Hot Fake White Chicks

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Rashida Jones, daughter of famous musician Quincey Jones, in a cute get-up with a lollipop. Which, of course, is meant to stand for, um, a pen? A slide rule? A thermometer? Well, anyway, I’ll let you guess, as I’m stumped. It seems impossible to believe that this woman is 1/3 Black, but supposedly a lot of mixed-race and multi-race folks say they are often mistaken for Italians, Spaniards, etc.
This is Leona Lewis, famous UK singer. Dang, what a babe! Now, there are other pics of her in which she looks a lot more Black or at least mulatta. I don’t know how they made her look so White in this picture, maybe they beat her with a White Stick or something.

Wow, check out these two women. First of all, who would ever think they are part-Black? Rashida Jones is said to be 35% Black, but she looks, if anything, Italian. This picture of Leona Lewis very much flatters her more-White side, but this famous UK singer is 1/2 Black. In the picture, she looks, I have no idea? Italian? Spaniard? White chick who lives at the beach?
What I think is really ridiculous are the Russian neo-Nazis. They beat up and kill Caucasians, Armenians, Tajiks and other obviously White folks on the grounds that they are “Blacks”. They have even beat up some Greeks or Spaniards for being “Black”! Whoa, that’s lame! Even Hitler wasn’t that nuts. What’s with Russians anyway? All that cold weather up there turn their brains to Borscht or what?
I keep seeing all these White nationalist dudes who swear they would never date any woman who’s not, like 90-95% White at least, I guess. Guys, come on. If these women showed up at your door and demanded to have sex with you, you’d refuse on racial grounds? Dude! No way! What if they looked White like these chicks? Do you all ask to see a racial purity card before you bed down or what?
What if you were in the midst of fucking and all of a sudden Rashida Jones goes, “Uh! Fuck me! Damn! Baby! Um! Harder! Ah! Give it to me, you bastard! Ohh! Guess what? Uhh! I’m 1/3 Black!” So what does a good White nationalist do? Lose his hardon?

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56 thoughts on “Hot Fake White Chicks”

  1. If one of these women showed up on my doorstep demanding sex I’d be very flattered, and wonder what the angle was. (I’m married.)
    The breezy tone of this article made me wonder if you’re really soliciting replies, but all of your article are pretty informal so, here goes:
    Dating and having sex aren’t the same thing. There’s no law requiring WNs to be good family men, but if they are talking about not dating a non-white person I assume family formation is in the back of their minds, at least. They are probably keenly aware of the mixed-race children who identify solely with their non-white parent (not that this is universal; some say kids are just likely to identify with their father’s ethnicity, but this is hardly a guarantee and not necessarily interesting to all WNs).
    The women you have identified look like attractive white women though they are really mixed-race. To which I would add that their plenty of people who look like attractive white women but are really men. Hetmales often think drag queens are pretty just as WNs can look at these women and think their pretty; the former are going to more shocked than the latter when they figure it out. Agreed?
    Furthermore, I’m just not sure WN men are driven basically by never having seen an attractive non-white women. They just feel like families should be uniracial.
    Of course, I’m speaking for WNs when I’m not really one of them. I just think conscious pro-white political and cultural activism is necessary until affirmative action is gone, overland immigration is restricted, and we have a national language.

  2. It really bothers me that WN’s think that those who date, have sex with, or marry non-Whites are “race traitors.” The opposition to miscegenation simply horrifies me. And let me tell, very few Whites I meet agree with such a mindset, though I know one guy who does.
    I just think conscious pro-white political and cultural activism is necessary until affirmative action is gone, overland immigration is restricted, and we have a national language.
    The problem is that AA will probably stick around a bit, and it’s dubious that immigration will be restricted, and the hopes for English as official language dim. All this stuff gets tougher as Whites diminish in the population.
    I’m an ethnocentric White man. That’s how I describe myself. But I want nothing to do with WN. I do want an end to illegal immigration, all illegals deported, no amnesty. And I want legal immigration restricted to maybe 300-400,000/yr or optimally 200,000/yr. English as official language would be pretty nice.
    I believe in supporting my people and I am proud to be White but I’m an anti-racist (Or I try to be!) and the racism of WN appalls me. I love all the other races or at least I don’t dislike them.
    I’m an anti-racist race realist, however weird that sounds.

