"Playing Hard To Get"

For some obscure and totally bizarre reason, a lot of females think it is really cool to “play hard to get.”. That means, if you like a guy, you don’t show it. You ignore him, walk away from him, act like he bothers you, etc. Only when he pesters, bothers, harasses and bugs you in the most extreme way do you bother you give him your number and maybe if he’s lucky, go out with him.
These are the same destroyed by feminism beings that pass for females all over the US. The same idiots that are screaming and yelling about sexual harassment at the top of their lungs. The hallmark of the Puritanical sexual harassment feminist jihad against men is, “No means no!”
Except that, clearly, when psycho females are “playing hard to get”, no doesn’t mean no. No means yes. Sometimes. Sort of. Well maybe. Um, I’m not sure. Can you come back and ask me again tomorrow? No means yes, except when it doesn’t. In which case, you’re a sexual harasser, and you’re going away in cuffs to the Feminazi Police Station.
I got news for you, crazy Western women. One or the other. Both can’t be ok. As long as you think playing hard to get is cool, you need STFU about sexual harassment. Most sane males think avoidance is a bad sign. In the playing hard to get world, it means harass her that much more. If sexual harassment is wrong, then quit the playing hard to get bullshit.
Sexual harassment has always been a crock of shit anyway. How do you get laid? Well, you “sexually harass” her in some way or another.
You ask her for her number. Yes, in the feminist-destroyed mind, asking a woman for her fucking phone number is often sexual harassment! I remember once an entire workplace freaked out because this guy I knew gave a woman a business card with his number on it. He didn’t even ask her for  her number. They acted like he was going to murder her.
I guess he was! I mean, giving a pretty young thing your phone number! That’s so…Ted Bundy!
You ask her out. I remember once I worked at a place with about 80 workers. One time, this guy asked out a female co-worker. I guess he thought he had reason to do so. The whole office was up in arms. The evil pig!
I guess he was! Trying to get laid or something, are you? How dare you, you pig! Off to the Feminist Gulags! We can’t have guys, like, trying to get laid or anything like that.
The guy was a little weird, but I always thought he was harmless. What was saddest about it all was that the guy seemed like he hadn’t had a date in months.
If a poor man looks at a good looking young woman or (God forbid!) asks her out, that’s probably sexual harassment in our modern Feminist Dictatorship. If a rich man does the same thing, the same pretty young thing is probably going to compete in the Slut Olympics for this guy and see how much cash she can walk away with. That’s always been the farce about sexual harassment.
It’s always just been a class crime against poorer and low-income guys, while rich guys can always say whatever the fuck they want and no one cares, or even if they do, the girl at the next booth will be the slut that this one won’t. The Feminist Left needs to get a fucking clue and figure out that the whole War on Men and the Sexual Harassment Game is just a class fraud to keep low income and working class guys from getting laid and having fun.
It’s the same as drug laws. The rich have always been decadent. I’m not into the swinging scene, but I’ve checked it out on the Internet and I had some friends who were into it. Guess what? Guess who the swingers are? A bunch of rich people! The swingers are not the poor festering in their steaming ghettos; the organizers of the gangbangs and orgies are the globe-trotting upper middle class and rich.
The rich have always loved drinking and doping, and no one has ever cared. The rich get to get high all they want, and mostly they never do time, nor do they get the cuffs. What was the Drug War always all about? The poor, low income and working class folks daring to get high. How dare they! How dare they have some fun! The rich have always done this shit. They’re the most decadent people on Earth, but they preach the most dreadful, no-fun Puritanical crap to the lowly hoi-polloi.

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17 thoughts on “"Playing Hard To Get"”

  1. One time, this guy asked out a female co-worker. I guess he thought he had reason to do so. The whole office was up in arms. The evil pig!
    I guess he was! Trying to get laid or something, are you? How dare you, you pig! Off to the Feminist Gulags! We can’t have guys, like, trying to get laid or anything like that.
    The guy was a little weird, but I always thought he was harmless. What was saddest about it all was that the guy seemed like he hadn’t had a date in months.

    I think that about nails it. You’re only a pig for trying to get laid if you haven’t been laid in months. If you’re an alpha male type guy who gets laid all the time, then it’s okay. It has more to do with this than wealth/class I think. A rich AFC isn’t allowed to get laid either.
    Just look at the hysterical reactions so many women have to the seduction community (which teaches guys how to get girls, largely by working on their personality and social skills and developing positive traits). Chicks freak the fuck out about this shit, but don’t seem to have much problem with natural players.
    In fact, when girls use the word “player” in a negative sense, it seems like they generally mean a guy who is getting laid but shouldn’t be. It’s like a sort of code, just like how “nice guy” basically means “douchebag”.

  2. Are women really freaked out about the seduction community? I didn’t know that. Could you give me some links or some examples?
    As a sexual revolutionist, this bothers me. The AFC is the guy who needs to be getting laid more than anyone else really. But it’s like the women think that this poor schmuck has no right whatsoever to get laid, especially by a hot chick. I think that was part of the problem too. If he had a chick who was a female version of himself, no one would care. This poor guy had no right to the hotties.

  3. This is sort of the way capitalist society works too. The person least likely to get a job is the one who most needs it, or is most open about needing it. I remember hearing somewhere that men invented capitalism to “impress their girlfriends.” An oversimplification to be sure, but I wonder. Women are the main consumers. And whose money are they spending?

