I'm Not On Welfare

I have some Internet enemies out there spreading lies about me. In this case, it’s a Sinocentric Black guy (I know him, he lives in Japan and used to live in China) taking Chinese racist POV that Hong Kong Chinese cannot possibly be closely related to Filipinos. The Chinese can’t handle this because to them, Filipinos are inferior niggers* and of course Chinese are Supermen. China is actually the center of the World, didn’t you know? This is where all of the winds of the world start, I guess including the hurricanes. Thanks a lot, Chinks*! Anyway, I run my own business, but my health is usually so bad that it’s more or less dormant. It’s registered with the county and we have made some money in the past. I can’t tell you the name of the business right now, but we do writing, web design, graphics, web programming, etc. I mostly live off a trust fund from my maternal grandfather. He set it up so that if you are not working, you only get a little bit of money. This to encourage you to work. There are some pricks called trustees who control the fund and they are pretty weenie-like about how they dole it out. There’s lots of money in that fund for me ($500K), but they just trickle it out bit by bit I think to torment me. Not all us trust fund kids are living big. A lot of trust funds are only like $200-300/month. A lot of people don’t realize that. So bottom line is no way can I access all that $500,000. I don’t live in poverty, but I don’t have a high income either. It’s best described as low income. I’d love to work but I have not been able to for the last 13 years. Last time I tried to work I almost killed myself with stimulants trying to stay awake, and I’m not going back to that. I also do not live in a predominantly Hispanic ghetto in California. Hispanic neighborhoods, even the bad ones, are not really ghettos. This one certainly is not. It’s a barrio. It’s just a typical poor, mostly Hispanic city in California. If you don’t know what they look like, come out here and see sometime. To compare it to a Hellish Black ghetto is completely mistaken. *Used sardonically.

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4 thoughts on “I'm Not On Welfare”

  1. well, being that i know you and the area in which you live, i can agree. the smaller towns around here, esp country ones, dont have ghettos, they do have migrant worker labor camps, which, in my opinion are worse than any ghetto, and actually make the ghetto look like beverly hills. who cares what you do for money, at least you are not out stealing or selling drugs, or pimping prosti-teens!

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