Stalin Was a Jew

Bla bla bla. So says a deranged anti-Semite named E. Thomson (pseudonym), a byline I have been seeing a lot on anti-Semitic sites lately. Since the only links are to a Turkish nationalist site or Alex Linder’s Nazi site, I’ll just reproduce the nonsense here for kicks and so as not to give those idiots the traffic. All of the hallmarks of severe pathological 20th Century European anti-Semitism are on display in this short piece: Judeo-Bolshevism; the USSR as a Jewish-run country; pro-Nazism; Operation Barbarossa revisionism (Operation Barbarossa revisionism refers to the theory that the Nazi invasion of the USSR was pre-emptive war because actually the USSR was getting ready to invade all of Europe!); ethnic, organic or blood and soil ultranationalism; opposition to multiculturalism; USSR as a genocidal platform to murder millions of “Russian Gentiles; extreme anti-Communism; Jews as “Khazars”, not Jews; and the new capitalist Russia as a Jew-run entity. It adds a few interesting twists. Anti-Semites are nothing if not inventive! Stalin as a Jew (!!??); Cold War as a fake diversionary war between Jews on both sides to keep the Gentiles down and in check; Putin as a Jew (!?); the USSR as a continuation of the Jewish (!!??) Czars’ imperialism, in particular their desire to conquer all of Europe (!?), rich US Jews gave the USSR the atom bomb in the 1950’s (!?), and last but not least, a huge fake German Nazi army being guarded by Jews (WTF!) on the shores of France waiting to invade Britain as a feint to fool Stalin into invading Europe. Interestingly, he caps Khazar but leaves “Jew” lowercase. What’s the point? Jews don’t exist, only these weird Khazar-thingies do? He also refuses to cap “Bolshevism.” Why not? To show how much he hates them? Stalin was studying for the Orthodox priesthood, Russian Orthodoxy not being known for being Jew-friendly, but never mind! Lots of nice Jewish boys study for the priesthood, especially to be priests of anti-Semitic religions. Really! I am wondering if the DSM should add an Anti-Semitic Psychosis disorder to the list of psychotic disorders on Axis 1 in the next edition.

The Myth of Stalin’s Nationalism

by E. Thomson

The Germans have an erroneous saying that “lies have short legs”. The reality is that lies are like camels, they have exceedingly long legs and survive the hottest, driest, most brilliant light of criticism. A recent newsletter has once again revived the Big Lie that Red Russia, the former Russian Empire of the non-Russian Tsars, had been ‘liberated’ from Khazar (jew) rule by Djugashvili (Jewson) “Stalin”, a Khazar from Tiflis, Georgia, whose mentor, Kaganovich, was of the same nationality: Khazar. As a matter of definition, a multi-national entity is not “a nation”, therefore when people prate about “nations”, they fall into the jew-Boas’ trap of equating “nation” with territory. Nations are biopolitical entities, not geopolitical, and members of a nation can exist anywhere on earth. On the other hand, no amount of crowding and cramming of nations into a given territory can produce a nation, merely an unstable, multi-national empire, such as Russia and North America. Who did the Khazar emperor, “Stalin” liberate the disparate Gentiles of the Red Russian Empire from? “The jews!” say the myth-mongers. Not only that, but “Stalin” declared “Communism in one country! The name, COMINTERN was duly changed to COMINFORM. Wiser scholars know that “Stalin” was merely changing tactical labels, for he was continuing the Khazar imperial policy of expansion which his congener, “Trotsky” (Lev Davidovitch Bronstein) had failed to carry out previously. Moreover, the jews remained in all important positions in the Soviet state, particularly in the police apparatus. Top-ranking military officers were either Khazar (Ashkenazim) or married to Khazars, like Brezhnev, whose jewish wife I’ve seen a picture of. Even now, I shudder when I recall that gargoyle! I suspect that Brezhnev volunteered to go to the battle of Stalingrad so he didn’t have to look at his Khazar wife, who would have made The Wicked Witch look like a beauty queen. “Stalin” purged several thousand Khazars and he replaced them with fellow Khazars. He did the same with millions of his Gentile subjects, whom he did not replace, but simply tightened the conditions of terror and enslavement of the survivors. The head of the Cheka/NKVD/KGB, propaganda (Ilya Ehrenberg), and every government department remained Khazar. “Stalin” continued to expand Khazar imperialism with military might and terror in Spain and Finland, but his main goal was to achieve what his rival, “Trotsky”, had failed to achieve in the 1920s: the conquest of Europe! We need not take into account the reports I have obtained from German high altitude aerial reconnaissance observers, that Red Russia was completing its preparations for the massive invasion of Europe in 1941, a few weeks too late. One observer told me that the territory of the Khazar Soviet Empire looked like a huge sand table model from his altitude: “The smoke of endless trains revealed that the Russian (sic) rail system had been converted into a gigantic conveyor belt. Trains brought military equipment from east to west and took farming and factory equipment, along with grain and livestock from west to east.” Former Soviet Military Intelligence officer (GRU) “Suvorov” substantiates this statement in his book, “The Icebreaker”, in which he includes the names and numbers of the Red Army units en route to the west, when the German attack caught them on the hop. “Stalin” apparently believed that Operation Sealion (the touted German invasion of Britain) was genuine, whereas Operation Barbarossa (the invasion of Red Russia) was the ‘real thing’, and the German units which were, according to bogus intercepted radio traffic, standing on the French coast, were really under the large noses of Khazar observers. “Stalin” changed nothing about jew-bolshevism, except some names and propaganda labels. The Khazar rulers remained and their policy of imperial expansion was intensified. Another indicator that the jews remained in control of Red Russia was in the fact that the jews of Britain and North America continued their staunch and substantial support for the Stalinist regime, before, during and after World War II. The jew-bolshevik policies had made the rich Russian Empire into a financial and agricultural basket case, so overseas jews made sure their Red Monster was given continual life-support in the form of funding, food and technology, such as the atom bomb. The myth that Red Russia became “jew-free” and “nationalist” under “Stalin” was part of the other hoax called “The Cold War”. The fact that Mr. Posner of Moscow and Mr. Posner of Washington DC report the ‘news’ to each other’s Goyim should provide another clue. Former KGB/FSB jew, Putin, and his Khazar congeners still rule the remnants of the former Soviet empire, which his fellow jew bandits continue to loot, along with recycled ‘aid’ funds from the jews’ western dominions. The jews still rule Russia, and they do not have Russian interests at heart! ORION!