  4. Alpha Unit: There is a difference between not giving it up right away or even not til you marry and playing hard to get. Playing hard to get means you like a guy but you act like you don’t. You either act indifferent or like you hate him.
    Messed up BS!

  5. I think I found a middle aged Hispanic woman on-line who I want to fuck. I hope she doesn’t play hard to get. It would be inconvenient. But middle aged woman are better than that. Wish me luck.

  6. And that is my coherent political philosophy. I like to fuck hispanic chicks. I like to fuck black chicks. I like to fuck white chicks. I like to fuck Asian chicks. So fuck off WNs.

  7. Olive
    I went to school with Native Americans as a child and had a tremendous crush on one of them. Pacific Islanders are hot as Gogan has immortalized them. South Indians are hot as well but hard to get to know. Arab women are fine but they are kept hidden for the most part. Last year in college there was an Arab girl who offered to set me up with her mother lol. She was a bit overweight and I figured the mother was as well. But since I am 50 now overweight is something that can be compensated for. But Olive, you failed to mention Jews. Yes I could fuck a Jew and not feel any guilt; only pleasure.

  8. I’m truly horrible. I’m out to try all of the races of women out of size. I’ve never dated an East Indian or Polynesian though. Arab women are the best. Really great traditional women. Jewish women are great too. I love em.

  9. Comment by the silly woman Beverly was deleted.
    I don’t harass anyone, sexually or otherwise. I’m actually quite shy, and I don’t ask women out that much, and when I do, it’s only because I’ve gotten a ton of cues. I figure avoidance is a bad sign, and to me, it means I need to not chase after this woman. Now I’m being told otherwise.
    Women themselves are the cause of sexual harassment nonsense with their insane playing hard to get crap. That’s a recipe for mass sexual harassment right there. In a world where huge numbers of women are playing hard to get, reasonable men will harass them sexually, because that’s how you get laid. That’s pretty much the situation in the 3rd World, and women there just blow it off and tell guys no all the time. But I doubt 3rd world women are so stupid as to play hard to get. Only a moron would do that.
    I’ve had tons of sex in my life, dated around 200 women, and slept with quite a few of them.
    Now fuck off.

  10. There is this view among some women that guys won’t respect you if you’re too “easy.” That anything easily gotten is just as easily discarded. So they want to test the guy to see if he’s really interested.
    Does this make any sense?

  11. I think guys want to know if a girl is interested. It doesn’t mean she has to give it up sexually right away. A girl could tell a guy that she is testing him to see if he’s really interested. If he knows there is a chance he will stay interested. If the girl is going to wait for marriage for sex, she should tell the guy. If he’s not in to that then they both could save a lot of time.

  12. Well for Chrissake. You don’t have to have sex with him right away. You don’t have to have sex with him at all, for Chrissake. But back in the 1970’s, if a woman liked you, she let you know right away, and often just gave you her phone number. Well they did with me anyway.
    You can always just go out with him. By making him chase after and you pretending you’re either not interested or are outright hostile to him, you’re frankly encouraging sexual harassment. The whole mindset of the sexual harasser is that even though she’s acts uninterested or hostile, she really wants me anyway. It’s totally confusing.
    How in the Hell are we supposed to tell if she’s playing hard to get or is truly indifferent or hostile to us? We can’t. So playing hard to get means most guys are going to need to sexually harass women if they want to be successful with them at all.
    I hardly think that acting like you like a guy, or maybe even want to go out with him, makes you some kind of a whore. You don’t have to have sex with him. You can wait til you marry him. You don’t have to do anything sexual with him. But mixed signals is insane and it leaves guys not knowing what to think. Many many women in my life acted like they liked me and wanted to go out with me soon after I met them. I did go out with many of them. With others, I never got around to it. I never thought any of them were sluts or whores and I don’t know why any guy would.
    That’s so backwards. It’s like my Mom’s generation. We’re in a whole new world now. It’s the Sexual Revolution. You really want to treat sex the way my Mom’s generation did? I don’t think you want to do that. The Revolution was about getting away from all that BS.

  13. It’s pretty common for women and girls even nowadays to not give it up right away and to tell you flat out that that’s what they are doing. I often used to seduce them into it right away anyway, cuz I’m a bastard, but they were often regretful afterwards. “We shouldn’t have done that so soon. I’m worried you won’t respect me now.”
    Now, as a Sexual Revolutionist, of course I don’t disrespect a woman who gives it up quickly. I don’t have the Madonna-Whore Syndrome. That’s Old World, backwards and my parent’s generation. I guess there’s maybe guys who do disrespect her. I don’t know about that. Seems more of a traditional culture type of thing.

  14. Understood, Tad and Robert.
    You know, a woman should just admit to herself that she likes a guy and then take responsibility for what happens next, instead of pretending as if it’s up to the guy.
    For some reason some of us just can’t admit that we’re sexual, we have a sex drive, we like sex. I had it instilled in me very early that “bad girls like sex.” The good girls “saved” it, ideally for marriage.
    Probably any time males and females interact, there’s sexual tension. And it’s OK. It doesn’t mean you’re destined to fall into bed together. But I think it’s normal and healthy. Invigorating, even.

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