  3. It’s like the only choice is to be a racist WN freak or to be an equally freaky White self-hater who loves White suicide, White self-destruction and White self-abnegation, and who supports anti-White indoctrination in the media and schooling, and mass legal and illegal immigration, the whole nine yards.
    There really ought to be some categories in between.

  4. Uh, okay, I guess I agree with most of what you said, although I think while my view of WNs as fairly soft-spoken and thoughtful may be unrealistic, I think yours may be unrealistic as well. I mean, there is a reason “white nationalist” and “white supremacist” are different terms. It’s a shame that you’ve met so many downright hateful WNs because that implies the spitting rageaholics are pretty thick on the ground in the circles you’ve run.
    Makes me wonder if it isn’t time for a reboot – a new pro-white movement that isn’t built on previous ones. I think Jobling’s is like that but it’s still young and small.
    I guess I wonder, if AA and mass immigration aren’t going to go away, are we doomed? If not, why not?

  5. my cousin :
    mulatto father and darkest member of the family.
    victoria rowell with her biological aryan daughter
    noone has any idea at all that i’m mixed race with black ancestry on both sides.’Caucasians’ are nothing but depigmented ethiopians to me.

    1. Wow Katie, your cousin is beautiful!
      Are you saying that that is Victoria Rowell’s daughter? You mean her biological daughter? Who was the father, a White man?

  6. LOL with the WNs vs Hot faux white chicks… you gotta be REALLY insane(unless you’re just siply impotent…) to turn down such beautiful women just because they’re not white enough! I don’t thin I’d ever understand a racist’s mind….
    genes and race, always interesting and that is why i’m addicted to it – the more you dig, the more interesting it gets.

  7. An African American that is already mixed with white, even if it’s just 25% which I think is the average if he mixes with a pure white might produce a kid that looks completely white. A pure black African will always produce children that look halfway in between. But since African American are a bit of a mixed people themselves, you can’t be sure what you’re going to get.
    Those 2 women above would certainly be considered white anywhere in Latin America, and perhaps even in Europe. America has a very weird approach to classifying races.
    ps – Christina Perez is pretty hot too.

    1. The average AA has about 15% White in them, not 25%. In California, they are 25% White. Our Blacks are Whiter here in this state.
      Christina Perez is a cutie, I agree. Pretty smart too.

    2. if you are talking about me being classified as white, I am not even white.
      My father is Afro Venezuelan(he looks black and he is dark) and my mother is half white/half Austronesian(aborigine).
      Both of my parents were born in Ecuador. That’s how I got my last name ‘Perez’

    3. “The average AA has about 15% White in them”
      Robert, where did you get the 15% figure? 20% on average is the lowest I’ve ever read. It would seem like if the average black American was 85% African, they’d be darker and much less physically distinguishable with Africans.
      Henry Louis Gates and Oprah look more like “average” African Americans and I have to think they are less than 85% African
      Whereas a guy like Wesley Snipes is probably 85% or more African:
      But I think the first pic is more representative of the “average” AA than the 2nd.

    4. Well, two very good studies have come out recently. One showed AA’s with 17% White and another showed AA’s with 12.5% White. So I just kind of averaged them together to get 15%. If you carefully read my article, Secular Rise in Black IQ and Head Size: Evidence For a Eugenic Effect here, it may answer some of your mysteries.
      Briefly, AA’s and Whites now resemble *each other* more than each one resembles their ancestors from the Colonial US over 200 yrs ago.
      So, AA’s now look more like Whites than they look like AA’s 200-300 yrs ago. And Whites look more like AA’s than they look like the Whites of 200-300 yrs ago.
      Both Whites and AA’s have been undergoing evolution in which progressive traits have been selected over more archaic traits, so both AA’s and Whites are more progressive looking and less archaic looking than their ancestors 200-300 yrs ago. Some of the changes were nutritional (bigger heads) but others were genetic.
      The comparison was on skulls.
      Gates is a very light Black. He has a lot of White in him.

