6 thoughts on “I Love Japanese Women – They Are Such Dolls”

  1. Last weekend my GF went on a rampage – Biting, screaming, breaking things.
    I have paper plates and a micro wave, so I don’t know if I really need a woman.
    I’m not sure if these Japanese dolls are the answer, but I doubt if they would be as much of a problem.

    1. They already have. I saw a web page a while ago showing pictures of them being manufactured. They were very expensive and quite realistic looking. I have no idea where the web site is because it was just a link from a link from a link from….

  2. There is a huge market for sex dolls. In the future, there will be highly developed female sex robots, with striking realism to the real thing.

  3. I want them to come with audio programming. I want this Japanese doll to say things like, “Yes, sir” and “No, sir.” Actually, all women need to start talking to me like that.

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