First US Death From Swine Flu

23 month old kid in Texas, a resident of Mexico visiting the US. There have been two deaths in California so far, one in Long Beach and another in La Mirada. I’m very familiar with both cities. The dead were two males, one 33 years old and the other 45. I’m guessing that they were Hispanics and possibly even Mexican citizens. The deaths are suspicious and the symptoms resembled Swine Flu, but there a dozen other diseases with similar symptoms. As of today, there are 91 confirmed cases in the US and many more suspected cases, including most of a school in New York where the students just came back from Mexico. I am afraid this thing is really going to take off. A friend of the family is a physician, smart as a whip, and he is stone worried about this Swine Flu. When the docs are worried sick, you know it’s not just paranoia. 10 more cases have just shown up in Spain, and 53 more are under investigation. Many Spaniards travel to Mexico. The WHO is debating whether to move the pandemic alert level from Stage 4 to Stage 5. There are six stages. Moving from 4 to 5 is a significant step up. United States, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, Britain, Spain and Germany have all confirmed cases of the flu. Germany is the latest, with two cases reported today. Naysayers are saying that 36,000 Americans die of the flu every year. Yes, but almost all of them are old or in poor health. It almost never kills young and healthy people. That’s what makes this flu so much different. Furthermore, even if it doesn’t kill you, this is one kickass flu. It’s likely you might be in bed for a week. What I mean is you pretty much cannot get out of bed period for a whole week. Now that’s one badass flu.

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