Muslims Show Kindness To Iraqi Homosexuals

This is pretty much par for the course in parts of Arabia.
In Palestine, male homosexuals are routinely murdered by the both the secular PLO and the Islamist Hamas. They actually flee to Israel to save their lives.
In Lebanon, they get off easy. All Hezbollah does is beat them up (gay bash them).
In Egypt, they go to prison when they catch them on a gay boat out on the Nile, but if you keep it under wraps, Egypt is actually a lot better, and all across North Africa, there is tons of homosexuality going on. Young males will play the male role in sex with guys, and as long as they play the guy, they don’t consider themselves gay. There’s a tremendous amount of this sort of thing going on in Morocco.
In Arabia, it’s pretty much wide open so to speak. There is an incredible amount of at least male homosexuality going on in Saudi Arabia, but they are supposed to be discreet about it. Gay lovers can walk down the street arm in arm, but if a male and female do it, the religious police are right there on top of them. It’s almost like the worst paranoid fears of gay-hating Western religious right being played out. Homosexuality is legal, but heterosexuals are beaten and hauled off to prison.
There is also lots of homosexuality in Kuwait.
This is all male homosexuality, by the way. However, in the Kingdom, a lot of the Princesses (there are 1000’s of them) miserable under the weight of horrible misogyny, drink, take pills, suffer psychosomatic illnesses and depression and in particular take to lesbian affairs with each other. We don’t like first four too much, but as far as the last one goes, they need to make internet videos of them and email them to me right now.
It is in Iraq where Muslim kindness towards homosexuals reaches its pinnacle. Iran is close. There they just hang young male gays who they catch while an audience watches and I guess eats popcorn and cheers or something.
The Shiite militias in East Baghdad have recently shown the way by leading the world in Islamic tolerance and kindness towards gays. Male gays are kidnapped, stripped naked, tied up, and have a special glue applied to their anuses that can only be removed by surgery. I think it’s called Super Asshole Sealer or something. They make it in Iran, probably especially for this purpose. I’ve heard of covering your ass, but this is just ridiculous.
Then they force feed the guys laxatives, which causes diarrhea. Since their butts are glued shut, the diarrhea has no escape route and it eventually somehow kills the poor guy. Cause of death: I have no idea. I guess a blown-up asshole or something.
Good God, what a Hell of a way to go.
Best of all, the kind and loving Muslims then distribute videos of the gruesome murders on cell phones to other Muslim sickos, who gleefully watch them for entertainment.
The Socialist Worker Party Trots are right, Islam is a de facto progressive religion. All us Western Lefties need to get behind it right now. Better yet, convert.

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15 thoughts on “Muslims Show Kindness To Iraqi Homosexuals”

  1. Robert, is still available! Take a risk, do us all a service, embrace capitalism and use your journalistic skills to make untold fortunes!
    PS: As an alternative, is available as well.

  2. ” While IGLHRC has not verified all of the allegation…” says it all. Funnily enough, I read a report recently about a new Israeli campaign to recruit the LGBTs to propagandise for war against Iran – not that they haven’t been doing that for years, with idiot feminists being their most ardent supporters.
    Maybe that horror story happened once, maybe it didn’t happen at all – who knows? It’s like the stories about Saddam Hussein’s men throwing babies out of incubators, and feeding people into giant shredding machines – make up any shit and the servile media will lap it up.
    It’s not just the Islamic world that persecutes homosexuals – there are very few places that don’t, and few places they can be open about their sexuality apart from a few Western, or Westernised city centres. Even in London, there are few jobs where on could be comfortable being openly gay. We all know the Iranian regime is full of shit (I assume that’s why the emphasis on Shi-ite), so do the Iranians, but we should resist crying wolf – jumping to every zionist hate campaign will just eventually cause people to tune out at real credible reports of the real injustices.

  3. LS, nobody, but nobody, but nobody, anywhere on Earth, treats gays as bad as the Muslims do. Wait. The Latin Americans. The Latin Americans also murder gays, mostly the South Americans. Male homosexuals are routinely murdered in Colombia and Brazil at least as a matter of course and nothing is done about it. So the Latin Americans are probably worse than the Muslims. The Shiites are the worst of all towards gays. The Sunnis are a bit more tolerant.