  8. I thought this article I recently came across is relevant to the discussion here –
    Hate-Loving Whitey
    […] Getting into more controversial territory now, I’m not the first person to note — and many sociologists have — that dark societies celebrate their lightest people. This is true from Africa to Latin America to the Middle East: the lighter you are, the higher your status.
    Whenever I see news footage of statesmen from Colombia or Mexico, I’m looking at completely white men. Even Fidel Castro — beloved by many an aggrieved African-American — always surrounded himself with strictly “white” Cubans in his cabinet, despite the plethora of black Cubans out there. […]
    […] According to the same article, though, the twenty fastest-growing cities experienced a five percent white increase, along with 23% blacks, 69% Asians and 72% more Hispanics. They’re moving to where white people are moving. So what does that tell you? Everyone wants to be near white people. Conversely, take the city of Detroit: white people started leaving, and then everyone else joined them.
    Really, if you think about it, what is “white flight” all about? It’s predicated on blacks moving into white neighborhoods. Why would blacks want to move into white neighborhoods? Because even if they won’t admit it, deep down, they love us, and they feel safer with us around.
    While razzing white folks over their impending minority status, people should stop for a moment to think about who established a country that allowed and embraced such demographic shifts, which had the inevitability of change built into its very fabric: rich white men. And while “dark” societies elevate their whitest members or discriminate against the darker ones, “white” societies promote everyone but the whites.
    So as things stand now in the world, we have a nice little cross-promotion going on. But what do you think will happen when the forecasted racial shift that so many white self-loathers eagerly anticipate arrives — and continues in the same direction? We’ll do what other dark societies do: celebrate the lightest-skinned. […]

    1. I agree the parts in the Gorin article talking about Black AMerican’s desires for white limo’s — and Sprite or 7-Up verses dark-colored soda did seem a bit silly, but the point about many mixed-race societies elevating their lightest members, on average, is indeed true.

    2. Yes, you’re right about that–light skin is preferred across many cultures. Has anyone ever offered an explanation for this?

    3. I can think of a number of cultures with preference for light skin, but the thing is all of these cultures were once colonized or dominated by whites, so that could have a lot to do with it. Psychologically you have to think about it, if everyone powerful, wealthy and influential is white, you start to associate whiteness with being a good thing.
      Now the real question for me is do tribes deep in the jungles of Africa or the Amazon who have never even seen white people before still prefer white or light skinned mates? Did Indians prefer light skin before the English showed up? If so, then maybe there is some biological factor here. If not, then I take it it’s just the effect of living in a white dominated world where white is held up as the most desirable thing.
      Could also be another thing, in times past, it was a bad thing in Europe to be dark because it meant you were lower class and worked outside. The aristocracy powered themselves to appear pasty white so as to look like they worked indoors and out of the sun. There could be a similar thing at work in places like India. It may not be anything racist per se, just the view that the lighter you are, the less likely you out doing hard labor in the sun for little money.

    4. Wikipedia has a pretty good piece on colorism:
      You know I didn’t even realize the extent to which your particular shade of black can effect your status in life. Given how much social advantage comes with being light skinned, the question shouldn’t be “why do blacks prefer light” but rather, “why SHOULDN’T blacks prefer light”. In a way, they’re just being rational.

    5. That’s a good point, tulio, about how rational it seems to prefer “light.” There is some anecdotal evidence that when black people are asked to rate their skin shade, there is a tendency to rate it as lighter than it actually is.
      Gunnar Myrdal documented this in “An American Dilemma.” I wonder how much this has changed since then.

  9. To Tulio:
    Henry Louis Gates and Oprah look more like “average” African Americans and I have to think they are less than 85% African
    Re: Gates – Apparently he’s 50% Irish:
    “This documentary brilliantly is non-biased and quite moving.See how Don Cheadle reacts when he finds that his family was owned by Native Americans!!!! Tina Turner is one third European and NO Native American blood! Chris Rock is 1/5 “white”! There is even the authoress Briss Bryson who has always been “white” who discovers that she has more African blood than most “negroes”!!!! What do we do with such information? Does it change who we are,or does it complete who we are? Henry Gates,Harvard Professor is 50% Irish, and yet has always identified as “African.” African-American Radio personality Tom Joyner is overwhelmed when he sees a painting of his 5th-great grandfather, a white Supreme Court Judge who has the exact same grey eyes.”

