The Litmus Test For Academic Racism

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You wonder why I call these people names. Ok. There is a very good reason for that, and it is not just what they write. I really don’t give a damn what they write, although in most cases, there’s a problem of tone.
The main problem is their position on civil rights and anti-discrimination laws (and I am not including affirmative action as one of these laws). If you’re against civil rights and anti-discrimination laws, you’re a racist. It’s really that simple.
There’s just no way around it. Although this makes all libertarians and anarchists de facto racists, people who always write about disparagingly about certain non-White races, and then want to get rid of civil rights and anti-discrimination laws, well, they’re just racists in both intent and praxis, period.
When you oppose civil rights and anti-discrimination laws for whatever reason, you are promoting racism. Whether you are consciously racist or not, you are engaging in racist behavior and promoting a racist project and agenda. It’s as simple as that.
How many Blacks oppose civil rights laws and anti-discrimination laws? Almost zero. How many Whites do? Wow! All sorts of Whites do, but they’re not really racists, they’re just libertarians. Holy Moses! Almost no Blacks take this Black-hostile stand, but tons of Whites do, but they’re not racists . Hmmm.
Let’s look at these folks:
Charles Murray: Mr. Murray, famous author of The Bell Curve. I have read it many times; it is excellent, and it really makes a mockery of his later life as he moved much to the right of that book. He has not yet made his position known on civil rights and anti-discrimination laws. However, he has taken a negative, hopeless, very hereditarian point of view on race and intelligence that is extremely controversial to say the least.
Recently, he also admitted that he is a libertarian. That’s strange for a long-time and high-profile Republican public figure like him. It seems clear that Murray’s libertarianism is based mostly or solely on his desire to end civil rights and anti-discrimination laws. Going out on a limb here, I am going to argue that Murray is a racist, against Blacks and Hispanics anyway (he married a Thai woman and has two biracial Thai-White kids).
Arthur Jensen It has been very difficult to pin down Jensen as a racist, since he tends to keep his mouth shut and does excellent scholarly work. James Flynn has praised him and says he’s not a racist. Nevertheless, early on, in 1969, he took an extremely hardline hereditarian stand on race and IQ, and he has not budged even one millimeter since then.

Mr. Jensen, obviously a brilliant man and a giant in intelligence research. He’s been able to escape the racist charge for all these years by watching his tongue, but as he’s recently come out for getting rid of civil rights laws, into the dump he goes. His writings also have a hopeless, hard-edged and nasty tone to them, but maybe all rightwingers do? Despite Reagan, conservatism isn’t exactly land of the optimists.

The rest of his career has been mostly spent fighting off attacks on his early claims and expanding on them. It doesn’t seem that he’s the kind of guy who will admit he’s wrong. Jensen has come out in the last couple of years and stated that he wants to get rid of all civil rights and anti-discrimination laws. Therefore, Arthur Jensen is a racist.
Philippe Rushton: As if his exasperating books were not enough (although Race, Evolution and Behavior is definitely a good and thought-provoking read at the very least), and they have been widely challenged, he has made some disparaging remarks about Blacks.
For instance, he said that Canada is starting to go downhill because more Blacks are moving there. We’ll let him slide on this for now, and on his problematic books.
Rushton has also taken a very hardline hereditarian stance on race and IQ, though recently, he and Murray admitted that Blacks have closed the B-W IQ gap by 3 points. However, Rushton has recently come out as opposing all civil rights and anti-discrimination laws. Therefore, Philippe Rushton is a racist, at least against Blacks, who are the source of most of his authorial attacks (he’s married to a Korean woman).
Robert Gordon of Johns Hopkins University: He works in sociology and is the former husband of Linda Gottfredson. This is the little-known fellow behind the Le Griffe Du Lion website.

An old photo of sociologist Dr. Robert Gordon, who is not only a racist like all of these folks here, but is also a White Supremacist based on his writings on “The Claw of the Lion”, or the Le Griffe Du Lion website. Photos of this character are hard to come by, but you can see the characteristic short-trimmed beard combined with glasses and balding head. He’s a very intelligent fellow, but he’s put his mind in a bad place.

