koreans and Ainu are despised. Modern Japan was created when de facto Koreans came over from Korea 2,300 years ago. They say themselves as superior to the Ainu, and they drove them all the way to Hokkaido, and then overwhelmed them even there, fighting periodic wars against them.
The Ainu were despised as the ultimate inferiors. Yet over 2 millenia, Japanese (probably males) had bred in so much with the Ainu (probably females) that the Japanese genome is now 40% Ainu. So the Japanese themselves are a mixture of two races that they highly despise, the Koreans and the Ainu.
In Siberia, White men bred with Siberian women. In the case of the Altai, the result was an almost 50-50 mixture. In the Sakha, they are only 6% White.
The Jews are an interesting case. The laws were in place, as usual, to protect the purity of the Jewish race by restricting outbreeding by Jewish women with Gentile men. In Spain, for a Jewish woman who had sex with a Gentile man, the penalty was having her nose chopped off.
These same lies did not apply to men, and of course, Jewish males continued to screw around with Gentile women to some extent. However, the offspring were lost to the Jews, so the genetic line remained pretty pure.
You always know who your mother is, but you don’t always know who your father is. That’s why the law about in order to be a Jew, you had to have a Jewish mother was put in. It had the side effect of maintaining tribal purity since Jewish women were sleeping pretty much only with Jewish men.
In many cases laws and regulations were set up to try to stop nature. Casta was prevalent all over Latin America but no matter, even the viciousness of this system could not stop mass miscegenation. In India, there were very strict rules about Brahmins marrying non-Brahmins, including threat of loss of caste privileges, but look at how well they worked.
It seems that some things just cannot be stopped. While male members of a dominant tribe are often able to protect their women from the subordinated tribe, the fuckers can’t seem to keep their hands off those lowly, subordinated and supposedly ugly women.
You can’t fight Mother Nature. Miscegenation, especially of majority or dominant tribe males and minority or subordinated tribe females, is inevitable. So just lie back and enjoy it.

White Lust, Black Tail

by Alpha Unit

Human intellect and endeavor are remarkable things. But Nature’s designs are overarching. And its sole response to those within its web? Indifference.
Once the earth begins to shift under your feet, it knows nothing of the destruction it causes. Flood, fire, pathogen, animals killing their prey: all indifferent.
Human nature doesn’t care about your beliefs. Your beliefs are sort of like microscopic bugs crawling around in the vicinity of your nature. Barely recognized, if at all.
There is race. And then there is human nature. If Human Nature squints really hard, it might make out the blurry outlines of Race. Probably wouldn’t, though.
I know of a male blogger, distinctly pro-White and unambiguously anti-Semitic, who liked to post photos (some frankly pornographic) of comely lasses for the enjoyment of his readers. He had no problem, even, with putting up a photo of a black woman, and after one such posting, he noted a complaint from one of his readers.
The reader objected bitterly to the idea of this dusky female being presented as an object of white male desire–especially on a site dedicated to White preservation.
I imagine repeating this to the oldest women in my family–those who lived through the days of Jim Crow and were well-versed in the prerogatives of Southern “gentlemen.” And I can see them laughing.
Your own nature will make a fool out of you, with all your pretensions to purity, no matter who you are. Your loins always get the last laugh. They know something about a good-looking woman, no matter how sub-Saharan African her ancestors might have been, that your mind may not want you to admit. And what is that?
“Mercy. That is some fine baby-making material there.”
Of course, this is the language of the loins. As it gets translated upward, maybe the message becomes “What a rack.” Or “That is one hell of an ass.” Doesn’t matter. Your body approves. That means YOU approve. Yes, you.
All kinds of things can be denied, ignored, foregone, decided against. Not Nature. Nature keeps you and me honest.

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13 thoughts on ““White Lust, Black Tail," by Alpha Unit”