    1. I know race realists hate when people say race is a social construct, but in the case of African-Americans, it really is one. The one drop rule created that social definition that any person with recognizable African ancestry is considered black, regardless of how diluted it is. So if you can pass for white but are “outed” as a black person, you are now black.
      African-Americans really don’t divide themselves up into subgroups like you have with the black populations of Latin America. I’ve never even heard the term “mulatto” come out of a black person’s mouth. Black people just refer to them as black. You can stand Vanessa Williams next to Whoopi Goldberg and both are accepted equally as “black” by the black community, regardless of their genetic makeup. That’s why I think race as it applies to African-Americans is really a social construct. Really the only requirement is to have some degree of African ancestry, identify with black people and think like a black person e.g. that America is racist against blacks. A mulatto black like Harry Belefonte is seen as more authentically black than Clarence Thomas who is very dark, because Thomas has political views that are viewed as “anti-black” by the black community. It’s interesting how many white nationalists are quick to point out that Barack Obama is “only” half black, yet Louis Farrakhan and Reverand Wright are about same phenotype as Obama or even lighter and you never hear WNs playing up their white side. So I guess the more that you “think or act black” the more you are perceived to BE black, even if your genes are half or mostly white.
      I used to hate the one drop rule, but I’ve actually become sort of a fan of it. Why is that? After studying and seeing how bad off blacks are in Latin America as opposed to the U.S., I came to the conclusion that the reason U.S. blacks have done so much better than their southern cousins is the one drop rule. In Latin America, blacks are too busy trying to distance themselves from being black to ever be a political organized force. Attempts to start a civil rights movement down there like the one we had up here always fall flat, because blacks there come up with a million different names to call themselves other than black. So there’s just no solidarity. Even in nations like Dominican Republican which are majority black, the blacks say they are dark because they are “Indian” rather than saying what’s obvious, they are of partially or mostly African descent. Black brazilians unless they are blue black and have no choice will try to say they are “moreno” or “zambo” or something else other than black. Black rights organizers in Latin America are probably the most frustrated people on the planet. On the other hand up here, the one drop rule made it easy to organize. There weren’t a million sub categories for blacks to divide themselves into, and they couldn’t just slip away and blend into white society. Whites considered them black, even if they were only 25% black, they were still n*gg*rs as far as America was concerned and it was still against the law to marry them. The sort of forced solidarity created the African-American racial construct which had less to do with your genetic makeup and more to do with how you are treated. And because of that solidarity, there was able to be a civil rights movement that brought about social gains for black people.

    2. Also, I think the best analogy I can come up with as to how blacks view their various mixtures is perhaps the way white view their various eye colors. Whites with brown eyes will view whites with light eyes as being just as white as themselves, but just with light eyes. Dark blacks will view mulattos like Colin Powell and Vanessa Williams as blacks, but just with light skin. Not a perfect analogy, but the best I can think of right now. Mixed blacks aren’t viewed as “half blacks” or “half breeds” or anything like that, especially if they have social views similar to the majority of blacks and don’t identify too much with their white side. I was dating a girl who is half black and half white and she said though that she did experience a lot of problems from darker black women. I think much of it though emanates from jealousy of her “good hair” and caramel complexion though, not so much any socio-political reasons.

      1. “Mixed blacks aren’t viewed as “half blacks” or “half breeds” or anything like that, especially if they have social views similar to the majority of blacks and don’t identify too much with their white side.”
        I think there is much truth to this, but there are limits to this inclusivess. Someone like Vanessa Williams is still regarded as black because she still looks part black. The problems set in with respect to those who far over 50% white. Many blacks do not accept such individuals as black but still want whites to perceive them as black (so that they don’t get a leg up on the actual blacks).

    3. Good points you make Tulio about how the Blacks in Latin America (and some other parts of the world) lack the solidarity that they have here in the US largely due to the lingering effects of the ‘one-drop’ rule.
      I did my graduate school thesis on the relationship between race and class in Latin America, particularly focusing on Brazil, which, as it is fairly well known, at least among intellectuals, is the second largest Black nation outside of Africa, and the largest country of the African diaspora.
      I also have worked with a Brazilian NGO for several years now, and the issues you raised are very true: the complexities to crafting and sustaining a meaningful civil rights movement there is indeed a challenge.