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44 thoughts on “Stalin Was a Jew”

  1. Nobody really knows who the Khazars were or are. Saying Stalin was a Khazar is this idiot’s way of calling him a Jew. Notice he equates “Khazar” with “Ashkenazim.”

  2. Yes, I think this chap overstates his case a bit, but maybe that’s a reaction to the ubiquitous almost mandatory political correctness that say ” jews are the most innocent, saintly, cultured, non-violent people who have ever existed, and we owe everything decent in the world to them, and they are a powerless, marginal minority who have nothing to do with banking or zionism, which is a Protestant evangelical thing…”. Alternately, maybe he’s just a cunt – certainly an ignoramus. I find this sort of thing relatively refreshing though, compared to all the hand-wringing about antisemitism. Who gives a fuck about antisemitism? There have been anti-zionist jewish organisations for decades, so there has always been some way for non-zionist jews to express their dissent from their racist elites. How many have these organisations attracted? A handful! And the zionist organisations plainly have the support of millions. Yet the lefties can always find some jew to say that it’s so hard for non-zionist jews to have their voice heard; it’s certainly the case that the zionists have the money and the power, but the rest have at least the opportunity to register their dissent by signing up to one of the anti orgs – and they don’t. And what do these anti-zionist orgs do? By and large they sow division in the anti-Israel movement by whining about antisemitism, pretending that the movement is full of nazis, covertly serving the zionists. So why should anti-zionist jews join them? To register dissent en masse, and to set these orgs on the right line – to say plainly that the question of antisemitism is irrelevant to the Palestinian cause. Should anyone who criticises Mussolini have to prove that they’re not anti-catholic? There are possibly millions of jewish descent who no longer identify, or act (important!) as jews – fine, they’re NOT jews by me! As to the rest, if antisemitism bothers them, they can mend their evil ways, and show their opposition to their elites.
    Oh, Stalin was a jew? No, but gay possibly – a moustache is always suspicious.

  3. LS, well, on the Left here, we don’t like anti-Semites too much. And this particular species here, the pro-Nazi anti-Semite (apparently), well, they killed an awful lot of Jews. Some Jewish readers on this board support the Palestinians but don’t like the anti-Semites, after all, they killed so many of their people. The USSR fought against the anti-Semites in WW2 and always took a strong stand against them.
    Remember Ilya Ehrenberg, discussed by this fellow above? “You are either an anti-Nazi or an anti-Semite. You can’t be both.” The chips were down in WW2 and Stalin saved all the Jews in the world. Further, Jews played a very important role in the USSR, so supporters of the USSR owe a lot to them.
    I agree that things have gotten dicey with Zionism and all that, but I still don’t like Nazis or anti-Semites. I’m with Stalin on that one. BTW, when the anti-Semites, Nazis and fascists get into power, the first people they come after are guys like me, the Left. And I guess you too, LS. Think about it.

  4. Olive, there are some Arab groups critical of Arabs. The Arab Left has always been so, but they just don’t talk about it all that much, and probably most of the conversation is in Arabic anyway. Jews are an elite in the US, so they can afford to be self-critical. But I agree that Arabs are pretty conceited and not into self-criticism all that much.
    The very interesting conspiracy theory you describe, Olive, is called Pan-Turanianism.

