Political Correctness is Swine Flu of the Brain

Say what you will about the White Nationalists, and they are some of the biggest assholes in the whole world, but they also tell it like it is. And like them or not, for us Whites, they are the only people defending our people: From a comment on the White Nationalist website American Renaissance:

And when the country is filled with Hispanics, America will look and run like a Third-world banana republic. Plenty of crime, poverty, corruption, litter, graffiti, drugs, and teenage pregnancies. Kind of like how much of Los Angeles looks now.

But of course. Import 3rd World people and you get a 3rd World country.
I would qualify that in some ways. If we carefully selected high-quality legal immigrants from the 3rd World, they would assimilate well.
We don’t.
We let the peasants and urban poor of the 3rd World, especially Mesoamerica, pour in here. They have, on average, a 5th grade education. They are very low-quality immigrants. They are not even here legally; they are all breaking the law. They create slums and cause crime epidemics and massive job losses for natives everywhere they go in our country. There is no reason for them to be here.
A Marxist analysis of this issue totally fails from someone here on the ground.
The poor of Mesoamerica simply recreate Mesoamerica, in all of its stupidity, backwardsness, awfulness and sickening squalor. How can they not? This is what they are programmed to do.
Would the elite of Latin America be any better? I don’t know, but I doubt if they would create ghettos, squalor and crime and gang epidemics everywhere they hunkered down. Perhaps they would create a lesser set of problems, but we have not had that conversation yet. We’re too busy importing Tijuana’s shantytowns, and Tijuana itself, to America.
No sane 1st country would commit suicide like this. Why are we doing this? Because the Whites of the US are suicidal. Because the Hispanics are as racially and ethnically loyal (with all the racist connotations that that carries along with it) as we Whites are not allowed to be, lest we be Nazis.
No group is more ruined by the illegal Mesoamerican criminal invader attack than the Blacks, but the US Blacks are so PC-wrecked that they can’t even defend themselves.
A few reactionary Blacks have had the brains to point out that as bad as we Whites are to Blacks (and we’ve gotten dramatically better in 40 years), just about everyone else would be worse, if not much worse.
There is no debate about Hispanics. When Hispanics supercede Blacks in a city, the first thing they do is ethnically cleanse the Blacks from official positions. They are not shy about this. They go door to door announcing their intentions, in the way we Whites cannot, for fear of being Nazis. In Lynwood, California, the Blacks were cleansed right out of government as soon as Hispanics got a majority.
In Los Angeles, Hispanic gangs openly murder Blacks in plain sight. Even the most racist of Whites have hardly done that in years.
The dirty little secret of illegal immigration is that the illegals are imported so that employers do not have to hire US Blacks. Illegal immigrants are objectively and provably devastating to working class Blacks, yet the Blacks cheer on their worst enemies. They hope to replace us Whites (and no one on Earth is kinder to them) with a post-White America, which will assuredly be crueler to Blacks.
It’s almost like PC is Swine Flu Of The Brain in the way it afflicts so many of those colonized by the virus. Like Mad Cow Disease eating away at the brain, Political Correctness Virus compels many of those afflicted to charge headlong, cheering, into the wreckage of their own people.
Go figure.

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45 thoughts on “Political Correctness is Swine Flu of the Brain”

  1. “I would qualify that in some ways. If we carefully selected high-quality legal immigrants from the 3rd World, they would assimilate well.”
    No, the offspring will likely “regress towards the mean” of their people, be it IQ, personality, and other genetically influenced measures. “Regression towards the mean” has been scientifically vetted and proven time and time again.
    As you pointed out, Hispanics, like other groups (except most Whites), are strongly tied to their racial group; by letting in the elite, they may not commit as many crimes as opposed to letting in proles, yet the racial loyalty will of course remain.
    Racial diversity, save some excellent ethic restaurants, is a weakness that demands the eradication of its vestiges wherever it may raise its ugly head. The liberal bigots in D.C. and other areas, which seek to displace the dominate White racial structure, including its culture and value system, need to be stopped ASAP.
    Congrats on speaking the praises of WN’s.