      1. Brazil is only the “second largest Black nation outside of Africa” if you count the very mixed Pardos as black.

  10. Tulio:
    I think much of it though emanates from jealousy of her “good hair” and caramel complexion though, not so much any socio-political reasons.
    Well effectively.. wouldn’t the perceptions of darker skinned black women towards straighter hair and a caramel complexion have a sociological (if not political) component…?
    I am not Black so I can’t really judge but I have gotten the impression that gradients of skin color were a pretty big issue in the Black community. Not that lighter skinned Blacks weren’t accepted as being Black but that there was a great deal of consciousness over differences of skin color which go beyond differences in eye or hair color of Whites.

    1. Sure, mulattos were always treated better by slavemasters and terms like “high yella” were sometimes used is a snidely manner. Like they resented that the light skin blacks got preferential treatment and sometimes felt themselves to be better. Yet those light skinned blacks still considered themselves to be negros, fighting for equal rights alongside the dark blacks.
      Skin color amongst blacks is not the issue it used to be since the black power movement of the 60s. It still is, as in your rarely see a black man of wealth and status that marries a black woman darker them himself(that is if he even marries a black woman in the first place). Barack Obama may be the only exception I’m aware of. So there’s still a benefit to being light-skinned. But like I said, it’s not like it used to be. You will see lots more dark black women in black magazines and tv shows, you will see more black people wearing their natural hair proudly and things like skin lighteners are a relic of the past for blacks today. Black women of all shades are proud that a dark skinned black woman is the first lady.
      I still think despite all this, I think most black women wish they were lighter skinned(not necessarily white, but maybe more like Halle Berry)with wavier hair, and most black men want light skinned women and virtually every black man with status and money marries either a light-skinned black woman or a woman that isn’t black at all. Black women have written entire books just ranting about this one topic. So thus, it is an issue.

    2. Mulattoes used to look down on darker blacks. But once they were lumped together under the one drop rule they had no choice but to cooperate. Look up these two terms: ‘blue vein society’ and ‘brown paper bag test’.

    3. You guys may have remembered this book which delves into the issue of ‘colorism’ within Black America (quoted it extensively in my thesis):
      The Color Complex: The Politics of Skin Color Among African Americans

    4. Tulio, you may have mentioned this, but are you black? I think that there are some black women who have issue with lighter skinned black women. And they lash out on those women. So it’s not just bi-racial women this.

    5. What’s equally bad, islandgirl, is that light-skinned black women have sometimes been pretty cruel to darker ones, as you probably know.
      Is there going to be any end to this madness?

  11. To tulio:
    It’s interesting how many white nationalists are quick to point out that Barack Obama is “only” half black, yet Louis Farrakhan and Reverand Wright are about same phenotype as Obama or even lighter and you never hear WNs playing up their white side.
    I am pretty sure more than WNs have commented on Obama being biracial.. and of course he definitely had a White side which by now everybody in the US knows about and there was little influence or input from Black Americans until he hit college. As for Farrakhan and Wright from my understanding both of their parents were Black but there is little background of knowledge of them. What’s interesting is that Wright and Farrakhan’s early years seem to have a strong component of integration yet Farrakhan is now a separatist and Wright seems to advocate psychological and sociological separatism for Blacks.
    “As a child, he received training as a violinist. At the age of six, he was given his first violin and by the age of thirteen, he had played with the Boston College Orchestra and the Boston Civic Symphony. A year later, he went on to win national competitions, and was one of the first black performers to appear on Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour, where he also won an award. A central focus of his youth was the Episcopal St. Cyprian’s Church in Boston’s Roxbury section. In Boston, Walcott (Now Farrakhan) attended the prestigious Boston Latin School and English High School, graduating from the latter.[4] He attended college for two years at Winston-Salem Teachers College, where he went to run track, but left to be with his wife (born Betsy Ross) in Boston who was pregnant with their child. Due to complications from the pregnancy, Walcott dropped out of college to devote time to his wife.
    Wright was born and raised in a racially mixed section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania called Germantown.[9] His parents are Jeremiah Wright, Sr. (1909-2001), a Baptist minister who pastored Grace Baptist Church in Germantown, Philadelphia, from 1938 to 1980,[10] and Mary Elizabeth Henderson Wright, a school teacher who was the first black person to teach an academic subject at Roosevelt Junior High. She went on to be the first black person to teach at Germantown High and Girls High, where she became the school’s first black vice principal.
    Wright graduated from the Central High School of Philadelphia in 1959, among the best schools in the area at the time. At the time, the school was around 90 percent white. The 211th class yearbook described Wright as a respected member of the class. “Always ready with a kind word, Jerry is one of the most congenial members of the 211,” the yearbook said. “His record in Central is a model for lower class [younger] members to emulate.”
    Education and military service
    Jeremiah Wright (second from right, behind I.V. pole), in 1966, as a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman. He is tending to President Lyndon Johnson, standing behind him is Bill Moyers.(A letter of thanks on behalf of the President is superimposed on photo).
    From 1959 to 1961, Wright attended Virginia Union University,[2] in Richmond. In 1961 Wright left college and joined the United States Marine Corps and became part of the 2nd Marine Division attaining the rank of private first class. In 1963, after two years of service, Wright joined the United States Navy and entered the Corpsman School at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center.Wright was then trained as a cardiopulmonary technician at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Wright was assigned as part of the medical team charged with care of President Lyndon B. Johnson (see photo of Wright caring for Johnson after his 1966 surgery). Before leaving the position in 1967, the White House Physician, Vice Admiral Burkley, personally wrote Wright a letter of thanks on behalf of the United States President.