  5. Olive is a fool. I’ve had lengthy conversations with Arab, especially Palestinians, whom I couldn’t get
    to focus on Jews or Zionists because they were busy criticizing corruption and decadence of Arab elites.

  6. Stalin’s USSR became objective anti-Jewish at the time of the Czech Slansky trial to the end. If you assume Jews need a rabbinical/religious underpinning to perpetrate their identity. Yockey had a clever way of putting it, something like
    the Soviets “allow Jews to be Jews, providing they are Russians first. In other words, they do not allow them to be Jews.”

  7. ‘Pan-Turanianism’? That’s a beauty – never heard that one before.
    ‘you’re either an anti-nazi or an anti-semite’? Well, they would say that – it fits in with the view that all that was wrong with nazis was that they were against jews, leading to the ideology Israel was based on – nazism with jews on top.
    Olive – I’ve been on pro-Palestinian marches with tens of thousands of muslims ( mostly not Arab, admittedly) chanting in unison: ” Arab states, shame on you!”

  8. There’s the Angry Arab; he’s pretty critical of Arab states and parties. But he pretty much hates everybody, even Mother Teresa.

  9. There’s the Angry Arab; he’s pretty critical of Arab states and parties. But he pretty much hates everybody, even Mother Teresa.
    “Pretty” critical? Pls.
    I wonder if he hates me too. I sure hope so.

  10. LS is not a Black man. His gf is a Black woman.
    Olive is right. The Arab is the last person on Earth to ever apologize to anyone for anything. They are almost like the Asians with the losing face thing. And the Arab is extremely arrogant, and I realize this is hard to believe, but he actually thinks his culture is superior to all the others. This is especially the case in Saudi Arabia. Arabs are known and resented across the Muslim World for their Arabcentrism and treating other Muslims, esp those from Pakistan and US Blacks, like crap. Arabs don’t care anything about African Black Muslims either, so millions are converting out to Christianity every year. My Nigerian friends who lived in Libya told me that Libyan Arabs were openly racist towards Nigerians, one for being Black, and two and worst of all, for being Christians.
    The war in Darfur really is a racialized conflict. The killers see themselves as Arabs and see the Darfuri Blacks as niggers. The killed do not speak Arabic and look more African, but both are pretty Black-looking. Lighter-skinned Arab Blacks in North Africa have been enslaving darker, more African phenotype “nigger” Blacks for centuries, and *it continues to this very day* in the Sahel! In Arabia, Arabs pretty much enslave Filipinas (sex slaves) and East Asians, even kids (especially as jockeys).
    However, Olive needs to check out the Arab Left. The Arab Left has been speaking out against much of this stuff for some time now. The advent of Arab nationalism has made it all the harder to discuss this stuff in Arab circles.

  11. Pan-Turanianism is radical pan-Turkish ultranationalism. It’s really whack!
    LS, you should check out some of the famous speeches that Stalin made during Operation Barbarossa. Some of them are classics. No matter what you think of Stalin and the USSR, at the time, the war against Germany was seen as Humanity Versus the Orcs. The Orcs being the Nazis of course. In those speeches, Stalin lays out specifically the evil nature of the Nazi enemy that they are fighting against. So much for this Stalinism and Nazism are the same thing crap.

  12. Ken, that’s a great line from Yockey. That’s essentially the beef that the Super Jews have against the USSR, and this is why they claim that the USSR was anti-Semitic from the start. I think that’s silly. Sure, the USSR was against Judaism, but they weren’t that nice to the Christian Church or Islam either. Sure, they hated Hebrew, the language of the Jewish religion, but no state ever promoted Yiddish, the language of the Jewish people, more.

  13. To Olive:
    Lafayette Sennacherib……As a black man, you should be especially resentful to Arabs.
    Apparently Lafayette Sennacherib is white…. his girlfriend (or wife..) is black.