  2. I don’t agree with that regression to the mean stuff, Shawn. If it really worked the way that you describe, no group would ever evolve in any direction and there could be no selective breeding of plants or animals to produce specific breeds with certain qualities. All breeds and groups would just endlessly regress to the mean and we would never get any selective breeds with any particular qualities.
    Further, research shows that the children of African immigrants (highest IQ’s of any racial group) are also doing very well in school. They are outperforming both other Blacks and native Whites. According to you, they should be regressing towards Nairobi. Ain’t working that way.
    Elites produce more elites. They’ve been doing it for 100’s of years in Latin America. They don’t eventually start creating Tijuana at some point or eventually degenerate. A good line is a good line. It doesn’t fall apart with time.
    If regression to the mean worked the way you said it did, East African long distance runners, West African sprinters and 115 average IQ Jews would never have been created, as they all would have endlessly regressed to the mean of average athletic ability and average brains. Selective breeding works.

  3. “If it really worked the way that you describe, no group would ever evolve in any direction and there could be no selective breeding of plants or animals to produce specific breeds with certain qualities. All breeds and groups would just endlessly regress to the mean and we would never get any selective breeds with any particular qualities.”
    “If regression to the mean worked the way you said it did, East African long distance runners, West African sprinters and 115 average IQ Jews would never have been created, as they all would have endlessly regressed to the mean of average athletic ability and average brains. Selective breeding works.”
    Selective breeding does work; eugenics works. I am NOT saying that evolution cannot occur. I know it does.
    But take a closer reading & let me explain.
    Say you have a male and female black, each with an IQ of 100 (coming from stock with an IQ of approx 85); more often than not, according to research, their offspring will not have an IQ of 100 (so what we are getting is not an averaging) AND, it will not be 85, the average of their group. It will likely be within 85-100, maybe 91 or so. Which is not terrible by any means.
    Does that make sense?
    Now say you have a White couple, each with an IQ of 100 (coming from a racial stock with an average IQ of approx. 100). They have kids. Their kids are more likely to have an IQ that is about 100.
    *One great example to think of this is to think about tall people. Say that the average height for the population we are considering is 5’9.” Now say a man, 6’10,” and a woman, 6’5,” have a child. The odds are that their offspring will be taller on average, yet not as tall as the same gender parent. (If these parents have a lot of children, the percentage of tall people are likely to increase, so the people are evolving to be taller.)
    Now see how evolution can occur concurrently with “regression towards the mean?” The studies are out there–it just takes a bit of Google work. You should concede your point.

  4. One other point, the disasters of diversity aside for a moment, how do you screen for testosterone levels in your immigration plan?

  5. I don’t screen for testosterone. We only take the best, and it takes 7 years, and you have to jump through tons of hoops and pay lots of money. You guys lie about this, but truth is, we have very few problems with legal immigrants. Even the legal Hispanics are not much problem. Almost all of the immigration problems are due to illegals and refugees and unscreened immigrants from US colonies. Screened immigrants = good, unscreened = bad. BTW, Jared Taylor agrees with me on this and I imagine he disagrees with you. Jared and I have talked this over before.
    I’m over here at my Mom’s now (my Dad just died) and I just shot your statement about regression to the mean by her. She said it was crazy. Genetics doesn’t work that way. It’s obvious that over time and with selective breeding, you could breed a better human with human race, regression to the mean be damned.
    I don’t really want to argue about this anymore with you because I just think you are wrong.
    By testosterone levels I assume you must mean Blacks. If we only take the cream of the Black crop, there should not be any problem with testosterone or any of that. We won’t take immigrants with criminal records or any of that. Only the best. They won’t be a problem either.

  6. Sorry to hear about your dad.
    “BTW, Jared Taylor agrees with me on this and I imagine he disagrees with you.”
    Jared Taylor and AMREN in general do not support non-White immigration to White countries.
    Did you get my response to your response regarding regression toward the mean?

  7. SORRY TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR DAD – CONDOLENCES! I was wondering – I guessed it was coming soon.

  8. We should annex Mexico. If they had our rights and entitlements, minimum wage, decent health care and the infrastructure that being part of the United States provides, they would stay at home in Mexico of course. This plan would have the short term added benefit that poor Americans could move to Mexico and take advantage of a lower standard of living down there. Of course, in time Mexico would have the same standard of living as the U.S. Told you I was radical.

