No Jail For Subprime Crisis Criminal Scum

Let’s get one thing straight here. The crooks who engineered the Subprime Crisis are criminals! They are criminals the same way that your average street ghug is a criminal. It’s only that the financial crooks are regarded as “successful men” in the sickening capitalist system, rewarded with all the beautiful women (pussy), money, social status, political power and everything else that capitalism rewards financially successful men with. I am by no means arguing that all financially successful people in capitalism are as low as the dirtiest street thug garbage, though it is certainly an interesting argument! Let’s leave it for another day! Surely the Subprime crooks are crimanals. If what they did wasn’t against the law (and it most cases it apparently was) it should have been. No decent or moral society (Yet another argument! Can a capitalist society ever be either? How and why? And give sources.) would allow allow to be legal the moral crimes that the Subprime Crooks committed, whether proscribed by law or not. The real news is that the Subprime Crooks are off the hook. The FBI has said so, and they said so many months ago. Late last year, the FBI said that there would be few to no arrests in the subprime affair. Because almost all US politicians were intwined with them? Not only that. But as the FBI said, a huge section of the FIRE (Finance, insurance and real estate) had broken the law and the FBI simply lacked resources to go after all them. Not enough agents, not enough money, not enough federal prisons. Almost all of the financial criminals would have to go free, even though they are surely as worthless as your average Black thug who holds up a mini-mart with ski mask and a .38. In other words, they would have to throw probably half of Wall Street in jail. Clearly this cannot be done, but I for one think it would be pretty cool!

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One thought on “No Jail For Subprime Crisis Criminal Scum”

  1. The Bankers, the Politicians, the Police can get get away with corruption so blatantly. They are laughing at us. They should be swinging from lamp-posts, and if they continue to act as they do, perhaps one day they will.

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