  14. Humanity Versus the Orcs. The Orcs being the Nazis of course.
    Orcs who they had made an alliance with only a few years before. I am sure you know about the Treaty of Non-aggression between Germany and theUSSR.
    Which gave the Soviets the license to take Eastern Poland, the Baltic Republics, and to attack Finland. It was the poor performance of the Soviets against the Finns that gave Hitler the confidence to attack the USSR.
    Expansion of raw materials and military trading
    Main article: German-Soviet Commercial Agreement (1940)
    Germany and the Soviet Union entered an intricate trade pact on February 11, 1940 that was over four times larger than the one the two countries had signed in August of 1939.[160] The trade pact helped Germany to surmount a British blockade of Germany.[160] In the first year, Germany received one million tons of cereals, half a million tons of wheat, 900,000 tons of oil, 100,000 tons of cotton, 500,000 tons of phosphates and considerable amounts of other vital raw materials, along with the transit of one million tons of soybeans from Manchuria.[citation needed] These and other supplies were being transported through Soviet and occupied Polish territories.[160] The Soviets were to receive a naval cruiser, the plans to the battleship Bismarck, heavy naval guns, other naval gear and thirty of Germany’s latest warplanes, including the Me-109 and Me-110 fighters and Ju-88 bomber.[160] The Soviets would also receive oil and electric equipment, locomotives, turbines, generators, diesel engines, ships, machine tools and samples of Germany artillery, tanks, explosives, chemical-warfare equipment and other items.[160]
    The Soviets also helped Germany to avoid British naval blockades by providing a submarine base, Basis Nord, in the in the northern Soviet Union near Murmansk.[156] This also provided a refueling and maintenance location, and a takeoff point for raids and attacks on shipping.[156] In addition, the Soviets provided Germany with access to the Northern Sea Route for both cargo ships and raiders (though only the raider Komet used the route before the German invasion), which forced Britain to protect sea lanes in both the Atlantic and the Pacific.[161]
    Summer deterioration of relations
    The Finnish and Baltic invasions began a deterioration of relations between the Soviets and Germany.[162] Stalin’s invasions were, however (as the intent to accomplish these was not communicated to the Nazis beforehand), a severe irritant to Berlin and prompted concern that Stalin was seeking to form an anti-Nazi bloc.[163] Molotov’s reassurances to the Nazis, and the Nazis’ mistrust, intensified. On June 16, 1940, as the Soviets invaded Lithuania, but before they had invaded Latvia and Estonia, Ribbentrop instructed his staff “to submit a report as soon as possible as to whether in the Baltic States a tendency to seek support from the Reich can be observed or whether an attempt was made to form a bloc.” [164]
    In August 1940, the Soviet Union briefly suspended its deliveries under their commercial agreement after their relations were strained following disagreement over policy in Romania, the Soviets war with Finland, Germany falling behind in its deliveries of goods under the pact and with Stalin worried that Hitler’s war with the West might end quickly after France signed an armistice.[165] The suspension created significant resource problems for Germany.[165] By the end of August, relations improved again as the countries had redrawn the Hungarian and Romanian borders, settled some Bulgarian claims and Stalin was again convinced that Germany would face a long war in the west with Britain’s improvement in its air battle with Germany and the execution of an agreement between the United States and Britain regarding destroyers and bases.[166] However, in late August, Germany arranged its own annexation of part of Romania, targeting oil fields.[167] The move raised tensions with the Soviets, who responded that Germany was supposed to have consulted with the Soviet Union under Article III of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.[167]
    [edit] Soviet negotiations to become an Axis Power
    Ribbentrop welcoming Molotov in Berlin, November 1940
    Main article: German–Soviet Axis talks
    After Germany entered a Tripartite Pact with Japan and Italy, in October of 1940, Stalin sent Molotov to Berlin to negotiate the terms for the Soviet Union to join the Axis and potentially enjoy the spoils of the pact.[168][169] After negotiations during November 1940 on where to extend the USSR’s sphere of influence, Hitler broke off talks and continued planning for the eventual attempts to invade the Soviet Union.[170][171]
    [edit] Late relations
    In an effort to demonstrate peaceful intentions toward Germany, on April 13, 1941, the Soviets signed a neutrality pact with Axis power Japan.[172] While Stalin had little faith in Japan’s commitment to neutrality, he felt that the pact was important for its political symbolism, to reinforce a public affection for Germany.[173] Stalin felt that there was a growing split in German circles about whether Germany should initiate a war with the Soviet Union.[173] Stalin did not know that Hitler had been secretly discussing an invasion of the Soviet Union since summer 1940,[174] and that Hitler had ordered his military in late 1940 to prepare for war in the east regardless of the parties talks of a potential Soviet entry as a fourth Axis Power.[175]

  15. Why did Germany try to expand Eastward? They simply wanted to take back their old land; Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, and Lithuania, which were once in the possession of the Khazar Turks. So Germany saw these countries as “German lands”
    I though it was more about a restoration of German rule to the lands that were the Holy Roman Empire (Hitler’s first Reich) and the German Empire (Hitler’s second Reich..)