  4. On a lighter note, a Latino friend of mine says there are no gay Latinos, because w/ the way the straight ones dress, there’s no advantage.

  5. At least around here, when they go out for a night on the town they wear things like tight jeans, silk shirts cowboy boots, etc. Again, these are straight, prob. violently homophobic Hispanic guys.

  6. Yes but in Brazil you get lots of trannies and shemales at the big carnivals, seemingly an accepted part of it anyway. So I’ve heard anyway. I always got the impression that Latins were more accepting of that than N. Europeans. And I thought that the S. American Indian culture didn’t have the same taboos about homosexuality. I don’t really know – I’ve little experience of Latin Americans. And what about Jamaica? I heard they tried to organise a gay pride march there, and all the shops sold out of machetes, so they took fright and cancelled it; and their homophobic ‘music’ like that song ‘ Boom boom bye bye batty boy’ (batty boy is Jamaican for poof’ – it’s about shooting cheery people) ? London is full of Jamaicans going aroung muttering vehemently to themselves in their incomprehensible patois, stuff like ” ras clart pussy bumboclart batty-boy blood-clart…” They really don’t go for gay chaps, or anyone really, for that matter – they used to be a fun, colourful lot with great music; I think it’s the crack cocaine that’s undone them. Italians are supposed to be violently homophobic too, but then there’s a big Italian gay scene ( I think). There’s a bit of tolerance for gays in some cities in N.W. Europe and N. America, but even then there are few places gay men could hold hands in public. Australia, Thailand, Barcelona… Where else? Oh – Israel, to an extent. Dana International, bless her socks. I get the impression that the Chinese communist party wasn’t keen on it, but the Chinese people weren’t culturally too hostile, but I don’t really know – China’s a huge and varied melting pot of cultures. India has some tradition of transvestites who have a cultural role (like beggars) within Hinduism, but I don’t know what the attitude is to straightforward homosexuality.
    I get the feeling that just about everywhere, even in the West, most people don’t really want to think about the existence of homosexuality, and have a violent reaction if they’re forced to have a thought about it. As to Iraq, well I can’t imagine it’s easy to be openly gay in any war zone. However, I certainly support the ostracising of any nation that executes or even imprisons gays. What chance a boycott on Saudi Arabia?

  7. I got queered in Tangier. A Moroccan tout asked me for a kiss! Why do you think William Burroughs, Tennessee Williams, Paul and Jane Bowles and Brian Gysin et al went there? Because there had been a huge gay scene going on for years, that’s why. There’s lots of homosexuality in Morocco. It’s part of the male culture. They can’t have sex with women until they’re married so they do each other with impunity until then. When the French left the Moroccan govt cleaned up Tangier somewhat refusing to renew a many of the expat gay “remittence men’s” visas. I think that was in the late ’50s early ’60s. Prior to that it was like San Francisco with Barbara Hutton and later Malcolm Forbes hosting fabulous costume balls for the international jet set.
    Some of the the early transsexual operations were done in Casablanca. It was transex central for Euro trannies like Amanda Lear. Speaking of which, why doesn’t some enterprising Islamo-terrorist get a sex change operation that includes C2 plastique explosive breast implants and lure Richard Dreyfuss into taking “her” to an Academy Awards ceremony? When Richard Belser gets up to present an Oscar for the year’s best Holocaust movie “based on a true story”….BOOM! Everyone in the first 15 rows in the Shrine Auditorium is cut to ribbons by flying chandelier glass.

  8. Muslims are savages living in medieval hell. They contribute nothing to civilisation but terror and misery. ALL are complicit, ALL are tacit supporters of human rights abuses of anyone who does not conform their antiquated, neanderthal view of morality and social behaviour. They are nazis by any other name and we need to fight fire with fire now. Iraq society is brutal and backward which is why Saddam needed to rule with an iron fist. The Shiites deserve no mercy in particular and are a global threat. The Americans and their allies need to control these vermin NOW…no pussyfooting, just wipe them out starting with their nazi militia in Sadr City. Scum that are the main perpetrators of this anti-gay terror. Soon they will export their poison to the West. Act now before it is too late.

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