    1. It’s worse than that, really. It would be nice if White nationalists would remark on Obama being half-White. After all, he’s as White as he is Black. However, almost 100% of WN’s see Obama as absolutely, 100%, pure Black. They consciously elide any trace of White in the man, genetically and otherwise. To the WN’s, it’s as if his White side was not even there. To them, he may as well be 100% Kenyan.
      This is just one more thing that is oh so wrong about these WN people.

    2. You may be right Robert, but when it comes to matters of Obama’s intelligence, their response is “well, he -is- half white, that must be why he’s smart.”

    3. I haven’t seen a lot of lighter skinned women say negative things about darker. I guess that goes both ways though. And it’s wrong whoever does it.

  12. Woah,Rashida Jones could pass for Southern Euro,she even has coloured eyes!How the White genes dominated =S
    Intresting post , no doubt.
    You can clearly see the Negroid side here though .. that pic is just very well edited!You could make a Weddid look Nordic that way lol.

  13. uncle milton – farrakhan’s father was a jamaican of portuguese jewish extraction.
    on a diff topic, why do black girls nuke their hair straight? even michelle obama, who is supposed to be a symbol of black achievement. where’s your pride, sister? gotta keep the hair relaxed to keep the white folks relaxed… and even so-called black rights leaders straighten their hair – farrakhan and sharpton just look ridiculous preaching black power while their do contradicts their words.

    1. Farrakhan, being mixed himself, his hair is probably already like that. As for Sharpton, I don’t know his reason, he may just like that hairstyle. I can’t assume EVERY black person who perms their hair is trying to look white. Some just do it because they like the option of wearing it in a different style. I see whites with braids and dreadlocks and even cornrows sometimes. I see Japanese that dye their hair lighter colors. Sometimes people just want more options of ways to wear their hair.
      I think we should be past that stage where we look at blacks as sell-outs if they are wearing anything under than a natural afro. There is this Ugandan model named Kiara Kabukaru. She used to be in some of my classes in high school, she was pretty hot even in school I recall. She’s now a supermodel and sometimes she wears her hair permed, sometimes natural, I guess alternating whenever she feels like it:
      I think that’s what some black women just because they want to and like the options. Not all are doing so because they’re ashamed to be black.

  14. This is my social class. I think a big problem the group experiences is having the social status of pseudo-white. It would be cool if we could get our own category. I think they refer to women of the sort pictured above as “Morenas” in the Spanish-speaking world.

  15. “I keep seeing all these White nationalist dudes who swear they would never date any woman who’s not, like 90-95% White at least, I guess”
    I remember an article from Amren a few years ago where a student who was a TA in an english class got in troubhle for winning some white pride essay contest. (from Stormfront I believe) Thorughout the article he was making some pretty extreme WN statements about preserving the white race. At the end of the article they talk to his girlfriend. Her last name was Chopra. LOL

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