  16. Stalin and everyone else knew that Hitler’s whole raison de etre was to get rid of Judeobolshevism and its deadly heart in the USSR. Every sane person knows that the Hitler-Stalin pact was just a way for Stalin to buy time for the inevitable war with Germany. Stalin wisely used the year or two the treaty bought him to radically build up industry and the military of the USSR.
    It’s a rightwing lie that the two deadly enemies were actually any kind of real allies at all. I don’t believe that any mainstream political scientists believe this. Hitler was out to destroy the USSR from Day One and he said so many times in previous years. Plus you can read his writings. Generalplan Ost, intended for the entire USSR, was already being put into place in Slavic Poland. Getting rid of the USSR was as important to Hitler as getting rid of the Jews. He was going to attack Stalin come Hell or high water. Lots of other folks made desperate peace treaties with the Nazis but got attacked anyway. No one ever calls them Nazi allies because they were not Communists.
    Stalin conquered some nations on his West in order to build up a buffer against the coming invasion of the USSR. The first thing Stalin did when he took over Eastern Poland, the Baltics and Finland was go after the pro-Nazis, sometimes with deadly force. Some Nazi allies!
    Stalin was deadly terrified of the Nazis who had been fomenting the most extreme and hostile anti-Communist propaganda since coming to power. Realize that the whole raison de etre of the Nazis, and to a larger extent all of fascism, was insanely pathological hatred of Communism, which was seen as headquartered in the USSR. I suppose Stalin was willing to do anything in his power to keep Hitler from invading the USSR or at least to delay it. The two ideologies had nothing in common. Nazism was based on racism, anti-Semitism, eugenics and blood and soil nationalism. The USSR was, as Yitzhak Shamir said, “The most anti-anti-Semitic country that ever existed.” There was no racialized hierarchy in the USSR based on genetics that showed X group superior and Y group inferior based on their heredity. Further, fascism is based on Social Darwinism and Communism is not. Fascism is ultranationalism and Communism is internationalist. Many other differences.
    Don’t fall into the trap of the rightwing lies! Stalinists did a lot of bad things, but they were not Nazis.

    1. Don’t include me in this every sane person nonsense. I don’t care much about all of this effort to transform everything into an anti-Semitic load of nonsense. Perhaps you could give me your understanding of the term. You’re dismissal of the Khazar conundrum as nothing more than another way to get at the Jews is an indication of where you are coming from.. Jewish investigations in celebrated Universities have found absolutely no genetic connection between Jews from Eastern Europe and the Historical Jewish people in Palestine. For what it’s worth I will state quite clearly, that I fall. into the group whom you dismiss as anti-Semitic, because I believe that Adolf Hitler was a hero, I do not believe he did any more than remove a large group of criminals from position of power, which they had grabbed for themselves after the Great War. Perhaps you could explain whom the Jews whom declared war on Germany in 1933, were, and for whom did they speak? Daily Express March 1933. Perhaps you’d like to offer your opinion of the following quote.
      . “Step by step, I have arrived at the conviction that the aims of Communism in Europe are sinister and fatal. At the Nuremberg Trials, I, together with my Russian colleague, condemned Nazi Aggression and Terror. I believe now that Hitler and the German People did not want war. But we, {England}, declared war on Germany, intent on destroying it, in accordance with our principle of Balance of Power, and we were encouraged by the ‘Americans'{Jews} around Roosevelt. We ignored Hitler’s pleading, not to enter into war. Now we are forced to realize that Hitler was right. He offered us the co-operation of Germany: instead, since 1945, we have been facing the immense power of the Soviet Empire. I feel ashamed and humiliated to see that the aims we accused Hitler of, are being relentless pursued now, only under a different label.” (Ashamed and Humiliated The British Attorney General, Sir Hartle Shawcross, said in a speech at Stourbridge, March 16/84 (AP)).

  17. Hey Unc, I see you are hanging out over at Abagond’s blog a lot. Good on ya!
    Yeah, he’s got me hooked a little.. and although I disagree with many of his opinions on race, he seems pretty reasonable (and intelligent..) in regards to discussing his opinions.

  18. The first thing Stalin did when he took over Eastern Poland, the Baltics and Finland was go after the pro-Nazis, sometimes with deadly force.
    They went after anybody they thought would oppose them did they not..? What was the Soviet rational for the Katyn massacre?:
    Every sane person knows that the Hitler-Stalin pact was just a way for Stalin to buy time for the inevitable war with Germany. Stalin wisely used the year or two the treaty bought him to radically build up industry and the military of the USSR.
    Then why weren’t they better prepared when the invasion did come..? There had also been high level military visits before the treaty with Germans inspecting the Soviet Air Force and vice versa.
    As far as sane people go?, I work with quite a few Russians (about 75% of whom are Jewish..) . Several of them have stated to that what came out after the collapse of the Soviet Union was that Stalin was not prepared for the German attack.
    Considering Zhukov’s performance against the Japanese in 1939, I tend to believe the could have thwarted a German attack if they had been fully prepared:

  19. Those guys killed at Katyn were mostly Nazi supporters, fascist supporters, rightwingers, etc. Obviously those are going to be the people who were most against them.
    They were pretty well-prepared when the invasion came, but the Nazi Army was vast and huge. Stalin would never have won the war if not for the 1937 purges (the purges were directed at those seen as supporting the Nazis and plotting with the upcoming Nazi invasion of the USSR – Trotskyites who had sold out the USSR in return for getting to head part of the Soviet puppet state after Hitler beat Stalin), the Holodomor in the Ukraine due to forced collectivization.
    Never in the history of the world had so much been accomplished by any nation in so short of a period of time as what the USSR did in 1930’s. The mass collectivization enabled the mass industrial buildup and army buildup that enabled Stalin to defeat Hitler and win the war. If that collectivization drive had not occurred, Stalin might have lost. Also the purges, horrible as they were, got rid of quite a few of the traitors in the USSR.
    By the time the Nazis invaded, sure, there were still some traitors at the lower levels (a lot of people defected to go fight for the Nazis) but at the higher levels, almost all of the traitors were dead or at least in prison. Even US diplomats acknowledged that.
    Stalin did not really know when the attack was coming. The US and UK (!) were feeding the USSR all this fake evidence of upcoming Operation Barbarossas, but over and over this was proving to be a lie. Stalin got to the point where he wasn’t even listening to these intel reports very much.
    Keep in mind that there was a continuous flood of intel reports about Operation Barbarossa due to start on X date and over and over it never happened. It was getting like the boy who cried wolf. But by the day of the attack, the Soviets knew almost immediately that it was real. There were some initial serious retreats, mostly tactical, but things went bad for a while.
    Stalin got depressed and went out to his dacha and sat there staring into space and not talking. This went on for days or weeks and he just handed the war over to his generals. Then he came out of it. The Nazis almost took Moscow!
    This whole “Stalin was not prepared” shit is pretty much Cold War lies. All out of the CIA to make the USSR look bad. Anybody ever say similar shit about all the Western allies that got overrun by the Nazis? Course not.
    The Nazi Army was HUGE and it overran pretty much anyplace that its land forces attacked headon. The USSR was the only nation that defeated the Nazi land army. 89% of all German soldiers killed in the war were killed by the USSR. Stalin won the war for the West, flat out.
    As you can see, I tire of this debate.

  20. I agree with most of that, Robert. I think Stalin was a great patriot, and did his best for his people under extreme circumstances. My first reaction was that hatred of communism wasn’t the reason for the invasion of Russia – it was Ukrainian oil, and lebensraum – the aim was for a Germanic state with an internal market to rival the USA (to make economies of scale possible) as this was seen as the only way for Germany to become a first rank power – See Adam Tooze’s ‘the Wages of Destruction: the Making and Breaking of the Nazi Economy’. Guido Giacomo Preparata offers an interesting slant on the UK attitude to Germany and Russia in ‘ Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America made the Third Reich’; he posits Britain’s policy as being a continuation of its 19th century ‘balance of power’ approach to Europe – to try and head off any alliances that would rival British power, by playing parties off against each other. He suggests that they covertly supported the Bolsheviks because their worst fear was an alliance between the White Russians and the German Junkers Class. This is very plausible, although Preparata makes a very sloppy and garbled case for it. Something along the lines of the Stalin-Hitler pact would have greatly benefited both Germany and Russia, if it had been between compatible regimes, but obviously difficult to sustain between the German landed aristo class (who backed Hitler) and a socialist state founded on the dispossession of such. Yuri Slezkine gives impressive figures (in the jewish century) to show that in the last period of Tsarism, Germans occupied the same sort of role in Russia as jews did in Germany – hugely represented in all sorts of professional, engineering, technical, business positions, because they had skills that industrialising Russia needed. The continuance of this trend, a sort of mutually beneficial colonisation, would have given Germany its oil and its lebensraum, its big market, without the need for war. That things worked out the way they did was probably as much chance as design I feel. But having considered this, I think it WAS basically the incompatibility of the political systems, and the German ruling classes fear that they could go the way of the Russian ruling class, that ruled out peaceful co-operation as a long term option, and so also led to the crackdown on elements within Germany sympathetic to ‘bolshevism’ – trade unionists, communists and jews. And of course there was the nazis’ insane racial theories; people who have studied them in great depth insist that this was not just propaganda, but they actually believed all that stuff – so who I am I to dispute it?

  21. By the way Robert – ” The war in Darfur really is a racialized conflict. The killers see themselves as Arabs and see the Darfuri Blacks as niggers. The killed do not speak Arabic and look more African, but both are pretty Black-looking.”
    With all due respect, that is a load of shit; it’s a blend of useful propaganda lines, proselytising for imperialist interference in Sudan, and more zionist demonisation of Arabs and muslims. Just published is THE book on Darfur, Mahmood Mamdani’s ‘ Saviors and Survivors: Darfur, Politics, and the War on Terror (Hardcover)’.
    Read some of the blurb here (to save me writing about it):
    Alex de Waal has also written authoritatively on this. The rest by and large don’t know what they’re talking about, or are just plain liars.

  22. See also Julie Flint and Alex de Waal’s ‘ Darfur: A New History of a Long War (African Arguments) (Paperback)’
    de Waal has been writing in the London Review of Books for years, which is another good reason to subscribe.

  23. To Robert:
    RE: Abagond
    I really dig Abagond’s blog. That’s the way a White anti-racist ought to be. He’s very honest.
    I believe he’s Black, on his about page, he had described himself as a man of Caribbean decent. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s Black of course but it’s likely.

  24. Yeah but his Black female commentators are always saying he is a White man. They are saying he is a White man married to a Black woman. It is extremely annoying that he will not come out and admit what race he is!