  9. Thx Shawn and LS.
    Yes I got your response but I don’t understand it. I just had a talk with my Mom about your argument (she has an IQ of 150 and graduated 2nd in her class from the top law school in the US) and she says you’re totally wrong. Elites breed elites. Smart people have smart kids. Intelligent lines in any culture go on and on breeding smart kids with every new generation. Why do you think the Chinese want to know so much about your ancestors.
    Anyway, I just told you that the kids of the high-IQ, high performing African immigrants to the UK are presenting outperforming both other Blacks and UK Whites.
    According to your argument, if we import the grad students from Nigeria, at some point in the future, they will regress all the way down in behavior and intelligence to 67 IQ Lagos street thugs. My Mom says you’re nuts for thinking that, and I’ll leave it at that.
    I published a long article on immigrants to the US and which ones were a problem and which were not, and which were doing very well, and Jared talked to me about that and told me that it certainly makes sense that immigrants from some places are higher quality than those from other places for a variety of reasons, selectivity among them. Taylor isn’t some kind of wild-eyed xenophobe at all. The guy’s actually a hardcore Asiaphile.
    He didn’t take a position on non-White immigration. I don’t talk to him much anymore as we are starting to disagree a lot.

  10. Actually Tad, we had a conversation about that after the Mexican War. The smart people said no way to the fools who wanted to annex all of Mexico. They said that the two peoples, racially, culturally, linguistically and religiously, were just way too different. That was back when US elites were still into a notion of preserving a White America.

  11. “According to your argument, if we import the grad students from Nigeria, at some point in the future, they will regress all the way down in behavior and intelligence to 67 IQ Lagos street thugs.”
    That is not what my argument says. There is some pull upwards or downwards–an averaging of their parents’ IQ’s; however, if a male and female White, each with, for example, an IQ of 100, have a child, that child will have a greater chance of having an IQ of 100 than say a Jew, who was born to two parents, each having an IQ of 100–the Jew would likely have a higher IQ since he or she comes from a people who have a higher IQ. So while genetics of the parents matter, so do the racial groups that their people come from.
    It is a common in debate for one to characterize the other person’s stance in extremes, even though that is not what was said (i.e. he or she implied that all children will regress in IQ down to 67! Or people who believe in human biodiversity believe that environment plays NO role, or this means that evolution cannot happen, etc.). It seems like you may be doing this.
    Do you disagree with my height analogy?

  12. Robert,Well annexing Mexico wasn’t the purpose of that war and I don’t think Mexico would have gone along. That would have been an occupation of Mexico; not what I propose at all. The Mexican war started because we offered to pay them 30 million dollars for the area that we eventually took from them. They refused. So we fought the war. After the war we paid a low level functionary in Mexico 15 million dollars for the same territory.
    As far as culture goes, that is ridiculous. We have assimilated many culture with many diverse languages in the past. Catholism was a big issue during the Mexican American war, but that problem doesn’t exist today.
    I am not proposing an occupation of Mexico. I suggest that we bring them into the United States of America as 4 or 5 states with representation in our congress. All Mexicans would be United States Citizens. Given this proposal it is possible that Mexico would go along.

  13. “A Marxist analysis of this issue totally fails from someone here on the ground.”
    That is because for the Marxists it is all about CLASS and not about RACE/ETHNICITY.
    Even the famous catchprase of the Marxists is totally incorrect: “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle.” The correct version should read: “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of racial struggle.”
    In fact, the fatal flaw of Marxism is that it largely ignores the realities of race/ethnicity and focuses too much on class.

  14. I think your whole argument is crazy. I think bright people in all cultures of the world, including in Africa, have been breeding bright lines for centuries. According to you, over the centuries everything should have crashed back to 67 in Africa.
    Besides, what’s the norm for a population anyway? In any population, you have all sorts of lines going. In Mexico, you have a light skinned elite that acts very European with a higher IQ, Mestizos who have never read a book in their lives with a lower IQ, and then you go out into the mountains and there are Indians who not only have never read a book, but they still believe in magic.
    Your argument is racist to the core. We can’t afford to import even the very brightest from Africa (IQ 67), India/Pakistan (IQ 82) Mesoamerica (IQ 90) or the Philippines (IQ 87) because no matter how smart or law abiding they are, as they breed along, their successive lines are going to be continually crashing back down to the crime-prone and dumb tendencies of the lands that they came from! No matter how fine the Nigerian or guy from Bombay is, he has tainted genes, so he’s going to produce idiots or criminals for kids.
    I can’t tell you how fucked up that kind of thinking is, and I don’t think it has any scientific merit at all. The only people saying stuff like that are extreme White Supremacists like Edgar Steele. I don’t know any reasonable or smart people who are saying anything like that.
    Indian doctors have smart kids. Nigerians with graduate degrees have kids that get A’s. Filipino psychiatrists have kids at the university. Hispanic psychologists have kids getting advanced degrees.

