Khmer Rouge Supporters on the Internet

Pretty incredible stuff. Name of group: Group For the Study of the Theories of Pol Pot. Quote:

We work to understand the ideology of Brother Number 1, so that they can be used to achieve Year Zero on world scale.

Wow, yikes. They do have a lot of cool, and rare, period photos though, along with some very obscure party documents from the period.

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9 thoughts on “Khmer Rouge Supporters on the Internet”

  1. You mean it still exists at all? I thought Geocities was the trailer park of the internet even back in the late 90s. As for the Khmer Rouge: I’m not surprised at all. Among billions of people, you can find someone stupid, or bored, or just plan screwed up enough to support almost anything. I’m afraid I don’t have a very open mind about it though. I don’t think even they themselves had a clue as to what they actually wanted. Rather like the deranged U.S. ultraleftists of the time in Weather Underground and SLA.

  2. It holds the CIA responsible for his bad reputation, but he was actually supported by the U.S after the Vietnamese removed him from power because he was allied with the Chinese faction of the Sino-Soviet split. I believe that’s the same reason Jonas Savimbi’s UNITA wound up in U.S orbit, although they at least claimed (falsely according to defectors) to have rejected communism for liberal democracy.

  3. I am Russian-American who grew up in Communist Russia and the longer I live the more I see how correct Khmer Rouge were. Education, civilization and cities are Evil, Diabolic things and better be eradicated. People should return to rural lifestyle and work on land. Not on pesticide-ladden land UNDER THE QUIET GENOCIDE THAT IS CARRIED OUT NOW BY CORPORATIONS LIKE MONSANTO, but on clean, natural organic land. As to murderous regimes–hint: Iraq. Btw, order 81 that requires Iraq farmers to use only Monsano seeds now (that are GMO seeds, and mostly terminal seeds) should be an eye opener, for the brainwashed ones.

  4. PS: And you’re trying to talk negatively about Khmer Rouge–wow, may be you want to talk badly about Communism and Marxism in general? Well, eventually you’ll be a Chinese worker most likely (the way economy is going), so you’ll have a lot of chance to contemplate on these matters. Your Western younger generation is a good demonstration of what philosophy of Individualism and Hedonism lead to–completely morally degraded, rotten, fat, lazy, dumb US generation, that will not be able to be competitive in the world to come or face the major difficulties that are in store for this economy. Generation that was reduced to worse than animal level, below the animals and only wants to f*ck, eat, drink and do drugs and “have fun”. Really, growing up in USSR I haven’t seen dogs like this…. these are below dogs, as dogs have more moral sense, like they’re capable loyalty. Khmer Rouge supporters were way brighter than US “Fatburger” population, of SLAVES TO CORPORATE DICTATORSHIP

  5. You think Khmer Rouge were some kind of dictators? Well try to go against the system you live in and you’ll find out…. you will be shot by the cops or rot away somewhere, raped in the US prison, until you break. It’s ALL about the wealthy controlling the poor, using them like cattle (Sheeple). Khmer Rouge at least had more healthy lifestyle outlined for people (back to rural, natural life) versus McDonalds “living” of TV-watching semi-humans

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