Jane Harmon is Jewish, or Jews Uber Alles

I never knew that, but a very large number of surnames with “man” at the end are Jewish here in the US. “Mann” at the end is often German.
Here we get tangled up in the horrible and ultimately genocidal mess called “Germans and Jews”, not nearly so simple as either German or Jewish nationalists would have you think. As a friend of mine with some German (and apparently Jewish) ancestry told me, “Bob, there’s an old German saying. There’s a little Jew in every German.”
Wow! This must have made Hitler’s task so hard, and indeed it did. Hitler simply could not kill off every German with a bit of that nasty Jewish race in their blood, or he would end up killing off most of Germany! It sad but true. And in the genocide of at least the German Jews, the Nazis were in some very perverse way killing themselves. To kill the Jew was to kill the German. Why? Because the German and the Jew had become one. If you don’t agree, think about it!
Anyway, back to Jane Harmon. I don’t know much about her, but I believe she is a good progressive Democrat from California, with all the greater good and some bad that that entails. She always seemed to be in with the Israeli Lobby, which mystified me. I figured she was a captive of Jewish money. The truth turns out worse. She is imprisoned in the gulag of Jewish blood and ancestry. She has to give succor to the tribe; she can’t help it.
If you read the news, you will find that Jane Harmon is being accused of being an Israeli Agent of Influence. She escaped the bribery trap, but she’s still an ethnic nationalist at core, and her dual loyalty is a fact, not a matter of argument.
The progressive Jewish politicians here in California are often great progressives, and of course we love them for that, but when it comes to the Tribe, race and ethnicity trumps all.
It’s Jews Uber Alles, the race over everything. On Israeli issues, these fine progressives are often incredibly and confusingly reactionary. As with Hispanic liberals and Leftists, race and ethnicity trumps all. La Raza Uber Alles. The Jews Uber Alles. The race comes first, class or progressive politics second or not at all.
No real problem there, but why don’t White liberals and Leftists have the right to the same primacy of race and ethnicity over class? Why are we exempt?

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6 thoughts on “Jane Harmon is Jewish, or Jews Uber Alles”

  1. Your mistake here is thinking that organizations like La Raza are inherently progressive at all. If your constituency is primarily dirt-poor NAMs, supporting “progressive” policies like welfare and affirmative action is pure self-interest.
    Jews extort money and exert powerful influence through the ACLU. Victimization ideology was a big part of how they got Israel in the first place, and how they continue to get support for it. 50 years from now, they’ll still be exhuming corpses of former Nazi “war criminals” for show trials to remind us all of “what they went through”.
    It’s the main reason I tune out when I see a rich, old white male conservative or a young liberal Jewish dyke on TV. These people are always suspect because their ideology so conveniently serves their own interests.
    As for why white liberals are not allowed to put their race ahead of other issues, it’s a central tenet of modern cultural Marxism that whites, especially white Christian males, are always the oppressor. Whites putting their race first would be supporting the oppressor over the oppressed, which is decidedly un-progressive.

  2. What is your fixation with Jews? You realize it wasn’t that long ago that the right was going on about socialism and communism being Jewish conspiracies.

  3. What is your fixation with Jews?
    I’m not sure. I think I secretly want to be a Jew. Anyway, I just can’t get enough of da Jews! What’s wrong with fixation anyway? I’d love for some beautiful young women to get fixated on me right now.
    You’re Jewish, right?
    You realize it wasn’t that long ago that the right was going on about socialism and communism being Jewish conspiracies
    They still do, as a matter of fact.

  4. Have you been following that race. Marcy Winograd who is a non-zionist Jew who advocates a one state solution is challenging Harmon. last time she got about 1/3 of the primary vote.

  5. GET that IsraHELLi Firster zionist OUT! Harman is a fascists. She put out 2 bills which passed which makes the patriot act look like an angel. She was involved in the aipac espianoge case. She should be arrested and hung buy rope around the neck for treason.

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