Nationalize the Federal Reserve Bank

It’s a great idea, and not only that, but the anti-Semites might even love it too! How often can you promote a great progressive project and get most of the anti-Semites on board too? Not too often. In other words, chance of a lifetime for an Alliance Made In Hell.
Truth is, Jewish domination of the Federal Reserve makes no sense from any progressive standpoint. What benefit does International Jewry get from it (and there is an ethnic network, almost synonymous with International Zionism)? I don’t know.
Maybe someone can clue me in. But Jews are 2% of the US population. They are way more than 2% of the Federal Reserve Bank. What’s the point? Why are they there? Worse, why do they need to be there?
Gentiles can’t be Fed Reserve governors? Why not, we are too stupid? C’mon. What does your average Jew get out of Jewish domination of the Federal Reserve? Does he get a check from Jewish Central Control every month? C’mon. So why support it? Ethnic nationalism, ethnic loyalty? Why? If you don’t get a cut, and it isn’t really “good for the Jews” anyway, why bother?
Jewish domination of the Fed does one thing very well. It sends the anti-Semites into a mad feeding frenzy and gives them tons of solid evidence to back it up. Put the Jews in charge of all the money in the US! Great job! What’s the point, from the Jewish POV? How is putting the Jews in charge of the US money supply good for Jews? It’s good for the anti-Semites, no doubt, but is it good for the Jews? Jewish readers, have the Federal Reserve Jews issued you a check yet? Ok, so why support them?
Aside from the whole nauseating Jewish thing, there is an excellent progressive argument for just nationalizing the whole Fed anyway. The Fed is up to their stinking armpits in this latest mass corruption/Organized Crime Spree called the Subprime Crisis, and there are some excellent reasons for nationalizing the Fed, a quasi-nationalized, but not nearly nationalized, institution.

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