“To People Who Hate Blacks – And Love Quoting Scriptures," by Alpha Unit

This is the latest offering from Alpha Unit. At first it seems a proud and ethnocentric Black woman is arguing that Whites should take up the White Man’s burden, but actually, she’s being sarcastic.

To People Who Hate Blacks–And Love Quoting Scriptures

by Alpha Unit

For years assorted Black Nationalists and Afrocentrists have complained about the depictions of Jesus so many of us grew up with: Christ as a blue-eyed blond. But there couldn’t be a more fitting portrayal, actually. In this temporal realm, isn’t the White Man the closest thing we have to Our Lord and Savior? He is Christ if ever Christ existed. But unlike the Christ of the New Testament, the White Man is not resigned to his fate. Nor is he very gracious about his God-given mission, or toward those meant to benefit from it. He could learn a thing or two from Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus of Nazareth acknowledged, when he stood up and spoke at the synagogue (the story told in Luke chapter 4), that He had been sent to the Jews, in fulfillment of the prophecy of Isaiah. But He knew that His mission was not confined to the Jews. He knew that He had been sent to save the entire world. That anyone could come to the Father through Him, provided they believed in Him. Well, as enlightened white men, you were not put on earth to be of benefit solely to yourselves. You were put on earth to benefit humanity. You cannot “separate,” any more than Jesus of Nazareth could have separated from those around Him. It is your fate, your burden, and your mission to serve your fellow man. You see, without the unique gifts you bring to humankind, civilization as it is taken for granted in the West would not exist. Indeed, you are the one thing separating your darker companions from barbarism. Remember New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina? As you noted at the time, this is what happens when these benighted souls are left to their own devices. And long before Katrina, their incompetence and corruption was on glaring display, whether in American cities or in African ones. It happens wherever they congregate. You shudder to think of what would happen to Western Europe  and its offshoot societies if the brown hordes and black masses were left in charge, and rightfully so. The principles of individual autonomy, private property, the rule of law, democracy–these are your legacy to the world, not trinkets for your own adornment. And so, like Christ Himself, you must take up your cross and endure what you must to maintain them for all. “Nationalism” and “separatism”? These are beneath you. You are too magnanimous for this. You have been imitated and envied in every continent you have set foot on. You mustn’t abandon the world. Your work isn’t finished. Temptation is, no doubt, overwhelming for you. These ungrateful and rebellious non-whites have no idea what they cast aside when they spurn your values, your principles, and, in some cases, your leadership. Blacks offend most egregiously, with their constant hectoring over every slight, both real and imagined. Not ever (with the exception of Keith Richburg) do they express gratitude for the wealth of opportunity and freedom the White Man has provided them, wealth they would still be waiting for had they been left in Africa. But take heart. You have been provided a great example in Jesus Christ. In the garden of Gethsemane He prayed that God would take that Cup of sacrifice from Him; but in the end He said to God, “Not my will, but yours be done.” Your will is to separate; God’s will is for you to continue to light the way for those still in darkness. The thorny crown placed upon the head of Jesus is now yours.

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18 thoughts on ““To People Who Hate Blacks – And Love Quoting Scriptures," by Alpha Unit”

  1. Damn right – a lot of guys would pay through the nose for a bondage cruise from Africa to America. Say ” Thank you, massa!” .
    YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS! ” …you are the one thing separating your darker companions from barbarism. Remember New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina? As you noted at the time, this is what happens when these benighted souls are left to their own devices.” Words fail me. Are you really sure that Alpha Unit is a person of pigment?

  2. She needs to start telling me when she’s writing sarcastically. That was really embarrassing to me.
    I agree with the article though. The world needs us great Whites. It would be immoral of us to abandon our White man’s burden to lift up our fellow humans.

  3. I read this as a complex piece of irony, the subject being white supremacy.
    It ain’t as straight as it looks. It’s bent.
    Clever stuff Alpha Unit, and the honkies didn’t get it at first, are they pretending too?
    Complex games being played here I think…
    By the way I’m a whitey.

  4. Matthew 15:22-28 Jesus said…. “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel. …. It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to their dogs.”
    Alpha unit “But He knew that His mission was not confined to the Jews. He knew that He had been sent to save the entire world.”
    How do you reconcile Matthew with your imputations. If you cannot, and I believe you cannot, then your argument is fundementally flawed.
    When escaping the plantation, becarefull where you seek refuge.

