An Incredibly Offensive Mother's Day Post

Why? Just because.

Who Else Pulled the Trigger That Day? More on Mark Lepine

An excellent blog post from an incredible and absolutely outrageous blog called Mark Lepine titled Who Else Pulled that Trigger? quotes a blog post of mine called The Smearing of Mark Lepine.
I’m not going to repeat the short post. Go and read it yourself.
Nor will I go over my extremely outrageous essay either. You’re invited to look that over too, but keep in mind that I was really mad when I wrote it.
I don’t approve of what Mark Lepine did. He wanted to kill feminists (in fact, he had a list of prominent Canadian feminists to kill) but instead he just went into a university classroom, lined up all the women against the wall, and shot them. 14 of them died. No one knows if they were feminists or not, not does it matter. He was twisted, and in his mind, “feminists” got turned into “all women.” But in his suicide note, his homicidal rage was clearly directed at feminists and not women in general.
The guy’s rage at feminism was quickly and deftly turned into misogynistic rage at all women by an international feminist network that pulled out all the stops to keep the truth from getting out. The killings could have started a debate about feminism in the West (where it is often particularly insane and absurd) but the conversation never got started because the international network shut it down.
I deliberately ended my essay above on an outrageous note.
But I’m a pacifist when it comes to women. I’ve never even hit, pushed or committed any act of aggression against a woman except for my Mom and my sis, and those were rare events. In the case of my Mom, I pushed her down on a staircase (not down a staircase) and I was a 19 year old asshole at the time. Anyway, she slapped me first. I’m 51 and there have been all sorts of women in my life.
I’ll probably never hit a woman. I probably should have hit some old girlfriends, but i never did. There are a couple of old girlfriends who I would actually like to kill, but I’ll never do it. I’m probably never going to kill anyone, least of all some innocent woman. I don’t support what Lepine did, and I don’t want other guys to go do anything similar.
Nevertheless, in the iciest, loneliest and most barren corner of my heart, there are whisperings of sympathy for Lepine’s homicidal rage at Western feminism. Not Western feminism per se in the quest for broad equal rights, which my mother and I support. My Mom calls what I hate “radical feminism.” This is what I dislike.
And that, outrageously and offensively enough, is my Mother’s Day post for the day.
But don’t tell my Mom, please.

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2 thoughts on “An Incredibly Offensive Mother's Day Post”

  1. You got it.
    There’s a whole movement sprung up around this guy. Weird man. There are illicit celebrations of the anniversary of his deed all over the world.

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