  25. To Robert:
    Those guys killed at Katyn were mostly Nazi supporters, fascist supporters, rightwingers, etc. Obviously those are going to be the people who were most against them.
    They were mostly military officers.. (Half of the Polish officer corps) the same military officers who ordered their men not to take up arms against Soviet soldiers who entered Poland from the East. Pretty lame Nazi collaborators if you ask me. If the people executed at Katyn were Nazi collaborators, why did the Soviets cover it up for so long..? They even had a show trial in 1946 trying some Nazis for war crimes.
    Sorry I don’t buy it.
    PS for the record I don’t think Stalin was Jewish nor do I care really.

  26. The mass collectivization enabled the mass industrial buildup ..If that collectivization drive had not occurred, Stalin might have lost
    What..? Robert grain production dropped dramatically under collectivization and did not return to NEP levels till 1940.
    army buildup that enabled Stalin to defeat Hitler and win the war.
    Yes Stalin should be given credit for building up his army. But it should be noted that the USSR was already industrialized to some degree and the peacetime industrialization of Taiwan, China, and South Korean have also been very rapid.
    Also the purges, horrible as they were, got rid of quite a few of the traitors in the USSR.
    I don’t know the full history of the purges but I get the sense that a large portion of those killed were ardent leftists who had some policy disagreements with Stalin as opposed to Nazi sympathizers.

  27. According to Wikipedia (yes I know potentially a problem..) Imperial Russia produced 5,000 aircraft in WWI. A major tank factory for the Soviets was originally a locomotive factory established in 1895 (converted to a Tractor factory in 1922 and then later to a tank factory..) There was also a major shipyard in St. Petersburg before the Soviets.
    I think the Russians were behind in industrialization but not as dramatically as Stalin or other observers have made them out to be, perhaps a decade to 15 years. It should be noted that Japan also industrialized very rapidly also. I’ll note with some irony that the Soviets hired Germany (Pre Hitler of course..) to modernized a major tank factory in 1929.

  28. Anyway, whoever got killed in the purges, top level US ambassadors said that by the time of Operation Barbarossa, there were no traitors left at the higher levels of the USSR, and that everyone was very loyal. The ambassadors said that all of the traitors had been killed.
    In 1932, much of the population was tied up in small plots of land that barely produced enough food for one family to survive on. These people had to be freed up in order to become an urban proletariat. The only way was to pull them off these ineffective plots of land and put them to work in cities, but then they would need food to eat. This is where the collectivization worked wonders, by freeing up an urban proletariat and feeding it too.
    About the Russian Jews you work with. The ones in the US all hate the USSR due to latter day policies against allowing Russian Jews to go to Israel.

  29. In 1932, much of the population was tied up in small plots of land that barely produced enough food for one family to survive on. These people had to be freed up in order to become an urban proletariat.
    I read that there was surplus of labor which enabled Stalin to push his policies for rapid industrialization. Historically collectivization was not what was used in most countries to increase food production. In the 20th century mechanization and the use of fertilizer is what dramatically increased food production.
    The Ukraine before WWI was known as the bread basket of Europe. In 1910 Russian wheat constituted 36.4% of the total world export of wheat. At the same time, agricultural efficiency was lower in comparison with other developed countries ( grain throughput was 20% lower than in the USA). The growth observed in the beginning of the 20th century was driven mainly by the extensive development of agriculture, while the mechanization and agrarian culture remained relatively low.

  30. The labor surplus was created by removing all of those small farmers from their tiny plots in the rural areas.
    The Ukraine before WW1 had an incredibly low life expectancy. Life expectancy was only 35 years! Most people did not have enough food to eat, were often, sick, weak or injured, had no medical care, and died at an early age. Regular famines swept through the area, killing many. What good is “the breadbasket of Europe” if most of the people who live there are starving?
    Where you do have lots of small farmers eking out a living off the land, you need to get them off the land somehow to create an urban proletariat. In England, this was done by the fencing of the Commons. This sort of thing continues to this very day as the rich are constantly trying to throw small farmers off the land to steal their land and also possibly to create an urban proletariat for the cities. Small farmers growing food for themselves is not adequate for an economy. You need to organize them into cooperatives to make them economically viable. Cooperatives are not necessarily Communist style collectivization. The mass malnutrition and starvation in South India is generally acknowledged to be a problem with its root in the private ownership of land. It was only after collectivization that China was able to finally feed its people for the first time in centuries.

  31. Anyway, whoever got killed in the purges, top level US ambassadors said that by the time of Operation Barbarossa, there were no traitors left at the higher levels of the USSR, and that everyone was very loyal. The ambassadors said that all of the traitors had been killed.
    Stalin killed off many people who were not traitors in any sense of the word, a large number of victims were rehabilitated before the USSR feel apart. I doubt any known Nazi collaborators would have been rehabilitated during the Soviet era. Given Stalin’s extensive secret police network I am sure he could have nipped any plots with Nazis in the bud.