He is not only a White racist like the rest, but unlike many of them, this guy is actually a White Supremacist. A good portion of his site is given over to studies showing how Whites are actually superior to Northeast Asians.
His work is exceedingly problematic and should well earn him the racist tag right there. For instance, he claims that Black criminals “deliberately prey with a hunter’s mindset for White victims to the exclusion of other victims”. Wow. But let us give him a break on his most unpleasant work and website for now.
Mr. Gordon, in the form of The Lion’s Claw, has definitely come out for getting rid of all civil rights and anti-discrimination laws, or at least that is my reading of Le Griffe’s blog. If I am wrong, let me know in the comments or in e-mail. Therefore, tentatively, Robert Gordon is a racist.

Sociologist Dr. Robert A. Gordon in a 1999 photo. You can see the trademark trimmed beard, balding hair and glasses, except now his hair is White. He’s kind of funny-looking in this photo, but a lot of these eggheads are kind of quirky folks. I’m quite certain the Dr. Gordon is in fact Le Griffe Du Lion, but it’s not proven conclusively. How could it be when he won’t admit it?

Richard Lynn: Mr. Lynn is a professor in anthropology at the University of Ulster. His writings are pretty unpleasant like a lot of this stuff, but he’s also engaged in some academic or scientific fraud in my opinion, or nearly so, or at least some funny theorizing.

Mr. Lynn is usually a fine scholar, like all of these folks, and a lot of his work is interesting. He runs around the globe administering IQ tests and collecting IQ data. I don’t mind such an enterprise, but it seems like the only folks doing this stuff are racist assholes like Lynn, which is too bad. Further, his enterprise is rendered somewhat dubious by his crystal-clear biases, which he finds it hard to bury.
He’s has unfairly downgraded the Vietnamese IQ from 99.5 (based on tests) to 95 (based on taking a fake-low 100 figure for “rural China” and combining it with 90 for Thailand and averaging the two). He did this in order to make a wacky Ice Age Theory of his work whereby it takes 10,000’s of years to evolve smarts, and you have to go through Ice Ages to do it.
Vietnam and South China messes that up, so he plays games with figures. In this review, Lynn says he agrees with 99% of Richard Feurle’s racist (but worth a read) book, Erectus Walks Among Us, Lynn has also said, charmingly, that we need to think about “phasing out” low-IQ races. Phew.

I notice an awful lot of these “race realist”, “racialist”, “racially aware” or “White nationalist” folks, almost all of whom are White by the way, really take umbrage to being called racists. Though I’m not so obtuse or grotesque as to call anyone who adopts a name like the above a racist, I think one thing is clear.
If you oppose civil rights and anti-discrimination laws (other than affirmative action), that’s the litmus test for racism. You oppose them, you’re a racist. It’s really that simple. If you folks want people to quit calling you racist, maybe you should reconsider your position on these laws. Just a thought.
If you oppose civil rights and anti-discrimination law, don’t BS around. Just come right out and admit you’re a racist. It’s not the worst thing on Earth to be, and there are hundreds of millions of humans just like you. Hey, some of my friends are even racists. What the heck? Say it loud and say it proud!


Herrnstein, R. & Murray, C. 1994. The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life. New York: Free Press.
Rushton, J.P. 1995. Race, Evolution and Behavior. New Brunswick, NJ.: Transaction Publishers.
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41 thoughts on “The Litmus Test For Academic Racism”

  1. Dear Robert
    I have never smoked and I think that smoking is a foolish habit, but I’m opposed to the anti-smoking law in Onatario because I think that it is too illiberal. In Ontario, as in so many other jurisdictions, smoking is forbidden in all public places. I don’t see why people shouldn’t have a choice. In larger communities, which have many bars and eateries, such establishments should be able to choose whether they want to be a smoking or non-smoking establishment. Why not give people a choice?
    Similarly, I think that is morally reprehensible to refuse to associate with people simply because they belong to a certain race, but I think that people should have a choice. The only institution that should not be allowed to practice discrimination is the state because the state belongs to all its citizens and because it is by its nature a monopolist. There never is more than one state in a given territory. The rest of us should be free to practice discrimination by our own criteria, although an exception can be made for corporations since corporations are in fact privileged institutions because they received the privilege of limited liability from the state.
    Cheers. James

