Mad Pig Disease

Industrial  pork production sickens more workers, this time from Minnesota. Problem: Blowing pig’s brains out after they are dead in order to harvest the brains to feed to zombies in Korea, China and the US South. In blowing the brains out, pig brains get all over the workers, and apparently up their noses and in their mouths. Solution: Quit blowing pigs’ brains out in the slaughterhouse and getting pig brain all over everyone.
This is America, not a 3rd World sewer called Mexico or a sleazy, whored-out neo-capitalist corruption outhouse pit called Poland, so the government got on the dime right away and the company, Quality Pork Processors, was responsible and also took measures almost immediately.
Note: the New York Times here disengenuously notes that “almost all of the workers are Hispanic immigrants.” As a general rule, these are almost all illegal aliens. These used to be high paying union jobs worked at by real Black and White Americans. Now it’s all illegal aliens and refugees.
The wages and benefits have gone to shit and all the New York Times and the Left can do is sit back and cheer. I’m glad the New York Times is going out of business. I wish the US Left was going out of business too. It’s a sad day in America when the only people standing up for US workers are on the Right.
The shame of it all.

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One thought on “Mad Pig Disease”

  1. Agreed. Just more proof that there is no real left in America, just a bunch elitist lightweights who like to wear Che T-shirts.

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