  32. The Ukraine before WW1 had an incredibly low life expectancy. Life expectancy was only 35 years! Most people did not have enough food to eat, were often, sick, weak or injured, had no medical care, and died at an early age. Regular famines swept through the area, killing many. What good is “the breadbasket of Europe” if most of the people who live there are starving?
    Substantial reforms were made in the early 20th centuries. Yes, I am sure during the era of serfdom which ended in 19th century there was hunger. My understanding is this was substantially reduced in immediate pre WWI period.
    Life expectancy was low in many countries at that time. It was skewed lower because of high infant mortality rates. I’ve seen your discussion of the comparison of China pre and post revolution regarding life expectancy and the Soviet Union but you should not compare between time periods within a country but to other similar countries over time. Taiwan had an even greater increase in life expectancy from the early 20th century to the modern era. For the Soviets I would compare life expectancy in Finland to life expectancy in the USSR.

  33. Those are some excellent comments, Olive. I still have a hard time believing you are only 23 years old, but hey, if all 23 yr olds were as smart as you are, the world would be a more fun place.
    Arab socialists do tend to blame colonialism for the problems of Arabia. But the Palestinians associated with the PFLP, for instance, well, you probably don’t like them…but anyway, PFLP supporters often talk about “Arab backwardness” and “the backwards Arabs.” The PFLP analyzed the initial defeats of the Arabs by Israel as being due to the Arab World’s general backwardsness. There was a recent report authored by leftwing Arab intellectuals that seriously slammed Arabs for their general backwardsness and in particular for the lack of women’s rights. I was on an Arab nationalist list with a bunch of mostly PFLP supporters and Arab Communists. They were also Arab nationalists, but the women on there were really pissed off! They would just launch into these tirades against Arab sexism and the guys would just sit back and not say anything. It was a trip to watch.
    Olive, no one ever admits that they were bad. Only us Whites like you and me do that. That’s one good pt that the White nationalists make – only Whites seem to be capable of sincere cultural contrition (I include Jews with Whites). The rest of the world is just too tribal and backwards for that. Your average tribal man is simply not capable of cultural contrition. Think about it. Who other than Whites ever says they are sorry?

  34. Olive is 23? That’s a relief; I was beginning to think she was about seven, and so was feeling guilty about an earlier ‘unfortunate’ remark of mine. If all 23 year olds were as smart as Olive, I could get rich cheating them out of their pocket money. That remark about Mahmood Mamdani is just imbecilic beyond belief.

  35. As to the Arab world, I suppose you don’t think it worth mentioning that the Arabs have gone from being colonial subjects of the Turkish Ottoman Empire for hundreds of years, to being colonial subjects of England and France for about 150 years, to being colonial subjects of the USA, which is their current position under US supported client dictatorships, with the partial exceptions of Libya, Syria and Lebanon who are, as you are aware, under unrelenting pressure to kiss ass. If the Arabs can get the jackboot off their face and chart their own destiny, then maybe would be the time to ask them if there’s anything they want to ‘fess up to. Olive’s aim, as all of her ilk, is of course to demonise the Arabs to further the racist imperialist aims of the zionazi state to which she owes allegiance.

  36. ah the old canard about the Khazars…….zzzzzzzzzz.
    The sephardic Jews owned all the slave ships that brought Blacks to America and all over the Caribbean where they ran the rum trade and the sugar trade. Other sephardic jews went into Turkey through Salonika and committed the Armenian genocide in Turkey. Sephardic jews ran the drug trade like Delano, Sassoon and the current Columbian and Mexican drug cartels.
    So forget that Khazar stuff, its the Jewish stuff acting on behalf of the Babylonian Talmud not Gods law, but Jews law.

  37. His name was JOSEPH, DAVID (Djugashvili), wasn’t it ?
    Didn’t he change his last name to ‘Kochba’ for a while in his “revolutionary” days ?
    The name ‘Kochba’ was the name of a ‘Jewish’ (Judean) man who led the ‘Jews’ in a revolution against the occupying Romans…
    So WHY would a ‘Georgian’ choose that name ?
    For that matter – why did Lenin (who you surely do not deny changed HIS ‘Jewish’ name – do you?) and so many others change their names ?
    Only ‘Jews’ who don’t want anyone to know that they’re ‘Jews’ feel the need to change their names….
    And aren’t the names ‘Ioseph and David’ ALSO very popular ‘Jewish’ names ?
    It was a ‘Jew’ Karl Marx (Mordechai) who INVENTED communism, based loosely on the Babylonian Talmud…
    And it was for the most part ‘Jews’ who brought about the revolution that plunged Russia INTO communism…
    So is it really that far-fatched for you people to think that the leadership of such a movement and such a nation would neccessarily also HAVE to have been ‘Jewish’ as well ?
    Seems almost a foregone conclusion to me !
    Joseph David ? NO ! He COULDN’t be a ‘Jew’ could he ?

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