  2. Hi James, you’re otherwise a great progressive fellow, but I am happy that your views are still that of a tiny minority on this particular question.
    “Freedom of association.” Outside the workplace and applying to non-customers, no problem. Discrimination in employment and my customer base is simply not permitted. However, if I wish to be a racist ass and not associate with non-Whites in my private life or let them in the door of the home, that’s my right. I wonder if it’s even racist to do that. A man’s home is his castle after all.
    You and anyone else are certainly free to refuse to associate with anyone who you choose to (And I refuse to associate with plenty of people!) but when it comes to customers and employees, this “freedom of association” is simply revoked. Rights are not an absolute at all. Recall that after all, I am as Big Government interventionist as one can get.
    The problem with letting businesses go smoking is I guess a whole huge lot of them will just decide that it’s economically rational to do so. Now I want to go out to eat, and most of the good places have smokers. Even where they divide into smoking and nonsmoking, the smokers pollute my lungs. I have been there and breathed their toxic fumes. Surely almost all bars will just go smoking, as most drinkers like to smoke, or enough do anyway.
    I for one am very happy that I hardly ever have to breathe that horrible tobacco smoke anymore, especially insulting as I don’t smoke! The stuff is toxic and it injures and kills lots of innocent people. Banning public smoking is like banning machine guns. Some things are just too dangerous to innocents to be permitted.

  3. Is professor Michael Levin a racist? How about Robert Weissberg?
    We need these laws to protect the schvartze, you know. After all, they’re just schvartze.

  4. Yeah Michael Levin is a real racist! I’ve never heard of the other guy, Robert Weissburg.
    Almost all these guys are, really. If it’s only science, which is what the race realists say, then you ought to be able to do this kind of science without turning into a racist asshole. That that doesn’t seem to be possible makes me wonder about the utility of this whole enterprise.

  5. Thing is, Olive, you just get infamy from this stuff. It’s no fun. Lots of death threats, stalkers, protesters outside your class. It’s a drag.
    I have no problem with people doing science, but these guys seem to be doing this stuff specifically to push some screwed up racist agenda. Maybe there are racial differences. Fine. Why can’t these guys talk about with turning into racist weenies and pushing a sucky racist agenda? I don’t get it.

  6. I kinda like you, Olive. You’re not really a racist.
    Though you definitely don’t like Arabs, you don’t seem to have anything against Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, non-Whites or even Gentiles. Good for you.

  7. Some are willing to die for name recognition.
    I have nothing against Arabs, just against philoarabism, Arab self victimization and philopalestinianism as a means for support of Palestinians. If supporters of Palestinians were more reasonable or if someone was trashing arabs and saying untrue things I would defens arabs.

  8. Dear Robert
    In Canada, only a minority of adults are now smokers, and I suppose that in the US it isn’t any different. It is therefore nonsense to say that all businesses in the hospitality sector have an incentive to offer the right to smoke. If all bar and eateries were forced to choose between being totally smoke-free and allowing smoking, then probably 2/3 of restaurants and 1/2 of bars in a larger North American cities would opt to be smoke-free.
    I quite agree that non-smokers should not be forced to become passive smokers, but they won’t have to be if they can choose between smoke-free and smoking establisments.
    As to workplaces, I don’t see why smoking should not be allowed if there is consent of all employees. Anti-smoking laws reveal a Procrustean mentality which seeks to impose the same for everybody.
    As to anti-discrimination laws, there is such a thing as economic association. Employers and employees have to work together and employees have to work with other employees. Many may prefer to work with their own kind.
    Anti-discrimination laws don’t work for small firms anyway. If Peter has 10 employees and they are all white, how does one prove that there is discrimination. The sample is too small. Many small companies are ethnically and racially homogeneous simply because the employer hires his relatives and friends.
    Large firms do not have an incentive to antagonize public opinion. If the vast majority of the population is opposed to racial discrimination, then a firm that openly practices racial discrimination will lose clients.
    When most people are against racial discrimination, then anti-discrimination laws aren’t necessary. When most people are eager to practice racial discrimination, then anti-discrimination laws, apart from being anti-democratic, are unenforceable.
    Anti-discrimination laws lead to surreptitious discrimination, which is very hard to prove. As a result, people who are in charge of enforcing anti-discrimination laws will almost inevitably resort to quotas, at least when they operate on the assumption that ability is equally distributed among all populations.
    Look at the dilemma in which employers in the US find themselves. To avoid discrimination in hiring, they use test, but when different groups have different average scores on these tests, they can’t be used. Anti-discrimination laws would make more sense if no equal ability between groups is assumed. However, how do you devise test for all the jobs that are out there?
    Wouldn’t life be much easier if there were no diversity within countries?
    Regards. James