  15. “Your argument is racist to the core. ”
    It isn’t “racist,” it is actually quite mainstream science. Was Sir Francis Galton “racist?” Dismissing established science as “racist” is ridiculous.
    “Besides, what’s the norm for a population anyway? In any population, you have all sorts of lines going.”
    Sure, it depends on how you “chop up the populations.” That does not dismiss the argument; it comes down to shared ancestry and that certain groups differ genetically.
    For more on this, see:
    Is this starting to make more sense now? I hope so, but I think I am through talking about it.

  16. From Wikipedia:
    “The heritability of IQ measures the extent to which the IQ of a child is measurably influenced by the IQ its parents. As IQ is a quantifiable phenotype, one can estimate the expected IQ of child using the equation , where
    is the expected IQ of the child,
    is the mean IQ of the population to which the parents belong,
    h2 is the heritability of IQ,
    m and f are the IQs of the mother and father, respectively.[28]
    The equation asserts that, on average, the IQ of a child tends to the mean IQ of the population. For instance, if the heritability of IQ is 50% and the mean IQ of a population is 100, then a couple with an average IQ of 120 will, on average, have a child with an IQ of 110. Similarly, a couple with an average IQ of 80 will, on average, have a child with an IQ of 90.
    It is noted that the above equation relates only statistical averages and is not deterministic. Furthermore, the equation is a general equation based in the inheritance of genetically-based characteristics (in this case, phenotypes), and so it is implicitly assumed that environmental factors are, for the sake of correctly assessing the genetic contribution to IQ, the same across the population.
    Operating under the assumption that child and parent are raised in the exact same environment (unlikely, but usually closer to the truth than in the completely dissimilar environment that the previous equation assumes), h2 can be replaced by h, which is simply the correlation between parent and offspring IQ. In this case, regression towards the mean is no longer partially caused by environmental differences and therefore only by random genetic variation.
    Finally, it is important to note that the expected IQ of the offspring is normally distributed around the mean calculated using the above equation, so in many cases regression towards the mean does not actually occur; as the values are normally distributed, there is a chance that offspring IQ will be more deviant from the mean than that of the parental average.”
    Just because you do not like it or choose not to believe it does not make it any less relevant.

  17. “Reversion to the mean” made simple (and therefore not entirely accurate, but you get the idea):
    Remember your high school lesson about dominant genes and recessive genes. Not all of your genes are influencing your actual phenotype. You have some recessive genes that would harm your IQ (and maybe boost something else) and some that would boost your IQ (and maybe harm something else), if only they weren’t masked by dominant genes.
    In other words, you have two sets of genes, the ones that give you your actual IQ and a set of “hidden” genes that do not actually influence your IQ as they would if other genes weren’t in the way. If you got unlucky or lucky with the active genes, it still doesn’t mean anything about the hidden genes and vice versa.
    If you’re from a population or a family that has 100 average IQ, you’re most likely to get the genes for an IQ of about 100. If you get unlucky and your “active” set of genes gives you an IQ of 70, there’s still the entirely separate set of “hidden” genes and the odds are that you have a set of genes for an IQ of about 100 there – they’re just hidden. Of course it’s also possible that you have the genes for genius or idiocy there, but the most likely is the 100. When you have a baby, the “active” and “hidden” sets of genes get reshuffled in the baby and so your offspring likely gets drawn towards the population mean – they’re probably not as exceptional as you.
    This holds crudely on a population level (only very crudely for individuals, but tightly for large numbers and millions of people make it practically a law of nature) and more accurately on a family level. So if your family seems to have an average IQ of, say, 120, the odds are that whatever your IQ is, you have a set of hidden genes for an IQ of about 120 even if your active set of genes seems to be exceptional for your family (either towards stupidity or genius). Every sperm you produce gets a random mix of those hidden and active genes.
    Of course it’s possible to be exceptional in both sets of genes, but that’s much rarer than being exceptional in just “active” genes – and then there’s no guarantee that it’s to the same direction, it’s also possible (but very rare) to be a genius in “active” genes and an imbecile in “hidden” genes or vice versa.

  18. Dude, I have never, ever, ever, ever, heard anyone except hardcore neo-Nazis say that even the good people of a certain race are no good because their kids come from a tainted line and the damaged traits are going to come out in the kids.
    And I have never, ever, ever heard any anti-immigration people argue that we can’t take even the smartest or best behaved from a dumb or crime-prone nation because their kids are going to be stupid or criminal. You’re the first person I’ve ever heard making that argument. So don’t tell me it’s mainstream science. It isn’t.

