Neandertal Walks Among Us

Russian/Tatar boxer Valuev has recently been proven to be a Neandertal
Russian/Tatar boxer Valuev has recently been proven to be a Neandertal

He also says he eats 6 kilos of meat per day. He says he really wants to eat woolly mammoth, as that is his favorite, but unfortunately, they went extinct thousands of years ago.
People were long puzzled by his strange phenotype, but Russian scientists, examining his genome, have now proven that he is a throwback, a true Neandertal.

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27 thoughts on “Neandertal Walks Among Us”

  1. you’ve got to change these cheesy avatars to something better. the shape avatars in wordpress are cooler than these stupid creature things!

    1. Plus the added bonus is framed in the mind of the viewer when they realize that the only person posting here with a “human face” and therefore “opinion” is Robert. The rest of us are just space aliens, invaders into the pure profound logic of mankind.

  2. In regard to the original topic: Really??!! I could believe it, except that if most of the stuff in the Russian press were true, the world would be a very different place… Rather like the world of the old Weekly World News.
    He certainly looks like he could be.

  3. Looking him up: He’s freakin’ huge. The actual Neandertals were shorter and stockier than modern humans. Hmmm…

  4. I think people are fucking retarded, only half the comments have to do with the post…… please die now retards. BTW I knew it i was right there are neanderthals on this earth !!! bwwhhaaahahahahahahah very nice!

  5. we know now, with the neanderthal genome out, that we moderns carry on average btw 2-4% of our unique “human” genes are Neanderthal…so we are Neanderthal to some extent…. I think everyone agrees it shows.
    Interestingly, I believe people of Africa are the one group not showing the Neanderthal interbreeding…I hope I have that correct..and this bit of news I believe helps define more than one migration out of Africa of ancient humans. So, it says he has been “proven” to be Neanderthal w/o citing who/what said he was besides his spouse. And I think most spouses could attest that, husbands anyway, are Neanderthals.j/k don’t get twisted…but our very few intact Neanderthal skeletons don’t give us the whole picture..the DNA is changing how we view ourselves.

  6. He might have acromegaly, due to excess growth hormone skull grows unusually larger than normal, hands and feet also. The long bones do not grow because of Epiphyseal fusion at young age.

  7. This boxer Nikolai Valuev from Russia myself, and about the scientists are all complete nonsense. You Americans really so stupid?

  8. I’m not Russian or fan of Nikolai Valuev … but you are pathetic because of your low self esteem, you took time to write and edit a photo of one giant boxer … Well as giant as he is, he was very successful and he would probably find you and make kaki persimmon out of you … Even if he’s not giving a flying fuck over this, his kid could bother with it … Idiot greetings from Slovenia.

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