  9. Hi Silver, I’m an antiracist. You don’t think so? Why not? Please spell out the reasons you do not think I am an antiracist.
    Olive is a Jew and you are an anti-Semite, Silver. You too won’t get along at all.
    And Olive, Silver is a self-hating Med who is a Nordicist. He’s not a pan-Caucasianist or pan-Aryanist like me.
    I want to recruit every non-white — all of whom are far less offensive or troublesome than niggers — into anti-niggerism. Latinos are fantastic for this purpose. They can definitely be counted on to openly despise the nigger.
    LOL, you crack my butt Silver. I mean you crack me up.

  10. “Are you incapable of grasping that limitless numbers of mad muslims (or even disgusting desis, regardless of what that retarded kike Tom Friedman thinks) pouring into western countries spells doom for jews like you?”
    I already wrote against arab/muslim immigration but not on a religious basis. There are lots of Pakistani muslims who live peacefully alongside jews. The jewish community has more problems with the Lebanese christian community who live in the more in the working class towns. There have been death threats to rabbis, attempted rape of orthodox women, etc.
    “a self hating med”
    Whenever my racist Italian friends make black jokes, I always tell them that theyre 5% black and that shuts them up. Lets see how you deal.

  11. I kinda like you, Olive. You’re not really a racist.
    Though you definitely don’t like Arabs, you don’t seem to have anything against Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, non-Whites or even Gentiles. Good for you. RL
    heg: WTF of retard comment is that of you Robert? lt’s okay if a jew fuck like Olive Snakeoil hates arabs?
    Stupid people like Olive Snakeoil that tells people to shut the fuck up if they don’t spell right and don’t know to use grammar the way he was tought can go to hell.
    Apoligize or go to hell Olive!
    “zionism is exposed”
    “Zionist Marxist Jews Take Over Of America”
    “Zionist Israel (Part 1)”

  12. l don’t hate anyone, but l make exception for anyone that tells me to SHUT THE FUCK UP becuse l don’t know how to spell and grammar correct in english.
    lf that stupid fuck is a jew or no jew dosen’t matter to me! l hate them all equal, they are all stupid fucks.
    Use your brain Robert, not your dickhead.

  13. Don’t use that “antismite” bullshit canard on me Robert, it just don’t work.
    The world thinnest book: Jewish “history” – PERSECUTION
    Take any time in history in any country and let a jew write the “history” book. l can conclude any of this “history” books in one word – Persecution.
    Now the true history – Jews are the most criminal people in the whole worl.

  14. accidental dissent/silver is just being deliberately provocative here with all of his salty language…he lives in Australia where hardly any Blacks live and has probably never spent any substantial amount of time with Blacks in his entire life.
    He also doesn’t understand how Blacks in White countries have been severely damaged in the past 100 years by being herded (often unwillingly) in to urban areas where they then developed all kinds of cultural, social, and personal pathologies. Sub-Saharan Blacks are in many senses still a deeply rural group who have not yet developed ways to cope, live, and thrive in urban environments compared to Whites and Asians…it’s going to take generations more for them to adjust to the increasing urbanism of the world. All of this happened so quick for them that maladjustment is to be expected…in only 1-2 generations they went from being a fully rural group (which they evolved in for untold thousands of years in Africa) to being thrust in to the confusing and hectic uncertainty of urban life. That would be very jarring for any group or person, but this seems to have affected Blacks particularly hard.
    Otherwise let him spend some time with the modern African diaspora who are some of the most educated and successful immigrants in many countries, along with the rural Blacks who still live healthy by being close to the land and haven’t been severely damaged and degraded by modern urban living as so many in the ‘slum nigger’ class have.

  15. l’ll clarify this so even Robert can understand (“thinking” with the dickhead voids all logic thinking)
    l did not know anything about this Olive Snakeoil – he/she is a jew? WTF of it? What does that have anything to do with it?
    l have been on the net for ten years or so now and l have encountered maybe five, six person the same shit for brain stupid SOBs that told me to shut the fuck up because l don’t know how to spell and grammar in english. And do you know what l did to every single one of them? l told them to go fuck themself.
    l hate them. l despise. They are like a dogshit under my shoe and l treat them accordingly. Olive “happends” to be of jewish heritage? What The Fuck of it! WTF has that anyting to do with it! To me Oliove can be a pissant. l would do the exact same thing to anyone that is so braindead.

