Swine Flu Is From Pigs Only, Not Birds and Humans

Although initial reports said the Swine Flu was a bizarre mixture of human, bird and swine flu strains, a mix that has never occurred before and gave rise to conspiracy theories about a bioengineered virus, new research shows that it is only a mix of two different swine flu strains. One strain is North American Swine Flu, first described in the 1930’s, and the other is the Eurasian Swine Flu, first described in 1979. Neither one has ever been contagious in humans before. What makes the flu odd is that like AIDS, it seems to have jumped species. Viruses do that sometimes, but not often. They are more likely to do that in cases of extreme environmental disruption, such as the pig shit lakes of La Gloria, Veracruz, where the virus originated. Swine and bird flu previously were in general found only in humans that had been in very close contact with either chickens or pigs. They got the virus from the animals. But this one jumped species and is now going human to human, like HIV. That’s what makes it alarming. The virus also contains a gene that has never been seen before in any human flu strain. Since no one has immunity to at least that gene, this flu has pandemic potential.

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