Mexican Drug Gangs

I figure that the Mexican drug gangs or drug cartels, or whatever they are, could pretty much take the Mexican state anytime they want to. Nothing would really change, as I figure the state is already in the pay of the drug gangs anyway, right?
Forget all the feel-good articles from Time and Newsweek and whatnot about “progress in the war against the drug gangs.” Truth, the “government” declared war on the “drug gangs” about 1 1/2 years ago. I put them in quotes because it’s hard to say where one begins and the other ends! Since then, there has been a horrible bloodbath in Mexico, with 10-20 homicides every day due to the Drug War. Everything was a lot more cool back when the government hadn’t declared war on the gangs and the gangs were just fighting it out among themselves.
If you know anything about corruption and Mexico, you know the terms are synonymous. Many if not most of the cops are on the take and working for the drug gangs and not the “state.” Many members of the military are actually working for the drug gangs! They just take their uniforms and equipment and go work for the drug gangs instead, since they pay so much more. Most people in the West may find this confusing.
As a native Californian, we went down to Mexico all the time on vacations. We don’t hate Mexico or Mexicans at all. Mexicans are part of the neighborhood, if not part of the family anymore. Nevertheless, we have no illusions about these people. We know what their culture is all about. It’s not the culture of the West!
Corruption is endemic and has little to do with poverty. The richest are the most corrupt of all. It’s a corrupt culture, so about everyone is corrupt. The roots are very difficult to tear apart, but I think it has to do with the Arabized nature of Latin American culture.
In addition, many Catholic societies are ridiculously corrupt. The Catholic Church has been corrupt from Day One and of course it is to this very day. If you can’t understand this about Catholicism, you don’t understand the religion and the culture it engenders.
Forget the lies from Newsweek and all. Mexico is a wealthy version of a failed state. It’s always been a failed state, but now it’s a wealthy failed state. There is no way that this Drug War can stay on the Mexican side of the border, especially with Open Borders lunatics in the Executive Branch. It’s coming to the US in one way or another, like this damned Swine Flu. Which I will write on shortly!

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8 thoughts on “Mexican Drug Gangs”

  1. Excuse my off-topic comment.
    Fuck life.
    I am thinking of dropping out. No, I am not going to kill myself. Work sucks. Stress sucks. Why spend my life working? The best things in life involve eating, sex, relaxing, music, and spending time with friends and family. I really do not want to work–even when it comes to some type of urban farming (but I would not hate it, but would probably not like it any more than my current slack job). I want to spend my time reading, listening to music, relaxing, and with friends and family. I think that if
    I am considering getting on welfare, find an apartment with section 8 (there are a lot of really nice section 8 apartments in Minnesota!) by a lake, and near a grocery store, I could just walk to the grocery store a couple times a week and stock-up, and then come back home and chill. I don’t mind writing and educating people about the environment, so I can see myself doing that for free maybe a couple hours a day or whenever I feel like it. That would be my way of giving back to the community, along with some other ways. What I think is unethical is how some people make many millions a year–not through value creation but through value transference; so for this reason I do not see anything wrong with living off the government as long as I contribute back to society in some way–this is what I have told some of my friends. I really like our hip uptown area but would settle for an apartment in a nice burb near a grocery store–but I want to be by a lake with a beach. Sometimes just hanging out with homeless people is giving back to society, we can do this for free, and provide better therapy, than money-hungry psychologists and others who charge $100’s an hour. So in a way, I visualize myself as being able to earn $300 a day, if I was a psychologist, but since I am not actually earning anything I am in a way giving that money back to the person I am working with in addition to the insurance company–I know that sounds weird to some but that is my way of thinking…
    I like the uptown area in Minneapolis–I encourage you to visit the area if you find yourself in MN. There are lots of unique places to visit here. There are not many WN’s in uptown unfortunately, but it is a cool place anyways.

  2. Yeah, corruption is endemic in Mexico. In Cathlocism too. it’s strange that, in Europe, the earlier a country adopted Christianity, the more corrupt it is. The same could be said for north America. The most fervent christian states of the south are the worst swamps of corruption.

  3. Yes, European and American governments are clearly more corrupt than those hyper-efficient governments in Africa, South America, Asia, and the Middle East.

  4. I find it hard to believe that is you who wrote that, Scott, but kudos to ya. A lot of the stuff you said there makes sense. Anyone can do therapy for basic conditions. I do therapy by phone and online for free with some folks with OCD. One guy was a multimillionaire and he said that I made him better in 1 1/2 hours than the best psychologists in Canada who had been working with him forever. He promised to pay me like $200 for 90 minutes work but then he flaked out. Thing is, I have the illness, so I can do great therapy for people who have it. A lot of times it almost takes someone with the condition who really understands what it is all about. I looked the guy up and he really is a multimillionaire.

  5. Yes, it is me, Shawn / Scott. Maybe I am going through a phase? I am not sure. I think I may have overemphasized my feelings towards the environment in my last post, but stand by my other stuff. I am sick of working for money. I want to do what I want and sometimes that means doing nothing, but mostly not adhering to any schedule and enjoying life. But there are some problems with this; I am willing to deprive myself financially in order to enjoy life (but I still like technology & civilization, unlike Ran Prieur). The chief problem is that there is the whole thing about attracting a woman who wants to have kids in poor environment, and I do not see that happening. It probably is not the best for kids anyways. I know I would not have wanted to grow up as a child in an apartment; as an adult, I really do not mind it.

  6. To slightly contradict my alter-ego Merry, I would say that it is the states who are more ostentatiously Christian who are more corrupt. The whited-sepulchre effect. You could say that, for instance, the Scandinavian countries are quite Christian, but that their Christianity is an internalized remnant of Christianization, and they feel no need to wear gaudy 12 inch crosses around their necks.

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