  19. From Jakkeli: “From a family or population”.
    Now that starts to make a lot more sense. Smart families in Nigeria or New York breed smart kids, decade in, decade out, for centuries. They don’t regress to the mean of the population. They keep on breeding bright.

  20. Shawn, regression to the mean may be relevant, but you’re the first person I’ve ever known who says we can’t import East Indians or Hispanics or West Africans, no matter how many degrees they have, because they have shitty genes and they’re going to start breeding criminals and morons at some point down the road.
    If it’s such a mainstream argument, why are you the only one making it?
    I think Jakkeli is right and even in India or Peru or Ghana, smart families are going to breed smart, dumb families breed dumb, and what the heck, criminal families breed criminal, probably for centuries on.

  21. Yeah, you should quit talking about this Shawn because you are starting to sound like a Nazi. If it’s such a mainstream argument, how come only you and some Nazis are saying it?

  22. What “Nazis” are saying it? Regression towards the mean has been well-established within scientific circles. Sir Francis Galton was not knighted for nothing, you know. I gather you think he sounded like a “racist Nazi.”
    A quick search of scholarly articles will lead you to many papers about the topic. Here some more if you would like to read up on it.
    Slate (left): http://fray.slate.com/discuss/forums/post/523685.aspx

  23. Dear Robert
    Let me first say that selective immigration means taking te best and the brightest from countries that are worse-off than we are. It is a profoundly immoral policy. Let’s take a prosperous couple that lives beside a poor, large, dysfunctional family. The couple takes a look at the numerous kids next-door and concludes that Tyler has the best genetic endowment of them all by far, so it decides to adopt him, thereby depriving the poor family of its best member. That’s what countries like Canada and the US do when they try to poach the best and brightest from places like Africa and Mexico.
    Two recent Canadian Prime Ministers went to Africa to make speeches about development and health care. At the same time, Canada imports health care professionals from Africa. It is hypocrisy that stinks to heaven.
    As to regression to the mean, I agree with Shawn. It exists and it is easily explained by recessive genes. Suppose that intelligence is determined by 8 pairs of genes. 4 of them are additive, with 2 the intelligence-enhancing genes are dominant and with 2 the intelligence-enhancing genes are recessive. Let’s say that the 2 dominant intelligence-enhancing genes are Gg and Hh and the 2 recessive intelligence-enhancing genes are Ee and Ff.
    A man with AABBCCDDeeffGgHh marries a woman with AABBCCDDeeffGgHh. Some of their childen may be AABBCCDDeeffgghh, that is, they have 2 pairs of intelligence-depressing genes. Some of their children may be AABBCCDDeeffGghh or AABBCCDDeeffggHh, that is, they have one pair of intelligence-depressing gene.
    Of course, with rigid selection, certain types of genes can be bred out. This is more likely to occur nowadays because, more than in the past, smart tends to marry smart and very smart tends to marry very smart. Let’s say that we have 100 very smart men who marry 100 very smart women. They have a total of 200 kids, of whom 170 are very smart also. Those 170 very smart kids marry each other and have 170 kids, of whom 160 are very smart. Those 160 very smart people also marry each other and they have 160 kids, of whom 156 are very smart. By then nearly all intelligence-depressing genes have been bred out.
    The more like maries like, the more children will resemble their parents. Suppose that the tallest men always married the tallest women and the shortest men always married the shortest women, then eventually we’ll end up with people who breed true at both ends of the height spectrum.
    It should be remembered that the same average is compatible with different distributions. If we have contrarian mating, like marries unlike, then we get a small standard deviation. If we have random mating, then we get a somewhat larger standard deviation. And if we have assortative mating, like marries like, then we get the largest standard deviation.
    With intelligence, mating is becoming more assortative and as result we’ll have both more very smart and more very dumb people.
    Regards. James

  24. Oh you are getting that from Rushton and Jensen.
    Still, I have only ever seen one Nazi, Edgar Steele, use this argument. He said Whites need to separate from all Blacks because even smart Blacks and good Blacks have evil criminal and idiot nigger genes and will eventually produce idiot and criminal niggers.
    So you’re the second person I’ve heard using this same argument.
    And in all of the time I have been around the immigration debate, I have only ever heard only you saying we need to keep whole groups out because even if they are brilliant and or well-behaved, they come from stupid and criminal races and will eventually regress towards their idiot and criminal stock.
    That argument is so outrageous and wrong that only Edgar Steele has used it so far. He’s a Nazi. And you. Show me one other making this argument saying we need to keep out even the brightest and best behaved of their 3rd world due to their hidden inferior genes. That’s the argument the Nazis used. Some races were hereditarily tainted so even if there would good people in those races, they sill needed to be sterilized or killed because they harbored inferior genes due to their inferior stock.
    They don’t even use this argument on Amren! Steve Sailor doesn’t even use this argument.
    Show me one other human anywhere, Scott, who is using this Nazi argument to keep whole “unfit” races out of the US. One. Person.

