"In The Name of Love," by Alpha Unit

This is an excellent piece by Alpha Unit, who is a Black woman. When I asked her to contribute to the site, I told her that I wanted pieces that in which the author was saying something completely new and different, not the same old stuff everyone else writes about. I also prefer stuff that is disturbing and provocative. Something that really makes you think. I don’t know if she normally writes that way, but pretty soon, she started producing exactly those kind of pieces. In this piece, she has moved a long way along the road to liberation – she has learned exactly how her enemies think, and she has been able to put herself in their shoes. Most humans never reach such a high state of internal development. May she continue to grow and learn.

In The Name of Love

In the spring of 1961, I was assisted into the world by a black midwife, in a town in Mississippi known for its antebellum mansions and for a cemetery with rolling tracts of crosses marking the final resting place of scores of Confederate soldiers. In 1961 not only was Mississippi the poorest state in the country; it was probably the worst place in America to be black. Men like my father and grandfather had no rights that any white man was bound to uphold. For crossing a white man you could end up dead. And no white person would give a shit if you did. A few years later, in the summer of 1964, three young men ran afoul of white rule in Mississippi–as others had before them. They didn’t make it out of Neshoba County alive. James Chaney was black; his companions, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, were Jewish. James Chaney had been born and raised in Mississippi. These three young men were there to help local blacks organize in defense of their constitutional rights, including the right to vote. They came to Neshoba County to investigate the arson of a church that had been used as a meeting place for civil rights activists. And in 1964 Mississippi, this was an attempt to subvert the natural order of things and put blacks on equal footing with whites. This was, therefore, a threat to whites. And the blood of Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner would have to be shed that white blood could remain pure. This made perfect sense to some. In order to demonstrate my love and loyalty to my Family, don’t I have to make sure that your Family never catches a break? Don’t I have to make sure that your Family suffers unrelenting humiliation and abuse? Grinding your face into the dirt on an ongoing basis is my way of protecting my loved ones. This had to have been what deputy sheriff Cecil Price was thinking as he ordered the three men out of their car and into his own. The carloads of other men were, likewise, thinking of their parents, siblings, and children. Olen Burrage, who offered his farm as the ideal burial place for the bodies, was also defending his own. As they beat James Chaney within an inch of his life and shot him, they did it with the full knowledge that they were protecting themselves and their families. And as they shot Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner point-blank through the heart, they knew it was for the common good. What these men sought was to cleanse the state of Mississippi of this pollution being brought in by outsiders, this challenge to what was self-evident: that in no way was a black man as good as a white. They were upstanding Christian men. Love guided their actions. Love of God, of country, of family. Love of their people and their race. Who among us would have acted differently?

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17 thoughts on “"In The Name of Love," by Alpha Unit”

  1. “In 1961 not only was Mississippi the poorest state in the country; it was probably the worst place in America to be black.”
    The problems of Blacks in Mississippi are almost entirely of their own making…the state has the highest proportion of African Americans in the nation (they are about 40% of the total population there). If you are a group which is 40% of the overall population and you as a group still can’t get your shit together, the blame clearly falls on your group and not the ‘racist’ others.
    Blacks in Mississippi are also very prone to dropping out of high school, teenage births, obesity, and other bad lifestyle choices…is that the fault of Whites that so many Blacks in Mississippi can’t control their appetite and their sex drive and don’t feel like going to school?
    I want to see Blacks in Mississippi do well, because it is an ideal place for them in the USA if there is one – they are a large proportion of the population (again, about 40%) and the climate is warm and very conducive to people of African descent, agriculture (African American food independence, etc), and so on. The Mississippi River also provides an ideal transportation route for goods.
    Blacks in Mississippi have had MANY chances to take more control of their own destiny, but time and time again they lapse back in to dependence on Whites.

  2. Okay, I know how you feel about the behavior of black teenagers in Mississippi.
    Now how do you feel about the fact that a gang of thugs murdered three men after telling themselves the salvation of their “race” depended on it?

