That's Funny, He Even Looks Like a Pig

Some people resemble animals. Joseph Luter, retired CEO of Smithfield Foods, the Creator of the Swine Flu and the man responsible for turning pig farming into a factory assembly line seems to physically resemble the very swine he so mistreats.
Some people resemble animals. Joseph Luter, the man responsible for turning pig farming into a factory assembly line, seems to physically resemble the very swine he so mistreats.
Joseph Luter, the King of Pig, the King of Pig Shit, the King of the Pig Shit Great Lakes, the King of Swine Flu, oh, how his honoraria do go on and on, even looks like a pig. That he acts like one too is not debatable. He says that a life without enemies is not worth living. Personally, having experienced the full and ecstatic wonderfulness of a life swarming with lots of enemies, I can’t have few enough enemies, thank you very much. Congrats, Joe, lover of enemies, you just got one more. Print this post out and read on your next personal Lear Jet flight, Joe baby. Jerk.

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12 thoughts on “That's Funny, He Even Looks Like a Pig”

  1. I just heard a very disturbing report on the BBC – they were interviewing a pig factory worker/manager in the U.S. state of Nebraska. Apparently their sales are down big-time because of the swine flu…this is fully understandable until you realize that this guy was talking about EXPORT sales of pork.
    Yup, you heard right — the U.S. is soiling its precious landscape with these factory farms to provide meat for the teeming 2nd/3rd world masses who threaten to eventually swamp and take over our countries – thus we are basically feeding (keeping alive) the very people who will eventually displace us by allowing them to support and sustain a much larger population than they could in their own countries.
    The U.S. also exports A WHOLE LOT of chickens (to the Middle East, etc) and beef (to Asia) as well.

  2. By the way – I’m positive Jews have a large-hand in these terrible factory farming methods that has arisen in the last 100 years or so. Jews have long been known for cattle trading (look it up), and they have also entered the chicken/pork/fish/etc factory farming business in more recent times as well.
    Have you heard about Agriprocessors, the Jewish kosher meat factory? It is the epitome of everything that is wrong with factory farming; read all about what is wrong with it –

  3. Good overview of Jews and the livestock trade in Germany and other parts of Europe –
    Many millions of Jews currently live in the USA. Thus, there is no doubt that Jews currently dominate the factory farming meat industry in the USA just as they historically did in Europe when they used to live there in large numbers — thus Jews are the ones responsible for the major problems of this sickening industry today.

  4. I feel likewise about this man – aside from the fact that he continues his attempt to monopolize the meat industry, he is a merciless business man – he caused a very profitable business to close its doors nearly a decade ago – all in the name of his GREED. It caused the managing partners of the business and their families a great deal of heartache – they lost everything because of this man – EVERYTHING!

  5. woah. It seems the jew hate has went down, at lest compared with posts from this time(posts a bit before and after this one)
    uh, what happened?
    or maybe im just not paying enough attention.

    1. Jews don’t eat pork, so the anti-Semites stayed away from this post. The Jews say this post and saw the word pig and took off running faster than a rabbi does if you wave a hot dog in his face. There were no Jews around to pick on, so the anti-Semites called it a day and instead celebrated Thor or something.

  6. How can a person be this horrible? How did this person get the permits to allow this kind of abuse? This will be stopped! His family needs to be treated this way to open his eyes!

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