  25. Arthur Jensen and Philippe Rushton are both vicious racists. “Even smart niggers will dumb nigger kids, damn dem niggers is dangerous stupid.” Great quote Scott. Thx for that one.
    Jensen and Rushton want to get rid of all anti-discrimination and civil rights laws and Rushton works for an organization that supports segregation.

  26. James’ argument makes a lot more sense.
    Even if you come from Peru or India, if your family tends to have an IQ of around 100, 120 or 140, you will have a statistical tendency to have an IQ more towards 100, 120 or 140 and so will your kids. YOU WILL REGRESS TOWARDS A MEAN OF 100, 120 OR 140. IQ breeds in family lines all over the world, as long as smart marries smart and smart doesn’t marry dumb.
    Even in India or Nigeria, if you could do tests, the bright families have probably been breeding with other bright folks and breeding smart lines for generations. This has been noted all over the world forever. A Nigerian line breeding 120 IQ’s will keep on breeding 120 IQ’s as long as they don’t start marrying dumb. Will they regress to a mean? Sure! A mean of 120, normal for their line.
    You make the mistake of looking at the whole nation as an average when you really need to look at individual family lines and not entire nations.
    IQ breeds true in families, not in nations. In dumb nations, smart people have smart kids. Families of doctors and lawyers with 130 IQ in Peru keep on breeding 130 IQ kids in that line, they don’t regress down towards 84 just because they have some mystery Peruvian idiot genes. They WILL regress towards the mean of 130 though, because that’s the mean for their family stock. They don’t endlessly regress downwards, why? Because they are breeding in an superior IQ line within the nation.
    In smart nations, dumb people keep on having dumb kids. They don’t regress up just because they are in Hong Kong or whatever. An 80 IQ line of janitors in Hong Kong keeps on breeding 80 IQ kids. They regress to the MEAN OF 80 because that is the mean in their family stock. They have a low IQ line breeding in that family and they will keep on breeding dummies; they won’t regress up to 109 just because they have some mystery Hong Kong brain genes.

  27. Dear Robert
    We have discussed this before, but I must disagree with you about Rushton. I see no evidence for the accusation that he is a racist, let alone a vicious one. To my knowledge, he has never advocated any policy that can be described as racist. A racist policy in my view is a policy that prescribes different rights for different races, for instance the right to vote for whites but not for non-whites or the best government jobs reserved for members of one race.
    As to regression to the mean again, if we have 100 white couples with IQs between 120 and 130 and 100 black couples with IQs between 120 and 130, then it is quite likely that the average offspring of the black couples will have a lower average IQ than the offspring of the white couples simply because there are more recessive intelligence-depressing genes among the black couples.
    If human breeding were like the breeding of farm animals, we could breed a line of supersmart blacks just as well as a line of supersmart whites but it probably would take much longer.
    Suppose that we have two herds of cows. In one herd, average milk production is 10,000 liters per lactation period, with a range of 6000 liters to 14000 liters. In the other herd, the average is 8500 liters, with the range from 5000 to 14000 liters. In both herds it should be possible to come up with cows that all produce more than 12000 liters, but in the second herd it would take much longer.
    Regards. James

  28. Fine, James, have you ever heard anyone say something so Nazi and outrageous and what Shawn just said, that we should not even allow in the best and brightest of Blacks because they have inferior nigger genes that are going to cause criminals and idiots in future generations?
    I never have. In addition to Shawn, only Edgar Steele, a neo-Nazi, has said such a thing. So Shawn has a distinction.
    The rest is answered in a post.

  29. From your response to James, Robert, it appears that you have come around to accepting regression towards the mean as a scientific fact.
    I agree with James that if Blacks or Whites were bred like farm animals it would be possible to breed very high-IQ lines. The strict type of breeding dog breeders and farmers use, where “culling,” exists, and other extremely strict measures to select for traits, speeds up evolution FAR more than haphazard assortiative mating practices amongst people.
    P.S. Shawn is a pseudenum, as was Scott, I just chose Shawn because I have a relative named Scott but I go by either name here so either works.