  1. “the inevitability of miscegenation”
    Miscegenation is not inevitable if the three major races are kept geographically separate as they should be (for a multitude of reasons) and were until the advent of the Age of Exploration a few hundred years ago. Lots of miscegenation did occur in geographical areas like North Africa/Mediterranean, the Middle East, and Central Asia which are major international trade routes and where the three major races bump in to and blur in to each other…but aside from that the three major racial/ethnic groups of the world remained completely separate for untold thousands of years. The rise of urban areas in the past few hundred years also contributed to the rise of miscegenation (Jews are very urban and promote hedonistic and anonymous urbanity…thus they also heavily promote miscegenation). For most of human history people lived in small local villages or rural areas populated entirely (most cases) by people who were the same race/ethnicity. Most people never traveled a few days walk away from where they were born, and most people never even knew other races/ethnic groups existed much less encountered a person from another racial/ethnic background. If they did they would have likely been majorly shocked and reacted in a scared and/or hostile manner because ethnocentrism or ‘racism’ is actually a very natural and healthy defensive reaction due to the fact that people naturally prefer and trust their own kind over outsiders…there were likely old stories or local folklore told by travelers or passed down by elders about the ‘dark Brown black haired people in the far South,’ the ‘bright White light-eyed people in the far North,’ the ‘yellow slant-eyed dark haired people in the far East,’ but aside from that for the vast bulk of human history miscegenation wasn’t possible because virtually NO ONE encountered a person from another race.
    “And Africa has some of the finest looking women around.”
    Are you kidding? Or do you just mean North Africa? Women of pure or predominate Sub-Saharan African ancestry are some of the least aesthetically pleasing on Earth…the only truly good-looking so called ‘Black women’ are those who are heavily mixed with Whites, Asians, or Arabs….come to the Mid-Atlantic American states sometime (VA, NC, SC…another area where the racial lines blur between the Whiter North and the Blacker South) and see all of the attractive yet incorrectly self-described ‘Black women’ around here who are actually Black-White hybrids. These women think of and describe themselves as ‘Black’ when in reality they are AT LEAST 1/3 White in a genetic and physical sense, with many over 70% White still thinking of themselves as ‘Black.’ Many of them also live in White suburban areas, go to mostly White schools, have White boyfriends/husbands, etc…they are White in almost every way except a smattering of Black blood…if anyone seems to follow the ‘one-drop rule’ fanatically it seems to be Blacks.
    Also, many Whites in the USA are already miscegenated in an ethnic (but not racial) sense…Whites in America haven’t mixed too heavily with Blacks, Asians, Arabs, etc., but MANY different White ethnic groups have settled in the USA and interbred with each other which is of course a form of miscegenation…the White race is made up of many different ethnic groups, and in America they’ve all mixed up to a large extent…for example: American…Anglo-Saxons mixing with Italian Mediterraneans, Celts mixing with Slavs, Spanish Meds mixing with Swedes, French mixing with Dutch, Germans mixing with Scots, and so on. That is the current reality of White America.

  2. Look at the pics of the Black women listed at the bottom of this porn site. Do you think they are good looking? What % Black are they? Are they all Black, mostly Black, half-Black, 1/3 Black, or what? Are they mostly only 30-65% Black as you say?
    This is a really interesting subject so I should do a post on this.

  3. That story about Japan is cute but are you sure that the Japanese are 40% Ainu? Considering how highly mixed the Ainu themselves are I imagine many genes are being counted as “Ainu” that are really Japanese. Unless the figure you looked at accounted for that.

  4. “In Spain, for a Jewish woman who had sex with a Gentile man, the penalty was having her nose chopped off.”
    Perhaps in addition to the dry climate, there was sexual selection for large noses amongst the Jewish female populace. Larger nose make sit more obvious that the nose has not been lopped off?

  5. There’s no such thing as “Japanese” genes, when looking at the Japanese. The Japanese are just Koreans who came down from Korea 2,300 years ago and mixed totally with the Ainu. That’s pretty much all they are!

  6. To White Preservationist:
    Why should the three major races be kept geographically separated?
    Are you saying that there never should have been an Age of Exploration?

  7. Would you knock it off with this “Alpha Unit, guest blogger” shit, Robert? Obviously you’re writing these.

  8. In response to those who believe in anti-miscegenation laws and those who believe in somewhat racially pure nations: it is not the role of the state to tell me who I can and who I cannot breed with. I support a persons right to be able to breed with someone of any race. I support a persons right to engage in miscegenation and if someone doesn’t want to engage in miscegenation that is their right too. It is not the role of the state to make that decision. Who one breeds with and what criteria they have for who they breed with is their own personal decision.

  9. To Robert:
    Look at the pics of the Black women listed at the bottom of this porn site. Do you think they are good looking?
    Err.. a porn website with White guys in Rebel T-Shirts having sex with Black women..? Not shy of controversy are you..?
    Well I think this woman is cute:
    But it appears she is part Asian.

  10. I’ve read up on that site. It’s just a great big joke. The plots are…Black woman catches her Black bf or husband having sex with a White woman and goes ballistic. To get revenge, she decides to go out and have sex with a whole room full of White guys. IOW, she’s “gone White.” Yeah, they’re wearing Confederate t-shirts and all but there is nothing racist about the videos. I have watched them. They don’t call her racist names or abuse her or anything like that.
    There’s nothing racist about it. The whole thing is like a great big outrageous and stupid joke.
    Yeah, I like that Melody chick. Jesus Christ, she looks fantastic, huh? I don’t know if she’s Asian or not. A lot of Black woman have these weird semi-Asian eyes. I don’t really understand it.

  11. I’ve read up on that site. It’s just a great big joke.
    Yeah I’m sure.. looks like it’s affiliated with Bang Bros which has “Border Patrol” skits. You can guess how those go. That said it would royally piss off any number of Black bloggers.
    I don’t know if she’s Asian or not. A lot of Black woman have these weird semi-Asian eyes. I don’t really understand it.
    By her appearance I would say she’s part Filipino. (aside from her stage name which is Japanese..) Her real last name is Jackson. Not surprising.. likely Black GI dad, Asian Mom. One of Bios indicated she was part Asian, although some Black women will say they are part Asian when they are not to make themselves more exotic and appealing to men if they are in porn or prostitution.
    From BangBros:
    “Melody is from Cali and I want to move there. She’s got a lil Asia and a lil Africa in her..”

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