  5. “And what argument am I making, pray tell”
    It appears you attempt to provoke thought rather then laying everything out. So I’m really not where your going with this.
    My point was and is;
    I do not subscribe to view that Noah got drunk and passed out naked, where upon Ham snuck in and diddled his drunken father, which caused an embarrassedly hung over Noah to curse Canaan’s descendents to generations of servitude. I believe that this is a Theological construct, intended to justify the demonization and slaughter of Canaanites during a time of conquest.
    Further I do not believe that Jesus was the lamb of God sacrificed to atone for our sins. I’m not buying into a story that has a pissed of genocidal racist God, suddenly became loving after we kill his kid.
    Jesus was not even a Jew. He was a Galilean. Ezra with the aid of Persian soldiers imposed racist laws intended to forever separate the tribe of Judah from the rest of mankind. This meant Galileans as well as everybody else. It is quite clear from records of the time that Galileans and Judeans were at odds. Jesus did not appear to like Jews. He particularly did not like the Pharisees. He called them they a bunch of assholes, so they killed him.
    I’m not buying the fiction Paul had a serendipity on the road to Damascus and changed his ways. Going from chief prosecutor of Christians to the chief proponent of them. My view is that he was concerned that Christianity cause people “to tune in, turn on, and drop out“, during a time that had the Romans crushing Judah, so he took the message to Rome in order to gnaw away at the underpinnings of Roman society.
    Christianity is a good religion for slaves. What I’m suggesting is that you avoid that plantation as well.

  6. @ cursed:
    I’m not a Christian, okay? Haven’t been for many years. I left that “plantation” ages ago. I have no use for any religion.
    You say that Jesus was not a Jew. I didn’t know him, and I have no interest, really, in any definitive answer about it.
    What I’ve seen is that some people who are anything but “Christian” love to cap off their racist screeds with Scriptures. This isn’t new. But it is hypocritical.
    You cannot be a good “Christian” if you can’t treat other people as you would have them treat you. I believe Jesus said this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

  7. The real white man’s burden is that we have to stay on top because if we don’t the rest of the world might show us the extent of their gratitude for the way we’ve treated them for the last few hundred years.

  8. Lafayette Sennacherib:
    You say that whites have to stay on top because of what might happen to them if non-whites got power over them.
    Is this a fear among white nationalists? Do they feel that this has already begun to happen?

  9. Alpha Unit: Yes, that is a major fear of theirs all right. Not due to revenge. White nationalists never admit they did anything wrong. They say that when the non-Whites take over, they are all vicious anti-White racists (reasons usually not given) and they will repress the Whites viciously and often homicidally. Zimbabwe is given as an excuse for a White genocide at the hands of non-Whites.

  10. White southerners are certainly a long a long ways from being perfect, but I always try to stick up for them, because I resent the way the media depicts them. I have to agree with Thomas Sowell however, when he postulated that Albion’s lesser brethren has set a pretty piss poor example for blacks.
    Allow me to digress. During the early exploitation of the New World the Iberian peninsula decided that they were done with Jews. Now if there is one thing that pisses of Jews it’s getting ethnically cleansed. Spain, Portugal and the Catholic church all became legitimate targets.
    Desperate times call for desperate measures, and this was the back drop for enterprising Portuguese Jews when they founded slave plantations in the Caribbean.
    Lots of Jews also made it to the Ottoman empire. Everyone knows Jews make the best doctors, and Sultans always had a Jewish Doctors. When Sultans needed money they knew who to turn to as well. Jews have had a long working relationship with the Turks. Author Koestler claims that when the Judicized Khazars and Oghuz Turks split the sheets that many Oghuz royalty carried Jewish biblical names. Sultan Mehmed 11 conqueror of Constantinople had a Jewish finance minister. Jews and Turks have long been thick as flees, and one day a Jewish doctor introduced Joseph Nassi to the Sultan.
    Joseph Nassi was an interesting guy. He choose Polish Kings. He funded William of Orange. Very powerful, and very Pissed. Spain had seized his family fortune. Nassi made himself welcome to the Sultan by bringing a wealth of knowledge due to Jewish learning and world wide commercial contacts. Nassi helped the Sultan at a critical juncture earning the sultans trust and gratitude. As the sultans advisor Nassi embroiled the Ottoman’s in a series of wars against both the church and Spain as well as private commercial competitors. He acquired vast wealth in the process, and encouraged Jewish immigration to Palestine. Nothing really seems to change.
    Anyways getting back to William of Orange, and his role in the Protestant reformation. Dutch peasants were never told of Joseph Nassi’s vendetta. Oliver Cromwell never explained that his New model Army came into being with the aid of Jewish Money. Joseph of Nassi financed a schism in the Catholic church.
    The pulpit has been giving Protestants a stream of pure unadulterated bullshit from the beginning. Protestant congregations have never had much influence on either their church or world events. Given all that has preceded too blame today’s red neck for the flaws in his church, or the institution of Slavery is folly. Sure rednecks are piss poor examples, but then who isn’t?

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