  30. Sorry about your father, Robert.
    First, why do you want to steal the smartest people from the poorest countries? They need their smart people like they need air.
    Second, I would say Political Correctness is AIDS rather than Swine Flu, as it breaks down the immune system.
    Third, you have no business making a distinction saying that Shawn or Edgar Steele are “Nazis” and you are still a good liberal. You would be called a Nazi, a racist, and a white supremacist on any college campus for your race realist posts. The enemy defines the terms, not us. Heck, we wanted to be merely conservatives, but the PC enemy was too powerful. Being a “little bit of a race realist” is like being a little bit pregnant.
    Fourth, I admit I don’t want the brightest or the dumbest from Third World countries. I don’t really care if they lose their smart people or not. Since you seem to care, I threw it out there for you. But I don’t want any Africans or Indians here at all, whether they are geniuses, or not. Multiracialism makes things unnecessarily complicated and causes unnecessary hardship and heartache.
    Diversity is Chaos
    “In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion” – Lee Kuan Yew, the first Prime Minister of Singapore.

  31. I am NOT a WN. It is quite clear that WN’s like Steele and Shawn simply dislike or even hate all non-Whites, and probably a lot of Whites too, who are not White enough for them.
    Anyway, Steele IS a Nazi. That’s clear to anyone who knows him.
    If the best and brightest of the 3rd world wish to come here, all the power to them. If their nations don’t like it, set up controls to prevent it.
    I don’t care about all the idiots calling me Nazi. Nazis said even the best of the “inferior races” were tainted due to their inferior genes, which, though not expressed in the individual, would be expressed through their offspring. So the damaged stocks had to be destroyed. It’s the essence of Nazi racial science, and I’m going to call it out.
    I may be a race realist, but I am still a Leftist. Nazis are our mortal enemies, and I will never make peace with these fucks. They killed millions of my comrades, and they always try to kill us every time they get a chance, plus they are fucked up anyway.
    Diversity is already here. People are not really voting according to their ethnicity, or at least Whites are not. Whites vote according to the interests (usually against them) or according to their economic interests. White ethnocentrism is de facto illegal, while everyone else gets to play the game.
    I have no interest in White nationalism. I have no interest in White separatism. I grew up in a 20-30% non-White California and took regular trips to the 3rd World (Mexico). This is comfortable to me. Diversityville is already here. The problem here in California is too much too soon. We can’t even get rid of 20 million fucking illegal alien criminal invaders who have ruined our state. First things first. Let’s work on the illegals first, then on to the insane mass legal immigration.
    Any race or ethnicity can be an American. This has always been the case.
    The problem is a war against diversity is not going to work. Whites are only 63% of the US and fading fast, and that’s not counting illegal invaders. The future is the diversity. You can’t stop non-White immigration to the US. To even try is insane and ludicrous. Most Whites have drunk the Koolaid and are openly hostile to your agenda.
    First things first. Shall we work on the outrage of 20 million illegals for starters?
    PS I am a pan-Caucasianist or at least a pan-Aryanist.

  32. Robert,
    You don’t get it. You say you are on the side of the Leftists. Leftists want America to be a 3rd world country and want Whites exterminated. You seem to have some objection to this extreme program. Therefore, by the terms of the Left, you’re a Nazi, no matter how you protest otherwise. They’ll dump you in the same mass grave into which they’ll dump me.
    At any rate, when Americans no longer have their pushbutton wealth, they’ll morph into hard core “Nazis” (your term not mine) overnight. You’ll have to pick a side.
    Ultimately, I don’t care if I persuade you or not. You are a rather confused man, albeit with a good heart and a core of honesty that is sorely lacking among most Leftists. My guess is it’s your deficit of Ashkenazic genes that gives you this self-torturing honesty. Keep on trucking bro! LOL.

  33. We of the social left do not have a problem with immigration. If an illegal were to kick a Nazi’s butt (and Nazi’s butts are so easy to kick) it wouldn’t bother us.