  3. How do you think we feel (as a white men whose ancestors never owned any slaves) listening
    to moronic rap lyrics booming out of cars and iPods at an unholy volume wherever we go in the public sphere “celebrating” murder, rape and rapine against whites? Here in Seattle they just sentenced three black teens in tent pants to 72 weeks in “juvie” for beating “The Tuba Man” to death after they robbed him. He was a white middle aged busker who played a tuba for spare change outside arenas during sports events. Of course, the public wasn’t told the race of the suspects until they were caught, but everyone in town knew it was such a vicious and senseless attack that it could only have been a wolfpack of groids hopped up on hate.

  4. Don’t you just hate it when groids go on vicious, senseless killing sprees?
    Do you suppose they killed “The Tuba Man” because he eyeballed a black woman?

  5. I think you’re all overlooking the obvious. Maybe he was killed for playing the tuba – what a goddam awful fucking noise. Maybe it ‘spoiled their buzz’.

  6. Hard to believe in this day and age that white people can make the comments some of you have made. What is race realism? I am new here. It sounds like another name for bigotry. The incident in the article took place over 40 years ago but, listening to you all, I believe it could happen here now, even with a black man as president. No, especially with a black man as president.

  7. Olive and hey y’all –
    yes, you can always find blacks who try to turn a buck by pandering to white racist prejudices ( e.g. Obama) – these claims just don’t stand up. In London, Africans are universally hard, conscientious workers who nearly ALL study too; they make the most of every opportunity. Most Caribbeans too – many of them work in the health service. African children have a pretty good performance average in school, much better than the native working class. There is definitely a crack cocaine culture within a part of the Jamaican community, but there are plenty of hard-working Jamaicans too. The percentage of their children who turn out to have a ‘drug lifestyle’ is about the same as anyone else living in the working class areas they tend to grow up in.

  8. I can’t claim to be any kind of expert, but when I was in London, it seemed to be a multiethnic society that actually seemed to work, sort of. The problems in that regard–as well as other social issues–that I saw them get in a lather about on BBC in the mornings seemed utterly laughable by U.S. standards.

  9. As documented in THE COLOR OF CRIME (free download at amren.com) by Harvard Professor of Japanese Jared Taylor, white people are disproportionately victimized by racially motivated murder in the US and Europe. The opposite sense is projected by a media elite interested in “diversifying” the western world. News of racial massacres of whites is confined to the towns and cities in which they happen while news of extremely rare attacks on nonwhites by whites –racially motivated or not – is amplified to augment the Hollywood perpetuated Marxist myth that there is a white man behind all evil on planet earth.
    HOWEVER, it is in SEATTLE that this racist bias against white people is especially insidious.
    Two weeks ago, JAMES PAROLINE was tending the garden he maintained in his Seattle neighborhood as a volunteer effort to beautify his community when a violent black ex-convict walked up and split his skull open, ultimately killing him. From the very beginning, local media mitigated the murder by repeatedly insulting the memory of the victim by referring to him as a “curmudgeon” and with each new mention of the case outdoing its own gall by praising the parole record of the black assailant. They even went so far as to quote the murder’s convicted armed bank robber mother as saying that by murdering Paroline her son Brian Brown was “just trying to help.” [He hit the victim twenty minutes after his obstreperous girlfriend and a companion had been sprayed by Proline with a garden hose].
    One needs only imagine the national media-flamed uproar if a white ex-con walked up and murdered a 61-year-old black man while he was tending his garden.
    The case evoked countless memories of similar Seattle incidents, some more prominent than others. In 2001, 20 yo Kris Kime had his skull smashed in by a mob of blacks that was chanting (according to hundreds of witnesses) “kill the whites” as he attempted to rescue a white woman having her hair pulled by black women outside a club during a downtown Mardi Gras celebration. Police officials announced that “race played no role” in the murder less than 12 hours after it occurred. Only when witnesses protested en masse to radio stations was the truth quietly admitted. No one was ever charged with Kime’s murder.
    In 2005, community asset MIKE ROBB had his head blown off by Samson Berhe after Berhe openly boasted “I’mo kill me a white man.” Berhe planted himself on the sidewalk entry to a bridge and shot the first white man that drove by. It took Seattle’s elite three years of judicial wrangling to make sure that Samson Berhe won’t do a single day in prison for this racist murder.
    But Seattle’s elite isn’t content brushing contemporary black murders under the rug. The 1944 lynching by black soldiers of Italian POW GUGLIELMO OLIVOTTO at Seattle’s Fort Lawton during WWII was conveniently forgotten history until Dominic Moreo published RIOT AT FORT LAWTON 1944. Not content to confront this inconvenient episode of local history, liberal’s quickly ordered up a revisionist account by “documantarian” Jack Hamann. In his recent book ON AMERICAN SOIL, Hamann floats the theory that although black soldiers stormed the Italian barracks late at night to avenge a comrade’s loss of a fist-fight the blacks initiated, and although they stabbed and even drove a jeep into a tent of sleeping Italian soldiers, they are all innocent victims of retroactive institutional racism. The Italian soldier found lynched the next morning wasn’t lynched by the blacks following their deadly riot, BUT RATHER BY A RACIST WHITE MP WHO COMMITTED THE MURDER IN ORDER TO FRAME THE BLACKS. Despite the blatant absurdity of this theory, the local media now reiterates Hamann’s thesis as fact.
    Is that enough? Guess again!
    The first black rioter to appear in the Italian barracks, SAMUEL SNOW, who admits entering with the intention of violently assaulting the Italians, is to be an honored guest of Seattle’s 2008 SEAFAIR TORCHLIGHT PARADE this coming Saturday. For what is he being honored?
    The pattern is clear. Blacks are incapable of wrongdoing in Seattle. White victims of black murder are blamed, slandered and forgotten.
    Revisionist history of 1944 black on white lynching in Seattle at Wikipedia:
    Injured white eyewitness told to keep mum about it: http://www.villagevoice.com/2008-04-22/news/raw-deal/