  16. RL: “Olive is a Jew and you are an anti-Semite, Silver.”
    Silver isn’t an anti-Semite…he says he likes Jews:
    In fact, it is increasingly likely that he is a Jew (or at least a partial one…maybe 1 grandparent?).
    silver also claims to be a Nordicist which is strange because Jews and Nords are almost the total opposite of each other on many levels and Jews actively engage in various activities which are causing the permanent extinction of Nords on Earth.

  17. This actually a very good thread to prove my point. Let this Olive tell what happend in this thread at Robert Lindsay’s blog.
    This jew will tell it was all about heg (aka Hoff2) PERSECUTING that “lovely” jewess Olive for nothing else then she being a jewess who only want to worship her “religion”.
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    This is the truth about the lying jews, first they provoc – AFTER that the jews tell you they are jews – and then the jews tell the stupid non-jews that it was all about non-jews hating jews.
    l diden’t know Olive is a jewess – before Robert told me so. To me Olive was a shit for brain dogshit under my shoe. But when the jew Olive tells the “history” it’s all about insane jewhaters. –
    Why us (the jews)? What have we done? The jews behave like gipsies and they do it because the jews are gypsies, and the non-jews reacts as normal people and chase away and expell the gypsies.
    Apologize or go to hell Olive.

  18. At least she only hates Arabs. Compared you all, she’s a breath of fresh air! RL
    heg: If you’r into bad smelly farts …

  19. I dont hate Arabs, I just had a bad experience with some Lebanese Christians nearby and that shaped my views.

  20. She has told us she’s Jewish, heg.
    Heg! Look! She loves you. Olive may be a Jew, but she really has a thing for Swedish anti-Semites anyway.

  21. Olive: Yeah those Arabs are such pigs when it comes to women, huh?
    You see, they think women are supposed to be cooped up all day. They see the way normal women dress in the US they assume they must be whores.
    I can’t understand the Lebanese Christians though because a lot of Lebanese Christian women dress pretty un-Islamically.
    Arabs are just pigs when it comes to women, period. Especially in the West.

  22. I do love Swedes.
    Christian arabs are no different than Muslims regarding jews. They may act more western but they follow old vatican doctrine and believe jews killed Christ and should suffer for it. I dont distinguish between christianity and Islam or other sects in regards to the Arab world. Its a regional conflict not a religious conflict. There are Orthodox jews, Pakistani muslims, and Lebanese Christians in my area. The jews get along very well with Pakistanis but have had a lot of problems with so called westernized Lebanese who are still violent. I believe it was a Lebanese christian who set a jewish school in Montreal on fire during 2006 war.

  23. heg: Robert, you surprise me. You have written about ten million times how much you hate, or dislike racism and now you’r hugging a self-proclaimed racist.
    Why don’t you stick your dick in your laptop and then stand on the lid. That just might do the trick to take down your hard-on. Like you got your brain working again.
    Would you Robert tell a little negro kid to Shut The Fuck UP if he can’t spell and grammar correct? Or a dyslectic?
    That is what the stockpile of dogshit for brain olive did. Who in their right mind would embrace such DNA trash?
    The hidden history of zionism

  24. It’s funny how so many racists are Australians. Must be because of their criminal ancestory. I certainly wouldn’t blame it on race.

  25. He also doesn’t understand how Blacks in White countries have been severely damaged in the past 100 years by being herded (often unwillingly) in to urban areas.
    Some people call that “The Flynn Effect” but what do I know… I realize that I’m among anti-racists, I came here for the lulz and the pretzels anyway :p

  26. He also doesn’t understand how Blacks in White countries have been severely damaged in the past 100 years by being herded (often unwillingly) in to urban areas.
    Some people call that “The Flynn Effect” but what do I know…

    No no no. The Flynn Effect is where the cattle trains of Negroes herded into big cities made their brains larger and made them gain 20 IQ points.
    The Neo-Urban Agrarian Black Effect is where the cattle trains of Negroes herded into big cities made them screw up and act stupid way more.
    You haven’t been taking notes!

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