  34. It’s not going to happen, Kievsky. The Left is never going to kill all the “Nazis.” The race war is never going to happen. The US Whites are never going to have enough and go over in huge numbers to the Nazis or racists or White nationalists or whatever.
    Obviously, I am against the Cultural Left. But I am a socialist and a leftwinger at heart and I want nothing whatsoever to do with any kind of racist crap. I like all the races and am willing to befriend any of them and maybe even date or marry a lot of them.
    You guys don’t get it. The race war is never going to happen. US Whites get more and more deracinated and less and less ethnocentric by the day. Support for WN, segregation, separation, and end to civil rights and the whole shit WN program still had some supporters in 1980 when Reagan went to that town in Mississippi and cheered on the killers of the civil rights workers and condemned the 1964 Civil Rights Act.
    Since then, with each year, support for WN, White racism and the whole shit agenda has been going down with every year. You guys aren’t winning. You’re losing. And you’re getting further behind all the time.

  35. I don’t know, Tad, I have a friend who is a Communist and he totally despises illegal immigrants. He doesn’t even like non-White immigration period, especially mass immigration. Understand that here in California this mass immigration and illegal immigration looks like a tidal wave and I even know some leftwingers who have had enough of it.

  36. Leftists do NOT want to exterminate Whites. That’s just insane thinking. Nor do they WANT to make America a 3rd country. They don’t think like that at all. I’ve been around these people all day for many years now. How do they think? They *don’t* think. They don’t believe that importing the 3rd world into the 1st world will turn your 1st world country into a 3rd world country. They call that “racist lies.” They don’t care anything about Whites, and they definitely do not want to exterminate them. They probably say that Whites don’t even exist.
    You WN’s are really off your rocker, man. Get help, Jesus man.

  37. Yea, your American low-wage working class may be against immigration, and blacks perhaps, but Hispanics are part of the left wing and any realistic leftist political candidate is going to be for immigration reform. I am a Democrat not a Communist.
    There will be no race war. Perhaps someday whites will be the minority, but if we treat other races well, now, while we are in power, they will like and respect our laws and the white race when they have power.
    We need more socialism right now. We lean too far towards right wing capitalism. Full fledge communism only works in small communes or kibutzes. It didn’t work in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. But yea there is no natural law that prevents a communist from be racist or anti-immigrant.

  38. Since then, with each year, support for WN, White racism and the whole shit agenda has been going down with every year. You guys aren’t winning. You’re losing. And you’re getting further behind all the time.
    That sounds true. Let me state: I don’t think most people are going to listen to the WN, and certainly not to any supremacists. Now then: are people going to listen to a pan-Aryan socialist who considers Bolsheviks his comrades?
    I’m not saying that people are going to listen to my position (i.e., confederalism, with most states choosing the status quo, and some states choosing the option to become ethnic homelands) any more than yours. Maybe less.
    I’m just saying, let’s not make too big a deal of popularity. If something huge doesn’t change, we’re in deep trouble, if it does, who knows who will come out on top.

  39. Well, at least your response is sensible, Silver.
    However, if only the best and brightest of the Dravidians were left in, then there would be no degradation. And if the Dravidians that bred with Whites were actually more intelligent than the Whites they bred with (possible) than they would actually improve the White genetic line.
    Also, as a Pan-Caucasianist, I DO feel that these folks are part of my family, difficult as it is for me to say so. I guess they are like funny cousins off in the hills, but at least they are still my family. Unlike Blacks, SE Asians, NE Asians, Oceanians, Aborigines, Papuans, Amerindians, etc.

  40. I don’t have any problems with Dravidians, and I’m not even sure what one is anyway. The only ones I ever see around here are doctors and such, really really smart people. Come to think of it, those are the ONLY Dravidians period around these parts anyway. All the rest are north Europeans.
    I have not the faintest idea what look you get when you cross a Dravidian with a European. Probably something like a lot of the darker North Indian types around here.
    I clicked very well with the few Dravidian doctors I have run into. Extremely smart people and seem to have very White-like brains and White-like values. I’m certain that the top Dravidians are some of my racial brothers.
    Thing is, the experiment is not ending. It’s actually accelerating. I’m on the ground here, man. Miscegenation, interracial dating and even interracial marriage seems to be increasing every year. You see more and more young Whites hanging out with young Blacks at the university, especially White females with Black females. And the Mexicans are breeding into the Whites here like never before. With every year, people seem to be getting less and less racist and mingling more and more with the other races.
    Things aren’t going in your direction, Silver. They’re actually going in the opposite direction. Once you get a certain amount of “diversity” in your population, it’s like a juggernaut and everyone starts mixing more and more and it seems like it’s unstoppable.

  41. I couldn’t get to work today because a bunch of Dravidians drank my antifreeze fluid looking for a cheap high.

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