  10. Obviously this is old news. I made an error. The white eyewitness to the riot at Ft. Lawton in 1944 was not injured by the rioters. Last summer Samuel Snow suffered a heart attack and died the day before he was to be an honored guest in the Seafair Torchlight Parade. He was no victim. He was an accessory to murder. Samuel Snow + O. J. Simpson =Affirmative Justice

  11. Well Whodaresswing , there is a lot of “where there is smoke there is fire” in your rhetoric. All races have their criminals. But this article describes a consistant conspiracy by a group of white men who committed murder to subjegate another race. Your examples of isolated incidents do not show this intent by the perpetrators. You, on the other hand, seem to be making an argument that justifies ethnic cleansing and subjegation of non-whites by white people. Your whole comment is a fallacy.

  12. I don’t know how you could see “an argument that justifies ethnic cleansing and subjegation of non-whites by white people” in his comment. The contrast I see is that while Alpha Unit feels justified saying that all white people are just itching to lynch the brown people among us, because some people did it 50 years ago, Whodareswings shows that plenty of white people today are bending over backwards to excuse black-on-white crime and pretend it doesn’t exist.
    Isolated incidents? The statistics show that the amount of black-on-white crime is orders of magnitude greater than the amount of white-on-black crime. Just as the original post demonstrates an incident of white-on-black crime that was probably representative of many events that occurred in that era, Whodareswings comment shows incidents that are representative of black-on-white crime that occurs today.
    As I said commenting on another post, I’ll abandon my ethnocentrism as soon as everyone else does. That means as soon as people like Alpha Unit stop trying to guilt-trip “my” people over something “we” did to “her” people 50 years ago, I’ll stop being outraged about the things “her” people are doing to “my” people today.
    These days, there are no lynchings and the KKK is a joke, but black-on-white crime is routine and the NAACP is more powerful than ever. Many white people have abandoned their ethnocentrism, and organizations like NAACP and La Raza are taking advantage and trampling all over us. In the land of the race-blind, the people that still care about race become kings.

  13. So black on white crime is routine. White on white crime is routine as well. Crime is crime. But you make it sound like there is a conspiracy to subjugate us with black on white crime. I see no evidence of that. You say racists will be king. Well we don’t have a king in America, and wanting to become one does sound like an objective for a true racist. Totalitarism seems to be your goal, and racism seems to be your vehicle to achieve it, just like Hitler in the 1930s.

  14. Hello, racerealist.
    Now, where exactly did I write that ALL white people are itching to lynch brown people?
    And what makes you think I’m trying to guilt-trip you?
    What I’m examining is the idea of “tribal loyalty” that you mentioned the other day. How much is justifiable when it comes to defending one’s tribe?
    Do you think that white supremacy, as it was practiced in the South, was justifiable? Is there a line you don’t cross?
    And quit making assumptions about people.

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